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Naruto, Ino, Shino, and Ibiki were waiting for the boat to arrive that would take them back to the Leaf Village. Kyuubi, in her kit form, was asleep in his backpack. They had been sent to Sea Country to eliminate a sea monster that had been attacking and looting ships as they transported their goods.

Anko had wanted to go along with them, since she knew the area, but Tsunade had denied her request since she was three months pregnant. So Ibiki was sent in her place. The mission had been one surprise after another. First they ran into Kabuto's teammates from the chunin exam. Then Naruto was rescued from drowning but a girl who was said to have been spirited away, Isaribi.

However, Isaribi had really been taken by a scientist named Amachi and had her body manipulated. She was really the sea monster that had been attacking the ships in order to get Amachi to return her to her original body.

In the end, after Naruto had knocked some sense into her and Amachi had been captured, he admitted that he had been lying to her and that there was no cure. Now the mission was over. Ibiki had offered Isaribi to come along with them and see if Tsunade could do anything to help out.

Isaribi didn't seem so sure until Naruto mentioned that she was one of the best med-nins in the world. She then quickly said yes and then went to get her things. So here they were, waiting for her. "She's late," said Ibiki. He then turned and looked at Naruto. "Uzumaki, go get her. The boat will be arriving soon and it will leave two hours later." Naruto nodded and began to run in the direction of the hut where Isaribi lived.

"Wait I'll go with you," called out Ino. However, Ibiki grabbed her shoulder and held her back. "It only takes one to get someone else," said Ibiki. Ino pouted a bit and crossed her arms. She had been so happy that she was the only one of the girls who was going with Naruto.

This meant more sex for her without having to share. Having Sasame around meant she had to wait an extra day for her fair share! There was one snag with Ino's plan, the other two in their team. Ibiki watched them like a hawk and Shino could use his bugs to detect scents.

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Several times he mentioned that her pheromone levels had increased meaning that she was horny. Damn right she was, but she couldn't say that to him while on a mission.

Now, all she could do was hope to get some action while they were on the ship. --- Isaribi was sitting on a rock in the water in front of her hut. Her black hair was tied up into two bands on each side of her face. She wore a blue shirt and shorts on top of her bandages. Her feet were in the water as she savored the feel of the waves one last time before she left.

She had always loved the water ever since she was a little girl. Even though so many bad things had happened here, she would miss the sea. "Hey Isaribi-neechan," called Naruto's voice. Isaribi was snapped out of her thoughts and saw Naruto running towards her.

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Once he was close, he set down his backpack and walked on top of the water over to her. Once he was next to her he sat down and gave her his famous foxy smile that caused her to blush. "Are you ready?" "H-Hai," she answered.

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"Great," said Naruto as he started to get up. But he was pulled back down as Isaribi grabbed his sleeve. He looked at her and she looked away. "Ah Naruto-kun," she said quietly. "Do we have to leave right this minute?" "No," replied Naruto. "Then could you just sit next to me for a while?" she asked. "I guess so," said Naruto. "Ibiki-sensei said that we had about another two hours." "That's good," said Isaribi as she leaned onto his shoulder. They sat like this for about another fifteen minutes.

During that time, neither one said a thing. Then Isaribi spoke. "Thank you Naruto-kun." "For what?" asked Naruto. "You saved my life twice. I should be thanking you." "Trust me," said Isaribi as a tear rolled down her check. "You saved more than just my life. You saved my soul.


I was doing such horrible things to become human again. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't care. If I had never met you then I would have become a monster on the inside as well as the out. Amachi was poisoning my soul and you helped cure me." "Well," said an embarrassed Naruto. "After what he did to you, me punching him in the face was getting off light." "You only know half of it," she said quietly. "You see, he was also raping me. Both before and after he mutated my body.

He said that if I didn't do it with him then he wouldn't cure me." Suddenly, she felt both of Naruto's arms around her in a tight hug. She turned her head to look at him and then her lips met his. The feeling was like lightning as bolts of pleasure flooded her system.

Then Naruto pulled back causing Isaribi to moan in disappointment. "I'm so sorry," said Naruto. "About what?" asked Isaribi. "You've done nothing wrong. You were the first person to see me as a human even with this ugly body. Anyone else would have tried to kill me when they saw my transformed body. But, you still saw me." "I'm still sorry," said Naruto as he cupped her cheek. "You had to endure so much all alone.

I just wish there was something I could…Wait, I got an idea! And it's a great one!" "What is it Naruto-kun?" asked Isaribi. "Would you like to become one of my wives?" asked Naruto. Isaribi blinked for a moment.


"Excuse me, did you say brides?" she asked with a bit of anger in her voice. "That's right," said an oblivious Naruto.

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"You see I'm allowed to have multiple wives because I'm the last of my clan. Some of the other girls have had it hard to so we all want to have a family that loves each other no matter what. Isn't that what you want, what you need?" "Well ya," said Isaribi.

"But the whole idea of sharing a guy with women I don't know wasn't what I had in mind." "Well you don't have to say yes right away," said Naruto.

"I mean, you have already met one of the girls, Ino-chan. You can meet the rest if you want when we get back to the village." Isaribi thought for a moment before speaking. "Would you still want me even if I looked like this?" she asked. "Would you want me even if Tsunade-sama can't cure me?" "Hai," said Naruto without wasting a second. "Then prove it," said Isaribi. "How do I do that?" asked a confused Naruto. Isaribi then looked a bit embarrassed and looked down. "You could fuck me," she said.

"Right here, as I am." 'There's no way he'll do it,' she thought. 'He knows what I look like and is probably grossed out by the idea.' The next thing she knew was that she was pushed onto her back and Naruto was on top of her. Before she could say anything he placed his mouth over hers and inserted his tongue.

She moaned as it explored her mouth. Naruto slowly removed his lips from hers. He watched as she panted below him. He noticed that her nipples were now hard and visible beneath her clothing. Slowly he moved downward so that his face was above her shorts. Acting quickly, Naruto unbuttoned them and then slid them down. He stared for a moment at her white panties that had a single rose in the middle.

A moment later he removed them as well. Her pussy was now right in front of him. Instead of hair, there were scales above her lower mouth. Isaribi started to move her hands to hide them, but was stopped when she felt Naruto lick them. Naruto continued to lick, moving a bit lower each time until his tongue tasted her moist pussy lips. Isaribi was now grabbing her head with both hands as she fought to keep from screaming.

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'Kami this feels so gooood!' she thought. 'Amachi would just stick it in, but Naruto-kun is making sure that I feel sooooo goooooood!' She then felt Naruto enter a finger into her pussy. Then, a few minutes later, he added another one. "NARUTO-KUN," she screamed. "I'M GOING TO CUM!" A moment later her cum shot out and sprayed Naruto in the face.

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Naruto did his best to drink as much of it as he could, but there was just so much. In the end, he wiped off the rest on his face with his sleeve. He then crawled back up to Isaribi's face and gave her another kiss so she could taste herself. "Isaribi-chan," said Naruto after he pulled away. "I think we had better take off our cloths." --- Back with Ino and the rest, they were waiting for Naruto to show up.

Ibiki was starting to get a little impatient.

"Where is that gaki?" he demanded. "Perhaps he is helping Isaribi-san with some last minute details," offered Shino. "Well," said Ibiki as he crossed his arms. "Just as long as he's not fucking around." --- Naruto was now standing in front of Isaribi as they stared at each others naked bodies. Isaribi stood there; trying to hide her B sized breasts with her arms. She had taken off everything, including her bandages.

Naruto then stepped forward, moving her arm, and locking their lips with another kiss. As they did, he moved his hand downward and began to play with her clit nearly causing her to cry out in surprise and pleasure She then pulled away and looked into his eyes.

She said nothing, just stared. Then she got down on her knees so that her head was in front of Naruto's hardened member. With one hand she grabbed the shaft. She then began to lick the head and she then started to pump it. Naruto began to pant to keep himself from cumming. Isaribi then surprised Naruto by taking the head into her mouth and sucked on it while she continued to work on his shaft.

"Isaribi-chan, I'm going to cum," grunted Naruto right before his cum shot into her mouth. Isaribi, who expected his sperm to bitter and foul like Amachi's, was surprised that even thought it was a bit bitter it wasn't unpleasant.

In fact, she wanted more! But that wasn't the only thing she was feeling. It was like a fire had been lit between her legs. She could feel her juices begin to pour out and run down her scales. She looked up at the blond with pleading eyes. "Please Naruto-kun," she begged. "I need you inside of me. I feel so hot that I'm afraid I might go insane if you don't fuck me. Please!" Naruto smile at her. He then bent down and picked her up so that he was carrying her bridal style.

The next thing that Isaribi knew was that Naruto had jumped into the water. The cold water made her pussy feel hotter than ever. Naruto could feel his dick get harder as he moved them into deeper waters and stopped when the water reached their necks.

"I have wanted to do it like this for a while," said Naruto as repositioned Isaribi. He was now holding her by her ass with her breasts in his face. He then stuck out his tongue and began to circle her nipple. He gave it a few nibbles, which caused Isaribi to moan and thrash a bit, before giving the other the same attention.

This time, Isaribi grabbed his head and pressed it against her chest. While this was going on, Naruto's hands were pinching her ass cheeks and then spreading them. "Naruto-kun," cried out Isaribi.

Naruto stopped what he was doing and looked up at her face. "Please," was all she said Naruto understood what she wanted and slowly began to lower her.

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It took a couple of tries but he finally managed to line his dick with her pussy. Slowly he began to trust as he continued to lower her. Once she was all the way down he began to kiss her neck, even thought it was covered with scales. Isaribi was in heaven. The cold water, her hot pussy, and Naruto's dick were sending so many signals to her brain she didn't knew where she was anymore.

All that mattered was this single moment as his thrusts became faster. Then, before she knew it, she came hard as she wrapped her arms around his head. Naruto stopped thrusting as Isaribi began to pant to catch her breath.


Then, to her surprise, Naruto began to thrust again. "Naru-oh-to-kun," she moaned. "Why ah?" "I still haven't cum yet," he said between grunts. Isaribi couldn't say anything. She began to feel her body below her legs catch on fire and begin to melt. She felt she was beginning to lose her mind in this sea of pleasure. Then she did something that shocked the both of them, she transformed. Her body became covered in green scales and her hair seemed to become more flesh like with scales as well.

A fin then sprouted on top of her head. Finally, her hands and feet became webbed. Isaribi stared at him in shock. She wanted to cry. She knew that Naruto would never love her now. Any moment he would toss her off him and start running. But he didn't. He smiled at her instead right before kissing her on the lips. "You're beautiful," he said as he began to thrust faster than ever. Isaribi wanted to cry tears of joy.

He really loved her! Then, she felt his last and most powerful trust right before he came right inside of her. --- "There they are," yelled Ino as she pointed down the pier. Shino and Ibiki looked at the two walking hand-in-hand as they talked. "Let's go you two," yelled Ibiki. "The boats going to be leaving soon." "Hai," they both yelled as they started to run towards the boat, still hand in hand.

As soon as the four of them got on the boat it began to sail in the direction of Fire Country. Soon after that, Kyuubi managed to get out of Naruto's backpack so she could get something to eat. However, Ino picked her up and looked at her with angry eyes.

"What the hell happened?" demanded Ino. "Did you and Naruto-kun do it with fish girl?" Kyuubi's eyes widened. "What the hell did I miss?" demanded the fox.