College teens riding cock in dorm

College teens riding cock in dorm
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written in the part of the first part, fiction is the theme, i had the idea for this story from a comment I heard this morning while in a store when i was picking up a bookcase. My parents divorced when I was 7, naturally at that time custody was given to the mother, more often than the father, dad did have rights to see me twice a month, but over the following 3 years this became less and less, it's now been two years since I have seen him.

Now aged 12 mom was working during the day while I'm at school and being an Avon lady too, she had a busy life, it was one night she had gone to delver some products to a customer when the neighbour to the woman came out asking if mom could spare a moment, always one to help if she could she asked what help he needed, "It's my daughter, Emma, she come back from a date and is in her room crying, she wont talk to me but she might talk to you" "I cant see that, she doesn't know me" "That's my point and being a female, might help her open up" mom looked at me wondering what to do, the man smiled and asked if I played snooker, I had knocked the balls about a little and looked back at mom, she nodded and said she would give it a try, we went in and mom was directed to Emma's room, the man, Andrew took me through the house and out into the garden, then into another room, there I saw a full size snooker table, "Come on, lets see what you've got" I needed a box to stand on and more often than not I used the rest as I couldn't reach very far, we played for about half an hour then mom found us, she talked to Andrew for a few minutes in a whisper, I didn't know what they talked about.

Holding her hand out to me she told me we should be getting home, I thanked Andrew for letting me play and he thanked my mom for her help. A few days later I answered the phone, it was Andrew, he had got the number off his neighbour, he asked how I was and then asked for mom, they chatted and she laughed and I heard her saying she couldn't, After a few minutes she turned to me and said "Andrew has asked us over on Saturday for a BBQ, would you like to go"?

"I don't mind" she went back to speak, "We would love to, see you around 12 then" being two days away the time went quickly. We arrived at Andrews at the appointed time, he showed us through to the garden where a few others were gathered, he introduced us to them, his brother and family and sister and family, then the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen walked out of the house, Andrew held his hand out towards her Emma, you know Christine, and this is her son Philip, she walked to me and held her hand out, I shook hands with her, I had stopped breathing, she was so beautiful.

I guessed that she was a few years older then me, she was taller by about 6 inches standing almost at six foot, I looked into her eyes, they were blue like a deep lake, I could have got lost in them, her long blond hair cascaded over her shoulder's that were bare due to the halter top she wore, this covered her bust, I later found out she was a 32c, her flat stomach ran on towards the tight jeans she wore, and her legs, they went on for ever, I hear mom speaking and look around, they all were looking at me, I blushed and let go of Emma's hand, she smiles and asks me if I wanted a hot dog or burger, I ask for a burger, she looks towards the BBQ and I go with her over to it, her Uncle Bill is in charge of the cooking, we ask for our burger, then she heads off towards the pool, sitting on the side of the pool she kicks her shoes off and dangles her toes in the water.

We chat about school and what we like to do, any hobbies, she tells me she has a pen friend in America and some of the things they talk about, it doesn't seem that long we had been there and I was surprised when mom came looking for me saying it was time to go home, I got up and told Emma it was nice to meet her, she got up and to my surprise she gave me a hug and told me it was nice meeting me, in the embrace I could feel her tits pressing into me, at 12 I didn't really know about sex, there was play ground talk, but that was all it was, but I knew I felt all tingly when she hugged me.

On our way home mom said "Emma's a nice girl, isn't she"? "Yes mom, and we have a lot in common too".

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Over the year we were seeing more of Andrew and Emma, as friends and mom seemed happier than I could remember seeing her, we were invited to Emma's birthday, she was 14, on the morning of the party mom took me out and bought me some new swimming trunks saying it was a pool party.

When we arrived my breath was took away seeing Emma in her bikini, I was shocked that her dad let her wear it, it was no more than three small pieces of cloth, two just covering her nipples and one a little larger between her legs, each was held up with shoe lace type strings.

There were some of her friends and her cousin there, I had a good time and didn't want to leave.


Then a week later I was around my friends John's house, playing on his computer, when his brother Stewart came home he went on his computer, after a few minutes we could hear him whistling and cheering, taking a peek around his door we were shocked to see he was looking at a porn sight, not just any site, it was a pay to view, we found this out later, we could see a female dancing about and lifting up her tits, Stewart heard us and told us to come and have a look, sitting beside him we looked at the screen, the female was young, blond hair, "Look at her tit's, aren't they just the best you've ever seem, and her nipples, I would give my right arm to suck on her nipples" Stewart said to the room, we watched her dancing about for a minute or so, all the time not showing her face, then she sat on her bed and then I saw her, it was Emma, I gasped, thinking I was struck with her beauty, Stewart said "I know, how would you like that as a sister and get to see it first hand" looking at the screen I didn't answer, I watched as she pulled her legs back, very slowly she slipped her knickers down and tossed them out of shot, she held her hand over her vagina, Stewart was saying "Come on baby, move your hand, show me your pussy, come on baby, do it" I looked to my friend, his eyes were as wide as mine, this was the first female we had seen this way.

We saw her smile and move her hand up and down across her pussy, then a finger bent inwards, "Go baby, finger it" open mouth and goggle eyed we watched as she fingered herself, then she moved her hand away, Stewart groaned "Oh fuck, what a pussy she has, I could suck it forever and a year" with both of her hands she opened herself up showing her clit, she then sucked a couple of fingers before slipping them into her pussy, then she moved up to the top, "That's her clit, she playing with her clit" Stewart looked at me and John, "She's playing with her clit, Oh fuck, she'll cum in a minute or two, you'll see" we didn't know what he was talking about but we sat there watching as intensely as he was, she then started shaking, "She's coming, she coming" all I could see was she shook and her pussy looked a little wetter.

The screen went blank "She's done for the night" he asked what we thought of the show, John said it was awesome, I nodded my agreement, half an hour later I was back home, I wondered if I should tell mom about what I saw, but I decided not to. It was two weeks before we saw Andrew and Emma again, we were down by the pool and she went into the changing room to get into her bikini, I looked around and saw mom and Andrew were not around, so I snuck into the room, Emma screamed at me to get and, she was in her bra and knickers, I chuckled as these were what she was wearing when I watched her on the computer, I didn't move and she came for me, fists clenched, she stopped dead in her tracks when I told her I had watched her dancing on the computer, the colour drained from her face and she dropped to the floor, "Have you told anyone"?

"No" "Who knows"?

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"I don't know, my friend's brother was watching you and asked us to join him, I didn't know it was you at first" "You didn't stop looking though did you"? "I couldn't say, Oh I shouldn't be watching this as I know her, now could I" she saw my point and asked what I was going to do, I didn't know, then I thought a little extra cash wouldn't go a miss, so I said "How about paying me to keep quiet" "That's blackmail you know" "Is it"?

she smiled then got up, looking out the window she then turned and went into one of the smaller room's she came out a few seconds later and held out fifty pound towards me, "Here, is this enough to keep quite"?

I took it and tucked it into my pocket, she then sat on the floor and asked what my friend' brother had said while watching her, I told her it all, she smiled, "So he liked it, and what about you, did you like it"? I didn't answer cause mom called me, "Come on we better be going" I left and Emma put her skirt and top back on, I asked mom why we were leaving early, she didn't answer me.

Two days later I was around John's again, Stewart came home, "Want to watch the hot bit of totty boys"? We were in his room in a flash, I knew it was wrong, but if she wanted to put this on the internet, then she shouldn't be upset with me watching her.

She started off dancing seductively, and slowly removed her halter top, she wasn't wearing a bra, her beautiful tits were there filling the screen, "Oh God, boys, I want her, I want her so bad it hurts" she continued to dance and maul her own tits, then turning her back to the camera she slipped her skirt down, she shook and wriggled her ass before turning around, then we saw it, she was wearing knickers with rabbits on and embroidered across the top was, 'fuck me, fuck me Philip' John and Stewart looked at me and said "She wants you to fuck her" "How, I don't even know her, so how can it be me" putting this aside we watched her go through her routine, as she fingered herself I was salivating at the thought of getting to know her better.

The show was over and as I walked home I was thinking about Emma, then I realised we hadn't seen her or Andrew for over three weeks, and mom hadn't been herself for the time. When I got home mom told me to sit down, I was puzzled, "Philip, I have something to ask you, the other week Andrew asked me to marry him" I opened my eyes in surprise "I do feel for him, but I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, after all I have to think of you, how would like a new father and sister"? I got up and hugged her, "Mom I like Andrew and Emma, there's no one else I would like for a sister" "So what do you say, it would mean a big change to our lives" "Mom if your happy, so am I" we hugged, so shall I tell him yes" "Why not mom" as it happened that night Andrew phoned and asked us over.


Mom was like a teenager on her first date, it took her two hours to get ready, me I had a shower and put my jeans and a T Shirt on, but mom she had to do her hair, her make up her nails, she even painted her toe nails, then she had to decide what to wear, finally she was ready and we drove over, Andrew meet us at the door, holding his hands out to mom he asked "Have you decided"?

"Yes Andrew, I'll marry you" he lifted her up in his arms and they kissed as he spun around, "You've made me so happy, Philip, Emma is in her room expecting you, go on up" I dashed up to her room, I paused at her door and knocked, Emma came and opened it, "Hello Philip, come in" "Hello Emma, thank you, you know my mom has agreed to marry your dad" "I know, he told me he had asked her" she stepped towards me and gave me a hug, "Now we'll be brother and sister" she sat on her bed and tapped it beside her, I sat down, "Have you been round your friends lately"?

I nodded, "Did you watch me" I nodded again, she looked away, "And did you see what was on my knickers" I thought I would tease her and answered "I saw little rabbits" she turned to me and slapped my shoulder, "Not them" "Oh the embroidery saying 'fuck me, fuck me Philip, yeah I saw that, so did my friend and his brother", she looked into my eyes, "So what are you going to do"?

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I moved towards her and kissed her, then slipped my hand under her top, she stiffened a little as she felt my hand moving towards her tits, as I reached them I found she wasn't wearing a bra, I couldn't believe I was feeling the tits I had seen on the computer. Although I was now 13, I still didn't really know what to do so just thought I would try the things I had heard, I felt her up for a few minutes then I started to pull her top up, she helped me take it off, "Oh Phil" with those magnificent tits right in front of me I thought I had died and gone to heaven, John would never believe me if I told him, but now they were all mine, I bent down and sucked one into my mouth, Stewart was right, but I didn't need to give my right arm because she was giving them to me.

With my mouth busy I dropped a hand onto her leg, then slipped it up wards, she wasn't wearing any knickers and as my fingers touched her pubic mound she opened her legs, I gave her a fingering for a minute, I then lay her back and unfastened her skirt, she lifted her ass to assist me in taking it off, she spread her legs and I dived down, I didn't know what I was doing, but I had heard about sucking a girls vagina, I ran my tongue up and down her slit, again Stewart was right, I could have stayed there for the rest of my life sucking on her pussy.

I must have been doing it right as she shook and I guessed she was coming, sitting up Emma told me to get naked, I did in seconds, she pulled me on top of her, I knew the principles behind having sex, so started thrusting my hips into her, I felt my cock rubbing up along her pussy and her clit hardened, then I moved back and down a little more and with my next thrust I slipped into her, her eyes opened wide as she felt my cock going where no man had gone before, I knew nothing about having to go steady as she would have a hymen to breach, I did feel a little resistance, but I was too impatient, she screwed her face up, I thought I had done something wrong and asked if she was OK, "yes Phil, I'm fine" I thrust in and out of her, she giggled and pulled my head down to kiss me, then I felt her muscles tighten around my cock, I had given her an orgasm, I felt really chuffed with myself, I fucked her through this and she squealed and withered beneath me, then as another orgasm raced thru her I came, my cock I let fly and filled her with my spunk.

She rolled into my arms and we lay there cuddling, the next thing we knew was the door opening and mom stepping in, "Philip, how about we" she froze, "Well that's answered my question" "What mom"? "I was going to ask if you wanted to stop the night" I then heard Andrew asked what I had said "Philips fine, he and Emma are getting to know each other better" just then Andrew looked around the door, he smiled and said "I think we'll be a happy family" we stayed the night and I made love to Emma all night, as I think Andrew did to the same with mom.

Emma and I showered and she was reluctant to let me go, she told me to phone when got home, as we drove home mom was making plans for the wedding, it was going to be a quiet do and then the honeymoon would be a week away, she looked at me and smiled, "I think you and Emma would be alright on your own for a week" we got home and I phoned Emma, we talked for an hour, I told her what mom had said, she told me her dad suggested we go with them, but if I wanted we could stop at home, we agreed to talk about it when we next meet.

Two days later I was over Johns and we were watching the blank screen that should have been Emma's page, finally she came on and she was wearing frilly pink knickers, she had embroidered on them, 'He did it' she went through her routine and Stewart was saying how he would pay double to see her getting fucked, this gave me an idea. I told this to Emma the next time I was over there, she giggled and said it would be fun doing it on camera and getting paid for it, so we agreed that next Thursday when mom and dad were out, we would fuck on camera, Emma set up the web page and had doubled her price for a private show.

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Thursday I went over and we were all set, mom and Andrew went out and Emma opened her page, she did a slow strip then I recognised an address as being Stewarts and told her it was him. I wore a mask to keep my identity from him, then we went through our show, she sucked me off and I tongue fucked her before we got down to the fuck, knowing my friend and his brother was watching made it thrilling for me and I blasted a bucket full of cum into her. We closed the page down and spent the next three hours for ourselves.

Mom and Andrew married and we moved in with them, they went on honeymoon, Emma and I stayed at home, we didn't get dressed all week, for the next five years we were the happiest family in the world, then disaster struck, Andrew was driving home and his car was hit by a lorry, he was killed outright, mom and Emma took it bad, I did all I could for them, Mom turned to drink and was drunk more often than not, Emma just couldn't be bothered about anything, she stopped going to work and she didn't bother about her looks.

It took me two years to pull them back from the brink, mom got a new job and Emma decided she wanted a family, we had six children together and life was good again. EDIT Today Saturday I was having a lay in when my two eldest daughters, Julie 14 and 13 year old Sarah climbed into bed with me, they were naked and went to work on me straight off, I fucked them both.

It's now half nine at night and now I'm being pestered by my 12 year old daughter, Vivian, to take her to bed, Emma has shrugged her shoulders telling me she doesn't mind me fucking our girls.

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I've got to go, Vivian is standing right in front of me, naked and she's pulling at my shirt trying to take it off, I don't think I will get much sleep tonight.