My girlfriend and her best friend give good blow

My girlfriend and her best friend give good blow
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Sister Brother Lover Chapter Five The next afternoon I didn't see very much of my sister. Pat and mom were in her room going through her clothes seeing which ones still fit and talking about what they needed to buy. I was glad to see mom treating her like a daughter again. At dinner they were still talking planning a shopping trip for the weekend.

I kind of tuned out the list of stores and outfits. Dad seemed a little more relaxed as well. I'm sure he was glad to see mom acting happier. The rest of the evening was pretty boring. I fell asleep pretty quickly but was awakened by someone sliding into bed with me.

It had to be Pat so I stretched my arm around her shoulder to pull her close to me. I felt bare skin. When she snuggled up against me I felt bare skin everywhere. I ran my free hand from her chest to her thigh and confirmed she was naked. "Surprise!" she whispered in my ear. "Are you sorry I woke you?" she giggled. Everything she was doing lately was a surprise. "I'm not sorry but I am feeling a little overdressed." I pushed my boxers down, not easy with only one hand, and kicked them to the foot of the bed.

"There, that's better." Pat snuggled close with her hands stroking my chest. "Mom was so nice today. It was just like before. And we're going shopping together!" "I'm glad things are better. I know mom doesn't deal with this kind of thing very well but it doesn't make it any easier to live with." Pat was quiet for a moment.

"Mom is such a prude about sex. She acts like even talking about it is a mortal sin. I can't figure out how either of us got conceived." I just nodded. I agreed with her but didn't feel comfortable saying it. We snuggled quietly for a few minutes. Pat finally broke he silence. "I suppose you are wondering why I am naked in your bed." "I am enjoying having you naked and in my bed." And I was.

"But I'm curious what you had in mind." Pat pressed her lips to my ear. "I was hoping you would give me another orgasm." She kissed my ear. "Or two." "I would be happy to.

Do you think you can keep quiet enough?" I was concerned that she might get loud and wake the parents. "It won't be easy but I can." She sounded determined. That was good enough for me. I moved onto my side and kissed her on the lips. My hand went to her breast and I began gently stroking them. This seemed to excite Pat and she kissed back even harder.

Once I felt her tits had received enough attention my hand slid down across her flat belly until it was cupping her mound. Her hips moved pressing against my hand. I massaged her entire pussy until I could feel it begin to get wet. Dipping my finger into her natural moisture I slid it up and down between her inner lips wetting the entire area. At the top of each stroke my finger would touch her clit and her hips would roll beneath me.

At this point I started kissing my way down her neck and onto her chest. My lips caressed her left breast and finally zeroed in on the nipple. When I kissed that her chest arched under me pressing her breast into my face.

Her skin on my face felt wonderful and her scent was intoxicating. I had planned to take things slower but she was getting me so turned on that I began rubbing her clit. My thumb was slippery with her moisture and pressed against her clit. My middle finger poked in and out of her entrance and her hips rolled beneath my hand. Pat was already taking short quick breaths. She whispered in my ear. "Put your finger in deeper." I wanted that but was worried. "I don't want to break your cherry." She shook her head.

"I don't have one." When I didn't respond to this she explained. "The doctor said I don't have a hymen. Mom asked him if I had broken it. I wonder if she thought I had been having sex. The doctor said it wasn't torn.

There just wasn't one there." I know that finding out about her condition had been hard for Pat. When I thought about it I couldn't help thinking that there were some benefits. She didn't have to deal with periods. She didn't have to worry about birth control. And she didn't have to worry about the pain and bleeding on her first time. My middle finger had been barely penetrating her opening. She was plenty wet so I began pressing in and out letting it penetrate a little more each time.

Soon I was up to the knuckle and I began sliding it all the way out and then in as far as I could. Pat started moaning so I gave her nipple a last hard suck and then placed my mouth over hers. It wasn't really a kiss; I was trying to muffle her moans.

She was panting and I could feel her breath in my mouth. Soon after that Pat arched under me. She moaned and it was a good thing I had my mouth over hers. I kept frigging her clit and kept my finger at full penetration. Her pussy squeezed my finger and I couldn't help thinking how that would feel on my penis.

When her orgasm finished she collapsed. I slowed and stopped rubbing her clit but kept my finger imbedded.

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I moved off her mouth so she could catch her breath. I was enjoying having my finger inside her as her breathing slowed. She finally whispered. "I can feel your finger inside me. That really got me going." I smiled at that. "I'm glad it felt good because I liked doing it. Let me know when you are ready for your second orgasm." OK, I was eager. Pat snuggled closer. "I feel so content right now. Maybe later." I reminded myself to be patient.

"Let me blow you and then maybe I will want to." Oh cool, she is going to blow me. This is going to be so good. But all I said was "OK." Pat started to move down but then stopped.

"Do you think you can keep quiet enough?" She teased. "It won't be easy but I can." I parroted back at her. Then she moved down and rested her head on my tummy. I felt her hand grab my hard shaft and tilt it down and then her warm lips closed over the head. She gently sucked and licked the head while her hand held the shaft. I thought she was warming me up but Pat just kept doing it.

She was making me feel good but with no stroking I wasn't feeling like I was going to cum soon. I stroked my left hand from her neck, across her shoulder and side, and down to her hip. She had the softest skin. How could skin, not even near her tits or pussy, be so sexy? I could have asked her to do more but decided to just relax and enjoy it. Her previous blowjobs had been intense and quickly made me shoot. This one was just pleasant.

I focused on her licking and suction while enjoying the feel of her back. I wasn't watching the clock but it seemed to go on for a long time. Finally her hand began to slowly stroke my shaft while her mouth kept up the same gentle stimulation.

This continued and while I enjoyed the stroking it wasn't intense enough that I felt the need to thrust. Finally I whispered "I think I'm going to shoot." It was still another minute before I did. She slowly stroked the sperm out of me. It was the oddest orgasm I had ever had. No straining, no panting, just a wonderful relaxed feeling. Pat moved up beside me and kissed me lightly. "It's late and I am feeling really sleepy." "Me too." And she was responsible for the way I was feeling.

She slipped out of bed and I could barely see her moving over to my desk chair. She stopped there and I realized she was putting her pajamas on.

Then she quietly opened my door and slipped out. I drifted off to sleep. In the morning I realized I had forgotten to put my shorts on so I had to find them before I could get out of bed. After breakfast mom and Pat took off on their shopping trip. I hung out with a friend.

He had a book that told how to do oral sex on a woman. It also talked about the G spot and how to do that. I started getting really interested and wondered what Pat would think of it. I mean she did me orally so it was only fair, right?

When I returned home mom and Pat were still not back. I wondered how someone could spend so much time buying clothes. Were they trying on every single outfit in the store? They showed up just before dinner time.

They were both talking a mile a minute and carried two bags each. Mom got started on dinner while Pat carried the bags up to her room. During dinner I got the long version of their day with details about each and every store and what they thought of it. I kind of hoped that my sister might pay me another nightly visit but nothing happened.

In the morning mom told me that she and dad were going to church. I said I wanted to sleep in and for once she didn't push it. They weren't gone more than a minute before Pat came bustling into my room carrying those shopping bags. "I want to show you all the neat outfits I got." This might be fun for her but I wanted to sleep in and then get breakfast.

I figured I would be polite and let her show me a few and then tell her to save the rest for later. "I can't wait to see them." Pat looked through the bags and picked out the first outfit. Instead of holding it up for me to see she began stripping. When she was down to her bra and panties she started putting on the new outfit. OK, this was a lot more interesting than I had thought.

I had seen her nude but it was still a turn on watching her undress and try new clothes. Was she doing this to turn me on or had she decided that it didn't matter as I had already seen her nude?

She turned this way and that modeling it for me. I told her how nice it looked and that she would be turning heads at school. She proceeded to undress and put on the next outfit. By now I had a boner poking up the sheet and I made no effort to hide it.

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When Pat posed with the second outfit she noticed my erection and smiled. "I guess you like this outfit." I lay there as she changed from outfit to outfit.

They were all very attractive and her undressing to put them on was like a private porn show. Then she stripped down again but took her bra off.


Out came a new bra and when she had it on she came over to the bed so I could see it better. She turned this way and that and then had me feel the material. I wasn't sure if this was heaven or torture. She proceeded to model five more bras. There were plain ones and lacey ones. Some were white and some were black. All of them were sexy. Pat took off her bra and I wondered how many more she had bought. Then she took off her panties and for a moment was nude. She proceeded to model panties for me.

I had been hard so long now that it was feeling uncomfortable. I pushed down the covers and my shorts while she posed in front of me. Her eyes paused on my cock and she stared while my hand reached down and started stroking. Her modeling changed after that. She was more sinuous in the way she slid her underwear down and put the next pair on.

When she walked closer her hips would sway and she would strike a pose and ask me to feel them. I kept stroking away enjoying every bit of what she was doing. As I was touching her butt to feel some lacy black panties my cock shot cum into the air. She stood there watching it and waited while I slowed and stopped jerking my shaft. She had never really seen me masturbate before.

I had stopped the first time and the rest she had done it so this was still a first for both of us. She modeled two more pairs of panties for me and then announced that was all. She gathered all her garments in the bags and, still wearing only the last pair of panties hauled them all back to her room. I finally cleaned up and then took a shower. I was just eating some cereal when mom and dad got home.

Mom asked what we had been doing and Pat told her she had been trying on all her outfits. I tried not to choke on my breakfast when she said this thinking that it was true but not the entire truth. I told mom that I had stayed in bed. Also true. At bedtime Pat and I were in the hall while mom and dad were both downstairs. Pat came up to me and gave me a peck on the lips.

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"Did you enjoy the show this morning?" I looked her in the eyes. "I thought it would be boring. It was really nice." Pat giggled at that.

"I had fun doing it. I love that we can be so open with each other. I enjoyed your show too." "I had fun doing my show.

Did you really enjoy it?" I wondered how she felt about watching her brother jerk off." She smiled. "It was very educational.

And you trusted me enough to do it in front of me." She gave me a big hug and then went into her room and closed the door. As I was trying to fall asleep I wondered how I felt about being called "educational". I would have preferred sexy or erotic but it was better than having her grossed out. The next day when mom picked us up from school I noticed the car was making a bad sound.

I told mom and she said she heard it too. At home she called ad and he told her to take it into the shop right away. A little later she called to say it was going to take a couple of hours. Normally car problems are a bad thing but I was excited to have two hours of private time with Pat. I went upstairs and knocked on her door.


"Come in." She was at her desk doing homework. "Mom called. They are working on the car and she is going to wait. She thinks it will take a couple of hours." I told her. "Thanks." She replied and continued working. After a moment she noticed I was still standing there. "Did you need something?" I had kind of hoped she would jump at the chance to play around. I think she was just wrapped up in what she was doing and it didn't occur to her.

"I was wondering if you could help me with something." This was unfamiliar ground. She had always instigated the sex until now. I think at that point she started to realize what was going on. Pat looked up from her work and smiled. "You've been very helpful to me. What can I do in return?" "The other day I was reading a book about how to perform oral sex on a woman. I'm not sure I totally understand it and I think I need to try out what I read." I kept my tone serious.

Pat gave me a confused look. "You mean like a blowjob?" I nodded. "Yes, except it is the man's mouth on the woman's pussy." Her eyes got big. "People do that?" "That is what the book said. It had instructions and made it sound really good." I was watching her take in the idea. She sat there for a moment obviously trying to imagine what was involved.

"And you want to do it to me?" "Yes. The book made it sound very sexy and you have such a beautiful pussy. Do you want to try it?" Maybe it was because I was suggesting it instead of her idea but she seemed hesitant.

I hadn't thought she would be given what we had already done. "We could try it some other time if you don't feel like it today." I didn't want her to feel like I was pressuring her. Pat looked me in the eye. "Is this because I gave you blowjobs? I did that because I wanted to. You don't have to do me back." "No, it sounded good and I wanted to try it. I hope I can do it half as well as you blow me though." I looked her right in the eye so she would know I meant it.

Pat nodded her head. "OK. Should I get undressed? Do you want me on the bed?" I let out the breath I had not realized I had been holding.

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She had said yes! "Would it be OK if I undressed you? I've never done that." She smiled at the idea and then stood up. "That does sound interesting." Best sister ever! I started unbuttoning her blouse. She had always been so cooperative, even eager, to strip for me that we had jumped over this simple pleasure.

Even taking my time it didn't take that long before I was slipping her panties down leaving her nude. Still it was very enjoyable and when I gazed up at her I noticed her nipples were hard.

I put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips. She seemed a little uncertain but relaxed into the kiss. When I broke the kiss she looked at me with such a serious expression. I hoped she was really OK with this.

"You can sit on the chair." I sat on the floor in front of her and pulled gently on her knees. She got the idea and scooted forward so her pussy was on the edge. I gazed at the perfect pussy in front of me. She was watching me and I suddenly felt self conscious. It would have been easier in the dark or with her eyes closed, maybe with a blindfold? But that was an idea for another time. I ignored Pat's gaze and leaned forward to brush my lips against her nether lips.

She was hairless, clean, and any hesitation faded away. I nuzzled her pussy and began licking her outer and then inner lips. Despite having explored here before my sensitive tongue was learning every fold and texture. I glanced up and she was no longer watching.

Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Encouraged by this I began licking upward along the slit with my tongue lightly grazing her clit at the end of each upward swipe.

Her hips started to jerk in response to this and I gradually spent more time on her button. Soon I focused all my attention on her clit teasing it with my tongue.

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When I looked up Pat was leaning back in the chair with a look of intense concentration. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing through her mouth. I brought my index finger up and inserted it into her opening glad there would be no obstacle. I stroked it in and out gradually penetrating deeper.

When my finger was in as far as I could get it I stroked in and out a few times. Her pussy felt warm, slippery wet, and so soft. I turned my hand to feel the top of her tunnel. Trying to remember exactly how the book had described it I explored until I felt a ribbed firmer area. I began gently rubbing and pressing upward on that spot. I could hear and feel Pat starting to breathe harder and now that my finger was in position I gradually increasing the attention my lips and tongue were paying to her clit.

When I finally began sucking on her she groaned and reached out to grab my head and pull me closer. Her hips were churning and her hands clung to my head. I kept licking with my tongue, sucking with my mouth, and fingering her G spot. My tongue was starting to tire, something the book had not warned me about, and I wondered if I could keep going long enough make her cum.

I forced myself to continue and was rewarded when she let out a moan and arched her hips against my face. A few seconds later she settled back and then suddenly arched again.

When she seemed done I stopped sucking and gently licked around her button. She finally released my head and I was able to pull away.

My face was covered in pussy juice. My legs were stiff from sitting on the floor. My face ached from sucking and my tongue hurt. I was so happy that none of that mattered. I gazed up at her contentment and felt so proud of what I had done. Eventually Pat got her breath back and looked happily down at me. "That was fantastic! You learned how to do that from a book?" "Yep." Pat studied me for a moment.

"Now that I have helped you try that out would you do something for me?" "Anything." Pat's gaze lowered to my crotch. "Jerk off for me. I want to see you do it again." I was so turned on from tasting her pussy that I eagerly stood and pushed my pants down. My hand grabbed my shaft and I started stroking hard and fast knowing I would not last long. Her eyes were glued to my cock and the hand stroking it. Her right hand found its way to her pussy and teased the area around her clit.

My eyes roamed her exposed skin and what her finger was doing to a certain spot. I was already feeling close when she spoke. "When you shoot, aim it at me." Hearing that was enough to put me over the edge. The first shot hit her left tit and I moved so the second hit her right. A few more landed between her breasts and then I was done. I gazed down at my seed running down her chest and thought that it doesn't get any better than this.

Then her left hand moved up to rub my sperm around on her tits proving me wrong. That was when I heard the front door open. I scrambled to pull up my pants and then raced for her door. I pulled it shut and ran for my room. I quickly cleaned up and then went down to greet mom, trying to act normal.

She started complaining about how long it had taken and how expensive it had been before heading in to start dinner. I set the table while she cooked and took out the garbage for her trying to be helpful. Eventually Pat joined us. Fortunately she looked quite different from how I had left her. She had cleaned up and dressed. She got busy helping in the kitchen and everything was fine. Later that evening Pat came into my room. I was working at my desk and she leaned down to whisper to me.

"That really was fantastic! I wish I could tell Arlene about it just to see the look on her face." Then she gave me a kiss in the cheek and left. I sat for a moment agreeing with her about how good it had been.

Then I started to wonder what would be next. That was enough to distract me and I couldn't concentrate after that. When I was ready for bed I stopped by Pat's room to say goodnight but her light was off so I didn't bother her. I fell asleep thinking how well my life had been going lately.