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I DO NOT OWN Naruto - Hope you guys like the chapter. Read and ENJOY And now the story Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 25 "So all we have to do is wait till Naruto is conscious and then you'll be able to locate him" said Neji. "Yes" replied Hachibi. "Well in that case I think I'll just take a rest" said Shikamaru as he laid down on a flat rock.

"How long do you think he'll be out" asked Kiba. "I don't know" said Hachibi. "Who are you guys anyway" asked Lee. "That is Kyuubi and Hachibi" said Jiraiya.

"But I thought the Kyuubi was inside Naruto" said Shikamaru. "And where did that guy come from" said Kiba as he pointed at Hachibi. "And why were Emi and Saya able to summon them?" asked Neji. The two girls were sleeping soundly for a while. "Well first of he is another demon that was transfer into Naruto while they were held captive in Akatsuki's hide out" said Jiraiya. "How do you know that?" asked Kakashi. "Like I told Gai, I had received the news from my source and he told me everything that had happened.

Secondly by what they said about the necklaces I'm going to guess that Naruto some how transfer much of the demons powers to the necklaces because he was overloading with so much chakra and he gave the necklaces to the girls for protection" replied Jiraiya. "That's a good guess" said Hachibi. "So are we going to wait here or should we go back to the village" asked Gai.

"The distance is too long. so I think it's best if we wait around here. besides if anything happens the village will contact us" said Jiraiya. "Where do you think Naruto could be?" asked Shikamaru. "I don't but I'm just glad he's fine. so far" said Jiraiya. "Yeah the hard part now is waiting" said Neji as everyone nodded to that. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tsunade was walking in a hurry towards the conference room.

When she arrived she pushed opened the door and inside already were all the members of the council. "I knew we had a meeting today, but the meeting was not this early in the morning" said Tsunade as she walked towards chair and sat. "Well like many things it changed" said a councilman. "Is there a reason why the meeting was changed with out notifying me" said Tsunade. "Because it's an important issue and we want to get this over with" said the same councilman.

"Very well lets get this over with I have a lot of paper work to finish" said Tsunade. "Don't worry after this meeting you wont have to worry about that" said another councilman.

"What is that supposed to mean" replied Tsunade. Another person got the attention of everyone as he cleared his throat, "Tsunade what is the point of having the leader of Konoha be the strongest ninja in the village" "Uhh?" was all she could say.

"What is the point of having the strongest ninja in the village behind a desk wasting their talent?" "But if the Hokage is not the strongest ninja in the village then anyone can be Hokage even the weak" said Tsunade. "Well anyone suited to be the leader that is" said a councilman. "What are you saying?" said Tsunade as she looked at everyone; she noticed that everyone was looking at her like if she was the only one that did not know what was going on.

"Tsunade we have come to a decision that as of today the title of Hokage will no longer exist and you will return to the rank you previously held unless you would like to retire" "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING about, you can't do that" yelled Tsunade. "Of course we can" said a councilman. "Maybe but you need a ninety percent approval from the council and there hasn't been any voting that I'm aware of" she replied. "All here in favor of denouncing the title of Hokage" as Tsunade looked around she was shocked at what she saw, all but one person had raised their hand.

The only person not raising his hand was Hiashi. "YOU can't be serious, what the hell is wrong with all of you.

. you can't just put anyone as the leader of Konoha" said Tsunade. "Oh but we aren't putting just anyone as the leader. from now on the Hyuga clan will rule" Tsunade turned to Hiashi, "You, you planed this didn't you" "No, Hokage-sama I had no idea, this issue wasn't even mentioned to me.

. this is the first time I hear of this" said Hiashi. "Hiashi it's either the Hyuga or another clan but know that there is no more Hokage, frankly we prefer the Hyuga---" at this point Tsunade smashed the table from all her anger.


"Something is wrong with you all. . your making a big mistake" she said. "Tsunade you can leave now you are no longer needed" said a councilman. Tsunade stood and walked out the door, 'Something is wrong, there is no way that they all could have agreed on that, it's just not possible' she sighed and walked out of the building.


'Jiraiya were the hell are you. Naruto what's taking you. .

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where is everyone, what the hell do I do now. uh maybe Hinata or Hanabi know something about this' Tsunade then headed towards Naruto's house. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tobi and Pein watch the group waiting for the moment to strike. "We have to attack now, we can't wait any more, if we wait any longer they'll head back and once there in the village it will be harder with a lot more people watching over them" said Tobi.

"Yes but we have to be careful there are too many of them. . what we have to do is separate them" said Pein.

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Tobi smile and looked at Pein, "I got a plan, they won't even see it coming" "This is dragging on for too long. . let get this plan started" said Pein as he stood up from his kneeling position.

"Got it" said Tobi as he too got up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx As Tsunade approach Naruto house she could see someone standing out side knocking on the door. When she arrived she could see that it was Sakura. "Sakura what are you doing here?" asked Tsunade. "I've been looking for Hinata but I couldn't find her so I thought she'd be home but no one answers, what about you Tsunade-sama" replied Sakura. "How long have you been waiting?" asked Tsunade.

"Almost half an hour" replied Sakura. 'Something is wrong' thought Tsunade then she smashed open the door and entered along with Sakura.

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"Wh- What happened here?" was all Sakura could say. "HINATA" yelled Tsunade as she called out for her both of them went through the house in search of Hinata after several minutes of looking all they found was the house a total mess. "What's going on. .

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. where's Hinata?' asked Sakura. "I don't know I just hope Hinata is alright" said Tsunade with a worried tone.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Hanabi. . Hanabi. . HANABI" Hanabi opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her sister's face. Her head was on Hinata's lab facing up.


Hinata was sitting down with her back to the wall. "Hinata?" said Hanabi. "Are you alright?" asked Hinata. "Wha-what happened where are we?" asked Hanabi. "I don't know" said Hinata. "What about you. . are you alright?" asked Hanabi. "Yeah" replied Hinata. "Did they do anything to the baby? Is it alright?" asked Hanabi worried about her sister. "Don't worry they didn't do anything, the baby is alright.

I already checked. but uh do you think they'll be ok" said Hinata as she looked over at the other three people, Hanabi looked towards her sister was looking. "Oh that's Konohamaru and his team they'll be ok" said Hanabi. "Of course were fine. . we can take much more. .

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. right guys" said Konohamaru who was just regaining conciseness. "Right" said the other two. "So where are we" Hanabi asked Hinata. "I don't know but It's no use trying to escape. I already tried" said Hinata.

"If I had to guess I'd say were probably in the hidden place inside the abandoned house in the forest were we followed that bastard" said Konohamaru. "Do you think they'll find us?" asked Udon. "Don't worry, once they start to notice the changes that are going on and the facts that are missing something will give" said Konohamaru. 'Naruto, Emi, Saya. I miss them, I want to hold my babies, Naruto where are you?' thought Hinata. Hanabi saw Hinata sad and knew what she was thinking. "Don't worry Hinata I'm sure there fine you'll see they'll come, Naruto will come for you" Hanabi said to her sister to calm her down.

"Thank you. . oh Hanabi. . ." Hinata remembering something important. "Yeah" said Hanabi. "Happy birthday. I'm sorry things had to go this way" said Hinata. "Thanks and it's ok it's not your fault" said Hanabi as she hugged Hinata.

'Naruto' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hiashi was sitting down in his office in the Hyuga compound when two members of the Hyuga council came in.

"Hiashi we have some terrible and unfortunate news" "What is it?" asked Hiashi. "Hinata, Hanabi, Emi, and Saya were all kidnapped by the organization Akatsuki" "What? When and how did this happened" said Hiashi. "Uh two days ago" "TWO DAYS ago why didn't you tell me sooner. . how could this happen" Hiashi angry at the situation. "Hiashi you knew that that organization was after Uzumaki they obviously kidnapped them to get to him, everyone always thought something like might happen" "Yes, but I never actually thought it would happen, ESPECIALLY NOT TO EVERY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY" Hiashi yelled the last part then he got up and started to walk out.

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"Hiashi, where are you going?" "I'm going to go look for my family?" said Hiashi. "Hiashi there is no need, Uzumaki Naruto and a team already went out to look for them.

you should stay here" "I'm going to my room. as soon as you get any new you inform me understood" said Hiashi as he left. "Of course" Once Hiashi left, the two Hyugas looked at each other. "I'm sure those idiots will get killed by Akatsuki, but to be sure I want you to make the Konoha council send three teams of Anbu to finish of anyone that returns from that mission" "What about the others?" "We'll also get rid of the ones we have trapped in the forest" "That sounds good.

and it's looks like we'll have to find someone young and good enough to take over once Hiashi passes on, I doubt he'll have any more children" "I guess the dynasty will start after him" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Hey.

. ." said Neji. "What?" asked Shikamaru. "I think I see someone off in the distance I can barely see him" said Neji. "Who do you think it is" asked Kakashi. "I don't know but the person looks like his been beaten up badly and he's bloody. he also has blond hair and kind of looks like.


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" "Naruto!" yelled Lee. "DADDY!" yelled both girls as they ran to their dad. Once the girls were about ten feet away from Naruto they heard some one yell. "WAIT IT'S A TRAP. . COME BACK" yelled Kyuubi. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X A/N - Oh yeah that's right your going to have to wait till next chapter. PLEASE REIVIEW let's get as many as we can to make up for the past chapters.