Nick Pow and Bella J Office Floor Fuck

Nick Pow and Bella J Office Floor Fuck
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Rachel meets a guy A few nights ago, Erica had to work late, so I went to a party at a friend's house alone. Where I ran into Jennifer, a girl I introduced to the pleasures of bi-sexuality and her boyfriend James.

"Hey guys!" I said walking up to them. "Hey Rachel, how are you baby?" Jennifer asked, giving me a hug. "I'm great! I recently closed the biggest sale in our company's history." I replied.

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"You here with anybody?" James asked. "No, my girlfriend Erica had to work late. So I'm here alone." I replied. As the hours passed I noticed a guy at the party constantly checking me out. Finally he walked up and starts talking to me. "Enjoying the party?" he asked.

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"My girlfriend had to work late, so it could be better," I replied. "I'm Mark," He said introducing himself, offering out his hand. "Rachel," I replied, shaking his hand. "If you don't mind me saying, you're really beautiful!

I would love for you to come to the studio so I can shoot you some time," he said with a smile. I was slightly confused. "I'm a photographer," He said clarifying himself. "I recently bought a two story where house, that I'm converting into my office, studio, and apartment.

The apartment is mostly done, but the office and studio still have a lot of work to do," He continued. "And you want to take some photos of me? Why?" I asked curiously. "Well, for one, you're really beautiful," he replied with a grin. "Have you shot many women?" I asked. "Oh, lots! I've shot women everywhere, from the UK, to France, Israel, Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, and here in the US" He said smiling.

"What part of the UK are you from?" He asked pointing out my English accent.

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"Born and raised in London, came here when I was offered a good job with great pay, selling 3-D printers. I recently closed the biggest deal in our company's history with a company down in Los Angeles." I said with a smile. "Other than women, what other things do you take photos of?" I asked curiously. "Everything, from scenery, to exclusive parties, to weddings, and models." He replied. "Would you like to see them?" he continued, offering to take me to his studio. "Ok, sure.

The party's getting boring anyway." I said. We walked out of the party, and climbed into his amazing car, a red Tesla model s. "Sexy car!" I said impressed, checking out the inside. We talked about photography during the drive over to his studio. As we pulled into the parking lot and I saw the building for the first time, I was amazed how much work it needed on just the outside, broken windows, and graffiti covered the building.

"Home sweet home! Or, at least it will be once it's done." Mark said as we entered the studio. Looking around the lower level of the building, which is going to be his office, and studio. There are construction supplies everywhere and the place is a mess, but it looks like it's going to be a fine studio. "Want to see the apartment?" he asked seductively.

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"Sure, lead on." I replied following him. We walked up a flight of stairs and into his apartment, which was about 90% complete. "Wow! This place is twice as better as my place, and yours is not even done yet." I said impressed. "Another few weeks, I'll be able to move out of James and Jennifer's home and be here." He said. "You know James and Jennifer?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, James is my cousin." He replied. "Oh, ok." I replied. Looking around his apartment, I saw some enlarged photos that he took leaning up against some of the walls.

One that caught my eye was one of a lady totally naked, sitting on her knees with her legs spread and her hands cupping her breasts. Just looking at the photo made me really wet. "Her name is Amanda; she was my lawyer when I was getting sued down in San Diego. She was the best lawyer I've ever had; she drove down to San Diego from Los Angeles to defend me in court a few weeks ago.

I took this the morning after we won the case, after a long night of partying despite her being married" He said standing behind me. 'Amanda? A lawyer from Los Angeles? In San Diego working for a client? Could it be the wife of John Cooper who Lauren and I fucked to make a sale a few weeks ago?' I thought to myself.

"She's beautiful," I said horny.


"Is her last name, Cooper? I asked suspiciously." "Yeah, how'd you know?" He asked surprised. I didn't respond. I just let out an evil smile. "You want a beer? I keep some in the refrigerator for the work crew." He asked. "Sure," I said as I took a seat on a sofa. Mark returned with two beers in his hands and handed one to me as he took a seat next to me. We chatted for a while drinking our beers; chatting about photography, work, traveling around the world.

"As soon and the studio is ready, I want to get you back here so I can shoot some photos of you," Mark said seductively "Like that shot of Amanda?" I asked seductively. "If you want." He replied with a big grin on his face and putting his hand on my thigh.

"Oh, yeah! I want to!" I said smiling. Mark then leaned into me and gave me a kiss. After breaking the kiss, I kissed him back.

After making out for a few minutes I pushed him away and took off my shirt dropping it on the ground exposing my breasts. As soon and my shirt hit the ground, Mark started sucking on my nipples.

His mouth felt unbelievable on my nipples; his sucking made me moan loudly. I pushed him away and told him to take out his cock. Mark got up and took off his shoes, pants, and underwear. He then grabbed my hand and took me to another room in the unfinished apartment where he had a matrass.

I pushed him onto his matrass and started to suck his cock making him moan and groan. Mark grabbed my hips and rolled me onto the bed, and gave me another passionate kiss.

Mark then took off my pants as I kicked off my shoes. "No panties, nice!" He said as he took off my pants. "I never wear panties, unless I really have to," I said.

"I like that!" he said excited, as he started licking my soaked pussy making me moan loudly. After a few minutes, he pulled his head away from my pussy and he inserted his cock. "Oh Mark, that feels good!" I moaned as he started to fuck me.

Mark fucked me faster and faster with each moan I let out. Soon, Mark was fucking me as fast as he could, making me have my first orgasm of the night. One of many of that night I would soon learn.

Seconds later, I wrapped my legs around Mark's back and pulled him deeper into my pussy as he came. "Oh fuck! That was great," Mark said as he pulled his cock out of my pussy. "We're not done yet, baby," I said, as I rolled on top of him and started riding his cock.

Mark put his hands around my waist and made me fuck him faster making me moan loudly. "Oh fuck! You're tight!" Mark moaned, with pleasure as I came in a powerful orgasm. Mark came shortly later, his cum filled my pussy for the second time that night.

His hot cum felt so fucking good inside my pussy. "Oh my god! I love this you cumming in my tight pussy baby!" I moaned, as I continued to fuck him.

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Mark increased in speed, with each moan I let out until we both came again in two powerful orgasms. I then climbed off of his cock and sucked it clean. "You're amazing!" Mark said, exhausted. "You're amazing too baby," I replied. "I need a break, but don't think that were done.

We're not, not yet!" I said seductively. "Ready for round two?" I asked, after two hours of pillow talk. As I asked that, I noticed, that Mark's cock got instantly rock hard "Oh, you are a horny girl," He replied as I got on all fours. Mark started to put his cock in my pussy, until I grabbed it and guided to my asshole. "Fuck me, in my ass!" I demanded. "Whatever you want baby," he said, as he started to fuck my ass.


Mark's thick cock stretched my asshole almost to the point that it hurt making me let out a loud, almost painful moan. I had to bite down on a pillow to keep from screaming as he fucked my tight asshole. "OH MY GOD!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs, as I unleashed an extremely powerful orgasm. My cum and pussy juices flowed out of me like a dam had just burst. Mark didn't stop, he kept fucking until he came in a powerful orgasm, that filled my asshole with his hot cum. Mark slowly pulled his cock from my asshole and collapsed onto the bed beside me.

"You got to move in with me baby," he said, exhausted. "Mark, I have a girlfriend. I love her; I can't just leave her," I said, rejecting his offer. "Ok, I guess.

I would love to meet her sometime," he said, putting his arm around me.

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"I think that can be arranged sometime, I replied, giving him a passionate kiss. "But right now, we're fucking!" I said excited, as I climbed onto his cock and inserted it back into my pussy for one last ride. Mark pounded me onto his cock making us have multiple powerful orgasms.

I've lost count exactly how many, but I think that it was around 6 orgasms each in that one round of fucking. In all of my years of being a horny, orgasm craving, slut, nobody made me cum that much and made me still want more.

After his last orgasm I collapsed next to him; not being able to walk, I wasn't about to try to get dressed and try to take the bus back home to be with Erica the rest of the night. "Want a ride home?" Mark asked. "In the morning," I replied, drifting off to sleep…

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