Brutal gangbang with asian woman

Brutal gangbang with asian woman
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April and Jessica have been best friends since they were about 12 years old. They share everything with each other, well almost everything. April has one little secret she keeps from Jessica, and Jessica has one little secret she keeps from April. April is secretly a lesbian, and Jessica makes money by being a dominatrix for hire, and loves doing it. They both are very ashamed by their secrets for the same reason; they went to school at a private Christian school, and they are strongly religious.

April was about 5feet 9inches tall, big DD breasts, with a firm heart shaped ass and weighed about 130 pounds. She discovered she was attracted to other girls when she was 14.

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She was looking through her older brother's bedroom for a pen and she stumbled on his Playboy magazine collection. The magazine fell on the ground open to one of the pictures of a woman naked. She told herself to look away and pretend she never saw it, but some part of her made her pick up the magazine and start flipping through the pages. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, and she couldn't believe that she was enjoying it as much as she was.

The naked women and their beautiful breasts aroused her, 'this is wrong, it is a sin to feel this way about women' she told herself trying to look away, but she couldn't help it.

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Finally she threw the magazine down walked out of the room and took a shower. It didn't matter how hard she tried she couldn't stop thinking about the women in the magazine. To give herself and other people the illusion that she wasn't a lesbian she would often surround herself with boys, go out on a lot of dates with boys, she never had sex with any of them because she was religious and wanted to wait until marriage.


April had her first sexual experience two years later, when she was 16. It was at the sweet 16 party of her friend Heidi. There was a fair amount of liquor there, but April didn't drink any, neither did Jessica who was also there. At the party April started to really notice how attractive her best friend was, but she tried not to think about it.

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She also couldn't help but notice how hot the birthday girl was. Heidi was about 5'6" decent sized C cup breasts, long skinny legs, and a tight firm ass. April found herself wanting to see Heidi completely naked. April was the last one to leave the party because she noticed Heidi was very drunk and she wanted to make sure her friend didn't do something, or some one stupid.

Once all the guests except April left she offered to help Heidi start cleaning the dishes.

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As she cleaned one of the dipping bowls she felt a hand placed on her ass. She turned around startled and surprised to see Heidi standing behind her, "What are you doing?!" she asked alarmed.

"I'm grabbing your ass, what does it look like." Heidi said as she moved closer to April.


"Well please don't, I'm trying to do the dishes." April said, knowing that some part of her wanted Heidi right there, right now.

"Oh, come on, don't try to hide it, I saw you checking me out a couple times tonight, and I've seen the way you look at other girls, you're secretly a lesbian, aren't you?" Heidi said moving even closer, by this point their lips were almost touching.

"No I'm not; I don't know what you are talking about." April said hardly able to breathe because she was excited, and scared of what might happen. "Yeah, right." Heidi said as she kissed her friend.

April tried to bring her self to pull away, but she couldn't she knew she wanted this the whole night. They shared a long passionate kiss that lasted until Heidi pulled away and began taking her cloths off, April also got undressed. They stood there and looked at each others' naked bodies for a while then finally Heidi went back to kissing her friend. This time as they kissed Heidi began to massage April's breasts which made her tender nipples hard.

She began to rub the outside of April's wet pussy, which she kept shaven because she just thought the hair felt uncomfortable.

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With this April let out a light moan, and started to rub Heidi's pussy which was also wet and shaved. April had never thought another girl's pussy could feel so good. They kissed and rubbed each other until Heidi whispered in Aprils ear, "Let's go to my room." They went up the stairs and into Heidi's room and got on the bed. "Just lay back and let me take care of you." Heidi told April. April just opened her legs and wondered what Heidi had in mind.

Heidi put on leg under April's leg and one over the other leg, she put her pussy against April's and started grinding them together.

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This sent a wave of pleasure that went all over April's body, she moaned in pleasure, and then she found her self screaming in joy. She didn't know what was happening to her body, but she didn't care, her body spasm uncontrollably as she had her first orgasm, Heidi had hers shortly afterwords.

They kept grinding their pussies together until they were exhausted, neither of them knew how many orgasms they had; they just knew they enjoyed the experience.


April woke up the next morning naked in Heidi's bed. Next to her was Heidi, she was also still naked, but still asleep. April quickly got out of the bed and ran down the stairs to the pile of cloths that were there, grabbed her cloths, put them on and went home to shower and hope Heidi was to drunk to remember any of it.

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Lucky for April, Heidi was to drunk to remember any of their encounter. When Heidi called April the next day and asked, "Do you know what happened to me, I woke up naked and my cloths were in my kitchen," April lied and said "I don't know, you were fine when I left and I was the last one to leave." April never told any one what really happened, but she knew it was to late for her to fool herself anymore, she was a lesbian and she knew it.

Thank you for reading, Part 2, Jessica's discovery will be up soon.