MacKenzee Pierce Dont Found Her Locations But Yes My Ass

MacKenzee Pierce Dont Found Her Locations But Yes My Ass
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The light blinds her as a figure stands silhouetted in the door. She whimpers and writhes helplessly, chains jangling loudly in the silence, her heart pounding in her ears as he walks silently towards her.

As the door swings shut behind him to reveal her master a surge of pleasure crashes over her, the vibrator kicking into overdrive, making her thrash and pant her relief in deep, ragged gasps. "Happy to see me?" he taunts her, circling her playfully.

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He lashes her ass, her thigh, her chest, her waist as he circles her, each blow sending a shockwave of pain and pleasure coursing through her veins, making her cry out for more, pushing her climax back the tiniest bit and doubling its force as she nods her helpless acquiescence.


Will you do something for me, Slave?" "Anything!" she cries desperately. "I want you to climax for me.

Nice. And loud." With that he slaps her roughly between the legs, his hand crushing her peach in his palm, lifting her roughly onto her toes, the intensity driving her over the edge.

She thrashes uncontrollably in her chains, throwing her hair back in a howl of released desire, her pussy clenching in the vibrating panties, thrusting her sweat-soaked breasts into her master's face shamelessly.

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Finally she collapses, sagging against the manacles, moaning low and huskily, the panties thrumming slowly as they draw out every last spasm, every aftershock. "M-Master," she whispers lovingly. "I hope you saved some more for later." She smiles mischievously.


"Of course, Master." "Good. Let's get you dressed, hm?" He drops her unceremoniously to dangle from the manacles, and she quickly hops up onto her toes and grips the chains with both hands, watching hungrily. He walks to the briefcase and digs out some new clothes for her, setting them in a pile on a stool next to her, picking up the boots she walked in with and placing them nearby.

He kneels before her, kissing her navel softly, his lips surprisingly gentle against her burning skin as he wraps his arms around her waist. She shifts awkwardly in his embrace, blushing deeply as he wraps a plaid skirt around her hips, fastening it deftly, then rising to face her. He smiles playfully as he wraps a collar around her neck, holding up the tag for her to read: "Slave If found unattended, call this number and have your way with her until pickup." She whimpers in recognition, nodding eagerly as he padlocks the collar in place, then attaches a chain leash, tugging it firmly.

She flows with him smoothly, offering no resistance, surrendering to him completely, and he smiles thinly before going to the next item. He fastens her wrists in large leather cuffs, ingeniously crafted like the collar with a D ring on the inside so that it can be adjusted like a belt, but that if a padlock is affixed to the ring it cannot be loosened; then he releases the manacles and gives her a moment to rub the sore skin before adjusting them tight over her wrists.

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He takes one hand gently, pulling her into a long sleeved white business shirt one arm at a time, then feeds the leash through one arm of it so he can hold her hand and subtly hold her leash at the same time. He buttons the shirt up slowly, kissing up her bare cleavage as he seals it away, smiling as she trembles with desire and the ceaseless ministrations of the torturous panties. "Time for a walk." He gives her a moment to put her clunky boots back on, holding the door impatiently.

"Well, lead on." She looks at him in confusion. "But Master, I don't know the way." He laughs merrily as he padlocks her wrists together, then hands her the bag to carry in her bound hands and locks up the dungeon behind them.


"That's the game. When you go in the right direction - " he pushes a button and a slow, pleasant throbbing builds between her legs.

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"And when you go the wrong way-" the vibration peaks with a sudden thump against her burning clit, then stops, leaving her aching for more. "So try not to guess wrong, because each time you'll start again at this," as he turns the toy on the lowest setting, the thrum barely able to be felt against her aching, abused pussy. She sets out tentatively, eagerly pursuing her invisible goal, her breath coming faster and faster as her master trails behind, admiring his well-trained slave.


Too soon she overshoots the imagined route and gasps as she's struck and the pleasure's taken away, looking back piteously at her impassive master, then slowly regaining the path.

Within moments she's divined the path and hurries towards her goal, her knees wobbling as she tries to run while at the same time she aches to stop and savor the sensations. He leaves the speed just shy of fast enough for her, knowing her well enough to keep her aching for more, allowing her to sit on the bus stop bench as she shudders and gasps with mounting pleasure.

He clears his throat as an old lady approaches and she folds her legs self-consciously, the pleasure only growing more intense with the increased pressure, looking at her master beseechingly. He only reaches down and takes her hand, and the leash with it, letting her sweat it out until the bus pulls up.

She steadies herself to mount the bus, still shuddering with the force of her impending climax, sweat dripping down her face despite the cold. The bus driver looks askance at the pair and she skitters inside, only to hear her master reply "Hey, I offered, but She wants to carry Her bag." This seems to allay suspicion, as they are allowed to pass unchallenged to the middle of the bus, where she takes her usual place against the window on one of the left benches.

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He takes a seat next to her and the vibrations stop suddenly, leaving her whimpering in disappointment. He leans in close, whispering "you didn't think I was going to make it That easy on you, now did you?" She squirms in discomfort, every cell in her body aching for the release so long promised it and so long denied, finally leaning in close to whisper back "please, Master, I'll give you anything you want, just-" "Anything I want?

I already own you body and soul slave, you have nothing left to bargain. Now you have to learn that this pleasure you crave is not yours for me to deny you, but mine to dole out as I see fit." She looks deep into his eyes, pleading silently.

He whispers back "Now look out the window. It shouldn't surprise you that we're going to do things My way." "Yes Master," she breathes back defeated, meekly doing as she's told.