Que lindo juguete me compro mi macho

Que lindo juguete me compro mi macho
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Super MILF Chapter 2 After about an hour's sleep, I woke up. Susan was lying next to me, still asleep. She had kicked off her heels, and lay there in her stockings, and garter belt. She was laying on her side, with one leg in a fetal position, the other stretched out, affording me a wonderful view of her freshly fucked pussy. Her breasts sagged slightly, which I found very sexy.

I started to feel a new hard on coming. I couldn't get enough of her, she was the ultimate fantasy. Her pussy looks so warm and inviting, and I thought to myself, should I awaken her, by eating out her cunt?

What a wonderful idea I thought. I quietly moved myself to a position, between her legs. She was still asleep. I slowly spread her legs, and with my tongue, dove into her cunt. She started to stir. I pushed my tongue deep inside her, occasionally licking her clit. "MMmmm, oh, what a wonderful way to wake up".

"Oh, waking up with your tongue inside me is one of the most erotic feelings I've ever had.

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Oh, oh! Oh, I feel so good". She was still half asleep. "I remember when you woke me like this in London. To this day, it's my most erotic fantasy. And here I am, living the fantasy again. Oh, you have your tongue so deep in me. Oh darling, eat my cunt out, lick it, suck it, lick my clitoris". I was having a wonderful time sucking her cunt, I loved eating her almost as much as I loved fucking her.

She tasted so wonderful, and it made her hot, very hot. The hotter she was, the more I loved her. Today she was very hot for me. I stopped for a second, I looked up at her from between her legs. The expression on her face was priceless. It was one of excitement, wonder, and delight. "So do you like it when I eat your cunt"? I asked. "Yes, I love it, I need it". She said. "When ever we're together, I want you to know that all you have to do is ask, and I'll be right between your legs, licking your clit, and eating your cunt out, whenever you want.

I would eat you any time you wanted it, anyplace you needed it. In the house, outside, in the car, at the movies, and as I said, anywhere and anytime you want it, I'll give it to you". I said. "And you know, the same goes for me. I love sucking your cock, and I especially love it when you cum in my mouth. Some girls hate that, and would never do it, but I love it, I love getting it all the way down my throat. I love to feel your cock ball up, and cum, right in my mouth.

I love the taste of your sweet cum. I love to have it on my tongue, and just let it sit there for while, and then, I like to swallow it. Oh, the taste is so good. I especially like sucking your cock just before you cum. I love to feel it getting harder and harder, as I suck it. I like to push it all the way down my throat and my lips right up against your body. I love deep throating you. Do you know what I really like?

I love sucking you and when you're just about to cum, I like to put my lips only up to the tip of your cock. And then just as I feel you shoot into my mouth, suck it all the way down, deep, as you could push it down my throat. I love to look at your face when I'm doing this to you. You've made me such a slut for you". "Do you know what? We both love sex. But I think it goes deeper than that. Speaking for myself, I love fucking, but of everyone I've ever fucked, you're the one, the one I love fucking the most, the one I think of the most.

You fill my days with thoughts of you. I never wake up, or go to sleep, without you dancing in my head. I think of all the things we've done, and haven't done, and will do. I fantasize about you day and night. I think of you nude, sometimes just in your heels, sometimes just in your stockings, and sometimes in full erotic dress". As I was talking to her, I quietly slipped two fingers up her cunt. She knew what I was doing. And she loved it.

Her cunt was still pretty wet, but I decided to make it even better for her. I reached over, and took the tube of the warming gel, put it on my fingers, and put them back up her pussy. I could see by the expression on her face, that she loved it. As I spoke, every now and then, I would lick her clitoris. I truly loved it when we talked about erotic things, in this erotic state. The she was, stretched out on the bed in her stockings, with her legs spread wide, and my fingers up her cunt, my lips on her clit.

I'm sure her husband, had no idea what he had in her. I wished, the son of a bitch, would drop dead. "It's strange, but I love getting dressed up for you. I love you to see me in the nude, it just makes me hot. I remember when you bought those high heels for me. I was hot for you to start, but in the shoe store, looking for the high heels I knew you would fuck me, in just an hour, heighten my sensuality. My panties were getting wet in the store.

I would love to do that again with you." She said. As I spoke to her, I paused every now and then to lick her clit. Every time I licked, she let out a moan, a sound like Ugggohuggugg. I could tell she loved it, she loved talking to me in a casual manner, while I ate her.

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When I was licking her clitoris, I would work my fingers inside her a little more. In this way she was getting it both from my tongue, and my fingers. I can only imagine the feeling she had, getting it like that. I spread her legs a little wider; there was no resistance at all from her. I took my fingers out, and slowly raised her up by her legs, exposing her ass and pussy in a most lewd way.

She was looking at me. With my eyes on hers, put my tongue just above her ass, and licked my way all the way up to her clit. I absolutely loved doing this to her and watching her face. As I would lick her, her eyes would close slightly, and her mouth was open slightly. I loved to make her come.

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I lifted her up by the legs a little higher, and while looking at her said, "tell me what you want, I want to hear you ask for it. Talk dirty for me." "Give me a little lick on my clit, and then stick your tongue up my cunt, my wet cunt." She said. I did exactly as she asked, ending with my tongue up her cunt.

"Give it to me baby, give it to me right up my cunt, give it to me right up my wet cunt". She said. I worked my tongue as deep inside her as I can get it. I then heard her say "on my clit, put your tongue on my clit". I went for her clit, licking it at first, and then sucking it into my mouth.

I could tell she was getting ready for another orgasm. I tongued her around and around the clitoris, and the more I did, the closer she got. My dick was as hard as a board. I decided to finish her off. I sucked her clit into my mouth, as hard as I could, while simultaneously sticking my finger right up her ass hole. She squealed as my finger when up her hole. "Make me cum, make me cum, eat my cunt, fuck my ass, fuck me, fuck me"!

"You're gonna make me cum, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, OH, I'm starting, I'm starting, oh I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm cummmmiiinnngg!"! Her stockings legs stiffened as she orgasms for the second time. I took my mouth off of her clit, and said, "use your finger, finger your clit".

Her hand shot down to her clitoris, she was fingering herself in seconds, and still coming. I kept my finger up her ass, while she fingers herself, I was watching her masturbate.

She kept saying "I'm coming, I'm coming, OH! I'm coming, coming!" Her climax slowly subsided, and her legs relaxed. "That was wonderful" she said, while breathing heavily. "how many time are you going to make me cum"?

"More to come", I said. Now, I thought, it's my turn.

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I wanted her to dress up for me. "Susan, I want you stand up, and walk for me, walk to the window and back." She did as I asked. I want you to put on your red lipstick.

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I also want you to put your light green eye shadow on. And don't forget your pearl necklace. She was in the bathroom before 5 min. preparing herself, when she came out her nipples were hard, and her face lit up with the lipstick and eye shadow. "Now put your panties and bra on, then dress in you outfit, and when you're done, put your shoes on." She took her time putting everything on; making sure everything was adjusted just right. When she was finished, she walked over to the chair, sat down, and slipped her high heels on.

She then stood up, walked to the window displaying her beautiful figure. My dick was sticking straight out at full attention, watching the spectacle.

She stood silhouetted against the window and put one leg slightly in front of the other at a 45° angle. She stood almost 6 feet tall in her heels. Her skirt was gray, her jacket was a darker gray tweed. It fit her perfectly, and accentuated her pointy breasts. She walked over to the window, put her hands on her hips, and slowly turned around for me. She was beautiful. I walked over to the chair and sat down, my cock still sticking out at attention.

I started stroking it slowly. "Let's see if you could excite me anymore, then I already am." I said. She walked close to me, her hand still on her hips. She started touching herself. She was standing with her legs further apart than normal.

She started running her hands over her hair, and then down to her breasts. She opened her jacket, and put both hands on her right breast, squeezing it, massaging it, and slowly moving it up and down. She put her other hand on her left breast, as if to offer them to me. Then, she reached down to the hem of her skirt, and pulled it up enough so she could reach her pussy.

She went under her panties, and up her cunt hole, with two of her fingers. She then took it out, and brought it up to her mouth, sucking the juices off of it. She reached down, bending at a sharp angle, while keeping her legs straight, to her black heels. Starting there, she slowly ran both hands up her legs, standing, as she did this. As she stood up, she put her hands behind her head.

She was being very naughty, the way I like her. My cock was at this time, oozing pre-cum.

She stood motionless, as I walked around her. I reached down between her legs, and ran my hand right up to her cunt. I slipped the fabric of her panties aside, and shoved two fingers up inside her, as far as they would go.

I started to finger fuck her, and to my surprise, I thought she was ready to go again. I took my fingers out, and gave them to her to suck off, which she did with much excitement. I reached over to the warming lubricant, in front of her, spread it all over my two fingers. I then, knelt by her side, her hands still behind her head.

Again, I move the flimsy material of her panties aside, and shoved the two fingers right up her. She was loving it. "I don't believe it, but I think you're ready again" I said. "You're making me very hot, and if you keep fingering me like that, I'll cum, standing right here" she said. "That's okay with me, I love to see you slut out for me" I said as I worked my fingers faster and faster up her cuntal opening.

She was slowly closing her eyes, arching her back, and bending her knees as I fucked into her. I seen her like this before, and they knew she would come again soon. "Oh God, I love your fingers inside me." She said. This was so erotic, I decided to enhance it. I took my fingers out of her cunt, brought them up to my mouth, and licked her juices off while she watched. When I was done I said "I think I want you to masturbate.

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Just stand there, and fingering your clit" I said. Susan at first tried to lift up her skirt, to get to her cunt. It was too awkward to do, so, she put her hand down her skirt, and under her panties to reach her clitoris. She was quite a sight. Standing there in businesslike attire, her lips red, her neck sporting white pearls, her black stockings covered by her patent leather shiny stiletto heels was something.

It was something else to see her like this with her hand down her skirt, and blatantly fingering her clit. I could see, through that every now and then a finger found its way to her cunt. "You like me like this, do you like watching me masturbate? Do you like in my heels, my stiletto heels, and my stockings?" She spread her legs slightly more apart I watched her, as she performed for me. The fabric of her skirt kept her fingers in close contact with her clitoris.

She knew I loved it when she spoke like that. I took some pre-cum from my dick, and brought it to her lips. She licked it off my fingers, with a Mumm. "Unzip your skirt, and let it fall" I said. She slowly reached for the back zipper, unzipped it, and let it fall to her feet.

She put her hand back inside her panties and continued to masturbate. I sat back down in the chair, so that I could see all of her actions. She had her jacket over a white blouse, which buttoned up the front. Her sheer black stocking were held up with a black garter belt, and her skirt at her feet, partially covered her high heels.

"Drop your jacket" I said. She, with both hands removed it from her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor behind her. Her hand quickly went back under her panties. I walked over to her and slowly kissed her, tasting the red lipstick. As I kissed her, I unbuttoned her blouse. When it was open, I moved the fabric to each side of her breasts, so as to get a better view of the heaving in and out.

I then went back to the chair, and stroked my cock. "You like to see me like this don't you. Standing here in front of you, half nude and masturbating. I could see by your cock, that you're very excited. I want you to be. I want your cock to be nice and hard, when I suck it off.

Oh! My clit is getting very hot, talking to you like this. The thought of your hot cum in my mouth makes me even hotter. When you're ready I have something special for you planned" She said. "I can't wait to taste your cum in my mouth, I love your hot cum and the way it tastes when I suck your cock off".

With that she grabbed her panties by the side, and slipped them down to the top of her stockings. With one hand she held her cunt lips open, and with the index finger of her other hand, went back to work on her clit. She wanted to orgasm. There she stood in her heels, stockings, and garter, half dressed and masturbating.

She started going a little faster, and I gave her a little encouragement. "Rub that clit of yours, shoved two fingers up your cunt. Fuck that cunt! Think of my big cock right up your wet cunt" I said. She was ready. She arched her back slightly, thrust her pelvis forward slightly, and bent at the knees. She started to cum. "Cumming, I'm cumming, oh! I'm having a cum, O, O, oh, my cunt is so hot, my cunt is hot so hot, I'm cumming and cumming, I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnngggg " she cried.

Her legs started to give way, as she slowly lowered to the floor. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming " she said as she lowered herself to the floor. She sat down, her fingers still up her wet cunt, her other hand now back on her clit, massaging, fingering.

She started to lay back. "I'm cumming, fuck me, I'm cumming ". She was going at her cunt even faster now. She started to lay back until she was in the prone position.

"Fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Her legs shot out, as she reached her pinnacle. She kept going. "I'm cumming " she was stiff as a board, stretched out on the floor, with two fingers up her cunt, and another on her clit.

"I need your cock, I need to suck your cock, I need to taste your hot cum, in my mouth". Her speech started to taper off, more and more quietly. "I'm cumming ", "I'm cumming ". Her speech was now just a whisper "I'm cumming I'm cumming " her eyes began to close, fingers fell from her cunt, it was as though she passed out.

She just lay there motionless, I could hardly tell if she was breathing at all. I stood up and walked over to her, and knelt down. I put a finger up her cunt. I worked it around, then took it out, and put it in my mouth. I really needed to taste her. Then I knelt over and started licking her cunt. She stiffened for a second as my tongue crossed her clit, but she could hardly move.

The strength of her orgasm completely drained her. I started to undress her. I pulled her panties will be down across her heels and off. I pulled the blouse off her, unsnapped her bra, and removed it. I took her shoes off, leaving her only in her stockings and garter belt.

I reached down and gently lifted her onto the bed. She really needed the rest. In the meantime I had this huge hard on, that was ossing pre-cum. I took a little off the tip of my cock, and rubbed it over her lips. I heard her moan. I knew she was going to get a mouthful soon. She must've laid there for 20 min. without moving, until my playing with her nipples, started to revive her. "Susan, I think it's time for you to show me your surprise, I think I will explode if I don't cum soon. I said" "I think you're gonna like what I have in store for you.

Oh my God I never came his hard before. You never even touched me, but you made me so hot I came over the roof. But now for your surprise. She said". She got up off of the bed, and told me to lay back, which I did, my dick sticking straight up in the air. She walked over to where I removed her shoes, and slipped them on, first the left and in the right.

In her very sexy walk she came towards me. "I'm going to suck the cum right out of you. I'm going to suck your dick until there's no more cum in it for me to drink.


While I'm sucking your cock I'm going to put a finger right up your ass, I'm going to press on your prostate and push all your cum out, right into my mouth." With that she got up on the bed with me, and reached into her purse, cum up with a latex glove, which she put on her right hand.

"You're going to love this "she said. She lied down on the bed in a classic 69 position, but she didn't want me to eat her. She was going to do all the work, and I was just lay there. She moved her right hand over my legs, and cupped my ass cheeks.

She had the lubricating gel and was smearing it on her fingers, as she did, she worked some around my ass hole. "All men love to have their ass fingered, while their cock is sucked.

I know you'd love this, I did it to you before, years ago. She said". She lowered her head down to my cock, and gave a small lick. Her right index finger was just at the opening of my ass hole. Then, all at once, she sucked my entire cock right into her mouth, and then let it out just as quickly.

"Oh I can taste your pre-cum, I can't wait for you to fill my mouth with it" she said. She started working it in out of her mouth, making a muffled guttural sound as she did. She loved to suck cock!

She was sucking the head of my cock and let a little bit more enter her mouth. Her finger was exploring my ass, and she was making circles around the opening. She pushed her finger little by little, into my ass, while she sucked a little more of my cock. The feeling of her warm mouth all over my cock, and her finger slowly gliding up my ass, was incredible.

There was no way to describe this feeling. She wanted me to cum, and she was going to drink my cum, and that was that. Her sucking got a little faster, and a little deeper.

Her finger was slowly going deeper into my ass. Her other hand was gently cupping my balls, while her mouth worked on my cock. She now had three quarters of my cock down her throat, and most of her finger up my ass. Her tongue was running around and around my dick in her mouth. She was making a slight muffled sound as my cock was sucked deeper and deeper down her throat. I looked down I could see her beautiful blonde hair moving around my cock.

I could see her finger moving in and out, slowly up my ass. She finally got her finger as deep in my ass as she can get it.

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She knew where my prostate was, and was gently massaging it. I knew she was going to get a huge load this time, right down her throat. She put her hand on the base of my cock and started stroking it as she sucked, she was indeed, milking my cock. She wanted that load, she wanted to taste my cum, she wanted it in her mouth so she could swirl it about with her tongue before she swallows it.

She let my dick slide out of her mouth, while still figuring my ass. "Oh! I love to suck your cock. I love to get it all the way down my throat. I could feel your ass tensioning as I suck it.

I can't wait until you give me your load, so I can feel your ass close on my finger. I want a really big load, so I could suck it, right down my throat" she said.

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With that, she started sucking in earnest. Her finger working my ass faster and faster, while she deep throated my dick. She had it right down her throat. I was getting close, and she knew it. I reached over and put two fingers in her cunt. She welcomed the fingers, by pushing back slightly. She liked it, but didn't want to break concentration on her task. She was jerking me off, faster and faster, her mouth halfway down my dick.

Her finger into my ass faster and faster, and I knew I was about to cum. "Cum in my mouth, give me your load right down my throat, give it to me! Give it to me! I want your cum! Fuck my mouth"! She said. That started me coming. This was no ordinary cum no everyday orgasm. This was something I would remember for the rest of my life, as the pinnacle of all orgasms.

I could feel it coursing through my balls, and surging through my cock, where she had a tight grip. When she felt the cum welling up, she squeezed a little tighter to build up the pressure. And then, all at once, she released it.

"AHHHH, oh, I'm cuming, I'm cummming right in your mouth" I cried. As I shot into her mouth, she all at once swallowed my entire cock, right up to the hilt, while simultaneously sticking her finger as far up my ass as it would go.

I flowed into her mouth. Ribbon after ribbon, like a stream of cum that she so greedily swallowed. I kept coming, and coming. She kept sucking and fingering, and sucking some more. She was making a muffled sound, like she was drinking an ice cream soda. Her mouth was so warm, I could feel my cum in that warm mouth. She swallowed. I came some more, another load, right into her waiting mouth. It was a feeling that I never had before. She was still drinking me, as she slowly let her finger slip out of my ass.

She swallowed again. She started to let my cock out of her mouth. When it was about three quarters of the way out, she all at once, rammed it right down her throat again. I almost screamed at the pleasure she was giving me. She laid there, with me down her throat for a long while. I was in semi-comatose state. I was drifting off to sleep. I couldn't help myself after the huge relief I just encountered. I just lay there. Susan stood up, and kneeling about 2 feet from me, put her finger in her mouth, and extracted some of my cum.

She then, to my great surprise, spread my own cum over my lips. The feeling was incredible.


Many times, I fed her, her own cum. Many times, I made her eat herself. Susan wanted me to experience the same thing, by having me taste my own cum. "I love you, Susan, I love you" I said. "And I love you, and always did, and always will. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep." she said.