Skanky ladies Nickey and Serena goes pussy tribbing on bed

Skanky ladies Nickey and Serena goes pussy tribbing on bed
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. My pulse quickens as I turn the latch. Your instructions were very clear, walk in the front door and come directly to the bedroom. I've never done this before and my apprehension is mounting.

What if this is all some elaborate joke? What if she is really a man? These thoughts all swirl vaguely around in my head as I press forward to the bedroom.

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As I begin to open the bedroom door a faint scent wafts from the room. All my fears are instantly waylaid when I enter the dimly lit atmosphere and as promised is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen splayed on the bed, wearing only the sexy panties I was promised.

The vixen is reclined back on some pillows affording me a breathtaking view of all her glory. My eyes fall to the outline of a mound clad in smooth material and I notice a wet spot has already formed; suddenly I realize the intoxicating scent is her. I am now enthralled on her and just want to touch her. I need to touch her. As if on auto pilot, I fall to my knees beside you and gently slide my strong warm hand down the smooth skin of your stomach.

All the while, my nose inches closer to your neck. The scent of your juices and body wash are thick in my nostrils as I slowly kiss and nibble on your neck and shoulders. With measured pace I lick and kiss my way to the twin mounds just begging to be played with. When I finally suck the first nipple into my eager mouth, I move my hand further south. You suck in a sharp breathe of air when I use my finger to begin tracing around your now swollen clit.

The more I rub the soft, smooth material into you the more labored your breathing becomes. I'm still enjoying the nipple licking when I feel you start to shudder under my ministrations. After several violent spasms I can tell you have just cum very hard.

I can wait no longer. Completely drunk on your scent, I work my way down kissing and licking all the way.

I sit up and with ease pull you to the edge of the bed and throw your legs over my broad shoulders. I slide the now sticky panties to the side and fully take in your aroma.

My throbbing cock is now so hard that it hurts, but I have my work cut out for me; it's all I could have hoped for and more.

Pulling the cute panties even further to the side I slowly kiss my way to your cum coated swollen clit. I cannot help but to place the flat of my tongue squarely on the confluence of cum and slide upward drawing much of your sweet nectar into my mouth. I want to make you cum. Your clit is now peaking fully out of your hood and ready when I trace my tongue around using the broad part.

A. B. C. D. E. You really seem to like E.

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F. G. You're not even going to make it through the alphabet. I can feel your body shutter and quiver with every stroke. You begin grinding against my face while I extend my tongue as flat against your swollen clit as possible and I can tell your getting close. You're basically fucking my face when I feel a huge shutter, then another and I taste my sticky sweet reward. After the next few orgasmic spasms your body melts while I slowly lick up all your juices.

I cant get enough of your flavor. At this point your panties are completely soaked, just the way I like it. I'm ready for my fun to begin. I pull you off of the bed and on to your knees. My cock is now bulging the material out so hard it is nearly painful. I visibly see you lick your lips when your eyes lock onto it and I think, "Yes, that's a good slut." Slowly you unzip me and gingerly pull my boxers down and my dick with them until the tip is reached.

All of the built up pressure releases and my massive member swings heavily up to hit your chin. A smile. Then a taste. Then completely unexpected I'm halfway down your throat, enflaming your trachea with my girth. "This girl is a fucking pro!" I can't help but to think while you're taking almost my entire length, all the while swirling your tongue around my swollen head. Working me up and down with a slight twist, you seem to know just the way I like it.

The feeling is incredible and I know I can't take too much more of this. Without saying a word I lift you off your knees and put you in the doggy position on the bed. Your cum is literally running down your leg when I pull your panties to the side. "I love it when sluts like you get wet with my cock in their mouths," I say before running my tongue from clit to asshole; your cum thick on my tongue.

I must take this girl now! I stand behind you and slowly slide the head of my fat rod up and down, hitting your clit on every slow downstroke, coaxing a little shudder from your body. Then I line up to the extreme wetness that is your hole, I work my girth in; fighting for every inch.

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Halfway in. Slowly back out. Three-quarters in. Slowly back out. Then I bury myself to the hilt in you. This fucking girl is too tight! I can feel the intense pressure as my fat dick stretches every square inch of you.

However soon I'm making full strokes evenly paced and I feel her get more and more creamy to accommodate all of me. As I saw in and out of you I slowly begin to pick up the pace evenly, each stroke coming in just a little harder and just a little faster. The more I ramp the tempo up the more I feel your hips bucking to meet me and the more moaning I'm hearing. It's time to make her cum.

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I'm now baring down on your juicy pussy, slamming into you with animalistic ferocity. I have to focus very hard on not cumming when after repeated strokes at this pace with my heavy balls slapping your clit, you put your face into the pillow and begin to scream, "Oh God yes!

Oh fuck YES. Don't stop slamming me. FUCK!" This only spurs me on and I can feel you contracting hard around my throbbing member, when I'm suddenly pushed out by a jet of cum. You collapse forward.

I ease you onto your back and pull off your soaked panties. I want to worship this delicious dripping cunt. I happily take my time licking up all the juices and slowly bringing your clit back to attention. After another clitoral orgasm on my tongue I believe its time to make you squirt again. I waste no time filling you back up while taking an ankle into each one if my hands and pulling you wide open for me.

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I work back into a swift rhythm that has you cooing for me again while your wetness continues to mount. I can feel you getting wetter and beginning to clench on me when I wet my thumb and run circles on your clit. All while continuing my rhythmic fucking until I can feel you buck and scream for me again.

A few small flutters around my cock and then I am forced out hard again; this time cum sprays all over me. I am so turned on I am ready to explode. I need to cum so badly. I pull you to the end of the bed and on your knees again. "Pull it all out of me baby," and you nod and take me down your throat. Coating your hand in the saliva and pussy cum you begin working my engorged rod, slowly at first and then gradually picking up the pace. You even know how I like that little twist of the wrist at the end.

Impossibly, I feel my cock swell even more and I'm so close. "Open your mouth and tilt your head back," and you do; obedience I like. I feel a rumble deep within me and it moves from my core to my sac.


Even strokes one after the other. The feeling it moves as a giant wave across my body and I cum hard, one massive geyser, two, three all splashing on your face and tongue. You take me into your mouth and suck the last few spurts down to the last drop out of me.

I help you up and we collapse on the bed together.


I'm so dizzy that I don't think I can stand, so I pull you close to me. In what seems like only a minute you're asleep and I to am drifting off. The last thing I remember thinking is, "I really hope her and I can become regulars."