Tight teen filled by big cock

Tight teen filled by big cock
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Tim woke up at 10am the next morning, the sun shining in through his second floor apartment window. He turned over and looked down. He saw he was wearing a cute pair of red and pink panties, lined with frilly lace and semi see through.

He got hard looking at it. He remembered he bought some panties last night on his way home because his boxers were chafing him. He got up, and looked for the package from the store.

He opened it, and took out a pair of blue and green silk panties, also semi see through. He shimmied out of the old ones, moving his small cock out of the way, and put on his new ones.

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He always loved his days off, after working at the gym all week he longed to just be away from that place and chill. His girlfriend was off on a business trip, meaning he was stag all weekend. He was looking forward to it, and was planning a hike at a nearby park.

Given that it was already 10am, he decided he should get ready to go. Unfortunately, his dicklet kept reminding him how good his new silk underwear felt, and he quickly found himself sitting on his bed with his cock out masturbating. He jacked for a while, thinking of his girlfriend, and their hot encounter before she left on her trip, but it just wasn't working for him.


He stopped just long enough to grab his laptop, he googled up his favorite hard core porn, and watched some, stroking himself. Try as he might though, watching women get their brains fucked out just wasn't turning him on, his hard cock slowly softened. He was about to put the laptop away when an ad for a different kind of porn site popped up, one advertising sissies getting drilled.

He had never been into that sort of thing, preferring pussy to penis, but decided to give it a shot. He browsed the site for a while, seeing voluptuous women spread eagle with cocks bigger than his swinging between their legs. He was entranced, and his tiny cock grew up to its 4 inch length in response. He started stroking it again as he clicked on a video to watch.

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A well hung meat head, like the one from yesterday, was forcing his massive 8 in ramrod into some sissy's ass. Less than 2 minutes into the video, he felt he was getting close. He started to rub faster and faster, putting the laptop down.

He leaned back and right as he passed the point of no return, his hand stopped on its own. He wondered for a split second, then started to spurt small streams of cum all over his body.

He was about to question why he stopped just before the best part when he saw the cum glistening on his hand. He hadn't really ever thought about his cum before, but he couldn't take his eyes off of it.

He became aware that he hadn't eaten that day, and decided he should try his own juice out. Time spent the next few minutes using his fingers to grab every drop of his sauce and shove it into his mouth, where he slurped, cleaned and swallowed all of it.

Once it was gone, he stood up, and decided a shower was in order. He got out of his nice clean panties and went to the bathroom. He saw himself in the mirror, seeing the bush around his dick, matted with some remnants of cum, and decided that he would look prettier if he were shaved there. He reached for his razor and shaving cream, shaved his face, then his crotch.

After he was done shaving, He jumped into the shower and started to wash. He remember the sissy, and how much pleasure she got from taking that cock, and his tiny dick started to get hard again. He felt that his balls were full, and that he needed to masturbate. He reached down and jerked himself off again with his three favorite fingers. He was about to cum hard, when his hand stopped and formed a cup at the end of his dick. Tim was surprised, but decided that he must just love his own jizz, and that's why he did it.

He came in his hand and swallowed every last drop. He finished washing up, got out, and toweled off. He caught a glimpse of his newly shaved crotch, and felt pretty, that is, until he saw his hairy legs. He may have to do something about that tonight. He went back to his bedroom, put his panties back on, and got dressed, masturbating again once he felt the panties rub on his dicklet.

Finally out of cum, he headed for his car, and started to drive to the woods. On the way there he passed a road work crew, were several men were working laying a new section of road. Tim didn't think much about it, until he caught a glimpse of a larger, muscle bound guy. His cock instantly got painfully hard. He undid his pants and started to run himself with his panties.

He found a nearby parking lot, stopped, put the car in park, and finishing whacking himself off. A few people passed by, one saw what he was doing and went to call the cops. He slurped down his cum and sped off.

A while later he made it to the woods and got to the trailhead. Man, I'm not sure what is going on, but I have to keep myself under control, Tim thought.

The day was a bit warm, and the trees provided excellent shade. He loved hiking here, it helped him clear his mind, and after jacking off 4 times already, once in public, that's exactly what he needed.

He had hiked about a mile when he heard the voices of some teenagers nearby. He looked around and saw a few teenage guys and girls making out not too far off the trail. He would usually have looked at the girls and fantasized about them, but today was different.

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He saw what must have been the captain of the weightlifting team, and got hard. He looked around, and headed off the trail into some bushes. He made sure he couldn't be seen, then pulled his pants down and jacked himself off, wishing he was that girl. He came and licked his hand clean pulled his pants back up and headed back down the trail. He drove home as fast as he could and decided that it would be best to stay there the rest of the day. He got inside and got down to his panties, grabbed his laptop, and sat on the couch.

He decided he was going to jack off until whatever was happening to him was over. He searched for sissy porn and went to town.

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Every stroke was painful, every stroke hurt, but he had to keep going. He came 5 more times, licking up the few drops he was able to produce, and kept going. After a few hours he stood up, and decided that bed would be the best thing for him, as whatever was happening wasn't going away. He went to the bathroom to get ready, and saw his hairy legs again. He didn't feel pretty with hairy legs, he knew what needed to be done, and for whatever reason, he really wanted to feel pretty.

He slid his panties down, revealing a light blue and black cock, bruised with the abuse he gave it today. He grabbed his razor and started to shave his legs. He went to his bedroom, laid back, and jacked off one last time.

He stroked thinking about him sucking off some muscle bound guy, like that oaf with the lady yesterday. Drinking everything that his huge cock would give him. He thought about that lady, and how good she must feel on the body, and he thought about getting better looking clothes, so he could look pretty. He thought about these things so long that he didn't realize he was getting close.

Instead of pulling away to catch his juice like he had been doing all day, he continued through, and came. He came so hard, that ropes of cum spurted everywhere, a release he had been looking for all day finally came.

He was still spurting when the lights in his room started to fade, and fell asleep. The next day Tim got up. Looking at the clock, he panicked, he had slept in. With dried cum all over his body, Tim, took off the dirty pair of panties, put a new pair on, and got ready. He stopped to masturbate, not even thinking of it as weird anymore, ate his cum as a late breakfast, and sped off to work.


After getting reprimanded for being tardy by his boss, Tim's day went on as it usually did. He would stand at the counter and watch people come and go. The difference today is that every 15 minutes he would sneak off to the men's room and jack off, returning to the counter to resume his duties. Around 3 o'clock, that meathead, one of his friends, and that lady showed back up at the gym. It was obvious that only one of them had a badge.

The muscle bound guy stepped forward, slid his badge, and they all started to walk in. Tim was about to shout "Didn't you learn anything you dumb bitch?", but what came out was "Have a good workout".

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He watched them start to walk away when the second man turned around and headed to the counter. He leaned in and said "In 15 minutes, close the private workout rooms." Tim was about to say something in reply, when he remembered that the private workout rooms, where patrons of the gym who didn't want to be seen or needed private instruction worked out, needed cleaning. Tim reached for the phone and made an announcement over the intercom. "The Private Workout Rooms will be closing in 15 minutes.

If you had time reserved, please see the front desk." Tim said, in a flat monotone voice. 15 angry people swarmed the front desk moments later, right before Tim was going to sneak out and jack off again. He handed out rain checks and apologized continuously, citing that management should have let everyone know, and that he was sorry for their inconvenience.

After the last person left, he hung his head in exhaustion. He looked up and happen to see that dumb bitch from yesterday, and her two meatheads carrying a woman into the now closed private workout rooms. The lady didn't seem too happy, and was struggling against the two big men. Having enough with this lady and her crew, he decided he was going to have a few words with her.

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He jogged after them and gained on them quickly. When he caught up to them, he put his hand on one of the big guys shoulder.

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The bitch from yesterday turned around and said "Ah Tim, follow me please". His mouth was still open, about to ask them what the hell was going on, when it shut and he decided that he should follow them and see what was going on. The lady being carried tried to struggle free, but couldn't. They got to a private training room, went inside and locked the door. The rooms were soundproofed to keep the loud music some patrons enjoyed while working out from bothering other customers.

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This helped as the lady being carried was crying, and shaking. She tried to pull away from the oxes, but couldn't. The lady from yesterday looked at the oxes, "Strip her" she said. "You, Tim, strip as well, you're going to fuck her." Tim was about to tell this bitch off, when he decided that yes, he was going to fuck this crying shaking woman, and needed to strip to do it. In seconds he was standing naked, 4 inch prick at the ready, shaved groin and legs exposed for all to see.

The woman screamed for help when the oxes started forcing her clothes off, she kicked and punched, landing blows in their groins and all over their bodies, but the oxes didn't react to the pain. They kept stripping her until she was nude, and held her. "Put her on the floor and keep her legs spread boys, Timmy here is going to show us if he can use that tiny dicklet of his. Tape her mouth shut too, I don't want to hear her." The lady in control said.

One of the oxes reached in his pocket and produced a roll of tape. He then taped the naked woman's mouth shut, pushed her to the ground, and held her legs open. The other ox was on the other side, keeping her legs open as well, so she could see Tim rape her. Tim moved up to her and was about to put his dick into her when the lady in control whispered in his ear "You're not allowed to cum in her, pull out and blow what little load you have on her Timmy.

I want you to show me if you like the taste of your own jizz." Tim thought, I love the taste of my jizz, I shouldn't waste it in this woman, I should cum on her and lick it off.

He then started to feed his hard 4 inch dick into the naked lady's body. She squirmed and fought, but the two oxes were holding her so Tim could fuck her. The lady in control grabbed a chair, pulled out her phone, and filmed Tim rape the naked woman. He had a blank happy stare on his face as he continued to force himself into her. A few moments passed before Tim pulled out and blew his load over the woman he was raping.

There wasn't much, as he had been masturbating regularly all day. He then backed up, dropped to his hands and knees and licked her clean, from her pussy to her belly button. Every drop of his jizz had been cleaned off the crying victim, when the lady in control walked up behind Tim. "Good boy Timmy! Now back up, and put this into her." She handed him a metallic, gunmetal grey dildo, he didn't recognize it, but inserted it into the victim's pussy. Her eyes went from closed tight and crying, to wide open and glowing softly.

The oxes let her go as she just laid there on the floor. The lady in control moved over and removed the tape from her mouth. The lady in control started to browse through her smartphone. "Cynthia eh? Nice name, very pretty. Let's see… oh, a heterosexual woman, who has always wanted to experiment with a woman, well, let's change that. You are now bisexual my dear, attracted to men and women, especially to me.

No matter what you are doing or who you are with, I am your one true love. You may have others, but I will be you best and brightest, you will always obey me and be my precious Cindi." Cynthia said in monotone "Understood, Command accepted." The lady continued, "You will know me as goddess, and that's all you need to know about me, as I am your goddess.

You will love to dominate men and women, and be dominated by women, especially me. You will never let a man dominate you Cindi." "Understood, Command accepted" "You will also be able to control my oxes here, and Timmy too. I see you come here a few times a week, you can use Timmy however you want Cindi, he's yours to play with. If you see my oxes, feel free to use them too." "Understood, Command accepted" Goddess then rummaged through Cynthia's clothes and found her phone.

She looked at her own phone for a second, and input Cynthia's pin and opened it. She added her own number as "Goddess". "You now have a new contact in your phone. You'll sext with me, and come to me when I call.

You'll be a good toy, and if you're very good, I may give you one of my special persuaders, and maybe you can make your own… friends. Until then, if you receive commands from this number via text, call, or voicemail, you will obey them. What you see before you is normal, me and my oxes have sex constantly, and it is normal for you to be around us." Cynthia, in monotone, said again "Understood, Command accepted." "Now Timmy, take that out of her and give it to me, then get dressed." Tim did as he was told, and seconds later Cynthia woke up, looked around, and said "Oh, hello goddess, how are you?" "Fine my pet, now come here and eat your goddess out." "Yes ma'am" Cynthia replied, smiling as the thought of pleasuring her goddess filled her body.

Tim dressed, then stood there in silence while Cynthia ate Goddess out. "Timmy, here's my number, you will obey any voicemail, text, or call coming from it, understand?" Tim thought to himself that he should listen to any voicemail, text, or call from the number he was given. He took his phone out of his pocket, and saved it as "Goddess".

Goddess groaned in pleasure as Cynthia lapped at her pussy. "Now go back to work Timmy, and stop masturbating so much, you're going to shrink what little dick you have!" Cynthia chuckled at that, knowing exactly how small Tim was.

Tim turned around and left the private workout room quietly and returned to work. The rest of the day went by without issue, he masturbasted a few more times in the bathroom, watched Goddess, the oxes, and Cynthia leave, then went home, where he jacked himself off to sleep.