Real amsterdam whore gets a cumshot

Real amsterdam whore gets a cumshot
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3 p2 I was the last one to wake up of the three of us. When I came to I saw Hannah and Abby, huddled together a few feet from me, whispering. "How'd everyone sleep?" I yawned. "Good, we've just been chatting about last night," Hannah replied. "Abby wants to suck your cock again." That was welcome news.

"Really?" "Yeah, I told her that I suck you dry every morning, so she doesn't want your routine to be interrupted." "How considerate of her," I joked, smiling broadly at Abby.

"Yeah," Hannah agreed, "but let's let her do it instead of me. She needs the practice." I had no arguments here, so I made myself comfortable and smiled.

Abby smiled, "okay, this time is going to be really good. Hannah's been giving me some pointers." She unzipped the sleeping bag and threw the flap back, revealing my bare legs and boxer shorts. My hard on was obvious, and Abby gripped my shaft firmly.

I grunted, smiling at both of them, and wondered if she'd learned any new tricks. Abby roused and prepared me by stroking my cock through my boxers, letting the gentle friction of the fabric arouse and pleasure me. I saw Hannah move in close and start whispering. I couldn't hear but it was obviously directions for Abby, who peeled back my underwear and freed my cock. She smiled and gripped it again, rubbing my flesh with force, and opened her mouth.

Hannah continued to direct, and Abby was under orders to perform a long and thorough blowjob. This meant starting slow, licking all over but not taking me in just yet.

Abby's tongue tickled every inch of me before being directed to my balls. Here Abby was lost, unsure of how firm to be and where to aim her tongue. Hannah offered more advice but didn't once lead by example, letting Abby learn as she went, and I was happy to be her test subject. She tongued my balls awkwardly and seemed relieved to return her attention to my cock.

Finally she got the green light from Hannah to take me into her mouth. Abby's sweet lips parted, barely wide enough to fit me, and my head was engulfed.

I bucked with pleasure. At this point Hannah gently placed her hand on Abby's head and guided her motion up and down my cock, while simultaneously informing her of how to swirl her tongue, when to pull off and when to hold me in. She taught Abby the importance of saliva, you really can never get a blowjob that is too wet, and how to suction her lips around my shaft and truly suck.

After a few minutes of instruction, all wonderful, Hannah told Abby she was ready to do it on her own. With a little bit of over the top theatrics, Hannah sat back and said aloud, with hands raised, "now suck his cock!" Abby did, and Abby was a fast learner.


Her second blowjob was many times better than her first, and I envied the lucky bastard who would receive these from her once she had really gotten the hang of it.

Abby made sloppy sucking sounds, soaking my cock with plenty of slick saliva, and bobbed on me lovingly. She was able to slide further down on me than last night, not anywhere near the neighborhood of deep throating, but the pleasure was noticeably more intense.

I felt the tip of my cock brush up against the back of her mouth at her deepest. I wondered if Hannah had imparted any wisdom about how to handle fitting a cock in her throat or if that was too much for this lesson. Hannah held Abby's hair as she sucked harder.

I gyrated my hips and tried to eek out every ounce of pleasure from each downward suck of Abby's fabulous young mouth. Hannah reached and gently cupped my balls, and smiled at me as she felt them tighten with an impending orgasm. I would soon find out if Abby learned anything about how to handle my cum load. Last night she hadn't had much success, leaking and losing most of my cum. This morning wasn't much different. I had restocked over the night, and this morning I injected Abby with a torrent of thick cum.

My cock pumped and fired, spraying into Abby's mouth. She held strong, apparently determined to have a better showing than last night.

The waves kept coming, thick wads spurting and coating her mouth. I watched with joy as her cheeks filled and her little throat made quick and repeated swallowing attempts.

Still, the flow of my cum forced her to lose containment. A flood a cloudy white cum sprang from her bottom lip and rolled down the side of my cock. Hannah slid her finger to the base of my cock and gathered a helping for herself.

She sucked her finger sweetly, winking at me, while Abby still struggled to swallow and hold me in. My cum load was finished but Abby still held me in her mouth, letting me feel the sweet pleasures of her mouth contracting and squeezing as she swallowed. She finally let me loose and looked with wide eyes at the sloppy mess she'd created. "Fuck, you cum a lot. I don't know how you handle it all, Hannah." "I don't," Hannah admitted, "I can never swallow his whole load.

But I keep trying." The two laughed at this and shared a cummy kiss. A voice from outside our tent but very near startled us.

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"Alright sleepy kids, get up, we're cooking and we've got a lot going on today." "Oh fuck," Hannah rushed to cover me in case anyone popped in. Abby reached for a t-shirt and began cleaning her face, moving to another corner of the tent so as not to look like she had slept with us.

Luckily, the intruder did not open the tent, just rattled the outside and instructed us to get up. We joined the rest of the family, each of us smiling broadly, and enjoyed breakfast. The day ahead was packed with activities and I hoped the three of us wouldn't be too tired for some fun later.

The first activity was a long hike with most of the family, with a picnic in the woods. By the time we returned everyone was tired and the group consensus was that we could all use a dip in the lake. To my combined joy and dismay, this meant both Hannah and Abby changed into their bathing suits.

Hannah once again strangled her tits in the tiny light blue bikini top but also emerged wearing a matching bottom that squeezed her and drove me crazy. She had obviously bought a suit a few sizes too small because her luscious pussy lips were clearly visible, squeezed tight and looking juicy through the fabric, and the little back side of the suit was too small to stay properly on her ass.

Even though it was a regular bikini bottom, the fabric squeezed and slid and barely escaped her ass crack, turning a respectable two piece into a breath taking thong. I was worried that once wet, there was no chance the top that was barely hanging onto Hannah's luscious mounds would hold them back any longer. I daydreamed about Hannah's tits bursting free, soaking wet… Maybe Hannah was always this comfortable and open around her family, because no one seemed as shocked as I by her bikini.

Abby suit was more respectable but still stunning. Also a bikini, this red and white number fit her properly, which meant it was also fantastic. Her tits were held in place, not that they needed much holding up, and stood proudly from her chest. The curvature of her tight ass was highlighted perfectly by the smooth fitting bottom, and I couldn't believe I had explored that body so thoroughly the night before.

Just about the entire family proceeded to the lake, most everyone else in much more conservative bathing attire, and everyone looked forward to Uncle Ted and Aunt Lilly's new boat. The afternoon was full of swimming, splashing, and flirting. To my surprise, Hannah's tits did not spring free like I expected, but they did glisten radiantly and I stayed in the water most of the time to hide my noticeable hard on.

Each time Hannah and Abby playfully wrestled or splashed they looked at me, knowing I was drooling over them, and giggled. Eventually, Abby said she needed some relaxation and would be sunning herself for a while. Hannah said that was a good idea, but I held her back. "Babe," I stopped her. "Yeah Shane?" "Let's sneak off somewhere, just us." "What?" "C'mon," I pleaded, "I have to fuck you. You're outrageously sexy. Let me fuck that body." Hannah smiled and nodded.

We both emerged from the water and Hannah quickly thought up an excuse. "We're… going to get some sun block. Be right back." Abby smiled knowingly at us and mouthed the words "have fun." Hannah and I quickly trotted off the small beach and made our way up a winding path back towards camp.

Soon, I pulled her off the trail and led her into the woods. "Where are we going?" she questioned. "You'll see," I said, pushing through undergrowth until I found the spot. "This should do." Hannah giggled. "Wow," she said. "Well, we can't go back to the camp, your grandparents are there." "You're right, you're right." Hannah stood for a moment, obscured by trees and bushes, looking down from a small cliff back toward the beach.

Her family frolicked and played, and Hannah was about to be fucked. I was beyond control with desire, and I treated Hannah rough. "Come here," I commanded, pulling her by the arm. She stood before me, knowing I was going to violate her, and she whimpered. "Be gentle," she begged. I said nothing, reaching up and tugging once on her top. The thin piece fell easily and her full and beautiful tits popped free.

They stared at me, two gorgeous mounds with hard little nipples, until I lunged forward and began sucking them ferociously. Hannah moaned, then quickly looked to make sure we wouldn't be heard. I gathered her in, sucked hard on her tits, and fondled her ass roughly with both hands. My cock was throbbing and Hannah massaged it through my trunks. I moved my hands up to her neck and shoulders and forced her down to her knees.

She knelt motionless as I pulled my cock from my shorts and slapped it down heavily on her face. "Open your mouth," I commanded, and Hannah complied. Forgoing all foreplay, I aimed my cock directly at her throat and thrust. Hannah closed her eyes and eased her throat open, pushing her head onto me. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and guided her down until her nose was pushed up against my stomach. Roughly, I began fucking her throat. Hannah gagged loudly, a sound I've come to love, and began squeezing her own tits.

I grunted as I plowed her throat, feeling it give to my force and envelop my cock. Hannah never looked more beautiful than when she was gagging on my cock, and I stared deeply into her pleading eyes as I forced my meat into her soft throat. Round and full, and clearly in view sticking well out behind Hannah, was Hannah's voluptuous ass. Seeing it jiggle as I drove Hannah's face onto me reminded me of how much I loved fucking Hannah's heavenly asshole.

In the weeks since our first night together, Hannah and I engaged in some anal play. I was practically obsessed with anal and while I knew it turned her on, I wasn't sure if Hannah actually got much pleasure from it, so our anal exploits had been limited up to this point.

Roughly I pulled her off my cock, Hannah moaned loudly as she finally got to breathe, and I pulled her to her feet by the back of her head. I led her to a tree and told her to grab hold. Hannah did and I pulled her hips out, angling her so her triumphant ass was protruding as far out as possible.

I pulled Hannah's bikini bottom down and roughly pushed her legs apart. My throbbing cock brushed up against her soft ass cheeks and desire pulsed through me. I grabbed her hips roughly, using my thumbs to spread her supple ass, and I nestled my cock up against her clenched asshole.

My cock had been well moistened by Hannah's throat but we hadn't any lube to ease the upcoming insertion. I considered diving down and bury my tongue in her, like I so loved, but I was too overwhelmed with lust to bear waiting any longer. I pushed my hips forward. "Ahhh!" Hannah screamed loudly. I worried it must have been audible on the beach below and Hannah turned her head and bit her upper arm to silence herself.

Her asshole had only given millimeters, barely clenched around just the tip of my cock, but already I could feel how rough this fuck was going to be. I flexed my legs and pushed further, pulling at Hannah's hips as I did, stretching her ass to the width of my swollen cock.

Hannah was whimpering but she didn't say stop, and I don't know if I would have even if she did. The friction was intense. Hannah's ass had a vice grip on the head of my cock and with each thrust it squeezed tighter.

The heat and friction was like nothing I'd ever felt before and Hannah's ass must having been burning with pain. I engaged in one long thrust and finally broke through some unseen barrier, be it physical in Hannah's ass or psychological in her mind, and her magnificent ass accepted me.

It was still incredibly tight, and when my cock reached its deepest point it was wrapped in heat so blazing I almost couldn't handle it, but I had found my heaven. Hannah was beside herself, her legs seemed weak and her arms trembled to hold her up against the tree. I leaned forward, pressing my chest up against her back, and whispered how much I cared about her into her ear.

Hannah only winced and sighed, my cock inching deeper as I leaned in. I slid one had up off her hip and took her breasts in my hand. They overflowed my grasp and I kneaded them gently, eliciting soft sighs of pleasure from Hannah. After fondling her breasts and kissing her neck and back, I stood back up to start my assault.

At this point Hannah's ass had held me in, deep, and had gotten all the chance I was going to give it to be comfortable with my invasion. I again gripped her hips tightly and began to pull halfway out. The air outside must have been 85 degrees, but after the heat of Hannah's ass, it felt like a freezer blast on my exposed shaft.

Hannah moaned and swore while I retreated, and down right shouted when I plunged back in. I began this fucking with slow, deep strokes. Hannah swore and panted, grimacing each time my cock bottomed out.

The pleasure was surreal, and I imagined myself slowly pumping Hannah's ass for the rest of my life. But the pumps soon sped up, transitioning from strokes to thrusts, slamming Hannah's ass cheeks against my skin with a loud slapping sound.

A constant stream of animalistic grunts and growls I'd never heard before escaped Hannah's mouth. "Uhh…ahhh&hellip.nuhhhhhh…" she moaned. I thought I might have heard her trying to say 'no' but Hannah was incapable of forming words. Her body quaked and trembled so much that I think she was only holding herself up by shear will alone. I pulled at Hannah's cheeks, spreading her and finding new depths.

Hannah's ass positively burned and I wondered how she could possibly feel any pleasure with what must have been intense pain. With each inward slam I sent a concussive wave through Hannah's body. When I hit bottom her ass and tits shook violently, a true sight to behold. Hannah's body was that perfect point, neither fat nor thin, and each time we fucked I found the little shakes and bounces of her soft skin on her ass, stomach, hips, legs, and tits incredibly sexy and endearing.

I couldn't decide which I liked more: watching her bounce on my cock, or watching her shake as my cock impaled her. I was nearing orgasm, the second one of the day. The first had been in sweet Abby's warm teenage mouth.

Abby was breath taking, a goddess, and I imagined her having an ass so tight that this kind of fucking would be down right criminal. As much as I was loving this weekend and exploring Abby, I knew as my cum boiled that Hannah was the woman for me.

It may seem crass or perverted, but with my cock absolutely buried in Hannah's ass, I was positive she was my personal goddess.

With one hand I gathered a clump of Hannah's hair and pulled back. Her head rose and her back arched down, opening her ass to me like never before. My final push landed deeper and hotter than either of us imagined. Hannah screamed and I moaned with her. I held my cock there, letting the deep warmth and the writhing of each tiny muscle in Hannah's ass work me to orgasm. My cum launched from me and landed in some deep and unspeakable part of Hannah's bowels.

She could feel me filling her ass and for the first time I heard her say something that sounded like 'yes.' I continued to shotgun loads of cum into her and I could feel it backing up and forming a swirling vortex of cum around my cock.

Hannah's ass was full, between cock and cum every nook and cranny had been filled, and Hannah moaned a low sound that I knew from experience meant deep and thorough pleasure. My spent cock ached, suffocated by Hannah's ever tight and clenching anus, but I never wanted to leave. After minutes of savoring, both Hannah and I shaking, swearing, and sighing, I slowly pulled my cock from her ass.

Hannah fell to her knees when I escaped and screamed one final time. My spent cock hung limp, still engorged but exhausted. When Hannah had regained enough strength to dress and walk we hobbled back to camp, supporting each other as we went. When we reached our tent Hannah kissed me deeply and crushed her body into mine.

Between kisses she told me how great it was, how she loved it. She never exactly said it felt good, I was still unsure if it did, but she made it clear she wanted my cock to violate her ass again and again. An afternoon of lazy fun in the sun commenced. Hannah was exhausted, and after returning to the beach and the rest of the family, she spent most of the afternoon relaxing and tanning.

Abby had a big grin on her face, not know exactly what we'd done but certain that we'd had some real fun. I took a private swim myself, letting the cool water wash over me and refresh my muscles, and I saw Hannah and Abby chatting on the beach. I noticed Abby's shocked expression and assumed Hannah was relaying the details of a penetrating ass fuck. Upon returning to camp, the three of us decided we could all use showers. Hannah and I gathered our things, heading for separate showers unfortunately, and headed down.

The women's shower was free but the men's was occupied, so I trudged back up to our tent to wait my turn. Abby hadn't expected me to return. When I unzipped the tent flap I heard some clumsy rustling inside, and looking in I saw Abby wrapped in a sheet. Her face was bright red and she wore an embarrassed smile. "What's going on in here?" I asked, entering and zipping the flap behind me.

"Nnn… nothing," she peeped, and I knew she was lying. I reached and tugged at the sheet. The thin fabric fell and I saw Abby, sitting sheepishly, her perky tits exposed with nipples standing straight out, and one of her hands buried between her legs. I smiled wide, and Abby giggled. "Well obviously something was going on." "Yeah," she shrugged, "I was thinking about what Hannah told me.

About you. About…" "About this," I said, sliding my trunks down to my knees. My cock was half swollen, hanging as I stood. Abby smiled. "Uh-huh," she said, reaching her free hand up to cradle my cock. I stepped closer to her, standing almost up right in the center of the tent, so she could firmly grasp my cock. Both her hands began moving, one slowly massaging my growing erection, the other continuing between her legs. She spread slightly and I saw her hand resting in her crotch, her middle finger disappearing inside her juicy pussy.

"So, tell me about it," I urged her. "Hmmm, well, I was thinking about how you were rough with her." Abby closed her eyes, imaging the scene from the woods. "And, uhhh, and how you fucked her, um, you fucked her…" "I fucked her ass," I said proudly.

As the words left my mouth Abby groaned and rocked on her finger. "You like thinking about my cock in Hannah's ass?" "Ohhh," she cried, her hand squeezing her delicious pussy and pushing her finger deeper.

"Yeah, oh yeah." She tried her best to keep stroking me but she was clearly focused on her own pleasure. "Do you ever think about getting fucked in the ass?" I asked.

Abby shook her head. "I, uhhhh, I think about it, but I could never, ahhhhh, never do it. I haven't even had sex yet." She was right, Abby was so tight and inexperienced that she was not near ready to explore anal sex. Then again, so was Hannah during our first time… "I have an idea," I said, and Abby finally opened her eyes and looked up at me. "You're not fucking my ass, Shane," Abby warned.

I laughed. "No, don't worry. Just, here." I took Abby's hand and laid down next to her, on my back. "How about you suck my cock, and straddle your beautiful pussy over my face while you do it." Abby smiled. "69? Okay." With that she repositioned, spreading herself over me and lowering gently onto my waiting mouth. She gasped as I slowly melted into her folds, savoring her flavor, and began massaging her hot pussy with my tongue.

Abby leaned forward and gripped my cock, extending her tongue and teasing the tip. Her pussy was still firmly on my mouth, but as Abby leaned forward I watched in absolute amazement as her sexy ass slowly parted. For the first time I saw Abby's virgin, teenage asshole, a creamy pink opening no wider than a pencil.

I yearned for it, remembering fondly the first time my cock pushed Hannah's insanely tight asshole open. Abby smothered my cock with her mouth.

She had clearly taken a liking to sucking cock and with each time she was trying to suck better than the last. Her warm little mouth was fantastic, eagerly slurping and sucking. I continued to eat Abby's pussy, driving her to moan in pleasure on my cock, but I could never take my eyes off of Abby's remarkable asshole. I watched as it clenched and relaxed, minor twitches, as she rocked on my face.

Soon I couldn't take the temptation any longer. My hands slid up and took firm grasp of Abby's ass. She still sucked happily, meeting the slight thrusting of my hips with long downward strokes of her mouth.

She was getting me deeper than before, nestling my cock up against the precipice of her throat before sliding it back out. Slowly, my tongue made the short journey from Abby's pussy, wriggling through warm and juicy folds, to her untouched ass. I heard a stifled yelp when the tip of my tongue first contacted her hole, and I held it steady there for a moment to let Abby relax.

She did, slowing her sucking down in anticipation. I wiggled my tongue and began circling her tiny hole, tickling the taught skin. Abby squealed and moaned and finally pulled off my cock. Soon I licked feverishly, soaking the outside surface of her asshole, and Abby whispered quietly, telling me to "lick my butthole." I did, I licked it passionately. Soon I pushed my tongue, struggling to slip it in, and began to caress the inner walls of her anus.

Abby yelped and rocked back, sitting on my face now, and moaned constantly as I gently tongue-fucked her ass. She tasted great, Hannah always did also, and her asshole twitched with each plunge. My tongue was suffocated, unable to even push all the way in.

My cock was straining, ready to explode, and I needed release. I eased my exploration some, felt Abby relax, and used one hand on her back to guide her back down to my cock. She obliged, taking me back into her warm and moaning mouth. As she did her asshole was exposed again, wet and glistening. My hand remained on her back, keeping her sucking, while my other migrated towards her delectable hole. I swirled the surface with my pinky finger and Abby squealed loudly on my cock.

She was trying to focus on sucking, but the anal pleasure was distracting her. I thrust my hips harder to get the full use of her mouth, and I gently pushed my pinky against her hole. The resistance was unreal. Abby was screaming now, stifled by my cock, and she yelped when my finger finally breeched her defenses. My pinky poked in, strangled by her asshole, only as deep as the nail, but the sensation sent Abby into convulsions, and it brought me to orgasm.

Abby was screaming on my cock and was unprepared to handle a load. My cum erupted and engorged her mouth. I heard her gag and choke as cum stuffed her throat and stifled her moans. She gurgled and pull off, my cock still spewing cum skyward.

Abby coughed and choked, cum dripping from her mouth, as thick rockets landed on her cheeks and chin. I didn't push Abby's ass any further, knowing she couldn't handle much, but I finished by devouring her sweet asshole one final time. Abby didn't even bother trying to clean up my cum, she just laid above me and sighed, trying to take it all in. When we had both caught our breath I asked, "Abby, would you like to see me fuck Hannah's ass?" Abby nodded sharply and said, "that would be so fucking hot." It would be and I hoped we'd find time for it before the fast evaporating weekend closed.

After a few minutes, Abby and I managed to clean up enough to make our way to the showers. As we did we met Hannah, who informed me the men's shower was free. I continued to the bath house but Hannah and Abby stopped to chat. I wondered if Abby would tell Hannah about what just happened and how Hannah would feel about it. I knew she would be okay with Abby and I having some fun, but I wondered how she would feel about me anally exploring her cousin. After showers and dinner, the family spent most of the night together around the fire.

It was the last night of the trip, we'd be leaving tomorrow sometime in the afternoon, so it was a big camp fire party. Hannah's family was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the party, but my mind kept wandering to Hannah and Abby.

Hannah had told me that we would make love with Abby and it would be her first time. I assumed tonight would be the night and anticipating such an event was making the party drag on forever. Alas the party bore on until midnight, and not wanting to leave suspiciously early, the three of us stayed and spent some quality time with the family.

The entire time we winked and smiled at each other and when the party finally dispersed we three were seething with pent up desire. When the three of us reached our private campsite, holding hands and giggling, Hannah finally spoke up.

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"I heard about what you did," she said to me, Abby smiling wide. Hannah feigned anger but was licking her lips and squeezing my arm with lust as she spoke. "You licked my cousin's ass? Huh, you violated my teenage cousin?" I just shrugged. "She seemed to enjoy it." Hannah glared at Abby before dropping the act and blowing a kiss. "Yeah, you're just turning this whole family into sluts aren't you?" I pulled Hannah close to me and motioned to Abby to join us.

She grabbed Hannah around the waste and rested her head on Hannah's shoulder. "No," I said, staring deeply into Hannah, "just you two beautiful angels." Hannah pushed her lips up for a kiss, which I met, while Abby began sweetly kissing Hannah's neck.

Abby's hands slid down between us, one fondling my package while the other rubbed Hannah's pussy through her shorts. I caressed both as much as I could, my hands struggling to take in both these gorgeous women at the same time. My lips alternated between Hannah's kisses, her supple neck, and Abby's sweet lips. The mass of us slowly migrated towards the tent but when we reached it Hannah stopped us.

"Let's do it out here," she suggested. Abby smiled up at me. "What? Where?" I asked. "On the picnic table," Hannah smiled. "C'mon, it'll be fun. We'll be able to see if someone's coming from way off.

Plus, Abby and I already decided on it." "When do you two find the time to discuss all this?" I asked rhetorically. Hannah just winked and began leading us to the table. Being the beginning of the camp season the table had been recently refinished, leaving a smooth surface devoid of agonizing splinters.

I wondered how many people, if any, had ever fucked on this table before, and if it had ever seen a threesome. I guessed probably not, but then again some wild shit was happening in these woods.

Hannah and Abby had definitely spoken about this before and they seemed to have a choreographed routine prepared. I was happy to play my part. At the edge of the table Abby dropped to her knees and began eagerly pulling both mine and Hannah's shorts to the ground. Hannah whispered to me, "fuck me first baby, but save it for Abby." I nodded, willing to go along with anything these two had in mind.

Hannah and I resumed deeply kissing as both of us stood naked from the waste down. Abby looked at us with ravenous desire in her eyes. First she engulfed my cock, sucking furiously. After a few sucks she released and moved to Hannah, who put one leg up on the table bench to open herself.

Abby blew a kiss to Hannah, about to taste her cousin's pussy for the first time, and dove in. Hannah rocked back with pleasure, before placing her hand on the back of Abby's head and driving her pussy down. Abby was tonguing her with lust like I'd never seen, these two really loved being with each other, and Hannah was quickly panting and moaning.

Abby switched gears again, swallowing half my cock, letting Hannah catch her breath. This back and forth continued a few more times, both Hannah and I building to orgasm but being denied release. "Sit on the table," Hannah instructed me. "Yeah, now put your feet on the bench." I did and Hannah climbed upon me.

I sat on the table, feet on the bench, and Hannah straddled my towering erection. She slowly came down on me, gasping as my cock impaled her, and wrapped her legs around me. I held her ass firmly with both hands. Abby struggled to help us both removed our shirts and began shedding clothes of her own.

Hannah sat for a minute, my cock buried completely within her, before beginning to grind. I loved Hannah's pussy, fantastically warm and tight, and I wondered if I'd be able to maintain control and not cum before it became Abby's turn. Hannah, with guidance from my hands, began bouncing on my cock. She moaned with pleasure as each bounce landed me deep within her.

Abby caressed and kissed her back, watching my cock penetrate her cousin. Soon Hannah lifted, pulling off of me, and my cock sprang free from her pussy.

I thought this indicated the switch to Abby but Hannah stayed put, hovering over me. My cock was wet and sticky and the night air felt cold on my skin. I felt gentle fingers wrap around my cock and pull it slightly down, and then a new warm and wet opening surround me. Abby was sucking me, slurping at the juices that Hannah had soaked me with.

Hannah craned her neck to watch, cooing with deep lust as her cousin sucked my cock. Abby released me and guided my cock back to Hannah's sweet opening. The fucking resumed, hotter and harder than before. Every dozen thrusts or so Hannah would retreat again and Abby would devour my cock in her mouth. As the orgy continued, Hannah sat heavily on my cock, pushing it into her velvety depths. My cock was crushed into the deepest recess of her hot pussy. She nibbled at my ear and said, "Shane, fuck my cousin, please fuck her." I kissed her and told her I would if she wanted me to.

"Oh, yeah, please fuck her for me," Hannah begged. I lifted Hannah from me and she rolled onto the table. Abby once again moved to suck me but I stopped her, pulling her gently up and leaning down to kiss her.

Our tongues danced and she began climbing onto the table herself. Hannah rejoined us and directed me off the table. Then Abby sat at the table's lengthwise edge and laid back, stark naked and beautiful before us. She laid on her back with her ass at the edge of the table, her legs dangling over.

I leaned down to Abby, our bodies pulsing with heat, and asked her if she was ready.


She looked nervous but assured me she wanted this, and Hannah joined us in a three way kiss. I stood back up and told Abby to relax, I would take it slow, and to please tell me how it feels and if I should stop. Abby nodded and watched with wide eyes as I placed my hard cock on the outside of her pussy. No man's cock had ever been there and, selfishly and unrealistically, I silently wished that this sweet young goddess would be mine forever.

I ran my cock along the outside of Abby's pussy, her slick juices mingling with Hannah's, and savored this moment. Hannah watched us, gently rubbing Abby's chest and stomach and reminding her to relax. I placed the tip of my cock at Abby's virgin hole and smiled at her as warmly and lovingly as I know how. I gently, agonizingly slowly, pushed forward. Her pussy lips parted and accepted me, surrounding my cock with warmth.

Abby's mouth opened wide, a long moan punctuated by virgin yelps escaped. I felt Abby's circumference, not as wide as I, and I felt it stretch to meet the demands of my cock.

She was breathing sharply and biting her lip. As my shaft slowly disappeared within Abby began to rock, my cock was stimulating nerves that had never been touched before.

I was hesitant to push in all the way but as long as Abby didn't protest I continued the slow entrance. Soon my cock reached the pinnacle, Abby's virgin pussy clamped around it, twitching, and I held it here. Abby was moaning and bucking, her pussy refused to relax and strangled my cock.

"How's that?" Hannah asked, but the reply was only grunts. Hannah smiled at me and moved to the next stage of this preplanned show. She moved her angelic form up and over Abby, facing me, and straddled her cousin's face. She carefully lowered herself onto Abby's mouth, using two fingers to spread her pussy open. I watched as Abby reached her tongue upwards and it disappeared in Hannah magnificent pussy.

Hannah let out a deep sigh, her eyes fluttering behind closed lids, before leaning to meet me. We kissed and smiled, each of us being pleasured by her divine cousin. Concentrating on eating Hannah's pussy, Abby began to relax. Her pussy was still a vice around my cock but the spastic twitches subsided and I decided I could move again.

As slowly as when I entered, I began pulling my cock from Abby's pussy.

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She moaned loudly into Hannah's folds as I retreated, and any relaxing she had done was replaced by tense clenching. I only pulled out slightly, not wanting to over stimulate her, before pushing back down again. Abby was a torrent of screams and cries, luckily all stifled by Hannah's pussy rocking on her face, as I fucked her tight pussy as slowly and gently as I knew how. Speed and force, while wonderful, were not necessary to great sex.

Holding back and being as gentle as possible was driving me wild and the pleasure from each millimeter of Abby's virgin pussy was overwhelming. Hannah told me to cum whenever I felt it, not to hold it too long because she wasn't sure how much Abby could take. I understood, and the desire to flood Abby with cum began boiling up inside me.

Hannah reached between Abby's legs and using her thumb and forefinger, pinched Abby's pussy lips together along the sides of my cock. Abby absolutely quaked with pleasure and I hoped desperately that she was enjoying herself. We had introduced Abby to sex this weekend and up until now the introduction had been a rousing success.

Everything we did Abby enjoyed and she clearly was in a comfort zone with us. I hoped this, her first time, would be a success as well, the thought of Abby recoiling from us and sex because of a traumatic first time was more than I could bear. I grabbed Abby's hips and one final time thrust myself into her depths.

Abby was breathless now and I doubt she was providing Hannah with much pleasure. Hannah's fingers gently rubbed the base of my cock and Abby's pussy lips as my cum began pulsing down my shaft. My thick and sticky load coursed through my cock and began to fill Abby's heavenly pussy. Hannah matched Abby in moans and was certainly enjoying watching me pump the cum she so loved into another pussy.

My cock flexed and fired repeatedly, soaking Abby like she'd never experienced. She twitched and quivered and her pussy positively devoured my cum. I dumped my entire load into her, holding myself deep and savoring a truly once in a lifetime moment. When my convulsions finally stopped I felt Abby relax, her entire body softened and went limp. Hannah was beside herself panting and squeezing her tits. I staggered as I tried to withdraw my cock. Abby's pussy, virgin no longer, had a grip on it tight.

I slid free and trembled. Cum began to leak from Abby's puffy pussy. Hannah acted accordingly, leaning down and gingerly inserting her tongue. Hannah was careful to be gentle as Abby's swollen pussy didn't look like it could take much more penetration.

Hannah scooped up globs of cum and was sure to use long soft licks to caress her cousin's throbbing pussy. We made our way to the tent, the three of us a tangle of kisses and hugs. None of us could believe what had just happened. Abby was basically speechless, and though Hannah and I both wanted to ask her all about it, we decided to let her relax.

We fell into the sheets and snuggled like first time lovers. My two beautiful women held each other close and I wrapped an arm around the pair, and a deep sleep washed over us in no time. When I awoke Abby and I were alone.

It was clearly early, shreds of morning light barely blinked into the tent, and Abby was laying on my chest, absent mindedly swirling a finger through my light hair. "Where's Hannah?" I asked. "Hmm, oh, she went to get us breakfast," Abby said. "Shane, last night was amazing." "Really? I mean it was, I loved it, but I didn't know if you did." Abby kissed my chest. "I did. I mean, it hurt some, I won't lie, but beyond that there was a feeling I can't even describe. It was wonderful." I smiled and kissed her forehead, happy to hear this, though the next bit was a little sobering.

"Shane?" "Yeah?" "I loved it. And, I don't want to be with anyone else." I was confused. "What about your college guy friend?" "No," Abby corrected, "I mean, I don't ever want to be with anyone else. I want you and Hannah, always." "Well listen, I mean, I don't think that's really an option." Abby nodded slightly. "I know, I mean I'm not trying to suggest anything, I'm just being honest.

I wish the three of us could be together, you know, like really be together." I was touched by what Abby was saying, and it did sound like a marvelous fantasy world, but it was unrealistic, and I hoped the impact Hannah and I had made on this impressionable youngster wouldn't end up being destructive. Abby sighed and nestled into me. Moments later Hannah returned, sporting a cornucopia of treats. "C'mon," she said, kneeling at the opening of the tent.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "Well we can't eat breakfast in bed, silly," she laughed and motioned for us to get up. Abby and I put on some clothes and followed Hannah out of the tent. It was very early and the woods were quiet. Hannah led us past the picnic table and into the forest.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see," Hannah winked. Usually Hannah and Abby planned any adventures together, but Abby seemed just as confused as I. We continued through the woods until we were quite far from camp and definitely alone. Hannah carried a picnic basket and eventually led us to a small stream. "Perfect," she exclaimed and she turned to smile at us. She pulled a blanket out of the basket and spread it a few feet from the stream edge.

Abby helped her pull breakfast goodies out of the basket and spread them out. Hannah had collected a few doughnuts, little boxes of cereal, single servings of milk, juice boxes, and a healthy looking cantaloupe.

I knelt down to join them but Hannah stopped me. "Ah ah, you stand there," she commanded. I looked quizzically at her but she insisted. Abby seemed uncertain but stayed silent. Hannah took out a knife and split the cantaloupe in half. The melon was ripe and juicy. She set half aside and said it was mine, the other half they would share. "Shane, do you think we're sexy?" Hannah asked with pouting eyes. Abby joined in, kneeling next to Hannah in front of me and smiling sweetly at me.

"Uh huh," I nodded. "Have you had fun fucking us this weekend?" I nodded again. Hannah glimpsed down at my bulge and asked the obvious, "does thinking about fucking us make you hard?" I smiled and said fuck yes. Hannah and Abby teased me, each one running their hands over their own bodies, feeling themselves through their clothes.

"It's time Abby saw how we really operate," Hannah said, smiling devilishly at me. Then her expression turned serious. "Cum on my breakfast." Abby giggled and licked her lips. I smiled and removed my now hard cock and waited but neither of them moved to touch it. "Nuh uh," Hannah shook her head, "we've done enough for you. This one's for us. Stroke that cock. We want to watch you masturbate." I obliged.

It wasn't hard to get aroused by these two. I removed my shirt and pushed my shorts to the ground. My cock stood proudly and my balls hung gently in the cool morning air. I wrapped my hand around my throbbing shaft and both girls gasped.

"You're both so sexy," I said. "Don't talk, just stroke," Hannah commanded. I grinned and started, slowly sliding my hand all the way up my head and then back down. My cock ached and I wished I could be inside one of them.

I knew blowing my first load of the day would feel amazing but I still burned to do it with their help. Alas, I would have to go it alone. Defiantly, I began throttling my cock. The girls grinned as my hand squeezed and pumped.

The usual fantasies, like dreams of Hannah's heavenly asshole or sweet mouth, or even new fantasies involving Abby's divine form, were not even necessary. In front of me I had both beautiful women, their angelic faces staring up at me with intense lust, rubbing themselves and licking their lips each time they glanced at my cock.


It was enough to make any grown man absolutely explode. Hannah reached down and picked up her half of cantaloupe. "Pump that fucking cock," she ordered. I stroked harder, burning with desire. "Stroke it, stroke that beautiful cock," Abby chimed in. Hannah held the melon up to me with both hands, holding inches below my furiously pumping fist. "Give me that yummy fucking load," Hannah said sternly.

"Oh, cum for us baby," Abby pleaded. That was all the encouragement I needed. My cock was bulging, the pleasure up and down my shaft was unbearable, and my cum rushed to climax. I leaned forward to angle my cock into the hollowed out middle of the melon. A watery burst shot forth, clearing the way for a tidal wave, and splattered against the orangeish inside of the fruit. I quaked as the pleasure of orgasm overcame me. A thick wad fire out, accompanied by a deep groan from myself and a lustful moan from each girl, and smeared into the melon.

I bombarded the fruit, pumping out mouthful after mouthful of thick milky cum. A pool of swirling cum, splashing as each new thick wad fired into it, formed in the fruit. I gasped as the climax reached it's zenith and the spastic bursts were replaced by one long rope of cum streaming out of me.

I thought I might faint, my cock was so alive with tingling pleasure, and the final splatters of sticky cum dripped into the bowl. Hannah hadn't missed a drop and was now mesmerized, watching my cum pool up in her breakfast.

My cum load was enormous and Hannah and Abby looked from it to each other in amazement. The pool, a mix of textures, densities, and shades from nearly clear, to stark white, to milky pearl, to foggy translucent grey, filled up more than half the volume of the melon. "That should do," Hannah finally joked. I settled down onto the blanket and gathered my breakfast.

I didn't eat much of it, though, as I watched these two beauties parse out and savor my cum. They began by each pouring a bowl of cereal in little styrofoam bowls. With little plastic spoons they heaped cum onto their cereal, a couple of spoonfuls each, and began munching away. I was hypnotized. With each crunch of cereal, little globs of cum smeared their lips and they licked it up hungrily.

Hannah then coated two doughnuts with a thick layer of slippery cum, spreading it from edge to edge, and bit in eagerly. Abby followed munched on hers, the cum pool noticeably smaller now but not gone, and even began dipping her doughnut in it.

This saturated her treat, her doughnut became soggy with cum, and she suckled and savored it and repeatedly expressed her love for my cum. The two finished by sharing the cantaloupe, scooping out melon soaked in cum and devouring it. Eventually the juice from the melon was completely mixed with the remaining bit of cum and they took turns tipping the melon back and drinking the juicy cum mixture down.

I smiled sadly as the breakfast display ended. This weekend had been amazing, but soon it would be over. We made our way back to camp and joined the family for breakfast. The girls didn't eat much. On the way we were mostly silent, and I think each of us was realizing how bitter sweet this trip was turning out to be. While Abby's desires to be with Hannah and I longer term had seemed juvenile not long ago, now I think Hannah and I were thinking the same thing.

The morning wore on and people began packing up. We slowly dismantled our tent and supplies, trying to make the hours we had left last forever. Most everyone wasn't leaving until that afternoon and we knew our hours to be together were slipping away. We desperately wanted to be together one last time and needed an excuse to get away from the family. Around noon the entire family decided to head to the lake for one more swim. Hannah's relatives would take the boat out and even the most elderly of her family decided they'd at least cruise on the boat for a while.

Abby whispered to us that she had an idea. We watched as she approached some relatives and began complaining of a nasty stomach ache. Abby, being kind of a princess in the family, was immediately fawned over by many of her relatives. A few aunts offered to stay back and comfort her but she insisted they go, have fun. When finally asked if there was anything at all they could do, Abby looked at them with a darling face and just asked, if it wasn't too much, to hang out in the new RV and watch a movie.

Of course they said it was fine and Hannah immediately offered to stay back and comfort her favorite cousin. Since I was basically attached to Hannah, the clever trick excused me from the day's activities as well. We watched as the mass of family departed and I wondered how none of them were suspicious of the three of us spending so much alone time together.

But, I guess they just didn't expect this sort of thing from sweet, young Abby or from shy, innocent Hannah. Once they were out of sight, we eagerly climbed into the RV. Hannah locked the door behind us.

The new RV was as nice as expected, damn near a mobile apartment, and my mind raced at all the possible sexy adventures we could have if we had it to ourselves for a while. As soon as we were inside, Hannah and Abby locked in embrace, kissing passionately. I moved in to join them, and Hannah asked Abby if she was still sore from last night or if she would be willing again. "Actually," Abby smiled at me, "Shane and I were thinking something different." Hannah turned and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Were you now?" I smiled and Abby continued, "well, you see, I just can't believe that you can fit Shane's gigantic cock up your ass. I mean, how do you do it?" "Oh," Hannah laughed, "it takes some work." "Yeah, well, I won't believe it until I see it." Abby had a naughty grin and Hannah looked a little shocked. "You want to watch Shane ass fuck me?" "Well," Abby shrugged, "yeah. I mean, I'll have some fun too, but yeah, I want to see that so bad." The three of us restarted kissing and I guess that settled the matter.

I started a DVD in the player, on mute, just so we were prepared in case there was a knock on the door. Hannah and Abby moved to a cushy couch, kissing and fondling, and I tried my best to peel clothes off of these goddesses. Hannah seemed determined to take in as much of Abby as she could while we still had her, and I'll admit even though I loved nothing more than fucking Hannah's ass I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be enveloped by Abby's sweet warmth again.

Hannah sucked hard on Abby's perky nipples while I gave my attention to Hannah. She was soaking through her panties and I lovingly fingered her sopping pussy while she attended to Abby. When I finally removed Hannah's panties, exposing her lovely ass and pussy, Abby halted Hannah and said it was time. Abby stood up and Hannah moved into position. She moved to one end of the couch, bracing herself by the elbows on the arm rest, and pointed her magnificent ass at us.

She turned her head to watch us and smiled as we adored her ass. I spanked her voluptuous bottom, not violently, to watch her sexy ass bounce and shake. Abby had a wide smile and gave Hannah the same spank, followed by a deep groping and kneading of Hannah's full and luscious ass.

"What a sexy booty," Abby winked at Hannah as she fondled. I sat down behind Hannah and Abby knelt beside me. I gently spread Hannah's ass, displaying a soaking pussy and her unbelievable asshole. "Isn't it so beautiful," I asked Abby. She nodded, lost for words.

"And it tastes so good, just like yours." Abby was rubbing herself gently between her legs. "Get it wet for me, Abby." "What?" she asked, caught off guard by my request. "I need it slick to get my cock in there. Why don't you do it." Hannah's eyes were closed but she was biting her lip and breathing deep. "Do it baby," Hannah pleaded, "oh Abby, baby, please lick my asshole." I rubbed Abby's back to reassure her and after glancing at me with nervous excitement, she leaned in.

Abby stretched her tongue out ahead of her and moved cautiously. Finally, as my cock strained in agony, her sweet tongue touched her cousin's asshole. Hannah exhaled and her hole clenched.

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"That's it baby," I encouraged Abby. Abby began to slowly lick the outside of Hannah's tight hole. I watched, enraptured, as it moistened with saliva and Hannah began to moan. Abby's tongue was nimble, as my cock would know, and it danced across Hannah's ass and teased her twitching hole. "Ah, mmmm, fuck, baby, fucking&hellip." Hannah was loving every second of it. "Fuck, Abby, fuck, please, ah, get in there baby, please!" Abby responded, pushing her tongue down. I watched as Hannah's delicious hole parted and accepted her cousin's tongue.

Abby was tongue fucking her now, wriggling her tongue inside to stimulate the walls of Hannah's anus. The more Hannah cried the faster and deeper Abby probed. The sight was truly the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Abby, the gorgeous teen beauty, had her serene face buried in the voluptuous ass of my Hannah. Abby's tongue worked feverishly, and I nearly came as I watched Abby push in to her limit and I saw her throat muscles flex as she desperately tried to dive her tongue in further.

Abby devoured Hannah's asshole. Out of breath, Abby pulled free and Hannah wiggled with pleasure. Abby looked up at me and asked, "slick enough?" I nodded and pulled my cock free as quickly as I could. I stood over Hannah and my bulging cock was ready to penetrate her. Abby reached up and took me in her hand and began guiding my cock to Hannah's asshole.

The tip reached the slick fuck hole and Abby released. She held her face very close, right under me, and watched wide-eyed as I flexed and pushed.

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Hannah screamed as I bore her ass open. This wasn't the first time, and it was slicker and wetter than yesterday in the woods, but I don't think her ass will ever have an easy time taking me in. With pressure it gave, stretching and swallowing me. Hannah moaned and grunted, and Abby made amazing little sounds of pleasure and desire. My swollen cock slid deeper and deeper, violating Hannah liked I loved so much, until I felt that familiar bliss of being completely buried in Hannah's ass.

Her tight fuck hole was hot and welcoming. Abby's ass play had relaxed and prepared Hannah for my cock, and though it was always amazingly tight and hot, Hannah's ass felt ready for a firm fucking. Moving in half strokes, I began rhythmically fucking Hannah's sweet ass. The pleasure was intense, Hannah's ass clenched around me and devoured my cock. I pushed her open with each thrust, causing Hannah to scream and Abby to moan loudly.

"Ahhh, you, uhhhh, like that, Abby?" I asked. "Fucking hot, so fucking hot!" Abby answered. She kept reaching in to join us, gently, sliding her fingers around my slippery shaft as it plunged, squeezing Hannah's ass, or fondling my balls. I clamped a hand on Hannah's shoulder and pushed her head down, angling her ass higher and allowing me complete access.

I still pounded hard and each thrust landed millimeters deeper than the last. Hannah swore and yelled and told me she fucking loved it. My cock thunderously slammed Hannah's ass and would soon explode. "Uhhhh!!!" Hannah grunted as Abby used her sweet hands to spread Hannah's ass open to me. "Fuck her, oh Shane, fuck that butt hole!" Abby urged me on. I responded, slamming harder and harder into poor Hannah.

"Ahhhh!" I moaned as orgasm approached. "Cum all over that fucking asshole!" Abby cried. A few deep thrusts later I complied. Hannah's gripping ass massaged me to orgasm, and I pulled out sharply. Hannah moaned and clenched. I pulled my cock out of Hannah's ass but left it hovering just an inch above her violated little hole. A thick load rose up and blasted out of me, exploding against Hannah's ass and quickly flooding her.

Abby reached her hand up and cupped it just below Hannah's pussy to catch any cum that drained from hitting the couch. I dumped a heavy load, not quite as large as this morning, but thick and hot onto Hannah's asshole. The cum pooled up and spilled over, dripping down and sliding through Hannah's juicy pussy folds.

I shook the final spurts of cum from my cock and leaned back, admiring the mess I'd made out of Hannah's ass. Abby, overcome with lust, dove in where I had vacated. She buried her face between Hannah's cheeks and began ravenously devouring Hannah's cum soaked asshole.

Moist slurping noises filled the RV as Abby hungrily gathered in my load, digging her tongue into Hannah's ass to find my cum. Hannah was overwhelmed and breathless. Abby's face was smeared with sloppy cum, and she looked gorgeous. Abby finished by carefully licking Hannah clean all over, to be sure not to make a mess in the RV, sucking down the thick pool that had accumulated in her hand, and then by enjoying a few sucks on my swollen but softening cock.

She seemed to love the taste of the inside of her cousin's asshole. My greatest desires were being fulfilled and I wanted this moment to last forever. Hannah and Abby spent the next half hour or so locked deep in passionate kisses.

I savored the satisfaction of another cum-draining ass fucking. When the passion subsided, the three of us talked at length about how this weekend was a limited time only situation, that Abby would have to go her own way and we would be best to leave it at that. None of us wanted to say it, but there really wasn't anything else that could be said. Abby cried and Hannah wanted to. We noticed the end of the silent movie on the DVD player and decided we should probably exit the RV and join the rest of the family.

We were all sad and quiet, knowing the fun had to come to and end. That was basically where we left it. When final goodbyes came around we all hugged, but the family was around so no words of love or desire we exchanged. Our longing stares at each other said it all. Abby climbed back into the red sedan, as beautiful as when she arrived, and left us.