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Thin gay twink emo boys sex clips and twink boy with gay dad sex
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Time lines are a bit messed up in the Story. Cersei hasn't given birth to any children yet. Robert is still alive. Southern Chronicles acts as if Northern Chronicles hasn't happened and vice Versa. All described in the story are above 18 years of age.) On a bright Summer Morning in King's landing, Cersei Lannister gave birth to her firstborn son, prince Gerold Baratheon, the second of his name, son of King Robert. His hair was a dark raven black.

And his eyes were green as his mother's own. She lay on her comfortable bed and nursed her child, lovingly holding him close as he fed from her breast. Her child had strong features and was cute as could be and she could not help but feel proud of birthing such a fine son for her lover. And when she said Lover, it had nothing to do with the fat oaf of a king she was forced to call husband. Far from it. Robert Baratheon would never have been able to help bring such a beautiful child into creation such as this.

No her lover was someone else. ####################### (9 months before&hellip.) The nights at Winterfell were cold, even with the warm furs and heat from the fireplace in her room. Luckily Cersei was keeping warm with the help of someone else.

Someone who wouldn't be noticed as gone for long. They were both naked and lay beneath the warm furs and expensive silk of her royal rooms in Winterfell.

They were kissing passionately and deeply, her lover's hands entangled in her long, golden blonde hair as they kissed each other possessively.

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They finally parted for breath, looking at each other with eyes filled with lust. Wanting to pleasure her, her lover dove under the furs and got in between her legs, moving her thighs apart to see her wet womanhood, her cunt drenched with lustful juices that he began to slurp and lick to Cersei's pleasure before his mouth sealed itself at her entrance and his tongue dove inside her cunt and began to slurp away at her juicy insides as she writhed in pleasure at the sensations that soon had her cumming hard, feeding her lover her sweet pussy juice as she came.

He drank deeply, her tangy juices sweet to his taste. He came up from the covers, seeing his lover's cheek flush with heat like a newlywed virgin at her first climax. She pulled him down to her lips again, tasting herself on his tongue as the pair kissed desperately.

By the end of their embrace, as she lay in her lover's arms and sleep began to take her, she faced the facts. She was 34 and was not new to love. And she knew right now that she was in love. In love with a bastard. In love with Jon Snow.

####################################### As soon as they had arrived at Winterfell, her eyes had met the young man's own as the king was introduced to Lord Eddard's family.

Her eyes had been on him throughout the whole meeting and his own had gone down, not wanting to meet the inquisitive emerald eyed gaze of the Queen of the realm. Cersei had licked her lips wantonly when No one had noticed but him. The lioness, it seemed, had found her Prey. As night came and they dined, she was blatant in her gaze at him, though no one seemed to notice for some reason. While all the men in Winterfell's feasting hall were looking at the golden haired queen of the realm, no doubt imagining fucking such a beauty, her eyes and thoughts were still on the dark haired young man who sat quietly eating in a far corner of the hall.

She had excused herself to bed just as the young man had left the hall. It didn't take long to corner him. "Your grace.?" He had spoken nervously as Cersei just smiled. "What is your name?" She had asked, a hand moving to brush his curly hair from his face. "Jon Snow, Your grace." He said. "A bastard then." She mused internally. "Well Jon, You've been avoiding me the whole day, haven't you?

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Not even looking at me when half of Winterfell can't stop looking at my breasts. I don't like being ignored, Jon, even out of respect. But i think i can make an exception." Before he could reply, she had taken him by the hand and led him to her room. The rest was History. She spent the night in his arms. Loving arms. Arms that sought out her body and a voice that only cried out her name in adoration as she rode his manhood to climax after climax till the light of morning and he released his load of Seed within her.

She had woken up to her breasts being gently and pleasurably caressed by warm hands and met his gaze before taking him again. As they lay on the bed, sweating in exhilaration and pleasure, she had wanted to stay like that forever. She had connected with Jon on a level even Jaime had never reached with her.


Her name had been said in love for the first time during sex unlike Jaime's which was full of lust and nothing else. And the way he looked at her&hellip.there was true devotion unlike neither Robert or Jaime had ever given or failed to give for that matter.

Her decision was made. She wanted Jon Snow by her side, no matter what. And she wouldn't let him refuse. Cersei Lannister was known to rule men with her cunt. And Jon would be no different. She would give him so much love and pleasure that he wouldn't look twice in another direction to leave her nor want another younger woman.

Just like the Targaryen women of old, her beauty never seemed to leave her as she grew older. Age seemed nothing but a number to her. ###################################### He had left a message in his room for him to find. He came on the second night when the whole castle was asleep once more.

He found her naked, her beautiful curvaceous body left bare for him to see. He saw her slim legs, her fit body and bountiful breasts, her hair loose and falling in Golden waves behind her back.

She half covered her body with a thick wolf fur as she gazed back at him, her eyes appraising her lover. For after last night and then this one, he was certainly "Hers." A small smile played upon her full, red lips. "Are you not coming to bed, My love?" She asked and without another word, his clothes were upon the floor and his body against hers as their lips met in a deep kiss.

She could feel the heat of his cock against her thigh and smirked. Her wolf wanted his Lioness. Needed her badly.

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"Mmmm, does my lord's Cock Ache for his Lady's cunt? Does he want to take his woman?" She asked Lustfully as Jon nodded and she smiled affectionately. She gave him a final kiss upon the lips. "Very well, My northern Wolf. But first let me taste you." She said huskily. He lay on the bed among the warm furs and watched as she leaned in and opened her mouth giving his hard member a stroke before she tenderly engulfed his cockhead with her full cocksucking red lips, withdrawing with a slow kiss.

She pumped his slowly as her tongue darted out to flick and lick the underside of his cockhead, swallowing it again before working her tongue once more. Jon watched in absolute bliss, the white and pink of his big cock wrapped up in her luscious red southern lips, being sucked into her warm mouth, flush cheeks hollowed as the Queen of seven kingdoms pleasured her man.

Cersei bobbed her golden head as she suckled and licked his cock, going deeper and deeper, as much as her mouth could allow. With each suck she stroked his member for his added pleasure. Cersei worshipped his cock with her hands, lips and mouth, moaning softly against his cockflesh.

She eventually had to hold it in both hands as she pumped and pleasured me. Her green eyes opened as she watched him for a moment, lifting my cock up to bud the pout of her bottom lip over his throbbing cockhead and shaft, groaning lustily at the shamelessness of her act before swallowing my cock again.

To think that such pleasure, love, lust and devotion would gave been King Robert's hadn't he been such a stupid ass and loved his wife. Cersei slurped and suckled with quiet noises, bringing jon closer and closer to a huge climax. It was an effort on his part not to explode and feed her hungry mouth with his thick cum, keeping the seed he'd built up in the day for her greedy womb.

Eventually, Cerei snuggled her temple into the side of his thigh as he moved from laying down to kneel down next to her, legs open for her to lie between. Single-mindedly, his beautiful Queen began to suck on his cock again, eyes closed in delight. The Lannister beauty was so wanton, so depraved, so fulfilled by this, her extremely devoted and Submissive, true whorish and lustful nature now so clear when she was with a man she actually loved.

Pleasuring him with such enthusiasm. She pumped him gently, sucking his hard cock off as he looked down at his golden haired royal lover, unable to stop himself as his hand slid over her clean mound to plunge his middle and ring finger into her wet cunt.

She let out a desperate moan as she came up for air, free hand urging on his arm to continue. Her thighs began to rub together as he fucked her slow and deep with his fingers, each breath coming from her cocksucking mouth a little feminine grunt of lust. She sucked more urgently as her pleasure grew and they fought - her to take my cum, and me to keep it. Jon could feel Cersei's slick, hot pussy walls ripple and clamp onto his fingers as she orgasmed gently, body squirming, then lightly shaking.

She got up on her hands and knees between my legs, large firm breasts hanging down, nipples ripe and erect.

She was sinuous in her movements, swaying her well rounded and curvy heart-shaped ass before she arched forwards, dragging her breasts over the bed to swallow his cock as deep as she could, letting out little female growls of pleasure between slurps as her head went up and down, long golden hair making his naked southern lioness seem incredibly exotic to his northern eyes.

"I want your cum, My love," Cersei moaned as she gasped for air, looking up at him with absolute lust in her emerald eyes. She turned around to lay down on her back, face underneath his thick hanging dick, reaching up to grip it again. "I want to drink your seed." It pushed Jon over the edge. As Cersei lifted her chin and sucked him into her mouth again, he grit his teeth and let out a loud cry, feeling his heavy balls tighten and his cock stiffen in her hands.

He exploded in Cersei's mouth, cumming over and over again, the mind-blowing orgasm making him feel so weak at the legs. He felt her greedily swallowing what she could, milking his powerful organ of her prized cream, Gagging lightly at the thickness and quantity, she had to let his cock free from her mouth, thick white creamy cum running down her chin.

Jon's dick kept shooting seed, spraying thick ropes over his lover's slender neck, full breasts and belly. Marking her with his seed.

Cersei lay there languidly, mouth open to try and catch a long, oozing sticky strand of cum from his cock with her tongue. She swallowed it eagerly, one hand idly massaging the spunk on her chest into her breasts. He lay back to catch his breath, as Cersei got up, a smirk on her beautiful southern features.

"You had so much in you. You should have used a whore or some kitchen wench to get some release. It was so much." She said, sliding a hand over her stomach and then breast, sucking on the cum that she scooped off.

She licked her lips in satisfaction. "I guess i will have to help on that score then. I won't have another lady in your bed but me." ####################################### They drank arbour Gold from Cersei's own stock to pass some time. They talked gently in the fire lit room, their figures in the shadows as they spoke of their lives, so different yet so much the same when it came to their needs.

Love is all they wanted and its all they would give each other. Tongues sweetened by wine, they kissed deeply as Jon began to harden again.

His engorged mushroom head pressed up against her belly as their bodies crushed together, jon on top of his lover as his heavy ball sack lay at the slick entrance to her womanhood.

He felt her breasts mash softly into his chest as their sweaty flesh joined, her hands resting behind his back.

They shared a deep, hungry kiss, Cersei moaning gently as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, lashing against her own. It was a lpng, deep kiss that showed their love and passion for each other.


His hard cock smeared precum possessively across her warm belly, then trailing down her navel. They separated and she lay on her back, staring up at him and his engorged member intently, full bottom lip bit in anticipation. Jon got up on the bed between her legs and ran his hands over her knees and soft thighs, pushing them gently open further. He gripped the base of his hard shaft and lined up his thick cock with her dripping, soft cunt lips, his flared cockhead obscenely large in comparison.

He slid his head back and forth over her slit, preparing to take her, his lover's head lifted back, tongue tracing her full red lips wantonly. She whined gently in need of her lover's cock inside her, just as the night before, bucking her hips weakly against his cock, coating her wetness over his throbbing head as her pussy folds kissed the tip, pulsing like they were trying to suck it inside.

He pushed forwards into her unbelievably hot velvety depths with a grunt of exertion and male lust, piercing and stretching her around his thick invading member in one rough stroke. Cersei threw her head back and screamed in pleasure as she was taken, grabbing at Jon's wrist feebly as her emerald eyes bulged at the feeling of his thick Northern Cock. She cried out again, spasming and trembling as she came gently on his cock, her pussy constricting around his thick length, milking him with weak little ripples and juicing around his shaft.

"Fuck! Soo Good, Jon.unn.take me.give me that wolf cock more.more." she whimpered in need. Jon began to push forwards into the Cersei's wanton depths, drawing out a long moan as he felt her cunt stretch and slowly, accommodate her lover's cock, welcoming it back into her. He pushed in deeper and deeper, inch by inch, hearing Cersei wail in whorish bliss and pleasure and thanking the old gods for the deep walls of winterfell blocking out her voice as he claimed her once more and ruined her pussy for any lesser man just as she had done to him for any other woman but her, his golden Lioness, spearing hid cock up to the hilt inside her.

He felt a plug at the end of her warm cunt, her cervixhis cockhead snug and wedged heavily against it. He let out a deep groan as he luxuriated in the feeling of being inside his Lannister lover. He could feel all of her, every inch of slick, grasping, greedy Lannister pussy. Cersei's cunt was viselike around his thick cock, her fingers digging into his arm, back arched in pleasure.

He looked down to see her royal cunt stretched in an obscene ring around his thick cock between their legs and triumph flow through in a feral rush on taking the body of the kings wife as his own. He luxuriated in the feeling for only a moment longer before jon pulled back out, watching her pussy lips cling and distend as they sucked on his cock, staining it with her womanly juices, eliciting another long moan from his lover.

"Unnnnnnnnnnn. Fuck!" He gripped her hips began to fuck her hard, pistoning his thick dick in and out of her sopping, hungry royal cunt as her tight walls slowly surrendered to accommodate him, molding to the size and shape of her lover's prick. Her large breasts bounced as she squirmed in pleasure beneath him, teeth clenched, breath caught in her throat at his strength and potency.

When the air came back, Cersei gasped out in deep animal moans, clinging to Jon as he fucked her deeply, his thick member filling every inch of her needy blonde cunt, each stroke bottoming out to batter at her cervix. Cersei bit down on her lip as she struggled with the unbelievable pleasure her Northern love was giving her and the delicious feeling of her cunt adapting to his thick, probing cock, breaking her in as the night before and making her his and his alone.

She clawed at his back, moaning in pleasure with closed eyes, panting and mewling and moaning again as she pulled him down to crush their heaving, sweaty bodies together, her rock-hard nipples digging into his chest. She cried out over his shoulder as he grunted and growled deeply with each thrust, the lewd squish of their groins and slapping of his heavy ball sack against her cunt and ass now as constant sound in the room.

She began to fuck him back, bucking her hips with little needy sounds between her cries of ecstasy, his mouth covering her full lips. They kissed deeply, tongues dueling as they entwined among the warm furs. Their lips locked again and again, breaking only so that he could nip her neck and travel down her sweat-glistening chest, his hands moving up to grip her rolling breasts, head leaning in to suckle at a fat pink tit.

He was going to breed her like she should have been bred as befitted a woman of her beauty, fucking his mate as hard as he could, pounding her into her bed. Cersei took it all and wanted more, proof that she truly was destined to be his mate and bear his pups in her lioness womb. The black wolf would breed his golden lioness and watch as her womb would swell with young.

Her shrill screams of pleasure in the night bever lost a beat, before giving way to deep slutty moans, then labored panting as she wrapped her slender legs around him. Eventually it was all too much for her and she came, hard. Her eyes rolled back up into her head as her body arched and quaked like it was a conducting lightning, head thrown back with her long golden hair a bright mess around her shoulders.

He could feel her cunt clamp down on his cock and start to milk it, hungry for his seed. Cersei let out a shaking breath of absolute pleasure as she lay there cumming. He kept pounding her hard as she lay there and took it before it was too much. With each stroke he could feel himself getting closer to his release, his cock expanding inside of her in preparation to flood her womb with his thick virile seed and make her mother his baby, impregnating her.

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They were about to make the first of their young in the firelit room among the shadows of the bed and the warm furs. Cersei seemed to realize this, through her own fog of primal sex.


She gasped and panted, starting to mewl at him, voice pleading for more as he rutted her hard and deep from on top of her, utterly devoted to breed her.

They both couldn't give a care for the consequences. I'm going to Cum…Cersei." jon said through Clenched teeth as she felt another orgasm coming. "Inside me Jon. Give me a Baby.

Cum inside me and let me carry your Child. Spill all that thick seed inside my Fertile womb. Let me mother your children." His answer was only a low, animalistic growl, her begging finally pushing him over the edge. He roared into the night as he grabbed her hips and slammed down into her as hard and deep as he could, throwing his head back in triumph as came violently, exploding inside of his lover with great force, passing through her cervix as it opened in welcome.

He let out strangled grunts as he felt hos hot, thick seed spray directly into her fertile unprotected royal womb, drowning it with thick rope after rope of potent cum. He came over and over again as Cersei thrashed beneath him, shrieking and screaming out as she was taken by another huge whorish orgasm at the feel of being filled by Jon's seed and no doubt conceiving their child at that very moment. He came for what felt like minutes, pinning her there like a true breeding bitch until it finally subsided, his cock still twitching inside her and plugging her womb with his seed.

When he withdrew, his cock pulled free with a deluge of cum from her gaping royal cunt, staining her thighs and dripping onto their bedding. They kissed gently and fell asleep soon after. ############################## She slept with Robert while he was drunk a few nights later, not knowing that her womb was brewing a Bastard heir to the throne within her. With quick succession she then broke things off with her brother, telling him to go find another lady to screw or be his wife.

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She cared not. She could be quite cruel when it came to something she wanted. She then took Jon, despite Ned Stark's protests, with her to Kings landing, saying she would think of finding him some lands or knighting him. In truth she just wanted him out of the north and closer to her arms.

He would watch smugly as her belly grew with child, cherishing the moments the king would take most of the court hunting so that he could find Cersei in her rooms waiting for him. He would spend a full hour at his own insistence, massaging her back, shoulders and growing womb, kissing her slightly bulging belly as he moved his hand over it possessively.

Though, despite his protests of her state, he would never leave her rooms with even a drop of his virile semen in his balls, making sure they either went into her belly or flooded her cunt full. Coinciding with her father's death after their child was born, Cercei granted him lands near Casterly Rock( She had had to fuck her brother one last time for it, unknowingly getting herself with child once more.) She visited him often as was possible without arousing suspicions, even from Baelish or Varys, both spy masters having no knowledge of their illicit meetings.

She may have been a proud lioness no doubt, but for the father of her child (the only father of her children if she had any in it) and the only man she loved… She didn't mind being the Black wolves Bitch.