Young cartoon boys in gay porn From Jail to Jizz

Young cartoon boys in gay porn From Jail to Jizz
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Our German Panzer unit had been in the field in Russia for months, living and existing in our Tiger Tanks. None of the unit had seen any leave since the previous year before the Eastern Campaign had started. We were a support unit consisting of five tanks and some auxiliary vehicles for re-supplying us with fuel, ammunition and rations.

Our main roll was to be available to support infantry units, which meant that we were the ones who went in when the grunts got themselves bogged down under heavy enemy fire. We were also used to clear out villages and buildings, usually by just flattening them under our heavy vehicles, although this was a dangerous task, as you never knew when their was someone with an antitank weapon hiding in the rubble. Our other main use was for Recce Patrols, where we could get in fast, look around and get out again.

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It was during one of these patrols that we came across a small unit of women Russian soldiers also out on a recce. We had driven to a small valley and camouflaged the tanks in the trees just after dusk. Leaving two men from each of the five vehicles on guard, the other fifteen of us headed out on our recce. We followed the river valley for about an hour before coming across the old wooden barn next to a derelict farmhouse. As we slowly moved in, we made out the shadowy outlines of two figures in Russian uniforms keeping watch.

We only noticed them, as they were moving around in some form of sentry duty. Not very clever of them when in a war zone, where the best way to keep watch was to stay concealed and use your ears as well as your eyes. Still their mistake was to our advantage; we dropped down and silently moved in on their positions.

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We were only a few feet away from them when we stopped and waited. Two of our best men had made a detour and were silently sneaking up to their positions from the sides of the barn. When we were all in position, the commander waited until the two guards had both moved to the two ends of the barn and gave a soft bird like whistle.

Both figures turned in his direction at the sound, as the two men came out of the shadows and clamped big strong hands around their mouths from behind, At the same time they yanked the heads of the figures heads violently backwards, making them instinctively throw their hands up to their necks. The man on the left of the barn as we watched, used his bayonet to slash the Russian figures neck from ear to ear, then slowly lowered the body silently to the ground and dragged it around the corner out of sight.

The man on the right hand side of the barn stuck his bayonet against the struggling figures chest, as he did so the figures fur cap fell off to expose the long hair of a young female.

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The female Russian was dead within seconds when the bayonet cut through her breasts and entered her heart; the man lowered her body silently to the ground, and also dragged it around the corner of the barn out of sight.

We started to move forwards again to check out the barn, as we reached the very edge of the undergrowth, where the dirt area surrounding the barn started, we froze as the door opened and a figure stepped into the entrance. As she stopped in the area bathed in light from inside the barn and turned so speak to those inside, we were able to clearly see her form.

The girl could not of been more than nineteen years of age with shoulder length blonde hair, she was slim wearing a pair of Russian army trousers tucked into her boots.

Her uniform shirt could not hide the swellings of her breasts as she turned in profile in the light of the barn. She seemed to be relaxed and strangely not carrying her weapon, totally out of order during wartime, when you ate, slept and made love with your weapon within easy reach.

It seemed as if the enemy inside the barn were being far to lapse for their own good. A roar of female laughter came from inside the barn, and the girl came out closing the door behind, her laughing out aloud as she did so to some shared joke or other.

She started to walk across the dirt directly in my direction. As she did so, she started to unbuckle her belt and undo the buttons on her trousers.

On reaching the undergrowth where I was in hiding, she turned around to face the barn and dropped her trousers to her ankles. Squatting down in front of me and lifting her shirt up to just under her breasts, she started to urinate onto the ground.

I was no more than two feet away from that naked arse as the stream of yellow pee started to splash on the ground. I was fascinated by the scene, I had never been as close as this to a woman having a pee, I could make out the lips of her cunt between the valley of her shapely arse as she lent forwards, and her expanding pee hole as it opened to let out the stream of liquid. I was so worked up that I wanted to reach out and fondle her cheeks and cunt in my hand.

Biting my lips to contain my sexual thoughts, at any second she might realise that the two guards were missing from their posts and raise the alarm. So far she had been so engrossed with the joke she had been party to and the task of relieving her bladder functions that she was totally unaware that they were missing.

Slowly and silently I shifted my weight ready to pounce and drew my own bayonet from its sheaf. While the girl was still in full stream, I moved forwards and clamped my hand over her mouth and dragged her backwards so that she fell on her arse with her knees spread wide open.

The move was so unexpected; the girl's stream of urine shot up in the air from between her legs and soaked the trousers around her ankles. Pulling her body back tightly into mine so that she couldn't struggle loose, I placed the point of my bayonet against the skin on her uncovered right ribs.

Her beautiful eyes grew to the size of golf balls as they looked at the blade and begged for mercy. I used the tip to feel for the gaps between her rib bones.

Finding the right spot, I slowly pushed the point home, cutting through the skin and muscle until it entered her right lung.

I could feel her tense and fight for breath as the lung collapsed. Angling the bayonet so that it was pointing in a line with her beating heart, slicing the lung and ribcage open as I did so, I pushed the blade slowly forwards until it ripped into her life-giving pump.

She died as the heart organ shredded and ceased to function. I held onto her for a few minutes until her blood starved brain had ceased to function. Again the sexual thoughts had started to return as I looked down on her young shapely body. Naked from her blood soaked ribs down to her trouser wrapped ankles, her knees splayed wide apart, displaying the blonde hairy mound of her pussy. While I waited for her to completely expire, I slid the hand that had destroyed her life to push up her top and grabbed her breast.

They felt great, so firm and soft. As her body relaxed I moved my other had that was covering her mouth down to that mound and stroked her teenage cunt, slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy, I found to my surprise that she was a virgin. What a waste, still that was war. Slowing sliding my fingers n and out of that wet pussy I was getting worked upped. But when I saw the others moving into position I had to snap out of it.

The others had started to move forward again, so I dragged her body back into the bushes and also stared to move forwards. As we stopped to listen at the side of the barn, and we could hear female voices laughing and joking on the inside. As one, all fifteen of us burst into the barn with our weapons cocked and ready.

There were nine females sitting around in a circle, their own weapons were piled up in one corner of the barn out of reach.

A simple glance told us why they had been so lapse in security, some of the girls were holding half empty bottles of vodka, and other bottles, both empty and unopened were spread out on the floor. Only one of the females seemed to be even aware of our presence to start with, a big non commissioned officer made a move to reach their weapons and was cut down by gun fire from two of our men before she had got two yards, bullets ripped into the layers of fat around her guts and chest and she was dead before her great bulk hit the ground.

The sound of the gunfire in the confines of the barn seemed to bring the other females to their senses, and they all swung around in our direction, to face looking down the barrels of our weapons. As their predicament sank in, they started to raise their hands into the air. With some of us keeping the eight remaining Russians covered, some of the men stepped forward and bound their hands together and gagged them.

They were then dragged over to the pillars supporting the barn roof and tied to the pillars with their arms still raised above their heads, ropes were passed around their ankles and tied to the base of the pillars as well.

When they were secured, we searched the barn and all their equipment for intelligence, such as maps papers and personal documents, we also pocketed things like cigarettes, lighters and money if we found them.

The girls themselves squirmed as we unceremoniously searched their pockets for ID cards and pay books, I suppose more than one girl would have got her nipples squeezed through her shirt, as her breast pockets were checked, or her pussy stroked through the material of her trouser pockets, I know when I slid my hands down a girls trousers looking for hidden items I felt around her crotch region, her young, wet and warm pussy was explored. i even managed to slide a finger in.

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The girl tried to resist only to receive a slap across her face. We handed everything we found to our commander, who had sat down where the girls had been sitting. As he looked through the papers, a couple of us reached for the bottles of vodka discarded by the girls. He stopped us immediately and instructed us to stack them in a couple of the girl's packs, to take with us for later. Two of the men were detailed to go outside on watch. While waiting for the commander we were eyeing up the eight girls, all were in Russian army uniform trousers and shirts, their tunic coats having been discarded over near their weapons.

With their arms tied up high above their heads, their breasts were being thrust upwards against the material of their shirts. It was impossible to make out the form of their legs in those baggy uniform trousers, but if the hidden legs were anything like the rest of their bodies, they would be pretty attractive. Straightening up, the commander announced that he had enough intelligence information on the girls units and positions for the recce, and instructed us to kill the girls and relax for a few hours.

We would be moving out again a couple of hours before dawn, to head back to our Tigers. We always killed any captives during recce patrols to hide our presence; because we had tanks, we would not be able to transport prisoners back to our base.

At his instructions we all looked back over at the girls, and then at each other, the same thing was going on in each of our minds. Finally the corporal voiced our thoughts to the commander, and he reluctantly allowed us to have some fun with the girls before we disposed of them. He ordered that the guard was doubled to four men and that we rostered ourselves to allow those on watch to de able to come in for their share.

The commander was of the old school of soldiers, who looked down on any impropriety, but he was also well aware of how frustrated his men had got over the last few months without female company.

These women as far as he was concerned were the enemy, and would kill him and his men at any opportunity. He had already ordered their deaths, and so they were now just living corpses anyway, if his men wanted to use their bodies first, that was fine by him.

The corporal ordered two more men outside on guard duty, leaving myself and nine other men in the barn, as well as the commander, who was going to take no part in the fun and went and curled up in the corner for a rest. The corporal himself although frustrated and wanting some of the action decided to wait until the guard changed to keep his eye on things, one of the older guys also decided to wait with him.

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The eight of us approached the tied up girls with anticipation. The look in their eyes told us that they knew they were in for trouble.

All of the girls were aged between about eighteen and twenty-five, and although there were no raving beauties amongst them, they were all fairly attractive, especially to our frustrated minds. We were all eager to see these girls in all their natural glory.

With their up-thrust breasts sticking out prominently against their shirts, it was natural for us to make these the first focus of our attentions. We opened the fronts of their shirts and tugged them out of their trouser waistbands, all but one of the girls were wearing bras, these we quickly unhooked and tore off their bodies to give us free access to their boobs. Our eager hands reached out and caressed their naked magnificent chest puppies, rubbing and squeezing those glorious mounds and savouring the feel of their tender flesh in our fingers.

Massaging and squeezing the nipples until they swelled up under the touch of our fingers, then pinching the swollen buds to bring a mixture of cries from under the girl's gags. It had been so long since we had been able to do this that we buried our faces in their bosoms and kissed them all over, sucking and biting the nipples as if it was nectar food from the gods.

Even though this was a glorious exercise we needed more, and soon our hands were dropping to the girl's waists to grope at their belts and buttons. Whether it was as a result of the vodka that the girls had been drinking, the thought that co-operating with us would save their lives, or even that they were genuinely getting sexually worked up, the girls were responding to our caresses.

The girl I was with was moaning to my mouth manipulations of her breasts, and thrusting her hips forward to assist my thumbling attempts to remove of her trousers. Finally I had the front of her trousers open and started to push them down her legs, her knickers, if any, had gone down with them and I started to feel around the junction of her legs.

She had a big thick carpet of curly hair nesting down there and I ran my fingers through the forest, sliding them down to the crease below where there seemed to be the heat of a fire burning.

As I slid my fingers along the crease, she thrust her hips forwards against my fingers, causing my digits to slide inside her hot passage of sex.

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As I glorified in the sensations, she started to fuck my fingers. God, I was really ready for a fuck, big time, and so it seemed were my other mates, who were having similar experiences with their girls.

Forcing ourselves to let go of the girls and pull away, we were able to take our first real good look at their naked bodies, all were worthy of a real good fucking, and we intended to make sure that is just what they got. Although we were gasping for it, and needed to sink our cocks into these females urgently, we didn't forget that they were enemy prisoners and couldn't be trusted.

So we only released them one at a time. Leaving their gags on, we released the ropes around their ankles and lifted their legs to remove their boots and trousers completely; next we untied their hands and slipped off their shirts before retying their arms tightly behind their backs, lashing their forearms together so that their arms were secured in the middle of their backs.

They were each moved to another part of the barn where they could be secured on their backs and their legs spread wide open and secured. The girl I had been with, was laid down on the floor between two of the pillars, ropes were attached to her ankles again and tied to the two pillars about three feet off the ground and pulled tight. This caused her wide spread legs to form a really wide V shape with her gapping wet pussy at the point, with total access.

Three other girls were tied up in a similar fashion between pillars. Two girls were tied lying on their backs on benches, with their hands and feet tied together underneath, with one leg on each side of the bench they couldn't have closed their legs if they had wanted to.

The last two girls were tied in a similar fashion on top of two hay bales, with the ropes holding their ankles to each side being passed under the bales themselves.

As soon as they were all secured we got stuck in, I decided to use the same girl as before and knelt down between her wide spread legs, dropping my pants to my knees, I rammed my swollen cock straight into her pussy as far as it would go and started to pump it rigorously in and out.

Leaning forward between her legs as I fucked her, I again started to play with those gorgeous firm breasts, this time sucking on them and biting on her nipples. She squirmed a bit in response and I pulled my face to her face and kissed her. She struggled to pull away but I forced it on. Before long she was bucking underneath me, trying to raise her hips to meet my thrusts into her cunt.


It didn't take long for my frustrations to catch up with me and I felt myself swelling in her belly. Slamming my cock into her as far as I could, I exploded my cum deep into her womb. After withdrawing I could see that the others were all finishing off with their girls and moving away. The corporal gave us all a few minutes to get over our exertions before he detailed four more men to go outside and relieve the other guards.

I was one of those picked so I checked my weapon and headed out with the others. We sat silently in the dark, unlike the stupid female Russian guards; we were well away from the barn concealed in the undergrowth. We sat for what seemed hours before we ourselves were relieved, although it was in fact only about an hour when the new guards arrived.

When we went back in, the corporal and former sentries were sitting around relaxing, the girls were all still tied up, as they had been when we went outside. As we started to cross over to them the commander sat up and informed us we had about an hour left before we moved out. He instructed us that he wanted all the girls moved and tied up kneeling across the two benches ready, and that once it was done we could take them again if we wanted before he disposed of them.

First we untied the two girls who were lying on their backs on the benches and forced them to kneel down facing them, we attached a rope to one knee then forced them to lean forwards with their bellies on the bench.

We then passed the rope under the bench, looped it around their necks once, and then passed it back under the bench to tie it off on their other knee, thus holding them securely with their arses hanging over one side of the bench and their tits over the other. All the other girls were also then moved and tied up the same way so that there were four girls secured side by side on each bench.

As a final touch each girls knees were tied to the girls knees next to her, the girls at the ends had their outside knees roped to the bench legs. From the rear we could now clearly see their pussies and arses as their legs were being held slightly parted. The two benches were facing each other so each of the four girls could see the other four.

The commander nodded his satisfaction and pointed to his watch, making it clear that time was running out for the females. So without further hesitation we once again started to play with the girls. This time I chose one of the youngest girls, a slim brunette with a really trim tight butt to have a bit of fun with. Reaching over her back to fondle her hanging tits, I started to gentle rub my semi-swollen cock in one hand until it once again began to get hard.

I rubbed the bell end up and down the crack of her cunt to get it wet before slamming it forwards into her pussy. Once again I could feel the hot sheaf of a woman gripping my cock as I pumped her sex box.

As I pumped into her pussy I noticed that the man next to me was pumping his cock into to his girls tight arse. I had heard of this but had never had the experience myself. Deciding that I would never get a better opportunity to savour the delights of screwing a woman's arse, I pulled my sticky swollen cock out of her cunt and placed its head against her tight puckered anus.

At first I couldn't get it in as the hole was so small and I had to put my hand around my cock to stop it bending and sliding away from the opening. Eventually by using my hand to guide my penis and continuing to thrust my hips forwards, I began to feel the muscles around her anus give and my bell end stretching her opening to gain purchase. I thought to myself, this is another battle the Germans are going to win.

As the tip of my cock entered her hot arse, I could feel the girl really squirming at the pain of my entry as she screamed into her gag. The sensations of her bucking in agony as my cock slipped deeper into her butt hole were fantastic on my sensitive bell end. This was no girl responding to sex like my last fuck, this was a pure vicious rape of her body. When my cock was buried up to the hilt in her tight rear passage, I started to pummel her body on the insides with my swollen member, drawing it partially out and ramming it back in again until my ball sack crashed against her cunt lips below.

This was the best fuck of my life, every part of my cock seemed to be gripped by the girls tight back passage, it was like a thousand fingers gripping onto my dick at the same time to wank me off.

A couple of soldiers on the opposite bench had shot their loads into their girls and withdrew. As they stood up and did up their trousers, the commander looked at his watch and then crossed the room to where the girls were. He drew his long knife and without speaking approached the first naked bound girl.

She saw him coming but failed to realise the significance of his actions. None of the girls had spoken German so they were totally unaware of their planned fate up until this time.

From where I was, fucking into my girls arse, I could see the girls stretched neck and the fall of her two enormous hanging tits with big swollen nipples hanging over the side of the bench. The Commander stopped in front of the big tited girl and started to play with her enormous breasts.

He then undid his trousers and forced his cock into the girl's mouth. He viciously faced fucked her until he grunted and pull out. The commander grabbed the girl's hair in his hand and forced her head up so far that her neck was stretched taught.

The girl with cum dripping out of he mouth barely had time to process what was going on. Then the commander looked into the girl's eyes, which turned to sheer terror as she finally realised what was about to happen. While I continued to pump my cock into my girls arse, I watched as the commander placed his knife against the girl's neck, near her left ear and drew the blade deeply across her exposed throat until he reached her right ear.

A gaping hole appeared which suddenly started to pump out bright red blood. As the commander let her head drop down, a pool of blood started to form on the floor below her, as her lifeblood ebbed away mixing with the cum still dripping from her mouth. The commander then zipped up his trousers and continued on. As the commander stepped up to the second girl and grabbed her hair, I also grabbed the hair of the girl I was butt fucking with both hands; I hauled her head up to face the other bench, forcing her to watch as the second girls throat was cut open.

I held her head there and used it to pull myself further and further into her arse.

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The commander didn't wait for the man to finish with the third girl. While she was being fucked between the legs from the rear, he pulled her head up and slashed her throat open with his knife.

As he let her head drop down again, the man fucking her exploded his seed deep into the lifeless girls womb.


The fourth girl on the opposite bench was also slaughtered while being fucked up the arse by her man, who again shot his load deep into her bowels as she died. I let go of my girl's head and continued to pump my cock into her anus as the commander disposed of a girl next to us. My girl was in absolute terrified hysterics by now, and her body was shaking and bucking underneath me, sending wonderful sensations from her body into the swollen head of my cock in her arse as I fucked her.

I felt her stiffen as the commander yanked her head up by her hair, her arsehole seemed to clamp tightly around my cock taking me to new heights of sensations. Her body seemed to tremble and shake as the knife was drawn slowly across her throat cutting deep into her windpipe and arteries. As her body fought a losing battle for life it shook and spasmed, transferring these sensations to her arse and my cock buried deep inside. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard wanting to feel her whole body shuttering in her death throws.

I felt myself expand to enormous proportions as I fired my hot seed deep into the dying girls bowels, shot after shot of my hot sperm blasted deep inside of her now lifeless form before I started to shrink and withdraw. "Thank you for that" I whispered to her now dead face. The commander disposed of the remaining two girls, including the one I had been fucking earlier; I was somehow pleased that she had died while she was being fucked in her pussy by one of the lads, and wondered if her body had given him the same sort of feelings that I had experienced as she died.

I walked over to her dead corpse and rubbed her large breasts one last time. "What a waste of a good bed warmer, you could have stayed home and pleasured a man for years.

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But you chose to take up arms against us. Well, at least you provide pleasure to me before you are wasted." I said my goodbyes and walked away. The last girl had already been fucked, and had to wait for her executioner to approach her now used body, terrified at what was going to be the inevitable outcome of his slicing knife. We dumped the bodies of all twelve females down an old well outside the barn, along with all their equipment and weapons, and then covered it over with the debris from an old wooden hut.

Then we got properly dressed and prepared to leave. We picked up our weapons and the two Russian packs containing the girl's vodka and headed out of the door. Collecting the four lads on guard duty on the way, we headed back along the valley towards where we had concealed the Tigers. We reached our own lines in the tanks just as the dawn was breaking and spent most of the day catching up with some much needed sleep.

That night we sat around a campfire with the captured vodka and recited the story of our night's events to the ten lads who had missed out guarding the Tigers. We were all wondering if we would meet up with any more Russian women soldiers during this war. The End