Asian beauty gets a fabulous big o

Asian beauty gets a fabulous big o
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My cunt was hungry. I had been in a bar in the small town I live in drinking with a group of visitors who had wanted to fuck me but I am 44 and they were 22 and I live in the town so I declined their offer - I didn't want the rumours. I walked home in the cold but despite the near freezing conditions my cunt was still on fire.

I got home and started to get ready for bed but my horniness was so extreme I changed my mind. I took off most of my clothing leaving only my black lace bra and black lace knickers. I put my long overcoat back on and flat shoes that wouldn't sound too heavy on the footpaths and went back outside.

I walked to the local park and I could hear voices. I stood next to a building in the shadows and watched as about a dozen local youths rode a stolen bike through the skate park.

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They must have been no older than 16 but they had been drinking and as I listened I heard them talk about sex. "Man if I could find a cunt I would fuck it right now - my boner is killing me" "Man if a cunt turned up right now you would wet yourself - you big virgin.

" I heard them all laughing.


They continued to talk about what they woulde do if a cunt was available to them and I became so turned on I began to rub my cunt against the fence post I was leaning against. I let my coat fall open and let the cold metal touch my rock hard nipples while my clit made contact further down.

I slid up and down on the cold metal. I was so engrossed in making love to the post I hadn't noticed I was moaning and the sound had drawn the attention of the youths. I felt an orgasm approaching and increased the speed I was rubbing my clit aginst the post and as I came I opened my eyes to see 12 grinning teenagers watching my release.

I didn't hesitate. I moved to the nearest youth and before he could react I was on my knees, his fly undone and his cock being sucked into my mouth.

I felt him harden and as I looked up I stopped sucking and looked around.

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The other eleven boys were wide eyed watching the action. I grinned. "Well I guess you have a cunt to play with boys. I will be your cunt and you can do whatever you like to me - I love to have all my holes filled and I love to feel cum dripping from me" I went back to sucking the gorgeous young cock in my mouth.

Although it was freezing i decided to give the boys a real show. I let my over coat fall to the ground so I was just in my black lace underwear sucking the boy's cock for all I was worth.


I let my tongue run down the underside of his shaft while I cupped his tighening balls in my hands. I felt the eyes of the other youths on my every move so I slowed down letting the cock slide completely out of my mouth before deepthroating it to the sound of gasps from my audience.

My cunt was dripping and I was hoping one of the boys would be brave enough to join in but for now they were all content to watch. I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen and then begin to shoot cum into my mouth. I backed off and let the boys see the cum shooting on my face and into my hungry mouth.

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"Oh fuck - what the hell just happened - man -oh shit i just got sucked off - oh shit, fuck - oh man - who the hell are you?" My first cock was in shock as he recovered from his "assault" but I had moved on. I had taken off my bra and pants and laid down, my legs spread wide, fingering my self while cupping my ample breast in my hand. I am 5'8, slim with huge breasts that thankfully haven't sagged too much.

"Who wants the cunt next?" I asked as I inserted three of my own fingers into my dripping cunt and began slowly fucking myself. "Man I' m in" A tall boy with pimples was removing his jeans and was suddenly laying on top of me pushing his tongue roughly into my mouth while he made awkward attempts to push his extremely long thin cock into my waiting cunt. He was obvioulsly a virgin and I smiled as I reached down and guided his jabbing member into my hole enjoying the knowledge he would never forget this moment.

He gasped as his cock made him a man and managed half a dozen strong hard thrusts before emptying his viginal cum into my much used cunt. "Shit - oh shit - let me do it again lady - I want to fuck you again" I smiled up at him as I kissed him gently.

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"plenty of time stud - let the others have their turn and then I am all yours again." He kissed me and smiled as he stood up and made a show of calling"next" so the next guy dropped his jeans and once again a virgin boy became a man.

I let them all have a turn - even the one who got the blow job and then I got on all fours. "Who wants to fuck my ass?" I wiggled my ass in the freezing air as the boys looked at each other. "Spit roast" one boy yelled and I felt a young cock push my sphincter as another waited for my mouth to open.

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My ass resisted the pressure and I felt pain as I opened and then I felt the cock slide into my dry ass. "Slide it into my cunt to get it wet" He complied and before long he was ramming my ass while I sucked the other cock while the other blokes yelled encouragement. "Man what a slut "- "she would fuck anything "- "man what a cunt "- "hey slut how old are you - what a whore" I felt an orgasm growing as the boys fucked and abused me.

I came over and over as my ass was filled with not so virgin cum. My mouth couldn't take all the cum it was offerred so my face and breasts were soon coated. Dirt was sticking to my used body so I really did look like a dirty slut in more ways then one. As the hours wore on the boys were becoming tired and all but one had had enough. He was a skinny red head whose cock was disproprtionartely large for the size of his body.

He came over and over but never lost his erection so despite the fact the others were all satisfied, he was still going over and over and rotating me so he would fuck all my holes in turn - battering them with such force it was beginning to be not fun anymore. " hey sweetie time to call it a night" I called back to him as he once again rammed his cok into my gaping anus.

"Shut the fuck up slut - you are nothing but a bunch of holes and I will tell you when it is time to stop" His tone scared me - even more so when I realised the others had left and it was just the two of us. ""You fucking bitch - you stole my virginity - you will fucking pay for that" His fucking was hard and violent.

"Hey time to stop now - it's been fun but time to go home now" He kept fucking my ass so hard I felt tears spring into my eyes.

I felt him pull out and was about to stand up when he grabbed me and began to push something large and hard into my ass.

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"That hurts please stop " I asked but he kept going. "Thought I would punch you you slut - make you pay for what you just did." It was with horror I realised he was forcing his fist into my body - onto my ass." The pain was incredible but the orgasm I experienced surprised both of us. "You are a fucking slut aren't you - well I will show you what I do with sluts" He punched my insides and withdraw his fist quickly.

He lifted me up and before I could fight he had slid my gaping stretched ass onto the post I had originally been masturbating against. "You will kill me you sick freak" I screamed as I realised if he let go I would not be able to reach the ground and I would not be able to stop the pole from implaing my ass further as gravity took over.

But he didn't let go - instead he forced his cock into my cunt and I was being double penetrated my his cock and the fence post. Despite my fear and the pain I once again felt my body responding with an intence orgasm which forced his cock to once again explode inside me. "twelve virgins - how does it feel" He lifted me off the fence post and laid me on the ground. "I am honoured" He laughed and then shook his head.


"You stupid bitch - we didn't honour you we used you - you are nothing better than a toilet - a shit house - you are nothing - you hear me? Nothing!!! A hole to put cum in. Do you think any of us "honoured" you???" He began to laugh as I felt humiliation sweep over me. I was just a cunt - nothing more.

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I was the slut - nothing special - this sex didn't count - I had let them all use me like a toilet and as I had this thought I felt warm liquid and realised the last youth was urinating directly into my mouth.

I began to laugh histerically as I drank the golden liquid and let it splash over my body. I rolled in the dirt coating my body with urine and mud.

"Well if I am just a cunt I want to be the dirtiest cunt you know. Same time tomorrow - tell your friends you have a spare cunt that wants to always be full of cum." I stood up and felt cum pour from my cavities. I liked being a cunt. I pulled on my overcoat and walked home.

Small town or not - I planned to fuck every youth in town - over and over and over.