Two blondes fuck wild in documentary

Two blondes fuck wild in documentary
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Your flying saucer needs refueling as it nears the Earth. The computer tells you that Earth has an endless amount of everything you need to refuel. You decide let the humans refuel your flying saucer and land your ship in an empty parking lot. Earth's gravity is lower then what you are use to making you levitate in your flying saucer. It doesn't take long the humans to take notice of your ship.

The humans' military surround your ship. You open the ship's hatch allowing six humans to enter the airlock. The flying saucer scans verifying that two of them are female. One is a sexy blond eighteen years old, by human standards.

The computer identifies as a scientist. She wears a white lab coat over a blue polo shirt and black skirt. This human is petite with a tight little ass and terrific tits. The other female human is a commando.

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She wears camouflage fatigues with army boots and carries a gun. This human is also identified as an attractive human. She has short amber hair and is about 25 Earth years old. The curvy commando has trim waistline, terrific tits and a nice round rump.

The airlock opens leading the females to you. They walk toward you, a being that looks like a pair of hairy blue balls. You release an unshed aphrodisiac into the air, turning on and increasing the Earth women's sex drives.

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The erotic Earth women walk toward you. They both playful rub their hands across your ball shaped body. You start to sprout four slimy tentacles, that wrap around the Earth women's wrists. Two more tentacles unfurl from you, one lunges toward the scientist.

The tentacle slides up her leg. It brushes against her thigh as she begins to pants. The tentacle traces back and forth along her split through her panties, get them wet. Your wet tentacle pulls back from under her skirt.

It slides up her shirt and twirls itself around one of her boobs as her she moans more. Your tentacle release her tit as she begins to pet her pussy. She starts fondling her ripe breasts as your tentacle continues up, under her shirt.


Your tentacle pokes out of her collar and pulls the shirt up over her breasts. Your tentacle slides between her lush lips. Her tongue rotates around your tentacle as she sucks it. Your other tentacles release her as the she's holds her up by her shirt. One tentacle slithers up her thigh and into her panties. Your tentacle slides across her clit as she moans. The tentacle begins poking and prodding her tight little virgin pussy entrance.

Her moans get louder and louder with every inch of your tentacle enters her. You let seven inches of your tentacle in as you begins to thrust in her pussy. She screams as you pick up speed, letting the tentacle in her mouth out as it coats her glasses with your cum.

Your tentacle in her pussy pops her cherry, getting her to scream again. Your tentacle hammers her pussy as another one of your tentacles move into her mouth. Her tongue runs circles around your tentacle's prick.

She pulls your tentacle out her mouth as another comes to be blown. The scientist begins blowing them both one at a time. She clutches both tentacles in her hands as reaches first orgasm. Your tentacle in her pussy retreats and rips off her soaked panties. You slide your tentacle between her breasts and rips her bra apart, letting her perky young breasts out. Your tentacle pokes at her tight ass as you send another tentacle to hammer her tight cunt. You struggle to get in her tight asshole, causing you and her a little pain.

The pain subsides as you continue to work at getting it in. She screams again as she having another orgasm. The oral tentacles blast her with twin gushers of your seed.

Your remaining two tentacles pound away at her insides.

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Both tentacles thrust deep inside her holes, almost impaling her as you see how much she can take. She screams with delight as both your tentacles squirt their loads inside her hole. At the same time you start playing with the scientist. Your other tentacle slithers across the uniform of commando. It circles around her chest, massaging her bosoms. Your tentacle latches onto her nipple and begins sucking through her top.

She moans as your tentacle suckles on her tit. You sprout another tentacle that acts like a tongue circling her other tit. This tentacle licks her nipple and increases her pleasure.

Her moans grow louder as she slides her hand down her pants. Your tentacle around her wrist lets go and pulls down her pants, revealing she has no panties on. It wraps around her knee as an ankle tentacle joins it on the other legs. Both your tentacles coil up her legs. One teases her wet pussy as the other prepares penetrate her ass. Your two tentacles begin to slowly slide into her holes. She moans as your two tentacles slide deeper inside her. You launch another tentacle at her free hand.

She grabs your new tentacle and begins pulling on it.

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The commando pulls your tentacle up to her mouth. She starts licking the shaft of your tentacle. Her mouth slides along the body of your tentacle. She moves her head back and forth forcing your tentacle down her throat as far as it could go.

Your tentacle around her other wrist unwraps as she begins to stroke that one. She also pulls this tentacle up to her busy mouth. She pulls out your tentacles her mouth and after taking a deep breath deepthroats your other tentacle. Back between her legs, the two tentacles continue thrusting inside. One tentacle like piston pumps her pussy as she reaches her climax.

Your dueling tentacles press on as she cums. At times it feels like the two tentacle are in the same holes. She cums again as the anal tentacle releases inside her. Your dripping anal tentacle pulls out and turns its attention to the commando's head as new tentacle took over her ass. Her lips lock around drippy prick of your first anal probe tentacle and slurps down the rest of you cum.

Your tentacle harpoons the back of her throat, causing her to choke.

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You pull out, letting breath. She inhales your tentacles and rocks her head back and forth on it. You withdraw your tentacle from her mouth as your three tentacles blast your loads on her face. Your tentacle up her ass pulls out, spraying her backside as she reaches another orgasm.

This tentacle circles around her and goes down her top. Your tentacle pulls down on her top ripping the button off of it, exposing her big beautiful bare breasts. The pussy tentacle pulls out and sprays her abs. Your pussy and second anal tentacles wrap around her titties with their pricks nestled her bust. Both tentacles loop around her tits and squeeze them tightly together as they both receive boobjobs.

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Her captured breasts pump both your tentacles back and forth. Her tits jerk off both tentacles, get them to burst over her neckline. Exhausted, you put the Earth women down and retract all tentacles. You revert back to you ball shape.


The two Earth women lay down and fall asleep. You check your saucer's fuel supply, it is still not to get home. But if you grab another Earth woman can be home in a week.