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I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming at me to wake up. "LISA GET YOUR ASS UP ALREADY!" "Fucking bitch" I muttered. "I HEARD THAT!" I slowly walked to my curtains and opened them to see the morning sky of Monday.

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I got ready and waited for my bus to arrive. When it arrived I walked out, dragging my satchel behind me. It was quite empty comparing to normal days and all of the boring people were on the bus. "Hey guys! Did you hear about the new student that's coming in today?" someone said.

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"Uh, what new student?" I questioned. "Oh it's only this new chick that came from London and she is fucking hot!" "I guess we will see about that" I replied. As the bus was getting more and more crowded, we ended up in front of the house. It was the new girl.

Unfortunately there were no more seats on the bus, but only next to me. She sat next to me and introduced herself to me.

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"Hi! I'm Lucy Wilde. Who are you?" "Pfft, whatever." I know it doesn't seem like I'm interested but she was hot! She had an almost sort of paley white face and c cup boobs. "Oh!!! I'm so excited to come to this school!" Lucy exclaimed. "Yeah Yeah don't get your hopes up". "I am pretty sure you are excited too" she said as she slowly stroked my leg.

I blushed a little. When we finally arrived at school, I decided to start showing her around school. After a long and tiring trip around the lot, she finally said "Wow! Fascinating!

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Oh by the way, I didn't catch your name" "Well, if you must know, my name is Lisa." As soon as I said Lisa, the bell rang and I started moving away from her. After I was about 5 feet away, I waved and started laughing. I really think I have feelings for her. "Good Morning class its me Mr Kumar again and I hope you had a great holiday!" A murmur of responses came from around the room "Now today we are going to have a new student entering our class so make sure you guys treat her with respect.

So everybody please meet Lucy!" All the guys were falling off their seats in awe and I would have done the same thing. "Where would you like to sit Lucy?" Mr Kumar asked. "Uhh. Next to Lisa please." she asked politely.

"Very well then go on sit!


Lisa I hope you will show her around the place." I nodded in response. Pretty much the rest of the day was mediocre until the end if the day until me and my new friend Lucy went to the toilet. Once I flushed and opened the door, something unexpected happened behind the door.

To be continued. Ahh only joking! Behind the door was Lucy. Completely naked and standing in front of me looking innocent. I gazed at her in astonishment. "I'm sorry for being so forward about this I was almost certain that you liked me" My pussy was getting wet. "No, no don't apologize I'm just shocked about how hot you are" I said with all honesty. I slowly walked towards her, held the back of her head and pulled her in for a soft kiss.

Her mouth felt like marshmallows. They were that soft. I slowly started to push my ttongue against her teeth as she slowly released her long tongue into my mouth. We both started to fondle each others boobs as I started to move towards her chest.

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I saw her pointy nipples reaching for the sky as I licked around them and gently bit them. She let off a long, sexy grunt as a put my finger in her vagina and put it in her mouth. She then proceeded to take off my t-shirt and bra as we continued kissing.

She then pushed me onto the basin, where she went down on her knees and started licking my vagina. She made me feel so good it was like she was an expert at it. After she licked me clean we were both panting like we were running away from a stampede. We slowly started kissing again until we looked into each others eyes and nodded.

We were now a couple.

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We decided to walk home together and we carried on talking about what happened in the toilet. "It felt so good Lisa! It was like you have had sex with a girl." I shyly looked down and started blushing. "Thank you that was my second ever lesbian experience. My first one. Eh I wouldn't want to say." "OHH PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHO IT WAS LISA!" she pleaded.


"Well, if you really must know." I gulped. "It was with my mother. My dad was out of town and my mum was crying. I asked what was wrong and she said I wouldn't understand. I said I will and she told me that she didnt have sex for 3 years. As I was confused, I decided to just kiss her on the lips. She took it extremely well and. Well we had sex. I was straight back then but now I'm a lesbian after that experience." I explained to her. I finally felt like we had a bond.

"I had sex with my mother too and I have kissed many other girls too" on the horizon we could see her house. I was hungry for more of her so she invited me to go inside and we started french kissing.

Luckily no one was Home. Or was there. ---------------------------------------------------Thank you for reading my first story. I hope you liked it! Please leave constructive feedback and additions to the story for part 2!