Gorgeous Asian brunette TS Toey performs solo masturbation

Gorgeous Asian brunette TS Toey performs solo masturbation
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I wake up to a pounding on the door and flashing lights outside, I want to move but my hands are still manacled to the headboard of the bed. Fuzzy manacles and I'm still a little hard, damn Kori really knows how to plan a party. I can hear people coming up the stairs, normally I'd do something about it but with Kori on my left and Imelda on my right I'm still not going anywhere.

I rest my head on the pillow and wait for the fun to begin. Door opens and there are the police turning on the lights in the room. I wait to hear her voice. "Guy Donnelly, you need to come with me right now for questioning," Detective Escalante says in an official tone. Kori and Imelda are roused from sleep by the lights and I shrug while showing Escalante the manacles.

I see a small smirk before the manacles are undone and I'm escorted from the bed. They let Kori put some jeans on me and I get moved out of the house and into the back of Detective Escalante's car.

Everything is perfect. EIGHTEEN HOURS EARLIER Waking up with Kori and Imelda in the same bed is kinda like waking up as a fly and two frogs have their mouths on you.

Granted being kissed by two women is an epic way to wake up. I kiss both women on the lips and start to peel myself out of bed much to the ladies dismay. "Awww baby we wanted to play," Kori says sweetly from the bed. "I know girls but you have some shopping to do and I know how women love shopping," I tell her pulling my clothes on. I check my phone and see it's only eight in the morning and I'm pretty sure breakfast is ready by now. I head down stairs and see Rosa starting clean up in the kitchen.

In the dining room however it's a nearly full table as Kori and Imelda catch up to me hastily dressed and join the whole family at the table. We eat and talk casually when I figure out I have a hole in what I'm doing, I need an out and I don't have one.

We all get done eating and I watch everyone else clear out. I still have a hole in my plan and that's a problem until I see Rosa taking out the trash from the kitchen. Once she's in the garage I head straight in after her. I let her put the trash in the bins as I close the door to the rest of the house. "Dios Mio Mr. Donnelly, you scared me," Rosa says startled to see me in the garage.

"Rosa I need your help and considering we both know you're a hell of a lot smarter than most give you credit for I think you'll be able to help me," I tell Rosa smiling. We talk about the security system in the home, where the cameras are considering I haven't seen them.

There are no door alarms but she tells me exactly how to get out of the house and off the grounds without being seen. Loretta almost hears us talking as she comes into the room looking for me. "Guy the girls are wanting me to take them to some very 'particular' stores," Loretta tells me," I think they're planning something for you tonight." "Oh god I hope so. Please tell me you're going to help them," I ask pleadingly. "Yes I'm going to take Kori out but Imelda says she needs to talk to you about your bike," Loretta says as I follow her out of the garage.

I get back to my room and see both girls are getting ready to go but Imelda has a concerned look on her face. I grab my coat and we all head down t the garage where I kiss Kori goodbye before Imelda and I head out on our bikes. I let her lead the way as we get through town till we stop at her job. We get off our bikes and I watch Imelda head inside to talk with her boss. Its a few minutes before I watch two guys pull my bike in the garage and get it up on the track.

"Baby I know you wanted to get a good look at my bike but I thought we were going somewhere else," I ask Imelda confused. "Yeah well I've been a on a bit more of the streets than you baby and you're being played," Imelda tells me sternly," and now I'm going to prove it to you." Imelda shows me to a seat and hands me a soda as her boys start combing through my bike. I sit back and watch them fiddle around and aside from nearly taking the whole bike apart they spend an hour fiddling around before Imelda waves me into the garage.

I follow her in and see one of the mechanics holding a small light as he shines it past some of the engine and I see a small black piece of plastic with some wiring hooked to my bike. "They low jacked you, the cops have been watching your every move," Imelda tells quietly," You need to not do this." I step away for a second to think, first thing first I am going to punch Escalante so hard in the gut she'll never have children.

Secondly I'm going to not leave enough of Romeo to fill a matchbox. I am fuming mad when Imelda places her hand on my shoulder. "Baby it's gonna be okay. It'll take time but we can figure out a way to get it out without setting it off," Imelda tells me but I'm not in the mood to listen. I see them lowering my bike down and once it's down I get my helmet on and peel out.

I know Imelda wants to help but this is my problem now. I drive around thinking about what I am going to do when I decide to say fuck it and head to the tattoo parlor. Once inside the Old Man walks me into the back office and sits me down. "Your Mexican girl called here asking if we'd seen you," the old man asks," are you able to be seen." I nod my head and watch him nod to Vicki who makes a phone call.

I sit in the office quietly trying to think and calm down. The old man leaves and I am left with just my thoughts. I check my clock and see it's about noon when Imelda comes in and tries to make her way to me but gets cut off by the Old Man. I'm not pissed at her; I thought I had an understanding with Escalante. I really want to confront her but I'll save that for later.

I step out of the office and hug Imelda who grips me back tightly. "I needed to cool off baby, I'm not mad at you," I tell her quietly. "Baby I thought you were going to go punch that puta," Imelda says relieved. Oh how I want to, one good fist to the baby maker but I've got more important things to worry about. We relax for a minute when I text Kori to see where they are, not shocking to me they are still shopping.

I give the location to Imelda and ask her to just join up with them and that I'll be very careful till tonight. I watch her leave and confirm with the old man my what's, when's, and where's for tonight. "Okay kid, I got everything you wanted set up and it's with someone we can trust," the Old Man tells me," mind if I ask on a scale of one to ten how bad what you're doing is?" I lean my head back and sigh before looking at the Old Man and smiling big.

I watch as Smitty shakes his head but the Old Man just chuckles as he pats me on the back before I head out. Back to the bike and I sit for a minute, I have about 6 hours to kill before I need to be home. I figure it's time to deal with some of my other frustration, Jackie. Another twenty some minutes killed as I drive over to the shelter. I get inside and check in with Mrs. Martinez for my visitors pass. Couple of the girls say hi or comment on my bike before one of the two I actually bother to talk to, Kelly heads sees me and heads over.

"Back again, it's like you are looking for a reason to get angry," Kelly says almost happily. "I have plenty to be angry about. Where is Jackie," I ask plainly. "I heard her say she was heading to the mall, probably visiting her boyfriend," Kelly tells me," Oh can I come too?" "Why, not might need someone to abuse me after I get done with this," I tell Kelly turning around.

I get my spare helmet out of my bike and wait for Kelly. It takes her about ten minutes before I see Kelly come running out of the front door, she changed from shorts to a short skirt and a v-neck top.

I hand her the helmet and once she's seated on the bike I head off to the mall. I get the bike parked and head inside with Kelly, she's just happy to be out the shelter. We head past the theater and get to the food court where I see Jackie sitting alone drinking a soda. I hand Kelly a twenty and tell her to get something to eat but I'll need my privacy.

I honestly think she's never been given anything before me without having to 'earn' it. I let her head off and make a slow approach to Jackie's table. I wait for her to see me there with my hood down, the recognition hits her face so does the fear and for once it's not the look I was hoping for. "Can I sit down or do you need more time," I ask Jackie plainly. "Oh god, Guy. Ummm sure please sit down," Jackie says startled but trying to be polite. I sit and watch her close her book, I keep watching her eyes as she glances to one of the food stalls.

I figure it's her boyfriend she's looking at but I really couldn't care less about the guy. I don't even look myself I keep my eyes on Jackie. "So how did you find me," Jackie asks nervously. "Kelly, she said she knew where you were and asked to come.

Personally I think I gave her a major hard on for me," I tell Jackie getting a grimace of something like regret. "Are you gonna have sex with her," Jackie asks. "I honestly don't know, haven't thought about it," I tell her starting in," So I'm so much of a monster that you can't even tell me that you're happy, so horrible that when you decide to try to find some happiness that you push me so far away that now I get to see what a horrible person I am." "Guy it's not like that, I was just trying to do something with myself," Jackie tells me," I started going out and tried living a little instead of sitting in the shelter most of the time." "And that's great, honestly I'm happy for you but you shut me out then hid it from me for weeks," I tell her holding back my temper.

"I didn't want to hide it I just didn't want to hurt you. I met Steven a couple days after you took care of Kelly, we talked and he was nice," Jackie tells me trying to explain," It felt good to speak to someone outside the shelter and when he kissed me it was, I felt special." "And that's just wonderful, you have a great feeling and decide that I'm so awful that instead of just owning up to it and telling me like a real friend you decide to just," I pause to figure out the end game," wait it out till I leave and head back to Washington?" I can see Jackie's hurt and not enjoying the fact that I just said her entire plan out loud.

I really liked her; she was damaged but got away like I did. I did what I did partly for her, because it would make her feel better. Now I know that she saw the monster and then ran to hide. Jackie is in pain, I can see it but where I used to feel like I care I feel like twisting the knife. "Hey baby, are you okay," I get from the new boyfriend Steven," Didn't I see you before at the shelter?" "Yes you did, now either figure out a way to realize that you're not needed here right now or I see just how badly you want to be a hero," I tell him looking Jackie in her eyes.

"Hey, you back off. Jackie is my girlfriend and I'm not going to stand here and just let you talk to her like that you're and idiot," Steven says getting very cross with me. "Steve I'm okay, really. Guy just helped me with some things and I did something bad to him okay. I need you to leave us alone for a while honey," Jackie says trying to protect him. I feel him glaring at me but he walks away, I almost want to say good doggie but I keep it to myself as Steven leaves.

Jackie is hurting bad and I can forgive her but why? After this level of betrayal I should really scorch the earth here. "I horrify you.


Don't I," I ask Jackie. "No it's not that. I don't feel scared with you and you are not a monster," Jackie answers me exasperated," I found Steven and things have been nice. I know you aren't going to be around and I needed someone for me." "Still doesn't answer the hiding, you could have told me weeks ago and you didn't. And for the record I would have been fine. I get why you went out and when you found Steve everything started to feel better for you.

You didn't trust me, I'm a monster and in your mind that's the last thing you see when you look at me," I state to Jackie. "I look at you and see something I can't keep," Jackie says with a lot of anger," you have four girlfriends and I hoped that you could just settle on me and walk away.

I knew that wasn't going to happen with how you spoke about 'your girls' so I figured I'd go out and try to be free and I found someone. Now here you are trying to… oh shit." I see Jackie isn't looking at me anymore but past me, I turn and see Kelly sitting scared at a table with a black guy in some seriously baggy pants and an overly pricy jersey.

It's when I see the gold in his teeth that I really don't like him, that and the fact that he's got someone I've been working on making better scared shitless. I get up and head over with a good stomp in my step. "Kelly get up and say good bye," I tell Kelly sternly. "Hey white boy, I'm talking to my girl here so leave now," I get told by the 'G' in the jersey.

I watch Kelly get relieved and start to stand up but her old friend is not taking no for an answer. I feel like a Hindu cow right now, calm and unbelievably relaxed. I let him turn me around so I can watch him threaten me.

"Listen boy, go sit yo ass down in a fucking chair somewhere else and stay the fuck away from my girl," the old boyfriend tells me. I see Steven and Jackie start to approach but Jackie halts them both when she sees my face. Kelly backs away a few steps by the sound of her. I already know what I'm gonna do. "You want Kelly, fine. You and me, one on one, name the spot and I'll be there with her in twenty minutes," I tell the old friend.

"You wanna fight me whitey you gonna lose more than Kelly," He says wonderfully confident," Yeah, south side overpass in twenty if your bitch ass can make it there." I watch him turn and start to walk but I only let him get a step before I plant a foot in the back of his right knee.

I feel a light pop and as soon as he's down on his knees I lock my arms around his neck in a reverse headlock, bending him backwards as I apply pressure to his neck I make eye contact with Steven and Jackie. "See, this is why she asked you to walk away. This is why when you've asked questions about me she's avoided the answers," I tell Steven as I feel Kelly's 'friend' struggle," I'm the thing that people seem to beg to handle all the bad problems, and Jackie while a very sweet girl has had some bad problems." I can feel the friend go limp and I let go of the hold allowing him to fall down.

The food court is buzzing and I figure it'll be good to get out of here but I'm not done yet. I walk straight up to Jackie and Steven.

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"Now I want you to drop all the bullshit and tell me exactly what you should have said the first time we had this discussion," I tell Jackie plainly.

"I'm sorry, I should have just said something and let you be happy for me," Jackie says tearing up. "You, I want you to remember my face," I turn my attention to Steven who looks confused and a little afraid," you ever do anything to hurt her and I will find you." I can see the thought register in his face for a second before I smile and walk quickly out of the mall.

I hear feet behind me and see Kelly trying to catch up; girl needs work off some of her ass. We get on my bike and are gone before anyone around asks questions. I figure it'll probably be best to get her back to the shelter quickly considering the longer we're out the more chance someone might try to find her after this.

I get us in the parking lot and walk her inside and swing her into Mrs. Martinez's office to let her know most of what happened at the mall and to keep an eye out. I let her talk with Kelly when I see some of the girls watching intently.

"Problem ladies," I ask closing the door to Mrs. Martinez's office. "Is Kelly getting kicked out," one girl asks.

"No, for once she just told the guy no," I tell them before heading back out to my bike. I have a message from Loretta saying that since the girls are going out tonight that she wants to take Mr. Delauter out for a date night as well. I reply with my thinking that it's a splendid idea. My only problem now is Mark.

I need to get him out of the house for several hours but I don't have anything to distract him, except Vicki. I dial up the tattoo shop on my phone and she answers like usual. "Heya Vicki, I'm coming by to pick you up," I tell her starting up my bike. "Guy you're coming to pick me up? What did I do to deserve the attention," Vicki asks, I can hear the pleasant surprise in her voice.

"Oh we'll be going over that soon," I tell her hanging up. I get over to the shop and see Vicki's outside waiting, she's got on a tied flannel short sleeve shirt and jean short shorts with cowboy boots on. I let her get on my bike and head back towards home. We get in the garage about three in the afternoon, only Abigail and Bethany are home and they greet me with a puzzled look when they see Vicki. "Big plans girls," I ask them heading to my room.

"Yeah, we both got dates but the guys say they are coming to get us at the same time," Abigail says accusingly. "Really, well maybe it's all for the best," I tell them," If you two are there nobody will want to fight; only I impress women when I fight." Both girls smirk and get back to date planning while I get Vicki into my room and have her sit down on my bed. I close the door and sit on the edge of my bed before beginning my request.

"So I have a slight problem and I need your help with it," I start in trying to gauge her reaction. "Oh that problem, I know I'm a little better at taking it harder than your girlfriends Guy," Vicki says smiling. "Yes and no on that statement, but it's not me I need you to help out with.

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I need you to take Mark out," I say dropping the bomb. "Oh god, why do guys always ask me to do the pity date," Vicki says exasperated," You really think he needs a date?" "No I don't think he needs a date, I need someone to get him out of here till after midnight tonight and he's got a crush on you hard," I tell Vicki explaining," Besides he's not a bad guy, he just needs someone to grab him by his balls and make him focus." "Wait, you want me to keep him busy for several hours on a date and I don't have to sleep with him if I don't want to," Vicki asks surprised.

"Yep, you sleep with him if you want to. I only need to have the house empty so the girls and I can have some serious fun. They told me they had plans for me and I have to get everyone out so they can 'treat' me," I tell her getting a surprised look. We laugh about the request and hours go by with the two of us enjoying each other's company when at about five in the afternoon Loretta and the girls show up.

Kori and Imelda burst into the room and greet Vicki warmly then Kori stands me up and sticking her hand in my pants grabs my cock. "Hmmm, he's dry and getting hard," Kori tells Imelda happily," he's not avoiding us he's really saving up till the treat tonight." Imelda smiles and the girls kick me out of my own room and I head down to the kitchen and see Loretta who is working on some paperwork.

"I took Kelly out to the mall today and a guy tried to harass her.

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I took care of him but we need to keep her with a chaperone for a while just in case," I tell Loretta concerned. "I can do that," Loretta tells me," So after what I saw the girls buying I need to leave a shot of adrenaline in the first aid kit just in case they accidently stop your heart." I smile lightly then think about what she said, Loretta's serious.

I go through all the ideas of what they could have planned but figure it'll be better if I focus on what happens before the party tonight.

I chat with Loretta a little more before Mr. Delauter and Mark get home. Loretta and Mr. Delauter head off to their room and I follow Mark into his room. "So your girls have something big for you planned tonight," Mark says a little disappointed," Guess I can't have fun up there but I'll be in my room and out of your way if that's okay." "EHHHHHH Wrong Mark! I figured listening to us would be just cruel so I did you a real favor," I tell him trying to sound like a game show host," I have Vicki upstairs right now and she's willing to go out on a date with you tonight." "No fucking way," Mark says instantly cheering up.

"Rules, one she is a lady and you'll treat her like one because I've met her family and they'll kill you. Second sex is on her terms so you have to be a good date," I tell him as he starts to get changed into some nice clothes.

I head back up and knock my door to which Imelda peers out at me and I motion for Vicki, once she's out of the room I take her downstairs to Mark who is ready and when she sees him she smile lightly. "Did he tell you that I'm not some hooker," Vicki asks plainly. "Yes, did you want to get some different clothes on or should I change to match you," Mark asks trying to be very polite.

"Yes I will want to change and you need to drive me," Vicki says turning a little snobbish as she heads to the garage. I watch Mark mouth the words 'thank you' as he heads after Vicki, ah what we do for good tail.

I shake my head and head back up to my room and once again after knocking on my door get Imelda staring at me like I want something strange. "We're busy, sir," Imelda says," You need to come back after things are taken care of." I think I saw her smirk as she closes the door on me. I head to the TV room to eat up some more time. I watch the Abigail and Bethany leave at the same time and finally I get to say goodbye to Loretta and Mr.

Delauter who are decked out in their finest as they head out on their date. I check my phone and see it's finally six and that means it's time to get moving. I back up to my room for the last time and instead of knocking I take my coat off and leaving my phone and keys in the pocket hang them on the door knob. I change out of my boots and into my sneakers before getting into Mark's room; he left the window open thank god.

I duck out and wait till I see the camera in its perch above me turn full to the right before I cover the thirty feet of ground and duck into the bushes as it pans back. I wait a little more and quietly hop the stone wall into the neighboring yard, it's an empty lot so I don't have to worry about people around, I take the burner phone out and dial the number first number, I hear a voice on the other end and tell him exactly where I'm at.

Apparently he's been waiting in the area and I don't have to wait more than five minutes when a black van pulls up and I jump into the side door. "Clothes are in the black bag," I hear the driver say keeping it professional.

I take my phone and text the only other number in it Carlos's burner; I ask him where Romeo is. It takes a few minutes and I change out of my clothes and into the ones provided. I have black jeans with some tight sneakers and a black turtle neck, at the bottom of the bag I see something that tells me the Old Man has a few ideas of his own.

I take out the full skull mask and gloves but leave the remaining items inside for later. I get my response from Carlos; apparently he's at Carlos's place waiting for a call from him. I give the driver the location and off we go. It takes about twenty minutes to get there thanks to the freeway and the driver being a fucking madman behind the wheel. We drive around till I see Romeo's car sitting alone in an alley.

"I am going to need you to stay close once I get this going but when I wave you off stop following me and when I text you I'll be on foot heading towards you," I tell the driver getting out of the van with my bag. The driver nods before hiding his van somewhere out of sight. I check the alley, it's blind and I don't see anything out of the ordinary. With the fair going on I figure most people are out having fun, that's probably where Blaze and Carlos are meeting up at.

I chuckle to myself and wait patiently behind a dumpster till seven; once it rolls around I send the text off to Carlos to get Romeo. I don't even have to wait ten minutes when I see Romeo decked out in khaki's and a white button up shirt like the rest of Carlos's crew. I pull my mask on and leave the bag in the spot, I wait for Romeo to get pass me before I push him head first into his own car. I don't hear a crack of his neck but he's out like a light from bouncing his head off the car door.

I check again and see nobody around, ducking back to the dumpster I grab the bag of goodies and get the duct tape out and start binding up Romeo's hands, feet and gag his mouth with a rag from the trash before covering it with duct tape. I grab Romeo's keys and pocket his cell phone after removing the battery; once I get the trunk open I drag his ass over and stuff his unconscious body in the trunk.

Once I get it closed I pull off the mask and take my seat behind the wheel of Romeo's car, it's a piece of shit and I honestly wonder if it'll even get me out where I want to go but sure enough it gets us down the road.

The drive to the southern part of town takes me about forty five minute and I really think on what I'm going to do and how all this could be foiled by a random cop pulling me over. My driver in the van isn't going to be any help but then again if I wanted help I'd get Carlos. I see the city start to get thinner with buildings and more desolate before I wave off the driver and take the car off road. As soon as I start hitting the bumps of the sand and rocks I'm kicking up I can hear something from the trunk, Romeo must be awake.

I drive in circles for a while, being summer I figure it'll be a while before it gets dark. I keep driving and the sun finally sets about nine at night, I stop the car and grab the hand cuffs out and turn them into a brace for my knuckles after getting my mask back on.

I get to the back of the car and pop the trunk to see Romeo has vomited a little bit and moved the gag off. I punch him right in the side of the head with the handcuffs to put him back out. I drag him out and bring him to the front of the car, I check the bag and see there's no knife in it at all and figure I'll check the car. It takes me a minute to get into the glove box but when I do I see my smoking gun, or more accurately bloody pocket knife.

He's kept it in the car this whole time sitting in a plastic bag in his glove box. I take the bag out and get back to work, Romeo's still out so it makes him a little easier to deal with. I take his shoes and socks off, not sure why but it's funny to me, before I cut his legs free. I get his hands free and take his right hand and cuff it to the front of his car's shitty yet sturdy looking grill. I slap him a little to get him to wake up and when he does I watch him try to get up but the cuffs keep him in place.

After struggling for a minute I decide it's time to get his attention. "Hello Romeo, you've been doing some very bad things haven't you," I tell him with my voice muffled by the mask and trying to speak with an accent. "Who are you man, what do you want," Romeo asks panicked. "I want you to listen. This is an unbreakable situation you are in," I tell him pulling out the bag with the knife in it.

I watch his eyes go wide and wait as he futilely pulls on the cuffs again. It's not long before the crying starts and I take the road flare out of the bag and get it going so that we have some light. "What do you want from me," Romeo asks again still scared.

"I said you will LISTEN," I say getting stern with my voice," I know what you did with this knife, and by now so does Carlos and Blaze. While we're here talking they're being told by one of my people exactly who did what. I'm in the business of vengeance; your number just came up." "Oh god you're going to kill me," Romeo whimpers starting to cry again. "I'm not going to kill you Romeo," I say causing him to look at me pleadingly," I'm giving you a choice.

Would you confess to your sins?" "Yes, I will confess, I'll tell the police everything," Romeo says still begging. "The problem is that would be too easy for you. You betrayed your own by attacking your own woman and then you stabbing someone who treated you like a brother," I tell him angrily," that makes you coward and a traitor. Now I want you to know that when you get inside jail you will have someone watching you. And they will make sure you stay true because if you stay outside you'll be killed or worse by Carlos and Blaze.

Do you understand?" I watch him nod and start holding the handcuffs out to me so I can unlock them. I first show Romeo his car keys and once he recognizes them I throw them with my right hand as far as I can in the dark. I can see he's distraught about it but it's only going to get worse as I pull out a bottle of red liquid, label says pigs blood.

I get more crying and pleading as I start to cover Romeo in the blood, only sparing his head and handcuffed arm. "Now that you know the situation let me give you a lesson," I start in," The coyote isn't a predator like some people think. They only hunt when they have a distinct advantage or are starving, and here you are covered in blood sitting hand cuffed and defenseless in the middle of coyote country." "You can't leave me here, I said I'd confess," Romeo starts raising his voice to me," take me back and I'll confess." "Oh you will confess Romeo; you see that flare will last for about three and a half more hours before it goes dead.

Then the coyotes will have nothing to be afraid of when they come for you," I take out his phone and show him the battery," You will need to make a call with this first so that the police will come and find you." I take the phone and set it down ten feet away from his spot and set the battery on top of it. I can see fear mixed with confusion but my opus hasn't even reached its zenith yet.

"I need my phone if I'm going to make a call," Romeo says desperate. "Yes you do, and you're going to have to get it," I tell him pulling the last item out of the bag," with this." I get the item out and into plain view for him to see, a hacksaw. Romeo officially hits bat shit panicked in record time and starts lashing out and trying to pull his hand out of the cuffs. I wait for him to stop after a few minutes before continuing.

"You have three hours or so to make your choice," I start in very calmly," you can wait here and let the coyotes come and eat you, they will kill you and it'll hurt but you'll be dead and what happens after that won't matter. Your other option is to cut off your own hand, the same one you stabbed your Hector with, to get to the phone and try to get to safety with the knife. You can die like a coward or be a man and face your punishment." I grab my bag from the ground and put the duct tape and the bottle inside it, I almost forget the hacksaw.

I turn and drop it next to road flare within his reach if he stretches out his legs. I close up the bag and start jogging back to the road leaving Romeo whimpering in fear behind me. As soon as I get to the road I don't even have to take my phone out thanks to my ride already being there. Once inside the van I find out the time is a little after nine thirty and start changing out of the loaner clothes and back into my regular clothes.

We get back to the empty house a little after ten and I leave the burner phone in the bag before addressing the driver. "I want the whole bag and clothes burned please," I ask him politely," Not one trace of anything in there." "Old Man said you were smart kid, I'll take care of it personally," my driver tells me before heading down the road.

I cut through the yard and back up to the house, over the wall and I wait in the bushes. I wait till I see the camera turn far to the right again and rush the thirty feet back to the house. No Mark in his room as I get in through the open window and return it to a small crack like it was originally. The whole house is quiet and I creep up to my room and see my coat is not there and neither is my phone.

I knock on the door and wait patiently. Kori answers wearing a black satin robe and a scared look in her eyes, I enter and see Imelda is dressed the same way. I move over to my coat and send a text message off to Detective Escalante that I have the name of who stabbed Hector; it takes about two seconds for a reply.

I ask if she and I have a deal or if we don't, she says yes and I give up Romeo to her and put my phone away. I turn my attention back to my girls who are standing expectantly; I'm honestly now more worried than I was earlier with Romeo as Kori beckons me to stand in front of them. I move to the spot and watch as Imelda and Kori take off their robes both are wearing black corsets with nylons and garters, I see no bras or panties at all and both girls move to me like animals on the prowl.

Both remain quiet as they start to slowly strip me down until I'm naked and I let them move me over to the bed and lay me down in the middle of the bed. I watch as they take my hands and use some fuzzy shackles to secure my arms to the bed so I can't touch them or get away. "Open your mouth and take this," Kori says holding a pill in one hand and a glass of water in the other.


I lean up and take the pill in my mouth trying to hold it under my tongue; I really don't like unknown drugs. Kori gives me the water and I drink a few gulps before Kori takes away the cup and slams her mouth into mine, it takes a few seconds but she finds the pill and I can't help but swallow it.

"Bad boy, now we need to punish you for that," Kori says almost enjoying my stubbornness with the pill. I'm aroused but not very hard as both girls take their time slowly and methodically kissing my body, Kori licking around my nipple while Imelda starts to curl my toes by licking my earlobe.

I'm getting harder as Kori finally makes her way down to my cock and lifts it off my stomach, I feel her kissing my hips, and belly until finally she starts working my cock in her warm mouth. I feel like they must have left the window open cause I feel cold air all over my body but more so on my cock as Kori covers it with saliva from her gently working me over.

Imelda on the other hand is not so gentle and I'm trying to get her to ease up as she starts biting her way down my body, starting from my ear and stopping as she takes my nipple in her teeth and grinds it slowly. I look down and watch as Kori stops working me over with her mouth and decides to speed things up by taking her hand and jacking my cock fast and with a tight grip.

"Baby, that's really hard and I'm gonna cum too soon if you keep it up," I tell Kori as I start to feel the twinge at the base of my cock. "Good, your tigresses are going to remind you that sometimes you are here for us to play with," Kori says as I feel her start jacking my cock harder. The pain from Imelda biting my nipple stops as I feel her move down and while Kori continues spitting on and jerking my cock as I discover that Imelda has a more intense idea.

I feel Imelda moving in between my legs and at first she starts gently sucking on my balls, with Kori jerking me I start moaning as the tension in my cock base sends shivers down my legs. Imelda and Kori feel this and suddenly Imelda takes my scrotum in her teeth and grinds the flesh gently yet painfully as Kori goes all out jacking my cock.

They're holding my hips in place as I start bucking my hips and shoot my load up in the air and back down onto myself. Kori doesn't stop her work till she feels nothing left coming out, Imelda stops biting me and I watch them as they both start licking cum off my body. I'm a little achy from the intensity of what they just did and I can hear both girls chuckling.

"What's so funny," I ask catching my breath. "You're still ready to go aren't you," Imelda says grinning mischievously. I look down and see to me surprise that she's right, I'm still rock hard and sensitive to the cold air.

What the hell did they give me, I've been able to get up again with some prodding but it takes time or some serious attention. Now I'm confused but Imelda isn't going to waste any time as I watch straddle my hips and lay my cock flat on my stomach. Once she has me down I feel her start to rub her pussy lips up and down my shaft slowly so that I get covered in her juices. Kori on the other hand has moved up towards my head and takes my head and puts my mouth to her breast, I latch on and start to suck away when she pulls it out of my mouth and lightly slaps my face.

"Lick, don't suck," Kori tells me sternly as she puts her nipple back to my face. I keep to licking her nipple like I was 'told', I'm still confused as to the slapping but I'm not in a position to ask questions as she keeps my mouth occupied. I feel Imelda lean forward on my cock a little and start rubbing her clit on the length of my shaft with a slow and very patient pace, and then I start to feel my need to cum start again, it's slow and distant but I should be able to last a little longer than this even with waiting all day for this.

I watch as Kori gets bored with me licking her nipple and gets up on the bed before moving up to my head lowers herself down till my face is an inch away from her pussy. "Lick it, don't try anything else," Kori says rubbing the stubble from my shaved head.

I tentatively start to lick Kori's pussy and clit, trying to figure out where she wants my tongue. I can see she's enjoying it as I feel Imelda start to speed up her hips and clit on my shaft. It feels warm and I can definitely tell where her clit is and raise my hips a little to give her more pressure. I feel Imelda speed up her hips and it brings me close for the second time as she continues to rub my cock with her slit I feel her place her hands on my chest, particularly her fingers on my nipples pinching hard.

I feel the twinge in the base of my cock and I grunt into Kori's pussy while straining against the manacles and weight of the girls before shooting my second load of the night up my own stomach and chest. I feel Imelda go stiff and start using her slit to push each load out of my cock with deep grinding thrusts. I have lingering pain in my nipples and scrotum from Imelda pinching and biting as the both girls stop straddling me and start to clean up my body again, this time Kori get's off the bed and comes back with a moist cloth to wipe me down with.

"Oh god that was too hard," I say feeling the ache on my body. "Oh baby, we're not done yet. And neither is your cock," Imelda says drawing my attention down to my still hard member," And you've still got to make us both cum tonight." It's official; they're trying to kill me.

What the hell was that pill and how the hell do they let people buy that shit. I'm trying to distract myself from the sensations of pain, pleasure and exhaustion in my body as the girls decide among themselves on what to do next. I can hear them whispering before it looks like Kori is going to go first. I watch both girls start working over my cock with their mouths again, Kori licking the head slowly and taking her tongue and pushing it in the little hole, Imelda running her mouth up and down my shaft before taking my balls in her mouth again, this time being gentler than the last time.

The sensation almost hurts with my soreness from Imelda using her teeth and both girls making it a point to get me off in very hard ways, I try to focus on the pleasure of the situation and keep my eyes locked onto the work they're doing to me. Kori is the first one to stop working on my cock, I watch as she moves over my hips and straddles my cock. I watch her slowly lower her hips down and Imelda helps guide my cock into her descending pussy. Kori's warm velvet like folds are the most pleasant feeling I've had this whole time as she gets me seated all the way inside her.

I feel her start to squeeze the walls of her pussy around me and the pressure feels great as I relax my head on the pillow and start to enjoy myself. I feel weight shift up next to me and see Imelda has crawled up next to my face and is smiling.

"Close your eyes and open your mouth," Imelda tells me almost happily. I comply with her command only to have my head pushed against the bed and a ball of some sore shoved into my mouth.

I panic a little and pull my head up to spit but Imelda is too quick as she start to fasten it around my head. I feel the ball gag lock into place and watch as she checks the tightness before giving a nod to Kori. I watch as Kori starts slowing riding my cock up and down and see out of the corner of my eye Imelda slip out of the room. My sore cock is still reveling in the warmth of Kori's soft pussy as she works her pussy slowly on my cock.

It's long and drawn out enough that I can try to enjoy it through the soreness and the gag. I catch Imelda coming back in and see she has a small bowl holding something I can't quite make out, Imelda gets back on the bed and whispers into Kori's ear and both girls smile before looking at me with devilish grins. "Baby, are you warm," Kori asks slamming down her pussy onto me hard and slowly drawing it back up. I feel the cold of the air a lot more than normal and figure I must be warm but why are they asking for my comfort now for I wonder.

I nod my head and feel Imelda move down straddling my legs as Kori continues going slowly up my cock then slamming the length of me into her with a slapping noise. I feel Imelda hold my foot in place before I receive a massive shock to my system as freezing cold is applied to the bottom of my foot.

I start writhing in agony and moaning into the ball gag as the girls keep me as well held in place as they can. Kori says something to Imelda about hard and huge but I'm too out of it and distracted from Kori's soft pussy and Imelda's icy torture to pay attention.

I feel a twinge of pain in the base of my cock and I see Kori can feel it too, she starts going faster but by now I'm afraid to cum.

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I feel her working me harder as she slams her pussy down onto my cock fast and hard but I keep everything in my being focused on not cumming or the pain it may bring. "Baby are you gonna cum for me again," Kori asks pounding down hard. I shake my head no and see her frown a little, Imelda's face comes into view and I can see Imelda smiling a little.

"Baby I need to cum and I want you to cum with me. You want me to cum too right," Kori asks keeping up the hard pace. I really want her to cum but I keep feeling like my cock is going to burst inside her if this keeps up.

I close my eyes and try to find the pleasure as I nod to Kori. "Imelda, make sure he cums hard with me," I hear Kori say sickeningly sweet. I start to push my body up against her, starting to feel a rush in my own body as I get closer to my third orgasm. I can feel Imelda's fingers working my scrotum lightly; it's a mild distraction as she stretches it a little, not painfully.

I feel her holding it flat when the freezing pain lands and stays right on my testicles and scrotum. I must be on fire because the cold is unbearable, I get a flash of Kori's head thrown back in orgasm and I clench up finally cumming in her hard and deep.

Kori stops bouncing on me as I cum and I feel her grip my sides with her hands holding me as I ride out the pain and pleasure of my climax. I feel Kori get off of me in my exhausted and honestly delirious state. I can feel the girls moving but my brain might as well be out in the desert with Romeo as I lay in bed shaking lightly as the aftershocks hit me. I feel a body cuddle up to me and see that it's Kori looking very sweet and loving but I honestly don't know how to react to any of it.

I feel her rubbing her hand up my chest and then she draws my attention down to my still hard cock. Oh Christ how am I still hard, I should either die or see a physician after all this. I need to get out of the manacles or get the gag out to tell them to stop but as I start to struggle Kori gently starts to calm me down. "Baby, you have one more. I know my Guy can do one more for Imelda," Kori purrs sweetly edging me on," Tell me you can do one more baby." I feel my heart pounding in my chest; I need to find something to latch onto as I feel Imelda starting to take her position over me.

I can see Imelda has a plastic bottle in her hand and starts squirting the contents into her hand then using that hand to stroke my cock, the goo is a little warm and kind of soothing.

Kori is still prodding me for an answer and I feel the drums in my chest and head start to beat. It might as well be my own funeral march as I look at Kori and nod my head weakly. "Imelda he's ready for the big surprise," Kori says kissing my body to keep me interested. I watch Imelda start to line her pussy up with my cock then see her smile in the light and move my cock head back past her pussy and start to press against her asshole.

It's tight and I feel her trying to push her way onto my cock but Imelda is having trouble. Kori stops playing with my body and moves to help Imelda, taking my cock and holding it in place while Imelda uses Kori for balance to keep herself from losing her placing. It's tight and hard for a few seconds more before I feel Imelda's asshole open up and slowly work her way down my cock.

Imelda's ass is tighter than anything I can think of as she get's half my cock in then works her way back up and pushes down. I watch her do this steady pace with each time taking more of my cock deeper into her asshole. After a few tense moments Imelda takes my cock from the top and pushes hard down with her ass burying my all the way into her anus. I am groaning at the warmth and vice like tightness of Imelda as she positions herself leaning back away from me but facing me, her hands and feet keeping herself propped up on the bed.

Kori sets herself back and watches and Imelda starts wasting no time taking long hard thrusts with her ass onto my cock, a slapping noise fills the room as I start grunting into the ball gag.

I try to watch Imelda's body as she fucks me, more so I see Kori looking at Imelda as she rides when I see that grin on Kori's face. Kori moves next to Imelda and starts kissing her breast and rubbing her clit. Imelda's reaction to the additional sensation causes her to go start speeding up her thrusting but Kori slows her down whispering something about letting it build. I try to force the feeling of an orgasm in my mind, keeping on it and nothing else. I can see Kori is watching but I don't know what she's expecting to see, probably waiting to see if I die during sex.

If I have to go then might as well do it now. I wait till Imelda starts to push her ass down and as she starts I buck my hips up into her getting her to moan hard for the first time tonight. Kori seeing the reaction licks two of her fingers and gently stuffs them inside Imelda's pussy, I have a full view of mine and Imelda's bodies slamming together as Kori starts finger fucking Imelda with one hand and taking the base of my cock in the other just keeping me steady.

The scene is hot for me and I feel every inch of Imelda's tight asshole wrapped around my cock as she pulls out and more warm vice like tightness as she slams me back in. My own thrusting has me starting to twinge again but I just keep thinking about making my little Latino bitch cum hard one last time then my heart can stop.

Imelda on the other hand isn't letting up either and I can feel her ass clench up and the pleasure pain twinges in my cock start to turn into orgasm as I release my latest load up into Imelda's intestines. Imelda herself slams her ass down and I can feel her clenching down on my cock, this whole time Kori is still finger fucking her hard and Imelda's eyes go wide with her own orgasm as I watch Kori move her hand away and Imelda start to shoot her own cum up my chest.

I can feel it hit me in the face but not for long as I strain against the manacles and bite into the ball gag feeling the intensity I normally do when I'm fighting. The pain and shock of everything finally sets in after a few moments and I can only lay there on the bed lazily as Imelda lets my cock fall from her ass and both girls get off the bed and into their robes before leaving the room. I mercifully pass out from the exhaustion. I have hazy sensations in my pain and pleasure induced euphoria as I can hear both girls talking about someone being okay and getting me cleaned up.

I feel one of them rubbing me down lightly with a cloth and the other holding my head and trying to talk to me. "Baby, are you okay," Kori says to me in my daze," I know it was really hard and you took a lot but I need you to tell me your okay." I realize that I don't have the ball gag in but my jaw is so tired I can barely gurgle out words.

My hands are still manacled and I figure might as well stay this way for what happens next. Both girls have changed into pajamas from what I can tell and they lay down next to me softly holding and touching my body as I drift out of consciousness.

RIGHT NOW I'm back in the interrogation room in a shirt that Loretta grabbed for me and the jeans Kori put on me as I was taken out of the house. I haven't been questioned yet but I didn't come here in hand cuffs either so I decide to wait and see what is going on with the situation.

Finally after a while Mr. Delauter and Loretta enter the room with Detective Escalante. Everyone sits and we begin the questions. "Mr. Donnelly you have been attempting to keep the peace with some agitated youth groups in the city," Escalante says starting in," And apparently these groups trust you more than the police when handling things that are decidedly not your job. However you have been very helpful to me on this case and even though we started off on the wrong foot we seem to be back at odds so I'm going to ask you some simple questions and you will answer them to the best of your ability, am I clear?" I look to Mr.

Delauter who nods and then to Loretta who takes my hand. I nod my head, I'm still tired from the girls but my mind is wide awake for this. "Now when we talked you said that you'd try to find out who stabbed Hector," Detective Escalante says," and that when you did you would tell me immediately so that the police could handle the situation." "Yes, I went over all the events in my head and discussed them with Carlos and Blaze since neither of them we're responsible," I reply," We figured out that it had to be Romeo since he was pushing for a fight.

That and he wasn't hurt like he said he was." "How do you mean," Escalante asks. "No bruises, when he said he was jumped there were four or five guys who kicked him around," I explain," I've been the guy kicked around, you get some serious bruises that don't just heal up in a few days." "And did you tell Blaze or Carlos this," Escalante asks taking notes.

"No, once I had figured everything out I honored my agreement and decided to give you the information," I tell her keeping a plain look on my face. "We received a phone call from Romeo Salazar approximately thirty minutes ago, they found him in the desert seriously injured," Detective Escalante asks accusingly," Now do you have an explanation for how that could have happened." I shake my head no and look concerned.

Loretta places her hand on my shoulder while Mr. Delauter takes charge. "My step son has been home all evening with his… girlfriends," I watch Mr. Delauter pause for the word," and you have his phone records. If you are implying that he could somehow escape from the women and get out of my home unseen then you're reaching for an accusation and you're reaching too far." "What I'm trying to do is find out if your step son knew about a suspect in a assault case being kidnapped, taken into the desert and forced to cut off his own hand to get to a phone and call 9-1-1," Escalante says staring me in the face and not Mr.

Delauter. "What," I say shocked," Why the hell would I do that. I told you who it was so you could find him before someone hurt him or worse." "You told me but not before someone got hold of him first," Escalante says accusingly," now did you know what was going to happen to Romeo or not?" "No, I didn't know what was going to happen," I say with some truth," I didn't want anyone else to get hurt over this stupidity and that included Romeo.

This is why I told you who it was." "We have more evidence to look into and for the time being you'll be staying here as a 'guest' of the police till we can figure out what really happened," the Detective says getting up from her seat.

Guest of the police, yeah that won't last. I watch Mr. Delauter and Loretta start to argue that my rights are being violated and let them have their say. Mr. Delauter leaves the room to secure my release. I lean over to Loretta and whisper to her 'tracking device on my bike, it's the police'. I pull back and watch her eyes go wide then narrow with a smirk.

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I motion for her to keep it quiet about it for now and get escorted to my room. I don't remember which comedian said it but he was right, jail is like standing in your closet with the lights off. The bed isn't horrible thankfully as I lay down to get some more rest. I guess its morning when I wake up and see that I'm being watched by Captain Miller, I sit up on the bed and stretch a little bit before getting a glass of water. I don't know if he's trying figure out what to say or if he's just waiting for me to start talking to him but I'm not doing him any favors.

"Are you going to continue to ignore me in there," the Captain asks. "Doesn't matter what I do or say, you and your people have been trying to hang me since day one and now I've got everything I need to bury your asses," I tell him plainly. "You're pretty brave for a punk kid," Miller says apparently disgusted with me. "And you're pretty stupid to have your crime team put a low jack on my bike when you were having it inspected as evidence," I tell him getting a shocked look," I wondered why you let me get it back so quickly but then again I have people around me who when I don't know something they do." I watch him start to leave and move to the bars and lean on them with my hands out he does.

"Problem is you're too late, I've already told my mother who has told her husband," I start in," You remember him right, civil rights abuse just got turned into something much worse. I wonder how many people will fall for this, or if someone higher up is going to use you as a scapegoat?" "What do you want," Captain Miller says coming back over to me.

"Really, what do I want," I start to ask before getting a big grin on my face," I wanna watch your career burn. You couldn't just leave me alone, you pushed me with your officers, you stripped me of my rights with the interrogation and then you try to track me down with a fucking low jack. You deserve to burn." I don't know if he's afraid or angry but I back up inside the bars and watch him leave. It's probably a few hours before I am taken from the cell and Loretta is there waiting for me with the girls.

We pile into Loretta's car with me in the passenger front seat and head back home. The rest of the family is there except for Mr. Delauter who Loretta tells me is filing charges with the District Attorney's office against Captain Miller. I chuckle about it long enough when I get ambushed by hugging girls, Abigail and Bethany.

They are extremely happy with my being okay and more so with their boyfriends and their 'families' getting along. Mark thanks me for the date with Vicki and I just pat him on the shoulder before heading into my room with Kori and Imelda in tow.

I try to close the door on them but they both push past and try to lay me down on the bed. "No no no no no, not doing this again," I say trying to wrestle my way out of their grasp. "Baby it's holding time, not play time for girls okay," Imelda says finally getting me to lie down.

We lie in quiet for a while when I can feel the questions coming out of their brains without them speaking. "One each and only one," I tell them slightly annoyed. "Me first, why have Carlos and Blaze meet up in public like that," Imelda asks," They didn't need to do it out in front of everyone just to prove a point." "No, but in front of everyone gives the cops no grounds to say they were the ones who got a hold of Romeo," I tell her. "I am just wondering if we can try to enjoy the rest of the vacation down here," Kori says smiling.

I nod and relax with my girls. The rest of the morning and into the afternoon come and go pretty peacefully and nobody even brings up the police last night. I probably ate my weight in food and even Mark had to sit back and wonder if I was ever going to get full.

Mr. Delauter pulls me into his office around five in the afternoon and tells me about how he's got everything going for the charges against Captain Miller.

I agree that it needs to happen but I would really like to see just him get taken down if possible. We agree that if other's come forward and had a part then they get burned too but other than that I let him do his job.

As I'm leaving his office I see Loretta answering the door, it's Detective Escalante. I sit down in the TV room and for her to come and sit down. "So you're going through with civil and formal charges on Captain Miller," Escalante asks sitting down. "Yes, that tracking device was the last straw," I tell her not even bothering to look at her. "I just came from the hospital, Romeo is done with his surgery," Escalante says trying to read me for a reaction," Did you want to know the results?" "I honestly couldn't care less at this point.

We made a deal, you and I, I have kept my end of the deal but apparently you don't know how to," I say finally looking at her. "I don't understand, how did I break the deal," Escalante asks shocked. "I said don't follow me, and your cop friends decided to violate that.

Then when I give you the information I get thrown in jail for the night and accused of being a damn vigilante," I say getting angry," Now here you are still fishing for clues as to how to put me in jail so you can walk away from all this and not have to keep your end." "You got me the information and the weapon used, and you have an alibi for where you were," the Detective says trying to hold her ground," I brought you in under orders and Romeo's confession had nothing to do with you." "Yeah, nothing to do with me.


Are we done," I ask plainly. "Not yet," She tells me moving in next to me on the couch," I'll call you in a few days when you've… recovered." I watch her leave and shake my head, either she suspects I did it or knows I did it but either way she doesn't care.

Later that night I hear from Carlos who says that Romeo is out of surgery and the police have him in protective custody, I ask if he was going to do something but Carlos says no. Imelda head's home before bed time and for me it's good to see her getting back to her family for the night. I settle in my bed with Kori but I'm not in a cuddling mood and she isn't happy about it.

"Baby did I do something horrible to you," Kori asks me facing my back. "I don't know, you made me take a drug which you know I hate then you and Imelda decide to see if you can break me or kill me during your play time," I tell her," Why would I be mad." I feel her pull on my shoulder and I let her get me onto my back. Kori moves on top of me so I can see her face in the light. "I knew you needed an alibi, a great one," Kori tells me sternly," you and me alone in the house make one.

Two girls chain you to a bed and proceed to make you their own personal love slave for the evening." Oh she's good, just when I thought my Kori couldn't surprise me anymore. I pull her down to me and kiss her once lightly and get her down at my side with my arm around her. "So no love for me tonight," Kori asks playfully tugging at my groin. "Nah, not for a couple days honey," I tell her smiling," you wore me out too much now you need to wait till I'm ready." We sleep well considering the chaos of the past two days, next morning I get woken up by someone I didn't expect to come get me, Mr.

Delauter. I have clothing on in bed so I don't take long getting down to his office. "You might have just struck gold for me kid," Mr. Delauter says sitting me down. "I don't know what you're talking about sir," I reply a little confused. "You've made my wife happy, my family likes you and now I have the mother of all youth rights cases with a civil rights case sitting in my lap thanks to you shaking things up around here," Mr.

Delauter tells me sitting in the chair next to me. "I just get asked to help out," I reply smiling. "Yeah well that's bullshit but I'll let it slide. Well kid you got about a week left here, any major messes you planning on," Mr. Delauter asks jokingly. "Actually, I think I wanna see the guy I allegedly put in the hospital," I reply getting a blanched look on his face. I get back to my room and get Kori up so we can eat breakfast and get ready for a trip to the hospital.

Kori and I get to the hospital around noon and it's busy with plenty of people moving around, I check in at reception and head down to see Hector. Carlos is there and both guys smile as they see Kori and I. "So I heard I got a buddy that was brought in yesterday by the police," Hector says smiling.

"I wouldn't know about that, I was with her all night," I say pointing at Kori. "How is it that you get so many women to just flock to you man," Carlos asks me jokingly. "He gets us cause when he does something he doesn't get everyone around him hurt, and when it's just us he's well…," I watch Kori stop talking and get that knowing smirk on her face.

I pat her on the ass and we all laugh a little. Hector's family comes in and I make myself scarce. I wander the halls for a few minutes when a perverse idea hits me.

It doesn't take me long to find out where Romeo is at. I start my walk like I'm minding my own business, the police officer outside doesn't pay me any attention. As soon as I get to the window I can see the curtains are closed mostly but the crack in them is just wide enough for me to see Romeo.

I lied a little with Escalante about whether or not I cared what happened to Romeo. I get a moment to see to his room, I can see his mother there holding his left hand, the other is wrapped up and it's not a short stump like I thought it would be. I can see brackets holding it in place. I smirk, he cut it off all by himself and then had them sew it back on.

I keep moving down the hall and head back to Hector's room to see Kori and Carlos waiting for me. "Let's go, we got a vacation to finish," I tell Kori smiling as we head out. This part took me forever and I want to say thank you for your patience with my time I took putting it out. There is one more chapter in this series and I want to hear from my readers about what they think the next part will be like or what they are hoping for. PM's and comments are read to and replied to when I can.