Big titty latin girl gives head and railed by pawn guy hardcore brunette

Big titty latin girl gives head and railed by pawn guy hardcore brunette
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In the depths of a dark ivory chamber, curled tight in the corner and bound in chains, an ebony haired girl sobbed quietly to herself. Every day the wall would open, every day the masked men would arrive, and every day she would be abused; their hulking bodies beat and broke her, their virility ravaged and defiled her, but their chains and walls withered her soul until all that was left was a shred of what once had been.

And then, day after day her body would mend itself, her torn muscles and shattered bones would fuse in place once more just in time to be brutalized again. Today was no different, no day ever was; the men made their way towards her and the other girls and used them like cheap toys, yet she was one of only few that felt shattered each time it ended.

How were the others so indifferent? How did they care so little and stay so strong? Why was she so vulnerable?

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It tormented her mind the more she thought about it, poking and prodding at what little scraps of dignity remained within her heart until they felt like shards of glass the wished to tear out and throw aside. The dark skinned girl sat silently brooding, her knees to her chin and her hands pulling them close as her eyes surveyed the dimly lit dungeon and studied each of her fellow inhabitants.

Each of the other chained women were in varying states of ruin, their bodies bathed in blood and other bodily fluids, many of them gashed and cracked, yet so few so much as whimpered from their anguish; some were so complacent they even lacked chains, willfully staying put and accepting their fate each day without even the slightest resistance. These women had no souls, no life within their eyes; these women had let those men turn them into the very thing they saw them as, pieces of meat to be feasted upon.

It enraged her, the torment and fears melting into her veins until they were molten streams of hatred; she refused to become like that, to become less than nothing. The next time her slavers came she would be different, she would do what had to be done to rise above those whores beside her.

Today; it would start today.

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The sand-like shifting of the wall filled the room as several men in masked made their way into the chamber, the wall sealing behind them. Each of them found their chosen servant, some taking two at once; each girl responded differently, a few resisting, some simply accepting, but not one of them fought back.

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The dark skinned girl would be different, she had sworn it to herself, and as the heavy plodding of her 'master' marched ever closer she readied herself for what she had to do. Lunging forth, she dropped to her knees before the abhorrent man looming, her eyes wide and gazing with a ficticious longing, her hands sliding up along the deformity of his bulk. "I've been waiting for you. Give me what I need." She dragged out her words in the most sensual voice she could muster, all but retching at the sound of her own pleading.

Bewilderment seemed to plague the man as he watched her beg, her hands already taking his swelling cock into an enthusiastic embrace, her lips exploring every bit of its gnarled surface.

His muscles flexed, his eyes burned with contempt from behind his mask at her certainty of deception, and with the back of his hand a most savage of blows collided with the side of the young girl's face. Her small frame was launched clear to the side, blood trickling from the ear as she slid across the ivory floor, halted only by the choking restraint abound her neck.

The girl's vision was a spinning, nauseating blur from the eye still able to see, the other immediately swollen and blind; with what little strength she had she rose up on her hands and knees, spitting blood from her lips and making her way back to her previous position before her.

"P-please, master. give me what I need. Treat me like what I am." Once again the young woman began to stroke and pleasure the man's throbbing meat, and again she was struck down. In a broken, pathetic state she continuously crawled back towards the abuse, driven only by the most vile of hatreds hidden so deeply within her heart it felt it would devour her; she would present herself to him, as many times as it took, until she was finally free of life.

or free of the chain which bound her. Madre laid with her back embedded in the heap, a once timid brunette's naked form laying draped across her own as she hungrily nursed milk from her large breast, the other being consumed by Furore.

Between two queenly thighs positioned a hulking brute with porcelain white skin, his bulging muscles grasping inescapably upon her hips as he drove his monstrous cock deep into her pink depths like a beast. Just to the side, delicately stroking his lover's brown hair, Bloodhound laid in ivory dust and thrust his hips forward, his pulsing shaft penetrating Bird's beautiful ass again and again as she moaned into Madre's milky breast.

The rest of the silver haired mother's followers remained as they were from the first moment the new arrivals laid eyes upon them, all with the exception of one; the lanky man, covered in burns, was nowhere to be seen, and had been gone since shortly after his 'mother' began to take her new guests. Indeed, it was Ox with whom this spear wielding man held interest, and it was Ox who he stalked through the depths of the dark wood. His eyes ever vigilant, he had long since spotted his prey, and in silent steps kept pace with the powerful figure no matter how far he ventured; the time was not yet right, his unknown service yet to be fulfilled, but soon all would be well, and the burned man would have his prize.

The voluptuous woman's body convulsed with the might of her orgasm, her back arching as Imperium's mighty girth spread her entrance almost more than she could handle, its own climax exploding like a geyser deep into the womb of his wanting 'mother'.


The glistening length of the pale man's cock slid from the freshly fucked womanhood, a river of semen spilling into the dust below as it gaped and throbbed from such virility. "My. you never disappoint your mother, do you Imperium?" Madre bit her lip as her body shivered and continued to surge with pleasure, the two young women still hungrily feeding from her breasts with a seemingly insatiable appetite; grasping Furore gently by her wild hair she turned the girl's head to meet her piercing gaze, "Mother needs cleaned." Without hesitation the raven haired girl crawled like an animal down the length of Madre's perfect body, kissing every inch of her lower form before finally reaching the delicious folds of her pussy.

In a series of agonizingly slow, deep strokes of her tongue along each labia Furore began to clean the silver haired woman's tender opening, her fingers moving to spread the mound further so her face could then begin to dig deeper, her tongue steadily burrowing its way inside. Madre gasped deeply, her soft hands sliding up Furore's inner thigh affectionately until the fingers found her soft, rosy mound; she kneaded and stroked the soft, swollen flesh in rhythm with the raven haired girl's lashing tongue, teasing her clitoris before finally sliding her fingers deep within the tight hole.

Furore moaned out as her 'mother' penetrated her, her eyes rolling back as she took in the combined flavors of man and woman, her hips pushing back towards thrusting fingers as her own fluids cascaded outward.

Sweet milk made its way down Bird's throat as her lips broke free of Madre's swollen nipple, her hips now straddling Bloodhound just beside the voluptuous silver haired woman and thrusting down so his meaty cock penetrated her ass over and over; both lovers reached over to massage the massive breast upon which Bird had so hungrily feasted, and Madre's free hand slipped down the length of the brown haired girl's body to hook her curling fingers deep inside her womanhood.

Bird moaned out at the overwhelming sensations filling her small frame, each thrust of her hips pushing her lover's throbbing shaft deep inside her while this curvy goddess' fingers found all the right spots. Her body flush with passion, every ounce of her lost to bliss, the brunette fixated her gaze upon the onlooking Rhino, biting her lip seductively and motioning him closer. Moving faster than she had ever seen him move before, her heavy set companion charged across the dust of the heap and presented his engorged manhood before the woman he had so long desired; Bird blushed, and roughly slid the center of her tongue along the swollen head.

Rhino moaned deeply, his mind being lost to the dream that had come true. Giving into the most raw of her desires, Bird plunged the length of Rhino's cock deep beyond her lips and took it into her throat, ravenously tasting and savoring every bit of meaty flesh pulsing within.

Her body was on fire with the most intense pleasures she had ever known; Madre's fingers teased and taunted her, her lover's hips proving with each thrust that he was the man she had desired most, and the man she never knew she wanted now filled her mouth with the manly flavor of cock.

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Never had she been so consumed by lust, or even known such desires were within her, and yet in this moment it was all she could think about in this world. With a deep, loving gasp Bird's climax rushed through every molecule of her body, her every muscle tensing fiercely as her lovers continued to fuck her every hole.

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At the sight of this, as if planned, each of the men released their hot cum into Bird's waiting entrances, the thick fluid overflowing and covering her soft skin; the fertile semen dripped heavily from her lips down over her breasts, while that pouring deep into her ass flowed into the dust below. In a sweaty, conjoined pile of heavy panting and shared pleasure, each of them collapsed against the heap and one another.

Hands stroked lovingly along flesh, lingering gasps of bliss still escaping their lips, and in that moment they had never felt so close.

Madre smirked as she gazed upon her newly claimed children, watching their heated bodies writhe and shiver as they huddled close together unable to escape their passion; now all she could do was wait. "Carna! I found her!" The amazon's large stride carried her in haste towards her partner's call. Lily was knelt to the grass just beside a tree in the distance; beside her in a feeble state laid Sunflower, her back propped against the base of the tree, her head weakly slumped, bobbing as she tried not to faint.

Carna lowered her frame beside the two women, checking the buxom blonde's vitals intently, "Best I can make she is unharmed." Lily's tone was frantic, her tearful eyes turning to the woman she had come to rely so fiercely upon, "Then w-what's wrong with her?

Why is she like this!?" In a calm voice Carna turned to her lover, placing a strong hand delicately on her shoulder, "Calm yourself, Lily. You found her, that is enough for now." Lily whimpered, her hidden face flush and slick with warm tears as she gingerly stroked beautiful golden hair. "We cannot stay." The titan of a woman spoke gently, her strong arms scooping Sunflower close and pulling the woman's curvy frame to her chest, cradling her safely and allowing her head to rest on her shoulder; "We will take her with us, she should return to the others." The paler of the two women clung tightly to the darker, squeezing herself close and letting out a few residual tears before the three of them set off towards the heap from whence they came.

In this place their was no true sense of time, hours feeling like days, minutes feeling like hours in the seemingly endless myriad of dark trees and snowing identical heaps. Carna had left a trail, deep scrapes in the bark of each tree they passed up until the moment they found Sunflower; when she disappeared they had fallen off that path, but now they had managed to get back on track.

Sunflower shivered in the amazon's arms as she now slept, untold horrors plaguing her mind as she tossed and turned relentlessly.

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Lily took the blonde's hand tightly in her own in a vain attempt at comforting her, but there was no peace for the traumatized girl and it broke the fiery haired girl's heart. In truth, Lily knew that none of this was her doing, but she was incapable of shaking the irrational guilt that haunted her. Why had she not watched her more closely? Did she even need to sleep then? Why had they not sought her out more quickly after they discovered her disappearance?

Though she was deaf to it the redhead's inner turmoil must have forced a whimper from her, "Lily. please do not do this to yourself. We have her now, that is what matters." Carna's voice was sincere but demanding, leaving no room for dispute.

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They continued on in near silence for a time, and then they heard it; deep in the darkest depths of the forest, far beyond their view, an otherworldly shrieking ripped through the stagnant air and sent chills of horror down Lily's spine. Lily yelped, "Oh my god, what w.!?" Carna turned to face the direction from whence the horrid sound came, stepping between it and Lily as her partner grasped her in terrified insecurity, and soon the sound was followed by several identical cries further off in the distance.

Clasping her mighty arms around Sunflower's convulsing form like a vice, her body shifted into a readied position, and the most serious tone Lily had ever heard escaped the amazon's lips beneath a long, weighted breath; "Lily.

run." Another inhuman screech pierced the atmosphere now closer than before that siphoned a scream that could not escape the freckled girl's mouth; Carna barked, "That way! Now!" Lily whimpered, turning to bolt far into the distance with all of her might at Carna's command, looking back towards her lover as tears streamed her face.

The bronze woman stood her ground, prepared to do what it took to protect the woman she loved, but as the shrieks grew nearer their array broadened, and as soon as they had emerged they could be heard racing in pursuit of Lily. Panic overwhelmed Carna, her body igniting with adrenaline that enflamed her blood as she followed the diverting sound's path with her eyes.

In a galloping stride the amazon's muscles tensed and launched her through the darkess, the unconscious Sunflower writhing horribly at each shriek in the distance; Carna slung her over her shoulder and picked up her pace, her heart pounding a fury it had only known a few times before.

Lily's plump form could be seen in the distance, flush and struggling with the greatest of efforts but rapidly losing steam, and though Carna was swiftly catching up to her the screeching kept pace every step of the way.

Gritting her teeth, the charging woman kicked off the ground so hard clumps of grass and dirt were torn from beneath her feet, and in a brilliant leap she swept her arm around her lover's waist and lifted her up over her free shoulder; she now carried the two women she had been caring for since her arrival in this accursed place, and she would be damned if she would let anything happen to them now.

The sound of shrieking filled the air far in the distance, their vile calls crawling beneath his skin and making him tremble; he had been right, they really were all going to die out here, but that did not mean he had to march headlong towards such a fate if he could help it.

What had sounded so close only moments ago were now long behind him, his breath raspy as he hyperventilated so hard it made him dizzy, and to his great fortune it seemed that the direction he had chosen to run was in near exact opposition of that which he chose to avoid.

The screeching had all but faded into obscuring now, and at least he felt as if he could rest; collapsing his back to the nearest pile of dust, the cowardly man slumped towards the ground below and continued to catch his breath.

".Why is this happening.?" Lanky fingers snaked across the rough dome atop his mask, their chipped fingernails scraping lightly as the madness lingered within his mind; long gone were any hopes this had all been some sort of fever dream, but it was in fact a reality. This was all more than he could take, far more than anyone could or ever should be expected to endure, and of all people he had to be among those burdened with it. Why him? He had always been the weak one, always the coward who hid when there was even the slightest hint of danger, always avoiding even the faintest risks in favor of exaggerated self preservation.

The thought of someone like him being faced with such horrors was enough to turn the stomach, but instead he turned to unkempt rage. The man's pale hand clenched into a weak fist, striking back against the ivory dust in which he rested; again it struck, and again, until soon he found himself kneeling before it, striking furiously at the ever pouring heap of dust, clawing and screaming in frustration and fear, fleeting clouds of white filling the air and dissolving in an instant.

'It was enough to break anyone', he thought to himself. There he was, slumped down over his knees as his chest heaved and his numb hands fell slack against the grass, tranced so deeply he was unable to notice the heavy footsteps approaching. ".Ya done?" A withered scream echoed through the woods at the sudden revelation that he was no longer alone, his thin frame stumbling back as he desperately tried to crawl away before his brain could focus long enough to bring clarity to his vision.

Standing before him, a sturdy dark skinned frame and bulging muscles partially obscured by selective bone plating, loomed the man by whom he had once so aggressively been disciplined. "D-don't do that! You coulda given me a heartattack!" The riled man struggled to his feet in haste, having to fall back a moment before haphazardly reclaiming his balance, his scornful eyes once more finding his abuser.

".Or d'you want that!? Bet you'd love it, you brute!" Ox scoffed, his hulking frame turning ever so slightly to begin marching passed the frantic man's accusations as if to abandon him, "Whatever man, you chill out here all you want." The bitter man growled lightly under his breath, a shameful display of frustration he truthfully feared would be heard.

"Fine.! Y-you can fuck right off!" The towering man's gait halted, his large shoulders partially obscuring the glare now directed over it towards the insults.

A pale, scrawny throat swallowed with an audible 'gulp' as the cold gaze sent shivers throughout his form, and all he could do was freeze in total silence.

Once more Ox turned away and began to fade into the darkness. ".Damnit." The man's cowardice was ultimately the most fierce of impressions left upon him, and just as his paranoia caused him to jump from fright at a distant shriek he only thought he heard, he ran in the direction of the man he had berated, ".W-wait!" Bird and her group slumbered peacefully against the mounds of dust, their consciousness lost to the mesermizing bliss they had shared between them.

Madre sat with a regal posture upon her ivory throne, Furore curled at her side as her mother tenderly stroked her long, black hair; a hulking, blood spattered man with a wildly matted mane creeping from beneath his cracked mask presented himself at the foot of the heap, taking knee as Superbia and Imperium cleared a gap to accomodate him.

Madre smirked at the sight of him, her tone expectant of fortune; "Is it done?" The large man tilted his plated head towards the ground as if in shame, his tense fist clenching a cleaver-like piece of bone stained red so tightly his knuckles turned white, his other hand heftily lugging a scarlet drenched sack from off his back and crudely dropping it before him; a gruff and guttural voice cautiously spoke, ".Lupus has returned to you, my lady.

Marita still runs." His rough hands pulled at the sack, shifting the weight of its contents until a body limply tumpled free; there, staining the grass a deep sanguine, was the broken remains of Nefertiti's lover. What remained of his liquid blood was thick and sticky, its darkened form oozing across the soil and into the base of the heap.

As the blood was absorbed into the dust of the heap, it appeared as if the pile itself began to siphon the fluid into itself, consuming it hungrily; soon the dust stretched and crawled across the bloody trail, making its way upon the corpse before entirely enveloping it, pulling it deep inside until not a trace, not even stains of red upon the grass, remained. Two grotesque men held a vulnerable, dark skinned girl between them; her curvy figure beaten, her bruised thighs wrapped around the first of them like a belt as she complacently accepted his swollen meat.

The second of the men fondled her perky breasts as he slid his deformed manhood into her mouth, his aggression ever less than that of the first of them, and she eagerly sucked upon it, her tongue curling and teasing the head.

With each wounded breath she managed a convincing moan, her stretched pussy tensing around the bulging cock within as she squeezed her legs around its owner's broad waist; they need not think she truly enjoyed this, only that she had grown to take it without hesitation. She reached beneath the weighty shaft upon which she sucked, curling her fingers around an impossibly engorged sack and squeezing its contents while the other man's balls slapped painfully against her sticky, reddened ass.

Deep moaning vibrated the girth of the cock she devoured as she did her best to thrust her hips against the ever swelling member agony within her, her eyes clenching tightly in desperate plea to hold back the tears, and soon that all too familiar bloating heat flooded her womb to forcefully she feared it would rupture, puddling from her entrance to the floor beneath. As the first of the men pulled away, moving on to another girl the second lifted the ebony haired young woman to a seated position; kneeling in front of her, maintaining his place between her lips, he pressed his vile shaft between her breasts and pressed their soft, supple form around its pulsing width.


The victimized girl feigned an excited gasp as she began to bob her head with even greater enthusiasm on the wretched cock that now fucked her breasts. She raked the tips of her fingers seductively down the ragged flesh of his bulging thighs as his groans hastened over his panting breath from beneath his mask; a sickening torrent of thick, yellow fluid burst forth from the tip of his meat, nearly choking her as it withdrew, bathing her face and chest in a sticky, fertile display.

Holding back her nausea the young woman sensually licked the cum from around her lips and gazed longingly at her rapist, as if she could never have enough. Grunting like a beast the hulking brute composed himself, grasping the girl's chain and lifting her closer to scrape his manhood clean on her flesh; he stared down at her with a long pause as he pondered, then proceeded to take the used woman's chain in either hand and effortlessly break it in two.

A single ruined chain link clattered against the hard floor of the chamber as the man turned his attention away, disguised by a mass of fluid soaked hair the girl mustered a satisfied grin.