Jun Kusanagi Asian milf gets pussy licked and anus fingered before hardcore fucking

Jun Kusanagi Asian milf gets pussy licked and anus fingered before hardcore fucking
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Chapter 8 -- "Two friends are better than one" For the first time she appears to be a bit sorry for the condition she finds me in on Saturday morning when she arrives to release me. The brick was heavy enough to pull the twine knot from the head of my cock sometime during the night.

However, the end of my cock is well bruised and shows a bit a dried blood around the base of the head.

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When she removes the lock and chain from around my ball sack, she finds some dried blood there also. Some cuts even start to bleed again when she removes the chain from around my ball sack. Removing the clothes pins, she notices bruises where many of them had twisted from the fan blowing on them all night long.

Lastly she pulls the broom handle from my rear. My ass is sore, but that seems to be all. "I guess we did a number on you last night," she says weakly, as she unties my wrists, after lowering me back to the floor. "Was that a bit of an apology. Could "My Mistress" be cracking?" I wonder as I untie myself. "My Mistress" does not say anything for several weeks, about any required weekend performances.

All of my bruises have now disappeared and I'm feeling pretty good for a change. She sometimes does not come home from work on Friday nights, and I suspect she is visiting her old hang outs and is drinking too much again, but I decide not to mention it to "My Mistress." During my free time on weekends I have made another modification to my set up.

I have replaced the top end of the rope that holds my back to the "T" frame, with a short chain. Now by changing the length of that chain to the "T" frame hook, my whole body can be tipped forward to any desired angle.

I did this because of a request by her before the last "play weekend" that she wanted my rear end up higher, for what reason, I can only guess. The next Friday night she does not come home, and I decide I might as well go to bed around 11 PM.

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It's just after 2 AM when I am awakened by the sound of several voices coming from the kitchen. Before I can get my self fully awake, she and 2 males are standing around my bed and it is very obvious that they all are pretty drunk. "Get you fucking ass out of bed, and into your set up," she manages to spit out at me, followed by, "You have a 30 minutes before we're coming out so I can show you off to my new friends." I run to the garage, and hurry to get into position, not wanting to displease "My Mistress" in her drunken condition.

Just as I finish by jerking the cement blocks off their perch and pressing the remote button, the 3 of them enter the garage.

I had not yet adjusted the chain, so I'm hanging with my ass down. "That's not the right fucking angle I want you at tonight," she says.

Pointing to one of her male friends, she tells him to push up on my ass until it's level with my head. Then she has the other male, (excuse me but he looks and acts like a faggot) re-hook the chain to hold me in that position.

"Now your ass will be straight shot in!" She and the faggot both giggle, I beginning to get an idea of what she has in mind. She then sends the first male to the cellar with her broom, with instructions to cut a foot off the end, and bring that part back to her. The faggot gets sent into the bath room for the jar of Vaseline. Now I know what's "coming" next, and it's not going to be me. As soon as I have at least 6 inches of the greasy broom handle firmly shoved up my ass, all three of them leave for the house.

From the kitchen I hear what sounds like a strip poker game being played, along with more drinking. Sometime later the faggot arrives back in the garage, and relates to me that the other male had won the game and gets her, and he, the faggot gets me. "Oh, Wow!" like I couldn't have figured out that was going to happen. Getting the step ladder from it's place in the garage, he sets it up behind me.

Probably to enhance my anticipation, he removes his pants and shorts in front of me so I get to watch. Oh! lucky me, he has a huge cock that looks to be twice the size of the broom handle I'm already wearing.

Taking his huge tool in his hand, he strokes it several times and it gets even larger. Climbing up several steps on the side of the ladder near my back side, I feel the broom handle being pulled from my ass.

At least he knows what he is doing, (probably as a faggot, he has had lots of practice) shoving what feels like about half of his monster cock, up my already greasy ass. For several minutes he works my slippery ass with short strokes, each one seeming to penetrate a bit farther than the last. "She tells me you also like to suck dick, is that right? I manage to shake my head "No," but he ignores that and continues with, "How about we try that?" Like I have any say in the matter.

Removing his cock from my ass with a resounding "pop", he comes around in front of me where my head and mouth are at the right height for what he has in mind. "Open wide and say, Ah!" he says, putting one hand on the back of my head. With the other, he grabs my balls, "just a little insurance in case you decide to get funny with me." I open wide as instructed, and he shoves his huge cock deep in my mouth. "Wrap your tongue around it and suck on it like you would a banana." Despite the taste of Vaseline mixed with my own shit, I do as he instructs.


With in seconds, I feel his body tense, and his hot cum starts to fill my mouth. I need to swallow quickly as he seems to have plenty more from where the first came from.

Now having shot his entire load of cum into my mouth, he removes his dick and holds it with his hand. "There still a bit left, so now you need to lick my cock clean." He enforces this command with a not so gentle squeeze to my balls.

As I finish licking his now wilting monster clean, he tell me, "You can be my boy friend when she finally throws your sorry ass out of here!" Saying that, he puts his pants back on, and goes into the house.

A while later, the 2 males appear to be leaving. Just my luck, she mentions to them about the way she had stretched my dick with some twine and a brick a few weeks ago, and of course they want to see how she did that. The 3 of them come back into the garage and she has them tip me back to my original position. Cutting a new piece of twine, she gets the faggot to skin back my cock. I'm a bit embarrassed when his touching starts to arouse me, and I blurt out, "Take it a bit easy there, FAGGOT!" Do I never learn to shut my mouth.

She makes a loop in the twine and encircles the head of my cock. Grabbing the end of the twine with the hook, that is hanging from the pulley, she asks the faggot to remove the brick from the other end.

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"Last time we did this with the brick, his prick was really bruised, so we'll use something lighter this time." "Screw him!" says the faggot, "didn't you hear what the bastard just called me?" "Use the damn brick!" They all agreed, so here I hang with my cock stretched up towards the ceiling again. "Hay!" the faggot says. "How about we stretch his balls also?" I have a wooden box filled with sand in the garage for when the driveway is icy in the winter.

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In with the sand is a child's pail and shovel I have for spreading it. "We can hang this pail from his balls, cut off another length of twine, and hand it to me." The other male cuts a piece of twine and hands it to the faggot. She has gone to sleep in the chair that was in the garage from before. Tying the twine around ball sack, he hangs the pail which is about half full on the free ends.

Now my balls as well as my cock are being stretched. The pain is about indescribable as both feel like they will be ripped from my body. "Why don't you take her inside and put her to bed," the faggot says to the other male.

They get her standing, and the straight males walks her into the house. "Pay back time," the faggot says, "you'll think twice about what you call me next time." With the shovel, he fills the pail to the top, further stretching my balls. Before going into the house, he moves the fan to randomly blow on the brick that is pulling on my cock. Now my cock is being yanked in a random manner. "I wish I had another fan to blow the pail the same way," he says. "Maybe I can find another one in the house." Meanwhile the other male has taken her up to the bed room, where he screws her one last time.

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Just as he finishes, the faggot arrives in her bedroom, having not found a second fan. He picks up the now dripping cum towel, and the 2 of them return to the garage, where they fill my mouth with the juicy towel. Before leaving, one of them sticks the broom handle up my ass again. Sometime during the night it falls out, and before drifting off the sleep I manage to spit out the towel. By that time however, I have had to swallow most of the cum that it was soaked with.

This is how she finds me in the morning, with blue balls and a very bruised cock. "I guess my drinking has done a number on you again," she says sheepishly, and finishes with, "I'm sorry, perhaps I should quit drinking before I do you permanent harm." "My Mistress" is "SORRY" Wow !!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 9 -- "You can do one last favor for me" My wife is the supervisor in a sales office of 20 or so males. She is know by the corporation as "The Bitch that gets things done!" It seems that to inspire the salesmen at the July Pep Rally, she joking offered every one of them a "blow job" at the Christmas party, if they out sold all the other regional sales offices.

She obviously never felt that they would work that hard, but it seems they did. It's the 2nd week of December and she has just had a call from her boss. He expects that her office will make more sales by more than 50% of any other.

"Opps!" The word is out how good they have done and she over hears a conversation between two men about her July offer. Now what is she going to do.

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If she reneges, moral and sales will go to hell, and she is too young to retire. It has been several months since she brought the 2 male friends home with her, and all my weekends since then have been incident free. So I am surprised when she asks if I am up for one more performance.

She explains about the offer she had earlier made to her colleagues, and how she heard them recently discussing her payment. She then offers me a deal. If I will perform all the blow jobs for her, she will stop drinking, at least to excess, and she will also let me out of the original agreement I had signed.

She further explains how the employees will not know it is me, and not her doing the blow jobs. First she would sneak me into the building and then into her office, it's the only room with it's own door, very early in the morning on the day of the up coming Christmas party.

With her office dark, one at a time a blindfolded employee would enter her office and close the door. With their hand, they would be instructed to follow a rope to her desk where she (and now me) would make her promise come to pass. To insure that they would never let on what happened, after the incident, she would reveal that she had secretly video taped each one of them getting a blow job from an unknown male.

After all, they assumed she was going to do the blow jobs, she never said it would be her doing it. None of her staff has ever meet me.

After some discussion, I agreed to help her out. So early in the morning on the day of the party, we enter her office. Curiously she is carrying a gym bag with her, it must be some of the video equipment. Once in her office she requests I strip off all my clothes, isn't that strange, and kneel under her desk in the opening where you would normally put your feet while sitting. She is behind the desk and I hear her unzip the gym bag.

Seconds later I feel the chain with the sharpened links being wrapped around my ball sack and I hear the snap of a lock. "Hay what's going on," I ask.

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"Just don't want you to change your mine," she replies, "and I am also going to tie your wrists to the legs of the desk." Taking out several ropes from the bag, she proceeds to temporarily make me and the desk one and the same.

"I love you but I can't have you screwing this up for me.


I've worked too hard to get where I am in this company." Now I know why they call her "The Bitch." Around noon the party starts, and soon afterwards she enters the office and turns off the lights. "Do a good job sweetie, and I'll see that you get a reward afterwards." Reaching into the gym bag again, she removes one of her wigs that she often wears and places it on my head.

That's why she told the barber to give me such a short hair cut last time, cleaver and sneaky lady, she is. Within minutes, her first employee enters in the dark, with his blindfold in place, closing the door behind him as he was told to do. She turns on the camera as he removes his pants and shorts, before he finds his way along the rope to where I am kneeling. He has been told to put one hand on the desk and the other on top of her (my) head. His cock is half hard as I take it into my mouth, massaging it with my lips and tongue as the faggot had taught me.

Soon the employee is rewarded with what he thinks is a blow job from his boss, my wife. He shoots his load into my mouth, I swallow, and she runs the cameras.

Returning to the door, she turns off the lights as he puts his clothes back on. He leaves satisfied, and soon another enters to repeat the processes. I loose count at around 10, I hope some are not returning for a second helping.

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Around 6 when the last employee has received his reward, she turns off the lights and leaves her office. Later when all the employees have left to go home, she returns to the office and unties me and has me get out from under the desk.

I stand very carefully as the chain is still around my balls. "Please take off the lock so I don't get cut from this thing!" I ask. "Then I can get dressed and we can get out of here." "Not yet," she says as she puts the free end of the chain over my right shoulder, around my neck, and back over my left shoulder, where she ties a knot around the part coming from my balls.


I start to ask her what is she doing and she places her index finger over my lips with an indication I should remain quite. "I asked our neighbor, the cop down the street, to loan me a set of hand cuffs, so put your hands behind you." I do as she wishes reluctantly and she snaps them onto my wrists.

She continues, "As it's dark out, if you are quite and lucky, you can walk to my car in the parking lot without anyone seeing you." "When we get back to town, I am going to let you out at the commuter lot." "From there you get to walk home naked, with the chain around your balls, and hand cuffed." "Again, if you are careful, the neighbors will not see you." "If you want me to tear up our agreement, you must do as I have asked." "When you get home I will remove the chain and the hand cuffs after I let you in." "After you warm up a bit, I intend to either sit on your face and or your lap until you cum." Later that night I came for the first time since she found the porn on my computer.

THE END !! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++