Sandra otterson masturbating by the pool7

Sandra otterson masturbating by the pool7
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Note: This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to a real person is pure coincidence. Also, please note that this is my first story. Please don't be harsh on me because it's short. Personally, I like them when they're short and sweet.

It might feel a bit rushed but feel free to tell me where I can improve and what to keep. Thanks. The Necklace of Love It was a quiet, humid afternoon and Emily had just finished opening a graduation gift she had received from her Uncle Jack, who was vacationing in Peru.

Her uncle had sent her a gold coloured necklace with a white bead in the center of a small pendant that was connected to the rest of the necklace. It was the prettiest necklace she had ever seen and she believed it would go perfect with her prom dress that she had bought a few days earlier.

Emily was a senior at Williams's high school. She wasn't to prettiest girl in school, nor the most popular one but she wasn't a loner either. She was your average girl, of average height and with average grades and decent friends. She had long chocolate brown hair that fell down just below her shoulders, olive green eyes and ruby red lips. Her breasts were around the size of a small orange, firm and complimented her body well.

As for her ass and legs, she was told that they suited her and added to her look of innocence. She also kept her pussy shaven, hidden behind black panties that matched her bra. With a sigh, Emily got up from her bed and placed the necklace and the note it came with, on her desk and looked in the mirror.

She picked up a hairbrush and started brushing her hair making it fall straight down her back. She then went to her closet and took out her prom dress. It was black in colour and came with a pair of white gloves and tall black high-heels. After slowly stripping herself naked and carefully throwing it over her shoulders, she proceeded to put on a small amount of make-up and sat on her bed, waiting for the arrival of her date, Michael.

She glanced at the clock and sighed. "God, I hate it when he's late. Our Prom's starts in an hour and he decides to take his time. I even told Melany we'd meet her at her house and head to school from there." A sudden knock on her door broke her train of thought.

She quickly got up and opened it, revealing her father, Rick. Rick still looked young for a man in his early forties. He had jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He was tall, around 6 feet and had an average built. He looked down at his daughter and smiled. "You look just like your mother when we went on our high school prom.

Simply gorgeous!" He opened his arms and embraced Emily in a small hug, giving her a kiss on the head. "Michael's not here yet?" "[No, he's running late, again!" "Well then, while we're waiting, need help with anything?" Emily walked to her desk, picked up her new necklace and handed it over to her father.

"Uncle Jack sent me this today, as a graduation gift. He says he bought it off a travelling sales man in Peru. Apparently, it has some sort of magical property." She handed her father the note her uncle had sent her and he slowly read it. Hey Emily, How's it going?

I can't believe you're already graduating from high school. To make your special day even more special, I'm sending you a magical necklace I bought a few days ago.

The salesman I bought it from says that's it's a necklace that creates true love to who ever wears it. All you need to do is put it on and declare the name of your beloved. But be careful, it also works if you say a nickname or any other form of name, titles work too. Once spoken, if both of you are within close proximity, you will instantly fall in love for the rest of your lives.

Personally, I think it's just a load of bull. I hope you enjoy your day. Uncle Jack Rick looked up from the note and said: "A magic necklace? There's no such thing! I hope Jack didn't pay a fortune for this." "Yeah, I don't believe it can create true love either.

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I mean, isn't it better to fall in love naturally and let true love bloom on its own?" "Magical necklace or not, it is pretty and it does match your dress. Here, I'll help you put it on." He walked up to his daughter and tied the necklace around her neck.

Once he was done, Emily walked to her mirror and twirled, giggling while she spun. With a bright smile on her face, she looked at her father, her eyes full of love, and asked: "Well, daddy, how do I look?

Suddenly, the white pendant started glowing and the room was engulfed in a bright white light. After a minute, the light slowly diminished and Emily stood in the middle of her room, with a blank look on her face. Her eyes were emotionless and she just stared at her father in front of her. Rick had the same blank expression on his face and stared right back at his daughter. Within seconds, they're eyes were filled with a look of love and lust, as they looked at each other for a while.

A big smile crept on Emily's lips and she asked again: "Well daddy, how do I look?" Rick approached his daughter, tucked her hair behind her ear and replied: "You're the most beautiful young woman on the face of the earth." He then gave Emily a small peek on her lips and returned the smile. Emily looked up at her father, and with love and lust in her eyes, gave Rick a second kiss.

Rick closed his eyes and started kissing Emily back, brushing his tongue against his daughter's lips. She let her father's tongue into her mouth, turning the kiss into a passionate one.

As she sucked on his tongue, she lifted her father's shirt over his shoulders and tossed it on the floor, breaking the kiss for only a second. While she did this, Rick let his hands wonder to his daughter's back, finding the zipper that held her dress.

Slowly, he unzipped his daughter's dress and let it fall down to her legs, leaving her with only her bra and panties on. "Ooo~ Daddy…" She purred, "It took me hours to find that dress and you're just casually throwing it on the ground?

Shame on you…" "Don't worry sweetie, you're most beautiful when you've got nothing on. You're natural, naked beauty is the best." He then gently started nibbling on Emily's ear, making her let out a small moan. "Oh daddy, we shouldn't be doing this. We're family, this isn't right…" "How is it not right? We're two humans in love and we're only expressing our love for each other." "Oh Daddy!" Emily gave him a light push and they both toppled over onto her bed, continuing they're passionate kiss.

After a couple of minutes, Emily started moving down, giving her father kisses on his neck, chest, nipples, stomach until she reached his jean buckle.

She took a few seconds to quickly remove his belt, throw it across the room and pull down his pants and boxers, revealing his 8 ½ inch long, raging hard cock.

"Ooo~ Daddy, you're so big." She started licking her father's balls, taking them into her mouth and sucking softly on them. Rick let out small moans as she started stroking his shaft.

"That's it Emily. Suck your father's balls and work his shaft." Emily then replaced her mouth with her hand, gently cupping his balls, loving the touch of his forbidden organs on her face and hands.

She rubbed her tongue on the tip of his hard dick before quickly taking a few inches into her mouth. As she moved her head up and down on her father's cock, Rick encouraged her to keep on stroking his balls and to use her tongue. "Use your tongue baby-girl! Lick my hard cock. Try and take the whole thing down your throat! That's a girl! You make your father so proud." She removed her mouth from his dick and asked: "So daddy, how am I doing?" "Ohh you're doing great!

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Daddy's gonna cum soon. Where'd you learn to suck cock this well?" "I don't know. You're my first one." She explained and returned to her task of pleasuring his cock. With her free hand, she started rubbing her own hot, wet pussy as it soaked her black panties. She eventually started giving out small grunts and moans onto her father's dick.

"Oohhhhh, keep on going. I'm gonna cum!" "Cum for me daddy! Cum inside my mouth! Give me that hot load! Let me taste your seeds!" "Oooohhhhhh Emillyyyyy!!! I'm cccuuuummming!" Rick took his daughter's head and forced his cock down her throat as waves of pleasure shook through his body. He felt his sperm rush out of his balls, up his shaft and fly out of his dick, into his daughter's throat. Emily looked up into her father's black eyes as his orgasm pleasured him.

She felt his hard shaft pump his seeds into her mouth, covering the tongue and her throat. She loved the salty yet sweet taste of her father's sperm and swallowed it eagerly with a big smile, hoping two more jets were there to replace the load she just sent down to her stomach.

After half a minute, his dick started to slow its rhythm and finally gave out. Emily kept on sucking for a few seconds, trying to get the last of his tasty sperm out of his shaft. She swallowed the remaining amount and lay on her father's stomach, kissing him passionately. Rick loved the taste of himself on her lips and unhooked her black bra, tossing it to the floor.

This revealed Emily's orange sized breast and her hard nipples, which were pressed onto her father's chest.

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Using his free hand, he started rubbing his daughter's pussy through her black cotton panties. He was about to take her panties off as well but he heard a loud knock on the door, on the floor below. He stopped the kiss and looked at his daughter. "That must be Michael. What do you want to do?" "Forget about Michael and the prom, I want you to fuck me! Would you do that for me daddy? Will you fuck your daughter's eighteen year old, virgin pussy?" Still rubbing his daughter's pussy through her panties, Rick asked: "You're still a virgin?

You beautiful young woman like you? Why haven't you fucked Michael or someone else yet?" "I was waiting for the right man to fall in love with. I want the man of my dreams to pop my cherry and take my virginity. That's you daddy. Our love is true and I want nothing more then you be yours! Now fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock of yours!" Emily let out a loud moan as her father's hand found her clit, which he was now rubbing.

She closed her eyes and resumed their kiss, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Rick took his daughter's panties into his hand and pulled them down her legs.

He tossed them across the room and inserted a finger into his daughter's moist, wet pussy. Emily moaned into her father's mouth as she felt his finger penetrate her. She started rocking her hips back and forth; matching the movements her father had started with his hand. Rick carefully placed a second finger inside his daughter, then a third.

By now, his cock was rock hand once again and rearing to go. "Oohh~ daddy, you're fingers are stretching my pussy, but it's not enough! I want your cock inside me, right now!" Emily removed her father's fingers from her fuck hole and sat up on her bed. She positioned her pussy above her father's hard dick and got ready to lower her pussy onto his cock.

Rick watched as his beautiful daughter lowered her body onto his raging hard-on. He felt Emily's pussy lips open up to welcome his invading member as he slowly entered his daughter's warm, wet fuck tunnel. Emily started moaning loudly as her father's prick started filling up her pussy.

Suddenly, the pleasure Emily was feeling was quickly replaced with a sharp pain as her father lightly touched her hymen. She let out a small scream and looked at her father with tears forming in her eyes. "Sweet heart, don't cry. I'm gonna count to three and then, we're going to pop that cherry of yours. 1… 2…" Before Rick could say the golden number, the phone started ringing, its chime echoing across the room.

Emily and her father stared at it, waiting for the answering machine to pick it up. After the small beep, Michael's voice could be heard. "Emily, where the fuck are you? I know I was late but that doesn't give you the reason to flat out ignore me.

Would you hurry up already? I'll be waiting at Melany's place when you're done." After Michael hung up, Emily looked down to her father and said: "Now, where were we?" Rick looked up to his wonderful daughter and withdrew his dick from Emily's pussy until only the tip was left inside.

He stared into his daughter's lust-filled eyes and whispered in her ear: "3". Right on cue, Emily sat down on her father's cock while Rick thrusts upward, into his daughter.

His dick pierced Emily's hymen and was buried to the hilt in her pussy. Emily let out an ear-splitting scream as her father's member invaded her wet fuck tunnel. She fell back onto her father's chest and they waited for the pain Emily was felling to go away.

Rick rubbed Emily's hard nipples and licked the back of her ears.

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She eventually started giving out small moans and her hips started rocking on her father's prick. With a voice full of emotion, she whispered: "You're cock feels sooo good inside me daddy.

I've never felt so full in my entire life, we fit perfectly. Please fuck me, I need it badly." Rick slowly build up small thrusts inside his Emily's pussy, loving the feel of her walls squeezing his large prick and her love juices coating his shaft.

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He continued to whisper in her ear. "You love having you're father's hard shaft inside your tight cunt, you little cock whore. You enjoy having the same dick that made you all those years ago buried in your fuck box, you dirty little slut?" He slowly started building a small rhythm and kept on gaining speed until he was pounding Emily like a raging rabbit.

"Answer me you slut!" "YES!" Emily screamed as her hips matched the thrusts her father was giving her. "Fill me with your great big dick! Fuck my little virgin pussy with your monster cock! Call me names, dominate me and give me your love daddy! MAKE ME YOURS!" Wet slapping sounds could be heard as Emily's ass hit her father's abs. "Fuck me! Harder! Faster! HARDER!" Her screams filled the room along with the sounds of hot sex. Emily squeezed her cunt muscles as her father fucked her, forcing small grunts out of his mouth as he pumped his daughter full of cock.

Sweat formed on their faces and bodies as they bounced on the bed. Soon, the pleasure was too much for Emily and she screamed louder then she ever screamed before as her mind-blowing orgasm started. "Oooooohhhh Daddy! Keep on fucking me, I'm cumming! I'm CUUUUMMMIING!" Rick sped up his pace as his daughter's pussy convulsed around his cock.


He quickly placed his hands on Emily's clit and started to rub, increasing the intensity of her orgasm. Emily's hot cunt squeezed Rick's prick and flooded it with her vaginal fluid. A puddle started to form on the sheet below as Emily's love juices dripped down her father's cock and onto his balls. Like all good things, Emily's orgasm slowly died down and so did their speed.


Emily lay with her back on her father's chest with his cock buried in her to the hilt. Wiping sweat from his forehead, Rick talked gently to his daughter as he slowly rubbed her clit. "So, did my little slut cum on her father's raging cock?" "YYYEEEESSSS!" She moaned in reply, loving the feeling of having her pussy stuffed full with her father's cock.

She could feel every veins, every pulse and twitch it gave and she love it all. Rick's rubbing was driving her crazy and she knew that it wouldn't be long before she came again.

However, she also knew that her father needed to cum as well. "Please keep on fucking me daddy. I want to feel your cock spasm as it shoots its hot load of cum deep inside me." Rick started pumping his daughter once again, at a slow pace this time.

He stopping nibbling her ear and spoke quietly. "But sweetie, you told me earlier this week that today was your worst day, which is why you were gonna take it easy during your prom. I'm not going to bust a nut within my own daughter and make her pregnant." "But daddy, we love each other! In fact, our love is true. You're the only man I ever want to be with and it would be an honour to carry your children.

Please daddy, for me" Rick still had some doubt but he kissed his daughter on her cheek and whispered: "Ok, just for you." With a giant smile on her face, Emily felt her father slowly start picking up speed as he fucked her pussy.

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She knew that today was her most fertile day and right now, she didn't care. She wanted, needed her father to give her egg an incestuous sperm bath. "Fuck me faster daddy!

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Cum in my pussy! Give me your baby! Impregnate your daughter!" Rick knew in the back of his mind that this was wrong, no matter how true their love was. However, they only thing his brain could process was the pleasure his dick was receiving and the sexual pressure that was begging to be released.

With his second orgasm within the near future, we asked his daughter one last time. "Emily, you do realise how wrong this is right? You sure you want to do this?" "I don't fucking care anymore!

Cum inside me with all you've got and drown my eggs in sperm! Fill me up and knock me up daddy! PLEASE!" As Rick reached his orgasm, he buried his cock deep inside Emily. He felt the tip of her cervix as his dick started pumping his load inside his daughter's pussy.

As he came, the image of his knocked-up daughter, milking her breasts was printed permanently in his mind, eliminating as doubt he currently had. He reached new orgasmic heights as he felt his cum leave his body and enter Emily's womb.

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Emily felt her father cuming the moment he stopped pounding her. This triggered her own orgasm, which immediately made her pussy start milking her father's ejaculating cock. She had felt the small brush his prick had made when he hit her cervix and she knew that this was it. She screamed as her father's sperm coated the inside of pussy and her womb. Her instincts told her that her egg was receiving the sperm bath it craved and that she was about to become the mother of her father's second child.

This seemed to make Emily's orgasm even stronger as her pussy convolved around Rick's cuming cock. Rick kept on rubbing Emily's clit, trying to give his daughter maximum pleasure as he filled her womb with his sticky load, the image of Emily pregnant still fresh in his mind. Soon after, his cum supply ran out and both of their orgasms stopped. Emily fell back onto Rick's chest as his softening cock stayed buried inside her pussy, keeping the huge load he deposited deep inside her from flowing out.

Emily rubbed her stomach as she sighed and spoke softly to her father. "You know, I'm getting hot again just thinking about giving birth and breastfeeding my own brother or sister." Rick gave a light kiss on Emily's head and replied: "Well, don't get to excited.

I need a break. How about we take a small nap and continue later, love?" "I'd like that, daddy." Without even bothering to close the light or find a blanket, Rick wrapped his strong arms around his new lover and they both quietly feel asleep, his dick still deep inside her pussy, their dreams filled with incest relations and forbidden love.

Neither of them noticed that the necklace that made this wonderful night possible had vanished into thin air…