Fatty Getting Pounded And Creampied

Fatty Getting Pounded And Creampied
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When I woke up in the morning the sun was already high in the sky. A look at my cloak told me that it was 11am. Than I looked over to the other bed and there he was. Daniel, still sleeping, a smile on his pretty face. He was hugging his sheet, one leg over one underneath it. My lustful gaze wandered down his body and stopped on his exposed thigh. For some reason he had put his shorts back on. Disappointing. "Could you stop that?" I was slightly startled.

His voice was sleepy and he was brushing grit out of his eyes. "Stop what?" I asked unsure what he meant. "Stop staring at me like that." "Ok.

But why? Nothing there I haven't seen yet." He shrugged.

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"It is kinda weird you know? What we did is. And now you are staring at me again.


The same way you did yesterday. With the same hunger." He shivered. "But you liked what we did, didn't you?" All this really wasn't helping with my confusion.

"I did", he said looking directly at me. "But I was drunk and," he broke off and sighed. "I think I just need some time too think about all this." Looking back now I should probably have been more considerate, but I was young, stupid and horny.

"You do that", I told him and than pulled of my blanket. Unlike him I hadn't bothered to put my clothes back on. "I am gonna take a shower. If you want you are free to join me." I said winking at him and making my way to the bathroom. From the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me and smiled. So much for not starring huh? Sadly he did not come to shower with me and when I went back to the room he was gone. I spend the day with a few friends but didn't see Daniel around.

Someone however told me that he had gone to a Water Park with a few others. So I spend the day at the beach with the others. Still I couldn't get Daniel out of my head, even with all the distraction.


It was strange. At some point we went to a Restaurant to get dinner. Before we even got around to order anything some of the others came in. Daniel was one of them. Tables were moved and soon we were all seated at one long table. Daniel was sitting opposite of me and one place to the left. I smiled at him and he made an effort to ignore it. We ate, the conversations were good and people seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

While everyone was eating and laughing I watched Daniel. He seemed relaxed now and also talked to me casually when he wasn't occupied with anyone else. Strange ideas crossed my mind. I thought about slipping my foot into his pants. It would be easy.

He was wearing shorts that ended over his knee even when he stood. I would just have to extend my leg brush my foot against the inside of his thigh and than slowly slide it into his pants.


The idea may be entertaining and in the movies it always worked. Doing it in reality however seemed absurd, stupid and impractical. I decided to reign myself in until I was alone with Daniel. He wouldn't like any advance from my part with this many people around in the first place.

So for now I decided to just enjoy the evening. After the dinner we went to a bar. After a few hours all walked back to the hotel cheering on a friend who apparently had had a bit to much to drink and started singing every 2 Minutes. She has a horrible singing voice.

When we arrived at the Hotel it was already pretty late and everyone went back to their respective rooms. Back in our room Daniel went to the balcony and I followed him.

For half an hour we just sat there in silence, each waiting for the other one to say something. At some point I couldn't stand the silence any longer and just asked: "Did you have a nice day?" It was cringe worthy and weird. Daniel looked at me with an estranged look and than just started to burst into laughter. His laughter was contagious and I joined in. After some time he had himself under control again.

"We both know what you really want to ask." I swallowed nervously. He looked me in the eyes: "I am sorry, but I don't think we should take this any further." I sat there a moment. Stunned.

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Than without even thinking about it, I said: "No." He looked at me confused. "No? What do you mean by that? I wasn't asking you a question, I was just telling you that I don't want to go any further." I looked at him and laughed.

"No. I think you WANT more, but you are afraid. You think that this somehow wrong because of the way you have been brought up, when in fact it is perfectly fine." He shook his head.

"No, it is wrong, I am sorry but we can't keep doing this." "You think I just gonna give up that easily?" He frowned: "What is that supposed to mean?" My answer was a smile: "I know you want me and I think you won't be able to resist." "You, want to seduce me?" I thought about that for a second and than shrugged.

"That is one way to put it, yes." At that he laughed. "You really think I will fall for that? I made my decision." My smile just broadened.

He shook his head and with a sighed: "Well, do what you have to do. I am going to bed." I followed him into the room and he left for the bathroom. Looking at the bed I got an idea. Experimentally I tried to push it and it worked. I kept pushing the beds towards each other hoping nobody would hear it an complain.

When Daniel left the bathroom I had managed to push them together as far as possible. He had changed into a shirt and wide boxers and stood in the door of the bathroom looking at me. "You are an idiot you know?" A small smile played on his lips.

And he lay down on his side of the bed turning his back to me and pulling the blanket over himself. I undressed myself until I was completely naked, than lay down on my side, turning off the small lamp next to the bed.

The room became totally dark.

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Some time passed and I thought about what I should do next. I had hoped to get off with Daniel again, but that seemed unlikely. I was still horny as fuck, so I turned to Daniel and whispered: "Hey you still awake?" He just made a humming sound. "You know sometimes I have this dream, I'd like to to tell you about. It always starts the same way. I lie in bed and than suddenly right next to me there is this really hot young guy." "Aha", was all that came from him, but it showed me that he was still listening.

"Yeah, it is really a cool dream. In my dream he has a wonderful lean body, he is a bit tanned with a nice little butt. I assume he got his light sixpack from football (soccer) practice, but that is just an idea, after all it is just a dream you know. At the start of my dream he always wears a shirt and a wide boxers. Even with clothes however he looks just amazing.

In fact my imagination what may lie underneath the clothes almost makes it hotter. So if anyone would ever find themselves in bed with me and didn't want me to get aroused it would better for them to completely strip down than to wear boxers and a shirt." "Nice try", he chuckled. I could almost 'hear' him smiling. "Anyway. Back to my dream. At the start I simply lie close to him, close enough that I can feel the head of his body." I slid a bit closer towards him.

"Than my hand starts to slowly massage my flat stomach and sleek legs." I started to do it, taking my time to really relax into my self massage. My breathing became deeper. "I feel my dick growing slightly every time my hands brush past it. The entire time I think of his body. About the way his thighs flow into his hips. The way his butt shifts while he turns around in bed. About his mouth and the way it is slightly open in his sleep. Than I image his red lips pressing against mine, moving on to kiss my neck and abs.

Slowing making their way down to my now throbbing erection. He starts massaging my balls with one hand, while he presses a shy kiss onto the very tip of my penis.

Slowly he opens his lips further and takes the head of my rock hard penis into his soft wet mouth." I started to slowly masturbate and moan a bit louder. "Ok stop, that is enough." Daniels whispered back at me. I echo him, continuing with my narrative: "'Ok, stop, that is enough', I moan while he greedily pushes my cock further into his mouth." I put my hand in my mouth and smear the sliver over my real dick.

After that I masturbate a lot more furiously, the sound of me doing it gets louder and louder. "Dude honestly stop it, that is enough." Daniel whispers a lot louder than before. "'Dude stop it! That is enough, I am gonna come, if you keep this.' He ignores me and just keeps relentlessly sucking me off. I fell myself cum. 'Daniel' I scream. 'Please Daniel stop, I can't take it anymore, your mouth is to fucking lush!' My pleas are falling on deaf ears.

I cum. A never ending stream starts shooting out of me right into Daniels warm mouth. He ignores it and keeps on going, promoting the orgasm to last longer and longer 'Oh Daniel!' I scream. 'Daniel you are so hot, don't stop.'" With that I also orgasm in the real world and start to moan loudly. My load explodes onto my stomach and I just lay there for a few minutes. "Now look what you made me do." I muse while turning on the light. When the lights come on Daniel sits upright next to me.

He throws an angry glare my way, but I can see his glare falter for just a second, when he sees my cum smeared body. I just smiled at him and left for the bathroom. When I came back he had laid down again. Facing the wall. I decided that it was probably better to leave it at the and went to sleep myself. That was evening number three of our six day holiday. The next morning I woke up when the sun started rising.

I decided that it was to early to get out of bed closed my eyes again, the blanket pressed between my legs. At some point Daniel woke and yawned. I had my back turned to him and assuming he would also go back to sleep didn't bother to react.

Than I felt his hand on my shoulder and he whispered: "Hey you already awake?" I didn't answer, why I don't know till this day. Hearing him lay back again, I was surprised to notice that his hand still hadn't left my should. Instead he started to caress it. So much for not being interested huh Daniel? His hand wondered from the to of my should towards my upper back, where it started to trace along the lines of my shoulder blade.

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After some time it moved onward further down my back. It only stopped right above my pelvis and only for the fraction of a second before finally settling on my backside. There it stayed moving around exploring with the slightest of touches. I got goosebumps and hoped Daniel wouldn't find that suspicious. He didn't seem to. Than I had an idea and turned myself around to face him, without opening my eyes.

The instant I moved his hand was gone. I put my arm out and when I found his should I pulled him towards me, or me towards him. I put my leg across his legs effectively spooning him, only that he was lying on his back, his shoulder facing my face. And we also still had two blankets in between us. During all that I acted as if I was still asleep. With my head on his shoulder I could hear how his breath slowed again. He must have been surprised by my sudden movement.

After the first few seconds he seemed to calm down again. The tension left his body and he sunk deeper into the bad. A few minutes later I could feel his hand on the back of my knee, where it lay on his blanket.

His hand traced the back of my thigh and I already knew his goal. Sure enough his fingers came to rest on my ass again seconds later. We lay there for nearly half an hour, his hand tried to slip in between the sheets between my legs multiple times, but he apparently did not to really go through with it out of fear it may wake me. Eventually he seemed to finally have had enough of groping me and he slowly pushed my leg of him and stood up.

He made his way to the bathroom and I waited patiently in bed.

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To my dismay I heard him lock the bath behind him. So instead I was contempt with just standing up and stretching a bit waiting for him to return. When I heard him open the door again I turned towards the bath, still naked hands on my hips.

He stepped out, wearing a white bathrobe. "Slept well?" I asked. He looked me up and down and tried a disapproving voice. "Yes. Can't you put some clothes on?" I grinned widely. "What?" He raised his eyebrow. "Oh nothing", I purred moving closer to him putting one hand on his shoulder. I whispered into his ear: "It is just, that you didn't seem to mind me being naked when you were fondling my ass this morning." He starred at me, face turning crimson in a matter of seconds.

"You were awake?!" He clearly seemed shocked. "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You dirty little boy. Touching an unsuspecting innocent friend while he sleeps. Taking advantage of me in such a way just to fulfill your own perverted fantasies." I stepped closely behind him and put my arms over his shoulder, sliding them into his bathrobe.

"Tell me Daniel, what turned you on more? Actually touching me, or the thought that you could do everything you wanted to me without me ever finding out? "That-that is not what it was about", he murmured. "I just saw you lay there and you looked so good so I just wanted to know what it felt like and than." I interrupted him: "Than you thought it would be a ok, hmm?" I pushed the bathrobe down from his shoulder and it slid to the ground. He was still wearing his boxers. "Do you feel good about what you did?" He looked down to the ground.

"No, I don't." "Why not? You know I want you anyway. I didn't really mind it, in fact I liked it." I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him closer. "And now stop giving me this 'I am not interested in anything' crap.

Let's have fun!" He smiled and nodded. "Ok let's do." To be continued.