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Best of Tori Black Compilation
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Karmas favorite victim; Pt.1 (Introduction) Rich girl gets what she deserves I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the lines of when I was growing up, I turned into a bitch. It wasn't because I was jealous by any means, I always had great luck in life. Good boyfriends, money, and amazing looks. I basically had my own house by my parents, and they let me do whatever I wanted as long as I didn't bother them.

I guess I was just a bitch because I loved to watch people suffer, it just really turned me on. It seems this is where our story really begins. "Sara, just do it" My friends smirked at me, and I turned to look at our newest victim.

"Strip. Now." I demanded at the girl cowering in the locker room. She glanced around worriedly before she took off her skirt, then her blouse, then her tights, leaving her in a thin thong and bra.

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She looked for someone to save her, but no one would. She reached to undo her bra when I stopped her. " Everyone out." As everyone turned to leave, the girl looked thankful.

"Except Scott and Richard." I finished with a smirk. As they filed out, I demanded rose to finish, and she stood before us naked. "See Rose, this sweetie, is what happens when you try to sleep with my boyfriend. Guys, have fun." For highschool, Richard had a giant dick. 12 inches long, and 4 inches thick.

Scott on the other hand, was 11 inches long, and 3 inches wide.

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The thing was, there dad's Jonah Falcon, who has a world record penis with 13 inches long, and 5 inches wide. As they stripped, Roses mouth gaped open, and tears began to pour. She clearly hadn't seen anyone with their sizes."Please no! Please don't, please!" I turned on my personal video camera and gave the guys the go-for it. Richard wasted no time and pushed her on her knees, and told her to suck, and slapped her face before she tried to take it in her mouth.

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After quite a few minutes, Richard shoved as much of his cock down her throat that she could, and made her swallow. She gasped when she swallowed it all, and Scott quickly went to work and stuck a finger in her ass, and began to move it around. Rose turned to protest, "No, no one has ever done that, please." but Scott slapped her viciously on her ass and put in another finger.

When he thought she was ready, he put on the lube, and in one swift motion, penetrated her ass. Rose tried to scream, but passed out from pain. Scott didn't care, as he continued to fuck her ass.

Richard came over to me and gave me a kiss and smiled at me. "Baby, when are we going to have sex? You promised for my birthday, that was last month." I playfully shoved him. "You know I can't with your size, that's why you're here. I provide you with sex from others, so I don't have to provide it. That was our deal." "Sara that's not fair. We've been dating for a year and a half. I don't want these other girls.

I want you." He put his hand on my back, and gave me a kiss, but we were interrupted with a scream. I turned to see Rose trying to grab something as Scott sped up in the violent rape against her ass.

Rose began to convulse, and moan, and soon began to cum, sending scott over the edge, and cumming with her. "I'll see you later hun, I've got to get home. Bring me my camera when you're done?" He nodded and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. As I left the room, I heard Rose scream, and I couldn't help but smirk as I thought to myself, bitches get what they deserve.


As I was walking down the hallway, my ex boyfriend walked up to me and smiled. We'd broken up because I met Richard, and he never accepted it. "Hey baby" he tried to give me a hug and I pushed him a way with a flirty smile.

"Andy, you know we broke up" he grabbed my wrist and pulled me over.

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"No, no we didn't, because you always hit on me, and you don't get mad at me when I do this" He shoved me against the locker, and stuck his fingers up my skirt and into my pussy. I shuddered in pleasure, before letting out a moan. After a few minutes he stuck his 7 inch cock to replace his fingers.

I had given myself to Andy 2 weeks before I dated Richard, but truthfully we had sex many times since then.


After 10 minutes, we began to orgasm together. Students walked by and gave us funny looks, but it wasn't unusual at our school. As soon as I was finished I pushed him away, just in time for Richard to walk out of the bathroom door.

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The only reason people used that bathroom was for sex. Richard saw me and Andy and walked over, pushing Andy out of the way. "I'm letting Scott Finish her off. I have a surprise for you." He smiled and took my hand and gave me a kiss to bug Andy. "So, what is this surprise?" He grinned down at me and winked.


"You'll see" We got in his car and drove to my house surprisingly. He laughed when I looked at him with a confused expression. "Here, put these on." He said as he handed me blindfolds. I didn't understand what I hadn't already seen in my house but I agreed anyways.

After walking forever, going down sets of stairs, we finally stopped. He told me to sit on the bed in the room and lay down. As soon as I layed down he sat on top of me and I felt something cold on my wrists before I could ask what it was, he moved down and did the same to my legs.

I tried to sit up, but soon found out I could no longer move. My legs were bound, and were spread apart, the same with my wrists. "Richard, what the fuck is going on." He took off my blindfolds and I saw a room that I wasn't familiar with. And then I saw something that made me want to vomit. I saw a bunch of sex toys and disciplinary devices hanging on the wall. "Sara, you refuse to give me sex, you give me people you only let me sleep with as revenge.

This time, it's my turn for revenge." "Richard, this isn't funny." He grabbed a pair of scissors, flipped me over, and began to cut my clothes off me. "Richard, this has gone on long enough, stop it" I heard a loud crack, and felt a sharp pain followed by intense heat on my ass. I looked and saw him holding a paddle.

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The bastard just slapped me. Within 30 seconds, I was completely naked. "See, the thing is, I talked to your dad the other day. I told him I wanted to surprise you, and he gave me his credit card to redecorate your room.

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I think I like the change, how about you?" I glared at him with so much hatred. "Richard, let me the fuck out of here!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I screamed in agony as I was paddled again. "Aren't you glad your dad sound proofed the room so he didn't have to deal with your noise?" He walked towards the wall, and ran his hands over the toys he had lined up on the wall. There were saddles, vibrators, dildos, of many shapes and colors, anal plugs, something in the shape of a horseshoe but much bigger, with a handle on the top.

There were whips, paddles, and much more. He grabbed what I thought would be a medium-large dildo, however he thought it was rather small, sizing at 8 inches long and 3 inches thick, colored black, and placed it on the bed.

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"Darling, this wouldn't of happened if you had just spread your legs for more than just your ex boyfriend." He flipped me over so I was laying on my back again. He grabbed a pair of nipple clamps from the wall and placed them over me surprisingly hard nipples. "Hmm, well, who knew you'd like this kinda thing?" He picked up the dildo again, and slowly placed it between my legs. He rubbed the tip just over the lips of my pussy, trying to get it a little wet. At first he pushed it in slowly, but when I began to moan, he shoved as much as he could with a forceful thrust, causing me to scream again.

With one hand he began to thrust harder and harder while the other went and reached a button on the bed. Chains began to clink and the bar holding my legs apart began to rise, along with my ass. I was already near orgasm when he stopped. Unsure if I was happy he stopped or upset I didn't get to finish I moaned in displeasure. He got up, but returned momentarily with a vibrator about the same size.

As I analyzed my position, I began to scream, realizing what was going to happen, but despite my protest, I could feel the vibrator enter my pussy once, to get a natural lube, and then it made its way to my other hole. He got the tip in my ass, and in the same motions he used the dildo with, he harshly inserted the vibrator in my ass. I continued to scream, only now in pain, and a little bit of pleasure. Richard turned on the vibrator and grabbed the dildo and continued his violent rape.

The pain and pleasure caused me to lose my voice, and I just moaned. "Of course you'd like this you little slut." As I orgasmed again, the bar began to lower and the toys were taken from my body. Richard got on top of me, undid my hands from the top bar, and redid them again in regular hand cuffs, and then untied my legs, then, threw me to the floor. He grabbed what looked like a saddle from the wall. "Sara, we aren't even close to done."