Ball suck blowjob devirginized for my birthday

Ball suck blowjob devirginized for my birthday
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I had recently moved in with my boyfriend, who lived in a share house with two other people. Having sex with my boyfriend Eric every single night was fantastic and his house mates, May and Roger, were easy enough to get along with. After everything had settled into a routine life was amazing and I loved every second of it.

* * * * At the end of one very long work week, I decided to kick back and watch a game of football with May.


We both had a beer in hand as we watched the game and watched our team start losing terribly. Eric had decided to go in our room and play a video game, while Roger went to bed early because he planned to leave early to go camping the next day.

As our teams' score went down the drain, we downed more beers to keep cheerful and relaxed. I was enjoying sitting next to May and feeling her warm body against my own. I had always had a thing for girls and had recently had my first girl on girl experience. Looking over at May I was suddenly overcome by the thought that I wanted my second experience with her.

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Right at that moment. My pussy started dripping just thinking about it.

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I went up to get us each another beer, thinking on the way of how I was going to get May to let me do her right there on the couch. When I handed her her beer and saw how tipsy she already was, even though it was only her third, I knew how I was going to get her hot tight ass out of her pants. I sat down, a little closer to her than before and casually put my arm around her. She smiled up at me and kept drinking. I was feeling adventurous and put my beer down, letting my now free hand move up her leg from her toes, to her foot, to her knee and then to the top of her thigh, very slowly, enjoying the feel of her slim athletic legs.

She shivered in delight and didn't move stop me from making further advances. I took this as a cue to continue. So with my other hand, I moved it from her shoulders to her huge rack, teasing her by lightly touching her nipples through her shirt.

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As I did this I noticed that she was not wearing a bra. This made me even more moist.

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While still moving my hand further up her leg, I pulled her shirt up a little and kissed her toned stomach. She drew in her breathe and her tummy, enjoying every kiss I gave her, as I tried to move up further.

I moved to take her shirt off her, she helped me and threw it across the room. I was really starting to get hot when I saw her amazing naked boobs, so soft and perky. I just had to taste them.

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I leaned over and sucked on her beautiful nipples, while my hand found her crotch, feeling it through her pants. I couldn't quite feel her warmth through her pants, so I lifted her butt off the couch and pulled them off as well and threw them to the floor not too far from her shirt. She watched me with lustful eyes as I saw her nearly naked body, her only cover being her tiny black thong. I kissed her neck, gently moving down past her delicious nipples and further still.

She gasped as I passed her naval and over the top of her panties. I breathed in her scent as I tried licking her lightly through the fabric. I grabbed her panties with my teeth and pulled them off, they were only getting in the way of the final prize. She held her breathe as I kissed inside her thigh, getting closer and closer to finally doing what she urged for. I couldn't tease her any longer and moved to her fragrant pussy.

Giggling in pleasure she moved her hips towards my mouth. She was spilling out hot delicious juices.

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Licking her gently and quickly I finally tasted her wonderful cunt. She squirmed. I held her hips in place while I started to lick her rapidly. My tongue glided over her clit so fast she barely had enough breath to moan. But she managed to moan a little and still tried to squirm as the pleasure was too much for her body to handle.

For a moment I stopped and she relaxed, thinking I was letting her off easily. But I was not. Before she knew what was happening my finger was in her pussy hole, moving in and out very fast. She gasped and held her breath as she came from the shock of sudden pleasure. I wanted her to come more so I kept at it, hitting her g spot with every thrust into her cunt. By this point she was getting loud, so loud I was surprised Eric hadn't come down to see what the noise was.

I leaned down and while still fingering her licked her clit like crazy. She practically screamed from the thrill of it all. Soon enough I had her close to orgasm again. As I licked and finger-fucked her faster she arched her back and came long, squirting on my hand a little and soaking a good portion of the couch.

I moved and kissed her on the mouth, letting her taste her own juices. "Let's keep this between just you and me," she whispered, before kissing me again, enjoying the taste of her juices on my lips. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," I assured her. I them left her to clean herself up and went into Eric's room. There he was playing Halo, completely oblivious of what had just transpired downstairs.


I kissed him and he barely noticed the taste of another girls juices on me. I was really going to enjoy having May as a house mate.