Freund fickt meine sexy Frau

Freund fickt meine sexy Frau
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Kathy was a new woman; She felt complete and free of guilt; At last she was the person she wanted to be. Jeff too, was enjoying his new role in life; striving to be the perfect husband, and revelling in the pleasure he derived from submitting himself to his wonderful wife's desires. Neither of them had engaged in any sexual activity outside of the marital home for several days, but it didn't concern either of them.

They spent a great deal of their time together talking about sex and learning more of their personal desires. Jeff had introduced Kathy to his private gay porn collection and they spent an entire evening watching his DVD's together.

As they watched the fit guys on the screen, fucking, sucking, fisting and sometimes pissing, she had pleasured him with her vibrator as he wanked himself; which led them to placing an online order for a ten inch strap-on. John had called them a few times and spent some time chatting with Kathy, but he had been unable to visit them because of work and family commitments. Lenny suffered similar problems but had assured them both that another party would be happening in the not too distant future, and that Jeff would be very welcome to come along.

Kathy had conveyed her internet chat with Lenny to Jeff as he was kneeling between her feet, underneath the desk, performing cunnilingus.

She repeated every graphic detail of Lenny's proposed abuse of her body, which forced Jeff to summon all his willpower to prevent himself from cumming, and encouraged Kathy to deliver a seemingly endless supply of cunt juice to her husbands open mouth. Jeff had also suggested that, maybe; they could visit the car park where she had first encountered John, and discover the pleasures of dogging.

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Kathy was at first a little wary, but also very excited at the thought of being fucked by random strangers, and it was this that led her to go shopping for something suitable to wear.

She had been in town for almost two hours but had so far only bought some stockings and a pair of black patent leather stilettos. She went into a coffee shop to get an espresso. She looked around the room as she waited for her drink and saw Kat sitting at a table alone. "Hi Kat, do you mind if I join you?" "Hey, Kathy, nice to see you, yes, please sit down." "Is it your day off too?" "Yeah, I thought I would come into town to spend some of my first pay check." "I take it you still enjoy working at the hospital?" "Oh yes, I do, very much, but being a cleaner is not how I want to end up.

I think I would enjoy being a nurse like you are; you really seem to enjoy your work and I think I would enjoy it too…&hellip. What are you shopping for?" Kathy questioned herself, and then decided to tell her truthfully.

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"I am looking for something sexy to wear for my husband." She took the stilettos out of her bag and showed them to her. "Jesus, Kathy, you will be over six feet tall wearing those………………I wish I were tall like you." "Why? You are not short." "Five feet two is hardly big Kathy." "Maybe, but you are so slim and so pretty." Kat's face went scarlet.

"Do you really think so?.I have never considered myself pretty, and I am so thin, I think I look like a stick insect." Kathy took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Yes I really think so. You have lovely high cheekbones and the most beautiful blues eyes……… I imagine that you constantly have to fight the boys off with looks like that." "Not exactly……&hellip.uh…… but I do have a boyfriend…&hellip.

well at least I think I have a boyfriend." "What do you mean; you think you have a boyfriend? Are things not so good between you at the moment?.

Oh Kat, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry." "It's okay Kathy, in fact it would be good to be able to talk with someone about it. You don't mind, do you? But I feel like I know you, and can trust you, even though we have hardly met." "Well, I don't know if I am qualified to give you the right answers, but if you want any advice, or just a friendly ear to listen to you, I will be happy to help, if I can." Kat leaned across the table and half whispered.

"He wants us to have sex." Kathy could see that Kat was embarrassed and people sitting at nearby tables could possibly hear their conversation. "I only need to buy a skirt and a top, so maybe we could do that together and then, if you like, we could go back to my house and sit down and have a chat…&hellip.if you want to?" Kat's face seemed to light up and her steely blue eyes twinkled.

"Yes………please…&hellip.I really would enjoy that." After visiting a few shops and purchasing a standard short black Lycra mini-skirt, which Kat assured her that her husband would find exceedingly sexy, Kathy found a top that she thought would be suitable. She asked Kat to join her in the changing room, to give her opinion when she tried it on. She didn't draw the curtain across the cubicle as she took off her blouse and Kat leant against the partition as she watched her.

"Oh Kathy, you have really lovely boobs; I wish I had boobs like yours. I am so flat chested. It would be great to have tits like that, they must feel so good." Kathy was momentarily speechless. Was this young girl actually propositioning her? "Um………&hellip.thank you&hellip.I…uh&hellip.well yes I suppose they are okay, but there are times when I wish they were smaller." Kat looked around her, and there was no sign of the assistant, and the other cubicles were empty.

She was blushing so furiously that her face was hot. "Can I touch them?" Kathy couldn't believe it, but without a seconds thought she grabbed Kat's hands and place them on her tits and then drew the curtain across the cubicle door.

She could feel the moisture between her legs as Kat's small palms massaged her tits through her bra. She reached behind her and unclipped it, so that Kat could slide her hands over the firm but malleable flesh and take her nipples between her fingers to lightly squeeze them.

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She cupped both hands around her left boob and lifted it to her lips, flicking her tongue over the nipple before sucking it into her mouth. Kathy held her head, drawing her towards her, like a sweet baby girl suckling at her mothers' breast.

"Oh Kat………oh baby…&hellip.we can't…&hellip.not here…………not now………&hellip.someone may come." "Don't you like it……&hellip.I mean……Oh God…………I'm sorry Kathy……&hellip.I shouldn't have&hellip." Kathy composed herself and stood back, doing up her bra. "This top will have to do; I think we need to go somewhere private now…&hellip.

where we won't be disturbed." She leant forward and gave Kat a small kiss on the lips. They arrived at Kathy's house and after dumping her shopping bags on the table, Kathy removed her blouse and bra and they resumed where they had left off in the shop. "Jesus Kat, you are making me so wet." Kat pinched her nipple between her teeth and then let go.

"I am really wet too Kathy, my panties must be soaking." Without another word Kathy took Kat's hand and led her up to the bedroom. She unbuttoned her skirt, and stepped out of it when it fell to the floor, and then slipped off her tights and panties.

Kat hurriedly pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She wore no bra and the ends of her long blonde hair brushed against her nipples; which actually stood out further than the rest of her boobs. Kathy stood in admiration of her lithe young figure, gazing at her slender waist as she undone her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties.

She had to look twice at her pubic area. Was she shaved or not?


The hair on her cunny was so fine, (she was a natural blonde), as to be barely visible. They stood and embraced, with Kat devoting her attention to suckling Kathy's tits, and Kathy reaching down to feel that fine pubic hair and discover the wetness that lay between the puffy, almost lip less, exterior of her pussy. Kat ground herself against her palm, clawing at the cheeks of her arse to hold her tightly against her.

Kathy yelped twice as Kat's over exuberant teeth bit a little too harshly on her tit, and then, with very little effort, she picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. She lay alongside her, but Kat immediately climbed on top and started grinding against her, their pubic bones rubbing against each others excited clitorises. Kathy had never before experienced such frenzied passion.

Kat's kisses were so soft, and yet so demanding; her tongue penetrated every part of Kathy's mouth; her youthful energy seemed to know no bounds.

She spun around on top of her and Kathy raised her legs as she licked and sucked at her clammy cunt. Kathy gazed in awe at the beautiful little rosebud arsehole that was presented in front of her face before she plunged her tongue into her sopping slit and her nose came to rest against it. She could hear Kat slurping as another orgasm enveloped her, and listened as Kat lapped at the juice that she knew was now squirting out of her.

Kat tasted so sweet. Kathy's only other encounter with another woman had been with July, at the party, and although her flavour and aroma had been musky and sweaty and dirty and thoroughly pleasing to Kathy's taste, it was incomparable to the youthful dew that she now enjoyed. They were both so enthralled with their enjoyment of each other that neither of them heard the front door open, or close.

"Shit……&hellip.oh hell……&hellip.damn……&hellip.oh fuck…&hellip.I'm sorry Kathy." Jeff stood in the bedroom doorway, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the sight in front of him. Kat screamed, and jumped up, trying desperately to cover her nakedness with her hands before Kathy lifted herself off the bed and passed her the quilt that was beneath them.

Kathy put a consoling arm around Kat's shoulder and kissed her. "Don't worry baby, it's only Jeff, he won't bite you…………&hellip.will you Jeff?" Kat was trembling so Kathy squeezed her a little more firmly and kissed her again.

"Sorry Kathy, I better go downstairs and leave you alone." But Jeff didn't move, he stood, transfixed by the vision of his naked wife and her beautiful young friend. "Kat, this is Jeff………my darling husband…&hellip.Jeff, this is Kat…&hellip.we work together." "Um…………pleased to meet you………Kat" For some reason, that even Kat didn't fully understand, she dropped the quilt and stood up and went to shake Jeff by the hand.

"I'm sorry sir……whatever must you think of me?" Jeff took her hand and gawped at the naked girl in front of him. He imagined that her father was probably older than him, and his mind boggled at the preposterousness of the situation. He smiled at her, trying his utmost to put her at her ease. His cock was fully erect in his pants and he wanted, more than anything, to prolong the moment. "It is me who should apologize Kat, it was wrong of me to burst in like that……why don't you go back on the bed with Kathy and I will leave you to it?" Kathy knew Jeff very well; she had a sixth sense that told her a lot about him, and at the moment it was telling her that he was really excited.

She also surmised that Kat was beginning to warm to the situation too, and she was trying desperately hard to piece things together and arrive at a happy conclusion for all three of them.

She patted the bed at her side and looked directly at Kat. "Jeff's right Kat……&hellip. come back and sit with me………………but I do think that Jeff should sit with us, if only for a little while…&hellip. so we can have a little chat." It was pretty lame, but it was the best she could do. Kat came and sat beside her and Jeff took a seat at the dressing table.

"Do you mind if Jeff stays for a minute Kat?.I think he would like to." Kat's only reply was to kiss Kathy and run her hand down her front, over her tits, and rest on her crotch with two fingers curled inside her.

Kathy wriggled her butt, pushing hard into Kat's hand before lying back on the bed once more, with her legs drawn up and wide apart. Jeff sat and patiently watched as the girls enjoyed each other.

He was, however, slightly ashamed of himself when he realised that the pulsing erection he enjoyed, had been caused by Kat. She was just so gorgeous; every bit as wonderful as the daughter that, sadly, his childless marriage had never produced.

Temptation finally overcame him and he undone his trousers and pulled them, along with his pants, down to his knees, to gain access to his throbbing prick.

Kathy couldn't see what Jeff was doing as Kats lovely little arse was obstructing her line of vision, but Kat could see quite clearly when she raised her head up from Kathy's cunt to take a breath. She pushed herself up and turned around to lie face to face with Kathy; knowing full well that Jeff now had a perfect view of her pussy as she ground it against Kathy's.

She whispered, oh so quietly, into Kathy's ear. "He's watching us and wanking himself off." Kathy giggled softly. "What did you expect?. the site of us getting it on together must be giving him the biggest boner he's ever had." "Yeah, but he's not really very big………& he……&hellip.I mean&hellip.that's the problem I have with my boyfriend………his dick must be almost twice as long as Jeff's?" Kathy looked up and saw that Jeff was still rubbing his cock.

"I know he's far from huge……&hellip.but he can still satisfy me………there are many more things you can do to have an orgasm without having a giant prick inside you." Kathy's answer was not totally true, Jeff could satisfy her, but she also absolutely loved the feeling of having a giant dick inside her.

"I didn't mean that Kathy&hellip.I meant that………uh&hellip.well…&hellip.having a giant dick inside me kind of scares me&hellip.that's why my boyfriend is so angry……&hellip.because I won't let him put it in me." "You mean you have never had sex with him?" "We have had sex……you know………he has fingered me and licked me………even licks my bumhole……which I kinda like……&hellip.and I have sucked him………and swallowed his come……&hellip.which I also kinda like……&hellip.and I have licked his bum&hellip.but I didn't care for that too much& was too hairy…" "But he has never actually fucked you?" "No………I never let him……he nearly did last time…&hellip.but I stopped him…" "You stopped him?.whatever for………&hellip.don't you like him?" "Yes, I like him a lot, but I think I like what we are doing better." Kathy reached down to her bottom drawer beside the bed, took out her vibrator, and showed it to Kat.

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Then she rolled to the side, so that Kat slid beside her, and turned around to gently tease her cunt lips with the plastic phallus.

Kat's hole was already well lubricated, but when Kathy switched on the vibe, the tingling caused her juices to flow even faster. Jeff watched in amazement as Kathy gradually eased the tip of the vibrator into her slit, squeezing his cock harder as her pussy lips seemed to suck at it.

"Is that okay Kat?" Kat already had three of her small fingers inside Kathy's cunt, and pushed them in further as the vibe slowly entered her. "Yes Kathy&hellip.I'm fine& feels lovely………you are so gentle…&hellip.Oh Kathy……your cunt is so big…" Kathy was kneeling at Kats trim waist with her arse in the air.

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Her left arm resting on the bed at Kats thigh and her head above her crotch; giving her a close up view of the vibrators passage into her little twat. "And you are so small………&hellip.tell me if it hurts baby." Kat only made small murmurs as the first inch slipped inside her, she was a little distracted by the sight of her hand being engorged by Kathy's cunt.

Okay, her hands were pretty small, but it was now in up to her wrist and Kathy was still pushing back against it. Slowly she curled her hand into a ball and made a fist. She held it still at first as Kathy wriggled around it, making herself comfortable, and then she started to work it in and out of her.

Very gently at first; almost as gently as Kathy had pushed the next two inches of the vibe into her. Kathy was surprised that she had felt very little resistance, but then remembered her first time, many years ago, when she had found it very easy, and nowhere near as scary, as the tales she had heard from other girls about the excruciating pain and bleeding that they had suffered.

Something which in later years she had put down to her enthusiasm for sports and cycling.

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The vibrator was halfway in before Kathy slowly withdrew it. Her hole was still tightly gripping it, but its movement was made easier by the natural lubrication that she was producing in ever greater quantity.

Kat gyrated her hips as Kathy fucked her; Kathy orgasmed once more as Kats fist worked increasingly harder inside her. Jeff sat open mouthed, squeezing his bell end between his thumb and forefinger to stop him from cumming, when Kat screamed out, "I think I am ready now Kathy……&hellip.I am ready to be fucked." "Yes baby& time you see him you will." "Oh Fuck Kathy, I wish he was here now." "I know…&hellip.a cock feels so much better than this plastic thing" "OH Kathy I really want his cock now…&hellip.I need to be fucked" Kathy scared herself.

She almost asked Kat if she wanted Jeff to fuck her; she looked up at Jeff, instantly realising that the same thought had occurred to him; But she couldn't do it………&hellip.could she?.would Kat even allow it? She reached behind her, taking hold of Kats wrist and pulling it from her cunt; loving the feeling as her whole fist, stretched the mouth of her twat open, before leaving her.

She turned around and lay beside her, smoothing her palm across her forehead and then stroking her cheek as she kissed her.

Kathy turned off the vibrator and then used her fingertips to massage Kat's clitoris. She looked straight into Kat's eyes and then turned to look at Jeff.

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She was about to speak, but Kat interrupted her. "Jeff?.Oh My God Kathy…………do you think he would?" Momentarily stunned by Kats question, Kathy paused, and Kat spoke again. "Will you do it Jeff………will you fuck me? All three of them were in a stunned silence. Jeff couldn't believe his ears.

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Kathy suddenly felt motherly toward Kat and wanted to help her enjoy it as much as she could. Kat was desperately waiting for a response. Jeff got up and stood at the bedside next to Kat. "Are you sure you want to do this Kat?" "Yes Jeff…&hellip.I'm sure…&hellip.I want to feel it in me." She shuffled around on the bed so her bum was on the edge and then raised her legs; offering herself to him. Kathy sat at her side and took a hold of Jeff's cock; pulling him towards her.

"You should wear a condom Jeff" "It's okay Kathy, I started taking the pill two months ago." Jeff was dribbling pre-cum as Kathy rubbed his cock head against her slit. She was extremely wet, and her puffy little cunny lips parted easily as his cock pushed against them.

Slowly he moved in; she was tighter than Kathy's arsehole, but she offered little resistance to his invading shaft. "Oh Kathy, that feels fucking wonderful." "I know baby……………please be careful Jeff" "No Jeff&hellip.It's okay&hellip.fuck me……&hellip.fuck me properly." Jeff tried; he really did try, but try as he might, the tightness of her young hole gripping him so firmly as he fucked her properly, aroused him to such an extent, that within a dozen or so strokes, his seed was pulsing through his cock, and spurting inside her.

"Don't cum too deep inside her Jeff" Kathy winked. "You know why." Jeff complied with his wife's request, and entered no further than the base of his helmet as his sperm pumped into her. Kat had experienced her first orgasm with a real life cock inside her, and she loved it. Jeff pulled out and moved back, allowing Kathy to take his place; and as he panted, to try to regain his breath, he watched his wife go down on the sweet little hole that he had just filled with his spunk.

"Thank you Jeff" Jeff stood at Kat's head and then knelt at the side of the bed, holding her hand as Kathy licked and sucked at her juicy pussy.

"The pleasure was all mine Kat; that was quite an unforgettable experience for me." He leaned forward to kiss her and Kat turned her head towards him and opened her mouth as their lips met, pushing her tongue inside his mouth to play with his.

Jeff only intended the briefest of kisses and was shocked at how passionately Kat responded. She broke the kiss and licked her lips, moaning softly; and her body trembled. Kathy had had her tongue inside her bum, but was now, once more licking her fanny and sucking on her clit; expertly bringing her to yet another climax.

Jeff and Kathy lay on the bed with Kat between them; nobody spoke as they all, for different reasons, contemplated what had just transpired.


It was Kat that broke the silence. "I wonder what the time is." Jeff opened the top drawer of his bedside table and looked at the alarm clock. "Just gone ten past six." "Oh shit, my mom will be wondering where I have got to." They all sat up, and then Kathy said, "We best get dressed then, and I can give you a lift home."