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Amateur cock blowing with passion
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The trap was set. Aella held the bow and arrow in her hand steadily. She knew these forests better than anyone else because of her time fighting the Macedonians, and now she lay in wait in the thick underbrush as the night hid her slim figure in its darkness. "General Aella," Stavros, her advisor, had said to her earlier in the day.

"Everything is ready now. The men have been briefed, and your spies have returned confirming the news you had received last week. There will be an attack tonight, and we will be ready." Aella had simply nodded at that. As a woman, life in the Greek military had never been easy for her. In fact, under normal circumstances, Aella would have not even been allowed to hold this high of a position in the military because of her gender.

Born as the only child and daughter of a decorated General from Athens, Aella's mother had died in childbirth, and because of that her father had gotten very attached to her, and she to him, and so he had let her tag along during his campaigns against the Macedonians.

Aella had literally grown up in army camps, watching soldiers train for battle and experiencing the terrible conditions that they suffered in their camps. And though Aella, as a woman, was never expected to learn about warfare, she had been allowed to sit in during her father's many war councils and quickly developed an interest in war.

And as time went by, and Aella grew older, she had begun to take a more active part amongst her father's men, helping out with chores and even participating in their drills and training exercises. All of this proved to turn out useful, when on her eighteenth birthday, Aella had learnt that her father had been killed in battle by the Macedonians. Soon after, the remnants of her father's army was surrounded at their camp, and faced certain doom.

Having grown up with these men always around her, Aella had their trust and quickly took up her father's place, rallying the men and turning the tables on the five hundred man strong Macedonian army with only a hundred men left. Her soldiers praised her as a hero, and soon after Aella was officially commissioned as a General of Athens, the first woman to ever do so.

When the Romans came two years later, led by the great old General Marcellus Cassius and his young cousin, General Augustus Gaius, everyone was afraid. The Romans deftly crushed the Macedonians with their legions, and quickly set upon the rest of the Greek city states.

Aella had been a part of the Greek armies that went out to fight them. And fight them they did. They battled intensely, even pushing the Romans back with a brilliant counterattack into Roman territories that forced the Romans to redirect their armies.

For a whole year, Aella fought the Romans fiercely, and even rejoiced with the other Greek generals when they heard news of the old General Marcellus being sent home in shame because of what the Romans perceived as his failure against the Greeks. Not long after, however, Aella too was sent home, as the war effort was deemed not as important as before now that it seemed that they were winning, and because Aella had already fought for the Athenian armies for three years, and it was time to go home now.

They even thanked her for her brave service and bestowed upon her many distinctions. But none of that mattered to Aella. She was disgusted by what they'd done, because she knew the real reason they wanted to send her home.

It was because she was a woman. After sending her home, the General they'd replaced her with was a man, young and fresh without experience like Aella had.

But in their eyes, he was still a better choice just because he was a man and she was taking his place. Having been sent home, Aella hadn't been able to truly settle down. She'd started seeing some men every now and then, but never got too attached to anyone.

All she had known was war, she grew up watching her dad wage a war and that was all she knew how to do. And so she waited restlessly in Athens, doing her best to live a city life, all the while keeping up with news of the war when she came back home at night. And the news was never good. It seemed that the moment General Marcellus was sent home and General Augustus took charge of the invading force, the Romans suddenly grew ten times as mightier, pushing the Greek armies back into the jungle of Macedonia, where they've engaged in guerrilla warfare for the past half a year.

General Augustus quickly gained a reputation for not taking any prisoners, exterminating very Greek settlement his army would pass by. They say that this was hi vengeance against the Greeks for shaming his cousin and mentor, General Marcellus, and the Greek armies were even calling him Augustus the Wrathful now. But it was not that fool Augustus who had turned the tide of the war.

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If it had been entirely up to him, he'd have thrown away all of his legions in his aggressive advances against the Greek armies. The real driving force behind the Roman army's sudden rally against the Greeks was the two men Augustus had put in charge of his armies following General Marcellus's departure. These two masked figures would always appear at the head of Augustus's legions, and at their command, the Romans have never lost a single battle since.

These masked men have faced the might of the Greek armies, faced the greatest of the Greek generals in battle, and even been outnumbered three to one by the Greeks before, but have somehow always managed to come out on top, absolutely outmaneuvering even the most experienced Greek generals and totally crushing their armies. And to make things worse, the morale of the Greek soldiers have begun to falter.

They spread rumors about these cloaked figures that have won the Romans their battles, saying that General Augustus had summoned the help of demons to aid in his war, and this was why no man could ever match their military brilliance.

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They have begun to call the one in the white mask the "White Demon", and the one in the red the "Red Demon". Finally, after these White and Red Demons absolutely smashed the Greek Armies, routing them into the jungles of Macedonia, a messenger arrived at Aella's doorstep.

"Nobody knows the jungles of Macedonia as you do," he had said. "You grew up watching your father fight battles there. Please, if you will accept, come to our aid again and be stationed at the Northern Front to battle against the Romans in the jungles of Macedonia." Aella didn't even have to think about it. She packed up and left Athens on the same day, meeting with a retinue of men that would serve her during the war outside of the city. There was fifty cavalry soldiers to act as her protection in battle, her advisor, Stavrus, and a personal physician to attend to her beck and call named Bemus.

The journey lasted two months, and she discovered on her first day that morale was poor in the camp. The White Demon has apparently been leading unorthodox strikes of both psychological and physical nature against the Greek armies encamped in the jungle for the past six months.

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And the worst part is that they believe that the Romans are just scouting for now, and that's why they haven't made a committed strike, because they don't know these jungles. When they finally discover where all of the Greek armies are camped in the forest, they will move in with their legions, felling the Greeks with one swift strike. And so, Aella's first order of business as General of this army was obviously to take care of this problematic "White Demon".

After weeks of slandering their General Augustus with the rumors that Aella had heard from her men about him, her spies finally reported back to her that her provocation finally worked after she began to call him "Augustus the Perverse", because of a particularly nasty rumor she heard about the Roman General's sexual preferences for younger men. It seemed that Augustus has finally had enough of her mockery, and according to her spies, had ordered the "White Demon" to raid her camp to get rid of her.

But what they didn't know, was that this was what Aella wanted. Her spies confirmed the exact date of the planned ambush, and she had prepared her men for a deadly counter attack against the White Demon.

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After only weeks, Aella now had a chance to take down one of Augustus's two mysterious captains. That was something Aella didn't understand, though. If the Red and White Demon were military geniuses, why would General Augustus risk them by sending them out to lead raids such as this?

Maybe it was to strike fear into the hearts of the Greek soldiers, but still the risk was too great. It just didn't make any sense to Aella. Suddenly the sound of hooves striking the ground brought Aella's attention back to the present as she readied her bow once more and peeked out of her cover.

She was waiting just outside of the campsite, in accordance with her plan, and there she could already see men on horses galloping into the campsite, holding torches and swords, ready to do some damage to what they thought were men sleeping soundly in their tents.

But this time, her army was ready.


They waited until the horsemen came into the center of the camp before her soldiers revealed themselves, coming out of their tents already armored and armed, yelling battle cries as they rushed the surprised raiders. Chaos ensued as the Roman horsemen began to try to make their escape, while the Greek men desperately tried to cut down as many of their attackers as possible. Amidst the fighting Aella could see the distinct white mask, and knew immediately that this was the famous White Demon.

He was desperately trying to stay on his horse as her men tried to surround him, but he simply made his escape by breaking away from his own men, heading straight into the jungle and straight toward Aella, just like she planned. Rolling out of the brush Aella drew back her arrow as the horse passed and fired a single shot into the horse's side. The horse whinnied as it stopped in it's tracks, and the flustered man on the horse was unable to control it any longer as it threw him off its back and into the ground.

"Unngh!" Came an unexpected yelp from the cloaked figure as he hit the hard ground with a loud thud. Aella moved forward quickly, bow and arrow drawn and trained on the groaning figure.

"Not such a tough guy after all huh?" She smirked as she came upon the figure. Aella could see the shattered pieces of his white mask on the ground beside him. He must've hit the ground really hard, for he remained laying there, clutching at his sides incapacitated even as Aella reached out to turn him over.

"Now, let's see the face of the famous White Demon I've heard so much about." The face that was revealed to Aella was not that of a man at all, however.


It was that of a boy, still young and unbearded. Shocked, Aella stood for several seconds over the boy, who had become unconscious. Was this who had been defeating so many brilliant old Greek generals on the battlefield? Was this who they said stood at the helm of Roman legions, commanding then as they crushed the Greek armies?

He was just a boy, no older than sixteen. Glancing backward, Aella saw that the Roman horsemen had fled, and the ambush was over. Already, Stavros approached with a handful of soldiers, grinning widely. "And so, the great general Aella has taken down and caught the dreaded White Demon," Stavros smiled. "I never doubted your abilities for a second, General." But Aella remained silent, shocked by this surprising revelation, and only looked back down at the boy's unconscious body.

The men soon noticed the shattered white mask on the ground too, and was just as startled to see that the face behind the mask was that of a boy. "That's impossible!" Stavros was the first to express his surprise. "There has to be some sort of mistake! He's just a boy!" Aella looked to her advisor, then to the men accompanying him, who were also staring at the boy's unconscious form with wide eyes. "You've seen him fight before. Tell me, did you notice anything unusual about the White Demon when he fought tonight?" The men looked up at her and shook their heads.

"No, General. The White Demon was just as deadly tonight as he had been any other night, swift on his horse and quick with his blade." "Then we have the right man," Aella said, striding past the shocked men. "Put him in chains and take him back to camp. I want to speak to him in the morning." ••••••••••••••••••••••• The sun had barely risen when Aella was awakened by the shouting outside her tent.

Head pounding from her lack of sleep and the rush of battle last night, Aella rushed out of her tent, still in a nightgown, to find that quite a number of her men had gathered around the camp's holding area. The gathered mob was shouting and barking obscenities at the lone figure chained within the cage, pushing against the guards stationed around the prisoner. "Aella," Stavros was beside her. "I came as quickly as I heard the commotion.

It seems that our men are still rather bitter about the casualties that they suffered because of the White Demon's command over the years, and want to make him pay for his crimes now." Nodding, Aella watched as one of the guards was pushed to the ground by a member of the angry crowd. She could see that the guards themselves did not want to really stand in the way of their angry comrades.

They had after all suffered all the same because of the White Demon, why should they risk themselves now for someone who has killed their brothers in arms for so many years? And the fact that their own friends now stood guard over the object of their ire seemed to incite the crowd even more, and Aella knew that if she did not step in now, there would be violence.

"Should I let them?" Aella asked Stavros. "Let them open the cages and do with the White Demon what they will? He has made these same men suffer over the years, after all." "We can't." Stavros mulled over the thought for a second. "He's just a boy." "A boy who's caused the death of thousands." For a while, Stavros seemed unsure about himself, but then he shook his head. "Besides my own personal reluctance to kill a boy, sacrificing him to our men may not be the best course of action.

He could still be used to barter with the Romans, or maybe he could give us some information. While he may be precociously talented in the art of war, he's young, and likely to still be easily scared.

If we play our cards right, there are a lot of things we can do with him." Aella looked to Stavros, and then at the boy sitting silently in the cage while the mob of angry men screamed threats at him. "You're right, Stavros. But he can't stay here.

It's too dangerous. Have him escorted to my tent." "Your private quarters?" Stavros raised a brow questioningly. "Yes, my tent." Aella shot him a dangerous look. "Do you know where else he can be held in this camp where he can possibly be safe? Go, and be quick about it." Without further questions, Stavros hurried off to stop the angry crowd of soldiers, while Aella stalked off to her tent.

A few minutes later, a soldier arrived at her tent with a thick wooden pole that he proceeded to hammer into a soft area on the ground in her tent. "To chain the prisoner on." The soldier explained. "Stavros's orders." Aella thanked the soldier and he went on his way. Not seconds later Aella could hear the clanging of chains as another soldier escorted the prisoner inside her tent.

"The prisoner," The soldier spat, his words full of spite. "Shall I chain him to the post?" Aella looked the boy up and down. Since he had been in their custody, she hadn't yet managed to get a good look at him. They called him the White Demon, but standing here now in chains in her tent, and with only a loincloth, Aella did not think he seemed dangerous at all. In fact, there was a youthful charm about him, and he was also rather handsome. His hair was a sandy light brown, messy from battle and matted to his forehead.

And because he also stood with only a loincloth, Aella had full view of his teenaged body and budding muscles. He was strong enough to fight well, she had seen last night, but his frame was still that of a growing boy not yet a man, and his muscles were not as big as a fully grown adult's muscles would be, though she was quite sure they he would grow more muscular in due time. Aella also noticed the fresh bruise that discolored the fair skin of his cheek, and wondered if one of the men had managed to hit him as he was being escorted through the campsite.

"Yes," Aella finally said after a considerable pause, her eyes twinkling with interest at the young boy before her. "Please do. Thank you." The soldier grabbed the boy roughly and dragged him to the wooden post. Kicking the back of his knees hard, Aella could see the boy grimacing as the soldier forced him down to the ground and began to chain him to the post. When he was done, the soldier stood up and faced Aella.

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"If he's any trouble, just say the word." And then he left. "So," Aella began to say, stepping forward to the chained figure, who hadn't made any eye contact yet with her this entire time. "You're the famous White Demon, only a boy. Not quite what I expected, to be honest." He swallowed hard, and for a moment Aella thought it looked like he was about to cry.


But he continued to remain silent. "They say you're a military genius." Aella continued. "For the past years you've beaten back the armies of the great Greek cities relentlessly. And they also said that you could always be seen on the battlefield. For a person so young, you sure are able to keep your calm even in the heat of battle to lead your men into victory." Aella smiled.

"That is pretty impressive. You've even begun to participate in the fighting recently, haven't you? When your General Augustus deemed you old enough to begin seeing combat, he let you go on the raids that you've been planning against us. Because that's what it is, isn't it? You've had your chance to move your armies in and finish us off, but you haven't, because Augustus sees this as a good time for you to earn you stripes and gain valuable experience in battle, am I right??" Still not replying, the boy refused to even look Aella in the eyes.

Smirking at his defiance, Aella began to pace around the enchained boy. "How old are you?" She asked, grabbing the boy by the chin. "And you'd better answer me, or else I'll do some really painful things to you." After a moments hesitation, the boy seemed to give in.

"I turned fifteen last month." He admitted. "Fifteen?" Aella let go of his face. "Still just a boy. So tell me, White Demon. How is a young boy like you able to have so much brilliance in him that he manages to even defeat far more experienced generals in battle? That is no small feat. Those generals are usually around three to four times your age.

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Who is your teacher? Where did you learn the art of warfare?" For a while it didn't seem like the boy was going to reply again. Aella was going to say something else when she suddenly saw the boy's thin lips spread open. "Don't call me that." Came the soft, unassuming reply.

Aella was surprised, she had expected that she would get the cold shoulder far longer than that. "I'm sorry?" "The White Death." The boy repeated.

"Don't call me that. I hate it. I have a mother, and she gave me a name." "Strange." Aella mused to herself. "Most people I know would be proud to receive such dreadful nicknames because of their deeds in battle. Alright then, boy.

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Tell me, what should I call you?" Finally taking his pale blue eyes off the ground, the boy looked up to Aella. "My name is Lucius Gaius." "Gaius?" Aella repeated, raising a brow. "You're related to Augustus Gaius?" Looking away, Lucius fumbled with his chains a little as he kept his eyes trained on the ground once more, refusing to answer. "Won't answer that either huh?" Aella chuckled playfully, her eyes studying the boy's bare body.

She watched how his small but firm muscles flexed as he struggled slightly against his restraints. Aella didn't know why, but she could suddenly feel a tingling from her pussy between her legs.

There was just something about watching this strikingly good looking boy struggle against his restraints hopelessly that turned her on. Lucius was a very physically attractive young man, and what else was a strong, intelligent woman like her to do when she had such a precociously talented and handsome youth like him chained up in the privacy of her tent? She had outsmarted him and captured him, and Lucius was now at her mercy.

She could do whatever she wanted with him. Suddenly, dirty thoughts began to pour into her mind. She smirked at that thought. Yes, that's what she would do. How long had it been since Aella had last been with a man? She was not married, and while she had been seeing a couple of men every now and then in her four years of civilian life, sometimes even letting them take her to bed, she has never ever had a fuck as good as when she was fighting a war.

Maybe it was all the adrenaline from fighting, or maybe it was the sweaty men and bulging muscles all around her, or maybe it was just the thought that any day could possibly be her last day alive. Whatever it was, it proved to be more than enough to send her sex drive through the roof and give her the best sex she has ever had. "I won't talk." Lucius finally said after several seconds, and Aella looked back up to him.

He was biting his lip, and she could see that he was afraid. "I know you'll want to learn about where our camps are. And you can hurt me, torture me, but I won't tell you anything." Lowering herself until she came face to face with Lucius, Aella smiled coyly. "Is that what the Romans tell you? That we Greeks love to torture and hurt people?" Aella lowered herself some more so that she was straddling Lucius, and she watched with satisfaction as the boy's eyes widened with surprise.

She was pressing her pussy against his crotch, with only the cloth of her nightgown and his loincloth between them. "I won't hurt you, Lucius." Aella whispered softly into his ear, leaning forward so that her ample bosom pressed against the boy's bare chest. "I promise you." Placing her gentle hands against Lucius's tense shoulders, Aella let her hand glide down his body, caressing the firm muscles on his toned chest.

Lucius seemed surprised by this, his eyes growing wide as he suddenly realized what was happening. So surprised, in fact, that he didn't manage to even utter a single word as Aella began to grind her ass against his crotch. "You're such a little hero boy, aren't you?" Her voice was sultry, pouting her pink lips at Lucius alluringly.

"Beating back our armies for the glory of your country, making our old generals look like they were born yesterday on the battlefield." Raising her hands over her head, Aella pulled her nightgown off in one swift motion, revealing her fully naked body to the chained up boy. Aella smirked triumphantly as she watched Lucius's jaw drop at the sight of her pink nipples and well trimmed bush.

"Now, let's see what else you know." By now, Aella could feel Lucius's hard boner pressing up against her from behind his thin loincloth. Like all teenage boys, it did not take much to drive Lucius insanely horny, and his throbbing cock now pressed against Aella's naked pussy, begging to be set free. Lucius, however, seemed to stunned too even react, instead sitting there as if he were paralyzed.

Reaching one hand down to his groin, Aella tugged at the small piece of cloth that covered his groin, allowing the erect shaft to spring free. Just as Aella expected, Lucius was extremely hard. His cock stood a good five, maybe almost five and a half inches, fully erect, and the tip of his penis seemed to be almost swollen from all the blood rushing to it.

Honestly, Aella was a little bit disappointed at the size of her captive's penis; the soldiers she had slept with so far were all rather well endowed, with the smallest of them all being a solid seven inches. Still, what did Aella expect realistically? She knew that Lucius was young, and if he wasn't old enough for his body to grow as big as the other men who fought in battles, why would she have expected his cock to be as big?

Either ways, a cock was all she needed, and somehow, Lucius's young cock looked better than most of the other cocks she's seen, even in its short stature. His brown bush around his cock was well kept, trimmed short, and the skin on his cock was fair and light. "Mm." Aella moaned softly, looking back up to Lucius with lustful eyes. "Nice cock. I'm going to touch it, Lucius, and I'm going to rub all over your cock up and down. I'll make you feel so good." The boy's eyes were still wide, and Aella could see that he was very nervous.

And because of that, teasing him this way made things so much more hotter for Aella. She reached down and felt her smooth fingers close slowly around his pubescent shaft, and this finally elicited a reaction from Lucius.

"Ohh." Lucius moaned softly. As her other hand continued to caress the muscles on his naked chest seductively, Aella began to glide her hands up and down his stiff rod slowly, making sure to pay particular attention to the tip of his cock. Lucius shuddered every time her fingertips softly massaged the underside of the tip of his penis, and Aella saw that his eyes were now fixed in the motion of her hands on his cock, lost in a sexual trance.

He was enjoying this, no mater how scared he felt. Taking her other hand off the boy's chest, Aella began to reach down to his balls, all the while staring deep into his eyes with a naughty smile. Lucius swallowed hard as his eyes flickered up to meet hers for a moment, and then back down to her hands. He was still nervous, Aella could tell. With her other hand, Aella began to fondle the boy's balls, tugging it up and down gently in her soft hands, and causing him to moan even louder as she continued to stroke his cock with her other hand.

Just seeing the way Lucius now began to fidget in his chains, tied to a post as she pleasured him was enough to drive Aella crazy with desire for the young military genius, and she decided after several more minutes of stimulating the his hard cock with her hands that it was time.

Letting her grip slide down to the base of his cock, Aella stopped stroking him as she lifted her hips upward, ready to take the boy into her. Lucius seemed surprised when Aella had suddenly stopped stroking him, looking up at her, but he seemed even more shocked when he realized what she was doing. Still, he did not protest. How could any man protest against such a beautiful woman like Aella wanting to fuck his brains out, even if he were a prisoner of war? Guiding Lucius's stiff cock to the entrance of her soaking wet pussy, Aella let herself linger above his cock for several seconds, teasing him.

And then she slightly lowered herself, allowing the tip of his cock to just barely touch her pussy lips, and Lucius began to start trying to thrust upward as she took his cock and slid it along her dripping wet slit.

Aella was breathing quicker now, but Lucious so much more so. She watched as his chest rose and fell rapidly, panting like a wild dog as she continued to tease the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy.

And then finally, after Aella couldn't take it anymore either, she lined up Lucius's five inch cock to her pussy, and then lowered herself al the way in so that his cock went straight into her all the way up to his balls. "Ah!" Lucius let out a yelp of surprised pleasure.

Aella noticed that his body was completely tensed up, his fists balled at his sides and his body trembling. And while Lucius was rather small, Aella still felt a sort of release as the boy entered inside her.

The past months had been frustrating and stressful on her, and finally she was able to get a cock inside her to fuck some of all that pent up agitation away. Placing her hands on his chest, Aella began to slide her hips up and down, slowly at first, as she began to fuck him. The feeling of the Lucius's youthful vigor disappearing and reappearing inside of her again and again was like heaven to Aella, and she soon started to move her hips in quicker motions, slapping her thick and curvaceous ass up and down against Lucius's pale thighs.

"Oh Lucius." Aella cooed, letting her hands explore the boy's firm body. Her fingers found his nipples and she played with it a little, teasing Lucius before suddenly pinching them hard. Lucius yelped again at this sudden pain in his nipples, but Aella quickly responded by giving him a hard slap across the face.

"Are all Roman boys this whiny?" Aella smirked as she grabbed at his brown hair and yanked hard, pulling his head backward so that his neck was exposed. Lucius's pale cheeks were red from the slap and he was whimpering, either from Aella pulling his hair so roughly or from the slap. Whatever it was, Aella didn't care, as she dove forward and began to kiss and suck on the boy's slender neck and collarbones, all the while still riding him.

Before long, Aella began to feel herself get lost in the pleasure of riding the Roman boy's cock, and lost all track of time and her surroundings as she continued to ride Lucius, hands wrapped around his body, sucking and biting all along his neck and chest.

She did not pay much attention to the boy's whimpering and whining, blocking it all out as she felt herself near climax. Yes, this was just what Aella needed, a great mind blowing orgasm that she hasn't had for months.

But Aella's attention was suddenly brought back to reality when, unexpectedly, Lucius began to quiver and tremble uncontrollably in her arms, and she realized too late what was happening as the boy suddenly jerked his hips upward, his penis still sheathed fully inside her pussy.

"A-Aghh!" Lucius screamed as he reached the most mind blowing orgasm in his life, pumping his semen deep inside her as thick ropes of his white liquid flooded inside of her.

"What the fuck!" Aella screamed as she jumped off the boy just as she began to feel herself near climax, pulling his cock out of her. Lucius groaned as he lay there chained to the post on the ground in his post orgasmic bliss, his hard penis still spurting a small stream of cum onto the ground. Aella looked down at her body and saw his thick semen also dripping out of her pussy and onto the floor. She had been too late, Lucius had cum inside of her.

Suddenly filled with an uncontrollable fury, Aella stepped forward to the chained and helpless boy and struck him with the back of her hand across his face. Lucius had been to preoccupied in his post orgasm bliss to have seen that blow coming, and was caught off guard as she struck his face. "What did you do!" Aella screamed in rage, grabbing the boy by the neck and throttling him. "You fucking came inside of me! Why didn't you tell me you were cumming? What is wrong with you!" Aella suddenly saw that her hands were wrapped very tightly around Lucius's neck, and he was making gagging noise.

Realizing that she was actually strangling him, Aella quickly let him go, and the boy collapsed on the ground, gasping for air. Aella pinched the ridge of her nose and massaged her temples. This couldn't be happening. Aella couldn't get pregnant, not now, and not by the enemy they were fighting. What would her superiors do to her if they realized that she was carrying a Roman baby inside her?

This was not good, and the worst part was that Aella still had not managed to reach orgasm. She had been so close, only to have it all yanked away from her because of a stupid boy who came too soon. Looking back down to Lucius, Aella spat at the boy who was groaning in pain pitifully, and proceeded to deliver a few more kicks to his chest and stomach, just to vent the frustrations that just seemed to keep piling up on her.

She only stopped when Lucius began to beg her to. "Put your loincloth back on." Aella said coldly as she grabbed a rag by her bed and began to wipe herself down. "I will figure out what to do with you later."