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Mike had gone back to the hotel to cool out and rest after his painful afternoon with Wendy and when he went down to dinner he fully expected to see her there. She wasn't at the dinnertable however and one half an hour passed and she still didn't turn up, he was plainly worried.

It just wasn't like her to be late. Now Uncle Russ, that was another matter, you never could tell if he was going to show up for dinner or not. Probably out hunting snatch, his most favorite occupation. At the thought of Wendy his cock began to jump and strain at his pants . Christ! that girl really turned him on. He didn't mean to walk out on her this afternoon, perhaps he had just expected too much of her, after all she was only thirteen.

Jesus though, how much did she think a guy could take, she was so voluptuous and inviting, he could almost taste her nipples between his lips. All week long, petting and carrying on, a guy could take just so much before he burst wide open. But perhaps she really was afraid and now she was hurt and off somewhere crying. Mike got up suddenly from the dinnertable, he'd find her, he'd fold her in his arms and tell her that he could wait . he'd tell her how much he loved her, so much that he really could wait for her to be ready.

Suzie Wong noticed Mike leaving the dinner table, "Mike where are you going?" Suzie really wasn't worried about Wendy, right now she had enough to worry about with her near-rape that afternoon. "I think I know where Wendy is, I'm going to get her." "Oh, thank you dear," Suzie replied, noticing for the first time how really attractive Mike was.

He looked quite a bit like his uncle, only much more sensitive and considerate. Mike made his way carefully along the path to the old Teahouse, he peered into the window to see if Wendy was still inside and the sight before his eyes made his freeze with horror. For one moment the young boy thought he was losing his mind and he had to swallow a cry of distress, there on the floor was the lewd vision of his uncle and his girlfriend, entirely naked.

His girlfriend, his tender, young, virginal girlfriend Wendy lay with her legs upraised and holding on for dear life to his uncle.

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He felt mortally wounded, as if he had been stabbed in the heart . and yet . the strangest thing was happening . his penis was throbbing, swelling in response to the sight before his eyes. Mike found himself identifying with his uncle. It was he, Mike, that was naked and plunging his cock into Wendy. He could almost taste her lips and tongue and feel the soft warm slit of her vagina as he fucked her, as he drove his blood-pulsating penis into her cunt.

Wendy's legs were opened wide and Russ Redford was driving her like a truck. He was fucking her as fiercely as he knew how, sucking her pink pulsating nipples, his lips wet with the remembrance of her warm clitoris. As Mike watched he lost all sense of self control, he knew he should leave but he found himself rooted to the spot, he couldn't, he just couldn't--and wouldn't. He felt his penis aching to be touched and as his hand slid down inside his pants, he groaned.

Yes . ah, baby, give it to me, that's right. Holy shit! What was happening to the world, his very own uncle fucking his very own thirteen year old, Chinese girlfriend, and he was watching! The boy watched them as they thrashed nakedly on the floor in wild abandonment.

His body burst in lustful excitement as he grasped his cock tighter and began rubbing it back and forth. Its head rearing up, desire trembling on its bulbous head. He groaned as he slid his hand up and down its slippery surface. Suddenly he heard his uncle's voice cry, "I'm .

I'm going to cum . I'm going to cummmmmm!" "Ohhhh . Aaaagggghhhh," he heard his young girlfriend moan deliriously. "Cum . with . me . Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!" Mike's uncle cried as the young girl arched and bucked up against him.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! she chanted rhythmically . "Uuuuuuummmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh!" Wendy and Russ were totally caught up in the frenzy of their orgasms and Mike outside watching began to jerk and twist in total orgasm too. His body writhed as if in unison with the couple on the floor and his lustful penis jerked in shattering spasms.

Mike closed his eyes and surrendered totally to the experience of his body, he was coming, ah! He was going to cum, he felt the earth shake beneath his feet as total orgasm took over his entire frame.

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Then suddenly the white semen erupted from his pulsating cock, he pumped and pumped and salivated at the sight of his cum oozing out over his hands, he worked until every last drop had been released. Mike quickly came back to his senses and zipped up his fly. He took one last look into the window, the naked couple with ecstasy written all over their faces were collapsed upon each other in an obscene heap. His eyes still bulging from his head, the poor, confused boy turned and fled along the path to he didn't know where.

He fled down the path, his mind racing in a thousand directions. His whole world which until today had seemed pretty much in order was now collapsed.

He couldn't go back to the dining room, he couldn't face his uncle and Wendy, where could he go? What could he do? He blushed violently when he remembered his own actions at the window of the Teahouse, he felt so sick and wanted to vomit, but he knew that he couldn't.

Maybe he'd take his uncle's car and drive into town, go to a movie or something . anything to take his mind off this evenings terror. He reached in his pocket, two bucks shit! not enough to go anywhere with. Oh . he felt so terrible, who could he talk to .

Madame Wong, right . he'd go to her, she was older she could help him. Oh God! no . not her, she'd go to the cops and then there really would he trouble. Sweat began to break out in tiny beads on Mike's forehead, in his mind's eye he saw all the kids at school laughing and jeering at him. He couldn't bear the shame, they'd say obscene things about him and Wendy, they'd just drag her through the mud like she was a piece of shit.

They'd taunt him with his jacking off, they'd know somehow they'd know. He was in such a panic he felt he'd tell everybody about what he'd done and seen. It would be in all the papers, there'd be a court trial. Oh God! who could help him . what could he do . where could he go? He began to sob uncontrollably now and suddenly he knew that even if Madame Wong was an uptight bitch, he'd have to talk to her.

She was a woman and she would know what to do. Women always knew, his mother had always known what to do, dear God, if only his mother were still alive, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't have been left with his dirty, rotten, sex- maniac of an uncle. When Mike began to think about his uncle he started to break out in a cold sweat again, how could he possibly live with him after this night.

He'd have to get his own place now. His own uncle making it with his very own girlfriend--holy shit! what a bummer. Mike had been stumbling around the path having little or no idea of where he was going. In his confusion he hadn't noticed which way he was headed when he left the Teahouse and now he found himself on the deserted beach, the moon was just rising in the night sky, the ocean looked so inviting.

At least he knew what to do right now, he'd cool off in the water and then decide what to do. A good swim always cleared his thoughts. It was a warm evening with the slightest of breeze, it almost lulled him right into the ocean. It felt good on his body, he took a few deep breaths and he plunged into the foaming water. With each stroke he felt better, his manliness seemed to return and his self-assurance too.

The water felt so good on his naked young flesh and he gave himself to the ocean with all the vigour he could muster. Yes . ah . yes, his troubles seemed to wash off him with each strong stroke. Suzie Wong had not been really worried about her niece Wendy. Quite a few times since they had arrived at the hotel she had missed dinner, she was actually quite slim and lovely but as with so many young girls of her age she felt she needed to diet, it certainly wasn't harmful to miss a meal anyway, thought Suzie.

The older woman was feeling lonely, the event of the afternoon had really taken its toll on her emotions and she felt she needed to get away from the hotel for a while.

She was quite troubled too at the realization that young boys really turned her on more than mature men and that in actual fact her sexual fantasies centered around them. The moon had arisen already and there was quite a lot of light on the beach, it was a warm balmy evening and Suzie stretched herself on the sand and looked up at the stars. Why weren't things the way one wanted them in life. Why was she such a lonely, misunderstood woman.

Suzie looked out across the ocean and noticed something moving out there, it was someone swimming and he was swimming towards the beach . then standing, walking out of the water.

It was Mike, Russ Redford's nephew . naked . Oh God! What a gorgeous body the boy had, his muscles were gleaming in the moonlight . his body so young, so inviting. Oh dear what was she to do, her body was already responding to the erotic thoughts in her mind. She wanted to escape from them but just didn't know how. She quickly took a drink from the bottle of wine she had brought to the beach in an effort to quell her thoughts.

Mike walked over to the place where he had left his clothes and Suzie watched his beautiful young body slide into his jeans, she noticed the curve of his muscular arms and wanted to run right into them.

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God, he was beautiful, she thought. Suzie shook herself again, what was the matter with her, why couldn't she get these thoughts out of her mind, all she could think of was giving herself body and soul to this teenage boy, slowly, surely, surrendering herself .

ahhhhh! He was a pretty strong looking boy, he probably had a good- sized cock.

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Suzie found herself imagining his tender little penis, erect and proud strutting against his tight pants, strutting like a young peacock. Oh yes, he could put his little peanut in her warm, womanly slit anytime. Oh my God! What is wrong with me thought Suzie, I just can't get these carnal desires out of my mind.

Someone should just come along and lock me up, I'm not fit to be out in society. I'm perverted and sordid thought Suzie, oh dear God! She reached for the bottle and took several long hard swigs . she began to feel dizzy and realised that she was probably getting quite drunk. Instead of quelling her sordid thoughts, the drink just seemed to be making them more and more intense. Then suddenly the boy started walking towards her, he had noticed her on the beach and was coming over to talk to her.

A wave of excitement passed over the older woman's body like high voltage from a power station. The closer the young boy came towards her the hotter she felt.

How innocent he is! How innocent and inviting! "Hi, Mrs. Wong," he greeted her. "Hello, Mike," she replied nonchanlantly. Mike was unconsciously rubbing his thighs, totally unconscious of the effect he was having upon the older woman. The boy was erotic and he didn't even know it.


Suzie had to restrain herself with every ounce of her will, all she wanted to do was to lean forward and touch him, stroke his tender young thighs and slide her hand up into his crotch, up over his fly, unzip his pants and then . and then .

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Suzie was overcome with the heat of her body and had to turn away for a minute, but as soon as she turned back again her desire was back, stronger than ever. Yes, slide her hand inside those cute little jeans, slowly curl her hand around . around . that . "Hello Mrs. Wong, do, do you mind if I sit with you for a few minutes," he asked.

If only he could talk with her, he'd feel so much better but he didn't dare, she'd probably flip her wig, or something. Anyway, at lease she was someone to talk to, someone to stay sane with. "Well . um . yes, yes of course, please do sit down Mike." It was really quite difficult for Suzie to concentrate with Mike standing so close to her, and she was really afraid that her perverted mind would start tormenting her again with desire.

She was already aroused to a point of boiling by the boy, she really didn't know how long she was going to be able to control herself. He was quite a lot like his uncle, only more inviting to her, not quite so brutal looking. He'd be sensitive, she'd be able to control him. Oh . there again, her sordid thoughts were taking over, what was she going to do?

Yes, of course, a walk, that was obviously the answer. "Oh Mike, why don't we go for a walk . it's such a lovely evening." "Sure, oh sure, Mrs. Wong, what a great idea," Mike smiled for the first time in several hours.

They walked in silence along the beach, silent although acutely aware of each other's presence. Suzie, usually so good at small talk found that her tongue was stuck in her mouth, she had a lump in the back of her throat and curious swirlings were beginning to be set in motion in her chest. Her heart was racing against her breasts, her firm, voluptuous breasts aching .

ah . just aching to be caressed. She really did find Western men more appealing than Orientals, she didn't know why but it was definitely so. This virile young boy beside her was certainly very appealing to her, very appealing. Oh God! Why did I drink so much, thought Suzie. She was having quite a lot of difficulty staying in focus and realized she was just a little bit wobbly on her feet. "Mike, dear, why don't we rest here!" Suzie motioned to a spot on the beach that seemed particularly lit by the moonlight, it was just in front of a clump of trees and although the older woman wasn't fully aware of it, was quite romantic in its' setting.

Suzie searched her mind trying to find a concrete reason for her attraction to this boy. Certainly, he was like his uncle and certainly he did stir memories from her past but to take advantage of one so innocent and unlearned in the ways of lovemaking was really quite unthinkable . wasn't it! She paused a moment and allowed the sand to trickle through her hands, time certainly was like grains of sand.

If only she could turn back the clock and be thirteen years old again, ripe and ready to be plucked like Wendy, her niece. If only she could be Wendy and be deflowered by this charming boy . oh yes . if only! Suzie shook herself, but that just isn't how things are she reminded herself. I am old enough to be this boy's mother and my niece Wendy is in love with him, it would kill her if she found out I'd let him fuck me! It was unthinkable! Oh dear!

Then why could she think of nothing else .? Ever since this morning's incident she hadn't been able to get this boy out of her mind. She was totally caught up in the fantasy of fucking this boy, this virgin boy .

yes .


totally intoxicated. "Mike, ever since I came to the hotel, I've wanted to swim across the inlet to a little cave I saw. Would you like to take a swim with me now?" "Well . uh . uh . I don't have a suit Mrs. Wong," Mike realised that his face was scarlet and that he felt very hot, he wondered if the older woman had seen him emerge naked from the water. "Oh, not to worry Mike dear," Suzie said boldly. "We can skinny dip, it's all the rage these days, everyone is doing it." Suzie was amazed at the ease in which she spoke to Mike, she felt quite at home with him, not at all embarrassed.

Mike felt his brain reeling, he really was confused. After what he had seen tonight, anything could happen even skinny- dipping with Mrs. Wong. The boy took a shy look at the older woman, taking in fully her gorgeous body, with its big mouth- watering tits and firm ass just right for a man's hand. Holy shit!

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What was the matter with him, was he crazy or something . well . his uncle had made it with his girl, why couldn't he make it with his uncle's lady. Oh boy would that flip him out. "Well Mike, what do you think," Suzie interrupted his reverie of thoughts.

"Uh . well . Mrs. Wong . I don't know what to say ." "Oh come on dear boy, there's nothing wrong with the human body, God created us naked you know!

I'm not going to eat you, you're safe with me." As she said the last remark, Suzie muttered to herself. "At least, I think you are, if I can control myself. If I want to control myself!

The older woman was trembling inside like a leaf, she realised that she actually had no intention of controlling herself. She wanted this boy as she hadn't wanted anyone in years and although she knew it was sinful, she just didn't care. She was ashamed of the visions that were filling her mind, but not ashamed enough to stop them. The erotic sensations filling her body were threatening to drive her out of her mind and the thought of swimming with him naked .

how could she possibly control herself. Suzie slowly, seductively began to remove her clothes, she wanted to make sure that Mike got the full impact of her body. She felt his eyes practically burn a hole through her breasts and felt her nipples spring into hardness from the night air and Mike's hungry gaze. She purposely bent over to lay her clothes on the sand, revealing her softly curved asscheeks and just a glimpse of her warm, blackly curling pussy hairs.

Suzie felt as though the fire of the ages had been lit in her body and that she was being consumed by it. She was having difficulty in maintaining a calm disposition, the excitement she felt within her breast was so overwhelming, she felt she would explode. When she first suggested a skinny dip that was all she had intended for them to do .

but now . her body, so long denied was yearning to be fucked. Yes . fucked by this boy .

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Oh God! She deserved to be fucked, she was a woman wasn't she, with the needs and desires of a real woman? She was tired of fingerfucking, she wanted a real live cock inside of her, pounding up against belly, making her cum all over the universe. Her body felt triumphant and naked in the warm breeze, her nipples still harder, excited, throbbing, longing for the mouth of a man, a boy . this boy! She didn't care to listen any longer to the tauntings of her shame-ridden soul, her lust was now too strong, had taken the reins of desire and would ride her to the last drop of blood.

When a volcano was on the boil, nothing could stop it and this was what she was now . a volcano . a red hot volcano ready to blow its top! She stood proud and naked in the moonlight, totally at ease with herself. Naked in the moonlight, waiting . waiting . "Mike," she whispered, purring like a kitten, "come, take your clothes off too. Take them off slowly for me, slowly so that I can really savour you," shaking nervously the teenager began to undress.

First his sneakers, then his shirt, then his pants . Every fibre of Suzie's being began to vibrate as she watched the beautiful boy begin to undress. She realised now that her moral code had been shattered and her lust finally unbridled. So long in the world of fantasy the ugly head of her monstrous passions had emerged, escaping from the labyrinth, her desire was free at last, free to exercise its power. She was no longer a normal woman but a primitive being, crazed by defeat and brutality, now ready to claim her own.

She had come into her power. She no longer had any doubts as to what would happen. They would swim the inlet to the cave, swim in the moonlight to their destiny. She a woman, he a boy, destined to be joined. She was hungry, she would devour him and he would emerge a man. She was lost now, lost to her lustful passions and she didn't care . all she cared about was the boy, the beautiful young boy. Inside of her, she wanted him deep inside of her. And then they were both naked.

"Come on Mike," she heard herself say in a hoarse voice, hardly more than a whisper. "Let's go for a swim . I think we're going to have a great time out there in the water together ."