Dioral istri orang terus wot

Dioral istri orang terus wot
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Chapter Three We both dressed and headed off on our bikes, laughing and racing each other. It was pretty difficult, at first, riding with a hard-on but fortunately it soon went down. "Coming back to mine?" Dan asked, "Mom and Dad aren't home".

"Sure" I replied. We rolled up at Dan's new house, sure enough no-one home. We took off our shoes and went to Dan's bedroom. "There's some games on my P.C. or." Dan said as she stood directly in front of me. I felt her hands undoing my jeans, first the button and then the zip. I stood motionless as she pulled down my Jeans and then my boxers. She then got down on her knees and took hold of my cock.

It, of course was starting to swell. Gazing up at my face she took one long lick up my shaft, stopping at the tip and stroking her tongue around it. My knees nearly buckled. "Woah" was all I could muster. "Want me to stop?" she asked teasingly as she enveloped my bell-end with her lips. "No fucking way!" I uttered "Where the hell you learn to do this?" I questioned her. Taking my cock from her mouth to answer she said, "I told you I've watched some of Dad's pornos".

"Shit! Well carry on girl, waoooh" I cried as she once again took me in her mouth. I fell backwards against her bed but she never lost hold or suction on me, every now and then looking up, questioningly, with those dazzling green eyes, as if to see if she was doing alright. Resting my hands behind me on the bed I rolled my head back in delight. Dan sucked and pumped my cock for all she was worth. Using her tongue, her lips, her hand. I'd never had my cock sucked before but surely her efforts couldn't be beaten?

It didn't take long for me to feel the old balls boiling, I put my hands on the back of her head, not to push her onto me but to pull her off as I came. Then fireworks, body spasms, tingling all over my body, just as I heard a car door slam outside.

Try as I might I couldn't get Dan off me, she had a firm grip on my cock shaft and was sucking every last drop of fluid from me, draining my balls.

"Your&hellip.your parents are back!" I screamed at her trying to push her off me. Still she pumped and sucked me. I heard the front door and was getting frantic, still she wouldn't stop. Finally she let go, I hastily grabbed my boxers and jeans and tried, desperately, hopping on one leg then the other, to put them on as I could hear footsteps coming down the hall. I managed to get my jeans button done up but not the zip.

I threw myself onto the chair, in front of Dan's P.C. pushed my legs under the table and made out I was doing something on the computer, just as her mum and dad appeared through the door.

Dan casually stood next to me, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said so sweetly, "Hi mommy, hi daddy" like some innocent 6 year old. "Hi ya Jack" boomed her father as he reached out to shake my hand. I offered mine meekly, trying to hide myself under the table. "Hi Mr. Svensonn". Dan's mum then put her arms around me and gave me a big hug. "Dan hasn't stopped talking about you all week" boomed her dad, "Nice to see the two of you together again.

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Her mom, cupped Dan's face and pecked her on the lips. Call it woman's intuition or the recognition of a familiar taste, she squinted her eyes at her daughter.

"You two being good?" she asked. "Very good mummy" Dan coyly answered. "Come on lets make tea, I'm famished" her dad chipped in. They both made their way out the room, "Stopping for tea Jack?" asked her mom as she exited the room. "Er yes please" I answered. She popped her back around the door, "Well you'd better pull your zipper up". I went crimson, Dan burst out laughing as her mom winked at her. At tea we made small talk, nothing serious until Dan's mum said "I suppose we'd better think about getting you on some sort of contraception young lady".

"MUM!" Dan responded, blushing. Her dad chirped in "I don't think she's ready for that yet honey, you kids are too young to be fooling around yet aren't you?" as if in statement rather than question. I don't know who he was trying to fool, us or himself, not wanting his little princess to be all grown up.

"Never the less it's time we started thinking about it". She went on. I kept my head down and tried not to blush or let on. Dan kicked me under the table in an attempt to embarrass me. We had a quick chat after tea, Dan's dad told her that both he and her mum would be away for the week-end, "Your big enough now to look after yourself aren't you Princess?" he half asked half told Dan. "Can I have a friend over to stop?" she asked.

Her dad pondered then responded, "Yes, it will be safer if you've got someone to stay with you, who've you got in mind?" "My bestist friend" Dan replied. I don't know if her father knew who she meant but I was hoping she meant me! Her mum rolled her eyeballs to the back of her head as if to silently apologise for her husbands' naivety but kept quiet.

I bade my farewells. Dan gave me a huge kiss at the door and I happily made my way home.

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Chapter Four We could hardly keep our hands off each other all week. The week-nd was going to be one hell of a climax, I hoped. I raced over at eight o'clock, knowing that her parents wouldn't be there. Sporting the "Boner" of all boners I leapt of my bike and knocked on the door. The door opened slowly and I stood, smug faced, standing proudly showing the bulge in my shorts. To my great shock it was Dan's mum who opened the door, it took me a couple of seconds to realise.

"Er.um…er. is Danielle in?" I stammered. Mrs. Svensonn beckoned me in, she couldn't have missed the bulge in my shorts. (Shit/dam) and all other manner of expletives went through my head. "I persuaded Dan, much against her will, to go with her father to get some of the things we left at our old house", she informed me as she ushered me through to the lounge. "Please sit, we need to have a talk".

She gestured me to sit on the couch. (Sitting wasn't comfortable in the state I was in!) Mrs. Svensonn was a statuesque woman, she had the same green eyes as her daughter, or the other way around but was a lot taller, probably two inches taller than me. She had the same blonde hair but it was cut short, too short for my liking.

Dressed in her bathrobe with a towel around her wet hair, she unfurled the towel from around her head. She'd obviously just stepped out the shower. She sat in the chair right opposite me, leant forward, resting her elbows on her knees and looked me straight in the eye. It didn't help that her knees were slightly apart and I could see all the way up to her (shaven) pussy. The boner which hadn't shown the slightest indication of deflating now stood no chance!

Glaring at me she started, "Now look, I know that you and Danielle are, how shall we say, up to mischief, how far have you gone?" (What a bloody question to answer to her mother?) I thought to myself. Slowly I began to explain, "Er. we've kissed", she smiled, "We've.er touched each other", she relaxed back into the chair, still smiling at my attempts at an explanation, fortunately closing her legs as she sat back.

"We've pleasured each other orally", she raised her eyebrows and turned her head slightly to one side as if in some sort of way of being impressed at this part of my answer. She already knew that Dan had given me a blow-job, or at least suspected it and was pleased that I had returned the pleasure.

"But we haven't gone all the way" I blurted. Again she leant forward. "Jack I know that you love Danielle and that you wouldn't do anything to harm her but" (Oh the dreaded but!) "I've managed to get her on the pill this week but we don't want her getting pregnant and It would be nice if her first time was special, rather than some fumbling about with someone who doesn't know what he is doing".

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(There goes my chance!) I thought. "So I want you to promise me that you'll wait, firstly for her body to get used to the pill and secondly that you know what you are doing". (Oh fuck, how the hell was I supposed to learn that when she'd just blown my chance of learning with the one girl who would be willing?) "Now do you promise me?" she asked, putting her hands on my knees.

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(What choice did I have?) "Er yes Mrs. Svensonn, I promise" I mumbled almost apologetically.

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"Good" she said as to my shear amazement her hands started to slide up my thighs, "Then I will promise you something," she told me as she now knelt in front of me her hands now at the bottom of my shorts, "I will show you how to make love to a woman" as she placed one hand on my bulging crotch, smoothing the outline with her palm. (Oh fuck!) She then stood and dropped the robe off her shoulders! Mrs. Svensonn was a real "looker", the type of woman teenage boys have fantasies about.

Her body was still firm, as if sculptured out of marble. True her boobs weren't as big as Dan's and they had a slight droop but hey! Her nipples stood out proud and high, her pussy looked as smooth as a baby's bum.

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Again she leant over, took hold of the top of my shorts and in one swift movement had me naked, from the waist down. "Mmm, impressive" she mumbled as she saw my swollen member. I just sat there in awe. "Stand up" she instructed me. I obeyed. We were now face to face. She took one of my hands and stroked her neck with it, "Be gentle with her, girls like it to be gentle the first time," she whispered, as she directed my hand over her breast. Her other hand took hold of my member and squeezed.

"I think you'll certainly pleasure her with this monster" she said smiling as if in a dream, "Your certainly going to please me", she went on. (Fantastic, at least I knew how far we were going to go, all the way, yippee). I cupped her boob, caressing her full mound of flesh.

I then leant forward to take her nipple in my mouth. It was much bigger than Dan's and seemed much harder. "Oh good boy" she muttered, "Don't forget I have two". So I alternated between her boobs, nibbling one then the other as she continued to gently stroke my cock. "And you don't mind putting your tongue between a woman's legs?" she asked.

I took the hint and traced my tongue over her stomach and onto her pussy.


Her legs parted as I crouched under her and lapped between her legs. She shuffled her hips forward, allowing me better penetration with my tongue, god was she wet! She rocked back and forth making it hard for me to even breath but I wasn't complaining.


"That's a good boy lick mummie's pussy" she muttered through clenched teeth. I couldn't see but she had her eyes closed and her head back. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her as she pushed her midriff into me. Her knees buckled and she fell back onto the chair, legs wide open. I could see right into her pussy hole!

She held her arms out to me, beckoning me to her. "Come give mummy a cuddle you naughty little boy" she said as I almost fell onto her. She kissed me passionately and I felt her hand on my cock.

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She guided me into her. First I felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips, she ran it up and down between them and then inserted the tip into her, then placing her hand on my bum, she pulled me into her.

My cock slid, with ease up her love tunnel. Never having experienced such pleasure, I moaned almost as loudly as she did as I penetrated her up to the hilt. Her hot wet sticky juices coating my cock I pulled out a bit and then, using my knees on the coach, thrust forward again. "Oh good boy, fuck mommy" she said trembling. Gripping her hips I started to fuck her vigorously, thrusting up her as fast and hard a I could.

"Slow down" she instructed as she smoothed my hair with her hand. I duly complied, enjoying the new sensation of having my cock inside a vagina.

I craned my neck, which allowed me to chew on her nipples. "Mommy might like that but you'll have to be gentler with Danielle", she told me. Fuck, Danielle, I'd forgotten all about in my lust. What was I doing fucking her mother? Enjoying it, that's what! There was no going back now, after all the deed was already done. I ploughed, albeit slowly into her mother, she encouraged my movement with her hand on my bum and one on the back of my head. I'd always worried that the first time I fucked a girl I wouldn't last long, sure enough I was right!

The sensation of being inside a woman, the fact it was my girlfriends mother and the fact it felt as though my cock was receiving a thousand kisses along its' shaft sent me overboard. My cock spurted forth it's seed, I thrust my cock as far into her as I could and held myself, burying my head into her neck.

My hips jerked a couple of times as I emptied my load into her. I didn't think that she had reached her climax as well and started to apologise, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I repeated. She kissed me on the side of my face, "Don't worry baby, you'll have plenty more chances" she consoled me. I fell back onto the floor. Her feet were planted squarely either side of me. Raising herself off the couch, she knelt at my feet, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked every last drop of our combined juices off it.

Needless to say, to do this to a young boy was fatal, I was instantly erect again! She shuffled on her knees up my legs, took hold of my cock and lowered herself onto me.

Again my cock slid into her. I'd expected a mature, experience woman's pussy to be sloppy but was pleasantly surprised at how tight she was.

With her being on top, it freed my hands to play with her breasts, moulding her boobs and tweaking her nipples. I lay back and enjoyed the pleasure. She was in total control, pounding up and down, groaning and grunting as she engulfed my cock.

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All I could hear her say was "Fuck mummy, fuck mummy" as she rode me. It suddenly occurred to me, she wasn't my mummy? This deliberation helped prolong my climax.

Mrs. Svensonn was soon in the throes of her own climax as she pushed herself down onto me and stopped. I felt her vaginal muscles clamping and relaxing on my cock, deep within her and the juices trickle down my cock and over my balls. With her hands either side of my head, palms on the floor, she puffed and panted, rolled off and lay on her back.

"We're in for one hell of a night" she said as she patted my cock. After getting her breath back she turned onto her side, resting her head on her hand. "You have all night and all tomorrow to do whatever you want to me", she informed me.

"Anything?" I asked. "Anything" she replied. The next 24 hours were the best I had ever thought possible to have. We literally tried everything. Everything? Yes everything. I was told that it would be a couple of weeks before Danielle was ready to have sexual intercourse with me, so until then I'd have to put up with fucking her mother, whenever we got the chance.

Fortunately Mrs. Svensonn made sure we got plenty of chances. Hope you enjoyed the re-write. Unlike the "romantic" version, this one continues (providing of course that you want it to?)