Antonella galanthi acariciando sus tetas

Antonella galanthi acariciando sus tetas
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just another day, worked came home sat around played xbox. just the same shit everyday. its saturday night and im at home watchin internet porn. ive been so bored lately, i have a girlfriend but shes in school right now across the country so im lucky if i feel pussy 6 times a year. naturally i spend alot of my freetime fantasizing and strokin my dick until its raw. its not like i cant pull tall in decent shape i have blue eyes and brownish reddish hair kinda of a jerkoff butnice at the same time.

im real relaxed kind of a ghetto kid i like breakin rules and gettin into trouble. once you grown up a little things change, im 22 all my friends are afraid of jail time.i just act without worrying about consequences.

i decided i wanted to get some fresh air, i was in the mood to walk around and smoke a blunt. i figured id walk to the next town over which is chester because if i saw cops i could run without being recognized. i sparked up on a street the seemed scarce enough and walked with my headphones in. as i walk i think back to wen i was a kid breaking into cars, robbing pizza boys, stealing from the store, just stupid shit that gave me the adrenaline rushes i love soo much.

life cant just get this boring. as i take my eyes off of the ground i look up and like this opportunity was written into my life. i see a black family leavin there house and gettin into their explorer. they were dressed up pretty nice, looked like theyre headin for dinner. "hmmmm" i thought to myself. a father mother 2 young daughters and a teenage boy all left.

thats an empty house if i do say so myself. i walk around to the back yard to evaluate the area for signs of a dog or any other life. nothing. nothing of any value either. wen i came back around the side tho i notice a light on upstairs, looked like the bathroom so i shrug it off.

they could have just forgotten to shut it off. as i go to walk to the front one more thing catches my attention, theres an open window. "jackpot". i put my hands on the sill and pull myself up and in, its dark as shit inside, looks like i was right it was empty.

i pulled out my phone to use the camera flash as a light and started scanning the house, i dont even know what the fuck im looking for.

this is crazy as shit. im in the kitchen tryin not to touch anything i dont wanna leave finger prints. i found 5 bucks on the table."mine now". nothing much on the first floor ill make my way up the spiral stair case. the smell of fresh shower is in the air the must have been goin to dinner, all the doors up here are closed its so dark with the exception of the light coming from the bathroom under the door.

the first door on my left is the first one i open, just a towel closet, just tampons washrags and deodorent. the next is the 2 girls room i moved on to the room right next to the bathroom i walk in not turnin on any lights so the neighbors dont get suspicious. the first thing i notice is the smell of weed "bad ass" i think looking for the source.

rooms dark but i go to the bed in the far right corner and start checkin round in the night stand.


no weed but a nice sized blade. thats in my pocket now. i went up to a big dresser in the left corner and right there on top was a nice sack of tree next to rolling papers. must been the boys room. smells like good shit too. as i open the top drawer to find more shit i became confused. i reach in and pull out underwear.thongs actually. "i dont remember seeing." before i finished that thought i heard the toilet flushing.


the blood in my face drained as my heart started working double time. "FUCK" the adrenaline rush is over. i go to bolt to the dorr but i hear the bathroom door open and i get flat against the wall being still. the room im in lights up and my stomach drops. im about to panic until right by me goes this angel like vision of beauty. shes about 5'6 120lbs light skin caramel complexion, shes wearing a towel with her back towards me facing her bed, she didnt notice me yet, stunned in the corner.

then, the towel drops.

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she looked young maybe 18 what a body she was slim with 2 upper back tattoos and a tramp stamp that caught my attention and brought her ass into my line of vision. i felt a jolt in my dick by looking at her black ass. it was so thick and bubbled out with a tattoo on her left cheek that said "back door baby". that right there got me as hard as iver ever been.

i was looking for a way out but for these few seconds i cant even think. but before i could snap out of it she turns. were looking eye to eye. i imediately start trying to tell her to chill but shes screaming and trying to slap me and all i can do is stafre at her b cups chocolate tits. all of a sudden im seeing colors the bitch caught me with a fist to my jaw. i figure i deserve that, although im mad i dont hit her back i continue to try blockin and then the fuckin little slut kicks me in the dick.

just reacting i cock back and hit her in the face with an open palm. she let out a noise but call me crazy it sounded like a moan. i hit her hard.she falls on the floor face first and lands with her ass in the air.

that gave me a view of this girl doggy style, he cheeks were apart and i could see her pussy and asshole perfectly.something came over me and i pulled out the knife in my pocket.

before she could recover i grabbed her by the back of her hair and yanked her to her feet and put the knife to her throat. "what are you gonna do with me?" she asked me. what a rush, that feeling of power was just unexplainable. "im not gonna do anything slut, its what your gonna do for me." "that kick to the dick was nice ya fuckin bitch, how about you kiss it better." she looked up at me with a skeptical look, so without thinkin twice i gave her a back hand right across the face.

but as she went down theres that maon again."open up bitch" i unzip my pants and pull my dick out. she start reluctantly suckin my dick.

just the head like she had no experience. i warned her to "stop playin dumb and suck my dick like a good hood rat" but she didnt listen. i grab a handfull of her hair and stop forcing my dick down her throat as fast and hard as i could.

i treat it like her pussy. she gagged at first but took it like she was used to it.

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thats turned me on. i threw her onto the bed and she tried to scramble to get away. i jumped on her and was holdin her down looking for something to tied her hands shes buckin her hips i feel her pussy lips part around my dick and i felt wetness. the fuckin slut was wet. i said "fuck it" and just held her arms and shoved my dick right in the black pussy. but sadly my thoughts were correct she was a total slut, this pussy was loose as fuck but i kkept slammin away.

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she started screamin at me and spittin at me so i used my one hand to hold her wrists togethet and the other hand over her mouth. im fucking her missionary on her bed covering her mouth. all i keep thinkin is how hot she looked on the floor with her ass up and decided thats what i want. i sit up and slapped that whore across her face face to get compliance.

and yanked her by the back of her head off the bed. i turned her around still pullin her hair i forced her to bend over the bed and start spankin her ass hard. the bubble was so soft and jiggled i went to get back in the pussy and her tattoo caught my eye."this black bitch takes it up the ass" i hocked the biggest loogie i could and shot it right on her ass hole. she felt the direct hit and knew what i was going for." i havent done anal in over 2 years!"."lets see how tight you are" i line up and shove in.oh my God, if i coukd describe Heaven it would be this.

her ass puckered around my cock, hugging every single inch, i start going merciless. clap clap clap clapclapclap harder harder and fater and faster. i feel my balls start to swell. l looked down to see her asshole just swallowing my entire dick. she lets outs a whimper and i go to cover her mouth with my hand.

i get an inch infront of her and feel wetness on my finger. this sexy slut was suckin on my fingers as i rape her asshole.that drove me over the line. i pull out my dick about to soot my load all over her back and she springs up and around and deepthroats me and holds it there as i shoot rope after rope of my hot cum down her throat.

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"thanks" was all she said. i get up and ran out the door. not quite the night i expected.

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