How he grind in the pussy get u a him

How he grind in the pussy get u a him
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 6 After our experience with Ron watching us have sex, Cindy and I were more open about our fantasies and desires.

I admitted to her how turned on I was when I thought of her actually doing something sexual with another guy. She told me that she sometimes thought about what other guys would be like in bed. It seemed as if we may have been a match made in heaven. We used the incident with Ron to fuel our passion for a few weeks afterwards.

Back then, the two of us and all of our friends were still living with our parents. Therefore we would find places to hang out and party.

Luckily there was a tract of land behind the houses on our street of a couple of hundred wooded acres. We had played there as kids and continued to hang out there as we got older. There was a clearing that we all used to congregate at that had several benches. On any given day there could be anywhere from 2 to 15 people hanging out there.

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Its one particular night in this clearing that changed things for me and Cindy forever. I had managed to score a couple of bottles of wine and wanted to drink. I called Cindy and a few friends, but the only other one around happened to be David, the guy I had first exposed Cindy to.

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We met up and headed back to the clearing. By the time the second bottle of wine was half gone, we were starting to get a little loose. I started a fire and we sat around talking and drinking. Of course, being young and horny I began to kiss and fondle Cindy. She was a little reluctant at first, but when I reached up under her shirt she pushed me away and told me to stop because David was there. He looked over to us and said not to stop on his account.

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I explained that he had already seen her so it wasn't a big deal. Besides she always wanted to have sex by a campfire. After a couple of more drinks, I managed to pull her top over her head, exposing her great tits for mine and David's enjoyment.

I leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth. She wrapped her hand around my head and pulled me in tight. This let me know she was relaxed and wanted more. Who was I to deny her, right? In short order I had her stripped and swaying in the firelight.

I was rubbing her all over and eventually she was pushing her ass back against my crotch, letting me know she was horny and ready to get fucked. I laid her down on one of the benches and stripped off my clothes. This was the first time I had been naked in front of David, but I there was no way I was going to pass this up. I believed I was once again going to have sex in front of another guy with Cindy and was ready. Cindy apparently had other plans.

As I pushed inside her and began to pump, Cindy really was getting into it. She seemed to really enjoy the fact that David was watching and was staring at him every so often. David was standing there watching when Cindy shocked us both.

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"Let me see it," she said while looking at David. He apparently didn't understand her or wasn't sure what she wanted. "What?" he asked. "Take it out. I want to see it, she replied. "You have seen me, I want to see you." He looked at me and I just told him to go ahead. He already was shirtless, so all he had to do was pop open his jeans and slide them down. Apparently David didn't wear underwear as his dick popped into view right away.

I say popped because as soon as his jeans were below his head, it sprung up straight as could be.

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Apparently he was turned on and hard as could be. I smiled inwardly as I noted that he was about average while I was a couple of inches larger. Of course David was only about 5'-5" tall so it was about right to his height. Cindy called him over so she could see it closer. He came right over next to us and she reached her hand out right away and took hold of it. I was so turned on I had to slow down my pumping.

I was very excited to see her delicate hand wrapped around that hard cock. As she fondled it, she began to stroke it and soon a big glistening drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip. I heard her say "mmmmm" and the next thing I know she pulled him up to her head and just pooped it into her mouth!

I was in shock. There I was, thrusting the hardest erection I had ever had into the most beautiful girl while she began to suck on another guy's dick. I had dreamed of this and here it was happening. My head was swimming and I could feel my balls begin to tighten up, signaling an impending orgasm. I wasn't ready for this to end, so I pulled out and went down on her. I began to lick her entire pussy and couldn't believe how wet she was.

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She was really turned on and soon she grabbed my head with her hand and pulled my face in tight against her. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and after only a couple of strokes I could feel her begin to squeeze them.

She began to thrust her hips up and down and soon took her mouth off of David to scream out in orgasm.

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God she is beautiful when she cums. When she came back down she really surprised me by standing up and telling David to lie down. She then straddled him and I was in shock as she reached down and took hold of his hard dick then placed it at her entrance. She looked at David and told him not to cum in her. Then she slid her wet pussy down over him.


I couldn't believe I was actually watching another guy fucking my girlfriend. I knew right then that the ranch of emotions I was feeling was something I would experience for as long as we were together. As she rode his dick, I stepped close to her and she began to jack my cock in time with her bounces.

David had his hands on her tits and was giving them some serious attention. It wasn't very long before David said he was close. She popped off of him, and bent over to suck the cum out of his dick. I took this opportunity to slip my dick into her from behind as she was bent over. I grabbed her hips and really began to pound her as I heard him start to grunt as he filled her mouth. She also began as I heard her swallowing I couldn't take it and thrust hard into her and filled her with my cum.

As we all came back to earth we realized that anyone one of our friends could show up at any time so we hurried into our clothes. I think the magnitude of what just happened hit us all and we were trying to process it all. I knew I wanted to get her alone and talk about what happened so I told David we were going to head out.

Just as we left the clearing we heard voices and three of my other friends were heading back to party. It was close but we got away with it. I pulled David aside and told him if he ever wanted to experience that again to keep his mouth shut. He agreed and we went our separate ways. This was the start of many years of sharing Cindy, and while there are many memorable times I plan to share, this one will always be special as it was the first time I watched another cock split her pussy lips and enter into her body.

I was hooked.