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German milf at milfsexdating dot net blowjob tube porn
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[i] Boa looked out of the car window at the green apartment building. He watched the raindrops fall down on the roof and slowly go down the side of the building and hit the ground. He guessed this was her house he wasn't sure but he was going to see anyways. He thought about the guy he had asked would he lie to him?

Sure he could lie to him about where the chick from his art class lived but why would he. Boa scared most guys off because they knew about his record with fighting. He parked his car in the old parking lot near the bank and got out.

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He hated the rain he put up the hood of his wrestling sweatshirt and started up the hill to the apartment. He hoped to god her mother or father or anyone else wasn't at home. Boa ran up the steps and went onto the back deck where she lived he shook the rain from his shoulders and looked at the laundry that was hanging from the line.

Mostly thongs and bras he smiled to himself reaching for one of the black bras on the line. " 36 C," he said out loud that girl was packing some big boobies even though she wasn't even close to being fat. Boa pulled the bra on the cord and sent it slingshot ting around the cord and turned to the old paint chipped door.

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Boa stood 5 foot he was short for a senior even short for any normal guy in high school but, he was strong years of wrestling and sports did that to him. He had brown golden hair and light hazily brown eyes and a cute face with a trim small beard running from his jaws and to his chin.

He raised his fist to the door and knocked he silently prayed it was just her home and no one else. " God be home girl," he whispered and he heard a women's voice behind the door ask who is it. " Uh…it's Boa," he called back the door didn't open his brows knitted and he heard the door slowly unlock.

He stepped back from the door and saw a pair of bright green eyes stare back at him. There she was Lana that hot girl from his art class. She didn't seem happy to see him more shocked and scared. " Boa what are you doing here?" He took her in long black hair that she dyed he knew this cause she told him.

She was a dirty blonde naturally she was about 5"4 he guessed cause his face came to her breast. She slowly opened the door more she was dressed in a wifebeater that was green it was to small for her because of her boobs and cause of this it rode up high on her showing off her little tummy that was tanned and smooth looking.

Boa smiled at her and a small smile formed on those hot pouting lips.

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" Matt told me where you lived so I decided to drop by," her eyes got big. " Matt told you!" she sounded scared. " It's ok if your busy I can go," she shook her head and opened the door more she stepped out of the house the pj bottoms she had on were hanging dangerously low to her pussy.

Boa could see her hipbones and the curve they made his dick twitch. " I didn't know you knew Matt me and him sorta had a thing last year," Boa looked at her Matt had been going out with the same chick since 9th grade year. " But he's got a girl," her green eyes said something differently. " Oh right," he cleared his throat she shut the door and leaned against the railing of the porch and looked at him. " Yea I was stupid and almost fucked him," Boa watched her lips become fuller and redder as she nibbled on them.

" So are you alone in there?" Lana nodded her head Boa put one hand in his back pocket and felt the rubber he had. " Come in Boa," she smiled and pushed him playfully with her hip as she passed. Boa came in behind and watched a pit bull come running Lana grabbed the dogs collar and dragged it into one of the rooms and shut the door.

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" Holy shit that dog is big," Boa laughed nervously Lana laughed and walked into the living room and plopped herself down on the sofa. He watched her slide her bare feet up on the sofa she had painted her toenails orange. " Nice toes," he said sitting down and flicking one she giggled and squealed hiding her feet under a blanket. " So what you doing here all alone bad girl?" Lana blushed it was cute how her cheeks turned pink and then it spread to her nose.

" Nothing I was just relaxing," Boa smiled pulling her up by her arms so she was sitting up facing him. " Sure you were," her green eyes became almost neon she sucked in her bottom lip. " Boa I can't not another committed guy," she looked down Boa sighed and ran his fingers over her cheek she was hot to the touch.

" Come on me and Chelsea hardly talk I mean ever since I ripped my leg ligaments she has been a bitch," he lifted up her chin.

" She'll never know," he traced her lips with his thumb all he could think about was her lips sliding down his dick. " That's the same shit Matt told me and I still can't get the feeling of his lips and hands off of me," she breathed raggedly he knew he was getting to her. " Yea but Matt's a dumb ass his girlfriend's a fucking ugly cunt and he was to retarded not to dump her and go out with you," he nuzzled her cheek and ear with his lips. She gasped as he ran his free hand down her back and over the bump of her bra clasps.

" Boa please no your girlfriend," Boa could not take anymore just watching her was driving him up the wall he grabbed her arms and pulled her over into his lap. " Lana don't be cold my cock his so hard I can't stand it," he held her arms tightly he watched her swallow. " Boa I'm scared," he smiled she was so sexy how could she be unsure about anything.

" Let me see your tits slut," he held her wrists in one hand and lifted them up so her boobs were present to him. " Boa please I'm nervous what if you don't like my boobs," he laughed pulling her against his chest. He grabbed her hair and kissed her hard she squirmed in his lap.


Her muffled words aroused him and he forced her lips apart with his tongue. He felt her trembling then her soft hands slide over his chest and into his short hair. " Your such a good girl Lana," he breathed into her ear he slide his hands over her hips and up her back. " Boa," she whimpered as her unhooked her bra he slide his hand over her tummy and pushed her bra and shirt over her head.

" Don't look," she tried to cover them with her arms he shooed her hands away and looked at her tits. Boa moaned her boobs almost looked fake he grabbed them and rolled them around soft to the touch with cute nipples like erasers and pinky brown in color.

" They are so fucking sexy," he slide one hand on her back and pushed her forward he latched his mouth on her right breast. " Oh god Boa," she moaned as his teeth found her nipple and started chewing. " Boa my pussy is so wet," he looked at her as he nursed her eyes were so bright green.

" Boa please lets go in my room ok ouch," he growled nipping her breast she bit her lip. " Boa that hurt," he smiled and she giggled under her breath. " I wanna do it here," she smiled she leaned away from him and slide his shirt up his chest. " Wow you really are built," he glowed as her fingers counted his six-pack she pushed the rest of his shirt off and over his head.

" You gonna fuck me hard Boa," she whispered into his ear her tongue flicked out against his lobe. " Oh shit don't do that," she giggled and chewed softly on his ear he groaned he could not think with her hot mouth fooling around with his ears like that.

" Hehe I can feel your dick on my thigh you horny or something Boa?" she was fucking with him. Boa groaned grabbing her ass and grinding his cock against her. " Oh shit," Boa snickered pushing her hair to the side and squeezed her tit. " Kiss me," he whispered her mouth was against his in a heartbeat.

" Mm Boa unzip your pants," she said between kissing him.

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Boa groaned slapping her ass she squeaked and kissed his neck. Lana's lips were burning down his neck as he tried to unzip his pants. " Oh shit my dick is leaking," he watched her eyes widened she looked down at his 8 inch cock. " Lick it for me," her eyes flicked back up to him and then down at his hard cock. She slowly slid off of him and slid to her knees on the floor in front of him. " Wow Boa your dick is like so big," he laughed he could not help it he had always wished for a 10 incher.

She smiled at him. " You have sucked a cock before haven't you baby?" She nodded black hairs falling in her eyes. Her warm hands were on his thighs pulling his pants and briefs down more her mouth hovered over his dick. Boa watched her lips become fuller god just fucking suck it already he thought. " Mmmm," he groaned as her tongue flicked the sensitive underside of his cock.

" Oh shit you just sent chills all over me," she laughed sliding her mouth down his cock he couldn't believe how good it felt. " Oh shit," she watched him, as her mouth loved his cock. Her lips burned his cock as she sucked her tongue was flicking against the head so quickly he was going crazy.

" Oh fuck baby stop with your tongue I don't wanna cum yet," she held his dick and looked at him. " You want to fuck me then?" Boa nodded his head and watched her get up she smiled playing with her nipples.

" Follow me then cock boy," she left him sitting there his cock pulsing. Boa jumped up and hurried he pushed jeans off and kicked his shoes off and socks and ran to her room. " Oh man," she smiled sitting at the edge of the bed one long strand of hair fell over her shoulder almost pointing to her bald pussy.

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She was tan all over and soft looking Boa eyed her pussy it was pink and free from any hair. " I'm dripping wet Boa," she said softly biting her lip and spreading her tiny pussy with two fingers. " Boa I'm a virgin," her cheeks were so red as she said it. Boa stood in front of her his dick twitched in front of her face. " Me and Matt never fucked I never fucked anyone before I guess I was to scared to cause I knew they wouldn't stay with me after," Boa watched her eyes well up with tears.

" Aww baby don't be that way," he smiled kissing her softly he flicked her nipple with his dick. She laid back on the bed and propped herself up on her elbows.

" Boa I want you to be my first ok?" He smirked sliding onto his knees and he spread her thighs apart. " Boa wait what you doing!" He pushed two fingers into her mouth she whimpered and sucked softly.

" I'm going to get you ready for my cock," she screamed as he ran his tongue all the way up her pussy. " Boa oh my god!"He laughed he guessed she had never gotten her pussy licked either. He licked her tiny clitty over and over and took his wet fingers back from Lana's hot mouth. " Boa not two fingers please it hurts," he slide his middle finger in slowly he could feel her body vibrate with pleasure.

He pushed his finger in and out of her slowly until he was sure she was comfortable with it. " Mm Boa," she moaned softly her head swaying from side to side more of that long black hair fell over her shoulders covering her hot tits from him. Boa ran his tongue over her cunny again and felt her shudders he slowly pressed his index finger inside. He heard her sudden intake of breath and looked at her over her pussy.

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" Boa oh it hurts," he slowly moved both fingers in and out and stretched them. She gasped and made little whining noises like a hurt puppy. Boa slide up her hot body and kissed her lips hard she whimpered as he pushed another finger into her. " Ahh Boa stop!" she screamed Boa grabbed the hair at the nape of her neck and pulled her head back. Her eyes went wide and he looked at her his tongue flicked out against her neck. " Just relax Lana," she trembled one hand pressing on his chest.

" God I love it when you scream," Boa pulled her hair tight in his fist he began to move his three fingers rapidly in her virgin pussy.

" Boaaaa pleasssseee," Boa smiled as her pussy contracted around his fingers she was so very tight. Boa slid his fingers deep inside of her stretching them out Lana pressed her face into his chest her screams muffled into soft little squeaks. Boa slid his fingers out and pushed Lana gently back on the bed. " I think your ready baby," Lana whimpered as she felt Boa slide his dickhead up and down her dripping slit. Boa spread her thighs apart he looked back up at her she sucked on her lip nervously.

He smiled pressing the head to her pussy. " When I cum I'll pull out ok I really wanna feel you," she nodded her hand cupping his chin she kissed him softly her green eyes loomed close to his for a second before she fell back her fingers clenching into the sheets.


" Oh god," Boa pushed his cock into her lights flashed passed his eyes she clenched around him so tight it almost hurt. " Oh shit baby," he felt the residence inside her a cherry his first. With one quick thrust it was gone Lana grabbed a pillow crying into it.

Boa moaned his body leaning over her sweat beaded his brow. How had it gotten so hot he moaned taking the pillow from her face. Lana kissed him hard as he started to grind into her slowly.

Boa groaned into her neck as he slowly pumped himself into her.

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" Oh fuck Boa," her gasps fueled him to fuck her harder. Every sound electrified him. Lana's squeaks and yelps the squishy sound of her virgin blood around his cock the creaking of the spring bed. " I can't last long in you," Boa grimaced feeling her tight cunny grip him harder. His strong fingers threaded through her hair and yanked back her head.

He smiled at her yelp as he tongued and bit her soft neck he felt it his balls tightened. " Boa ahh," he growled pulling out of her heat and felt his whole body go into orgasmic shock. He moaned falling onto her naked body and shuddered. "Boa? Boa are you ok?" he groaned and opened one eye to look at her. The green eyes glowed as she looked at him concerned. "Yea baby I'm fine you ok how's your pussy?" Boa watched the blush cross her cheeks.

"Can we do it again?