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Part I: A Painful Initiation This was a long time coming. I had tried with previous SO's, mostly unsuccessfully, to communicate my desire for BDSM play (I'm a switch: enjoy being both dom and sub). Finally, after a little over a year with my ex-girlfriend, I was able to get what I desired.

While I was away for a week, we were texting and talking, and I managed to get on the subject of bondage. We agreed to go "toy shopping." Upon my return, we booked a hotel room and went to work. We created scenarios, the first of which I'll outline below. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear any feedback/ideas! She wrote the scenario down for me, so that she wouldn't have to speak out of character. There would be no more of that.

She handcuffed me to the hotel bed and told me I better not move. She came back a short time later and made me read my predicament: I am a dirty cop, and some time ago I arrested her. During her incarceration I apparently raped her and abused her. "Now," she said, "You will pay for what you did to me." "What are you talking about??" I asked desperately.

In response, she slaps me in the face hard. Then she drags me by my cuffed hands into the hotel bathroom, where a hot shower is running. It's so hot I'm already sweating, and she tells me to take off my clothes or else it will be all the worse; her tone makes me obey. "You're filthy and hairy, so first I'm going to clean you up, and then teach you what true justice is." She handcuffs me to the shower curtain rod, and drenches me in (a little too) hot water.

She washes me.all of me.thoroughly. Then she grabbed a throwaway razor and starts shaving my pubes.first above my dick.then moving down. As I struggle and look worried, she just grabs my balls hard and I stop struggling. She shaves everything.the base of my cock, my balls, my taint, and my asshole. This last detail worries me the most. When she finished "cleaning" me, she promptly moved me back into the main part of the hotel room.

Instead of leading me to the bed, she slammed the bathroom door behind me and hoisted my arms above my head, locking them in restraints attached to the top of the door that I had not noticed before. I'm getting nervous, but she was not done restraining me yet. She then took what resembled a broomstick, but with two ropes tied on either end, and with it secured my ankles as far apart as they could go. Effectively, I couldn't move my arms or legs, and my now totally erect penis was fully vulnerable.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled wickedly (she was better at roleplaying than I'd ever imagined). She then moved to the bag of "toys" we'd purchased (we didn't skimp).

First she pulled out the leather cat-o-nine-tails whip and a metal ring, about 3 inches in diameter, with two tightening clamps attached.

She moved slowly toward me, "Do you remember yet, you piece of shit?" "No, let me go! This is a mistake!" I yelled back. Before I finished my sentence, she whipped my chest hard. She repeated this all over my chest and stomach before getting on her knees, eye level to my crotch. Smiling, she took my balls (I am now quivering in anticipation/fear of pain) and stuffed them painfully into the metal ring.

It only hurt at first when she stuffed them roughly through. Then the ring just hung as an uncomfortable weight on my balls.but she took the clams and attached them as far up my shaft as they would that as I got even harder, they pulled and pinched my tender skin all the more. Then she looked me in the eyes: "I would normally gag my slaves, but I really want to hear your screams of torment and cries for mercy." Suddenly, she brought the whip down repeatedly on my dick.

It hurt more than anything yet and I really yelled out for the first time. She did this a number of times, intermittently lifting my hard cock up and whipping my weighted balls as I cringed and screamed.

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"Do you remember yet? Are you sorry?" She yelled. "Fuck you, bitch!" I replied. Then she stopped hitting me and unfastened my hands; I was momentarily relieved until she simply turned me around and reattached the arm restraints high above my head, but this time I was facing the door. As I struggled, she tightened my leg restraints so that I was spread even further, and I could feel the air hitting my exposed and newly shaved, vulnerable ass.

She immediately grabbed the wooden spoon we purchased and beat my ass until I was yelping with every stroke. Then she abruptly stopped and laughed. I knew what was coming. She rummaged through our toys bag and retrieved one of the three dildos we had bought, along with some lube.

I had never been penetrated before, and I was shaking. Of course, she skipped the smaller vibrator and the butt plug, and went straight for the larger, clear colored dildo, with four levels of diameter.

She said, "Now, you're getting raped. Enjoy, pervert!" "No!!" I yelled, just as she spread my trembling cheeks and applied lube directly to my newly shaved asshole. She positioned the cold rubber against my virgin hole, hesitated for just a few seconds as I tensed up (this made it worse).and shoved it in. "Ahhhh!!!" I hadn't really "screamed" until now. She had shoved in 3 of the four progressively thicker rings. As I lay flat against the door, trying at once to loosen my muscles but unable to because of shock and pain, she whipsered in my ear: "How does it feel?

Does it HURT!?!" She yelled as she shoved the final, thickest part of the dildo inside me. It hurt so much, but I was loving the display of dominance out of my normally reserved girlfriend. Just as I was about to beg for mercy.she said, "Not enough??" and roughly twisted the dildo at least 360 degrees inside my ass. To this I screamed even louder, and submitted: "Yes.I'm sorry! I'll do anything just don't hurt my ass any more!" Part II: Sweet/Sadistic Revenge After Mistress released my sweating, shaking body from my bonds, it was my turn to dominate!

She had abused my penis and my balls as well as violated my asshole, and all my parts being so sore just made me desire payback. As she had done for me, I created a simple scenario: I informed her that she was being accused of witchcraft, and it was my job to see if this was true or not. The method for this is bondage, humiliation, and torture. First, I told her, I must clean up her filthy witch body.

I ordered her to strip. I then handcuffed her, dragged her into the bathroom, and attached her hands over her head to the shower curtain rod (in the same humiliating manner that she had used for me). I proceeded to roughly wash her, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. I informed her that my method of interrogatioin required total lack of hair in all areas of interest.

This made her start to shake. Her pussy was already (mostly) clear of hair, so I picked up the single-use razor and finished the job there, then I spread her ass cheeks and removed all the hair that would inhibit my work.

When this was done, I let her stand there, hands above her head, dripping wet, while I prepared in the next room. I then dragged her roughly out of the bathroom and immediately tied her to the bed, again with her hands tightly bound above her head. I also spread her legs as far as they would go to the bottom bed posts.

Now her C-cup breasts, flat stomach, and newly shaved pussy were on full display. "Confess your part in witchcraft, and this doesn't have to happen," I told her. "No!" she said, "I'm no witch please believe me!!" I simply smiled and picked up a cat-o-nine-tails whip (that she had also used on me); I began her ordeal by whipping her tits at least 15 times hard (I could still feel the whips effects on my penis).

Then I whipped her outstretched arms, her stomach, and her legs. She was whimpering, and I gave her one more chance to admit to the accusations. She refused. So I put aside the whip and returned with 2 turning point nipple clamps that we had just bought.

I smiled an evil smile and as she struggled, attached them slowy to each one of her hard nipples. She twitched as I tightened them to the point of pain, alternating between breasts one turn at a time. After her first true yelp of pain, I paused for a few seconds, and then tightened each one two more times.

I could see that this was beginning to really hurt, because she was shaking visibly. I got up close to her face and said, "Confess, witch?" She spit in my face. I slapped her hard twice across the face and twisted the clamps on her nipples, to which she screamed loudly. "That was a mistake, you cunt," I said as I gagged her with a ball gag. I then got up and went to our bag of new toys.

After a little indecision, I remembered how cruel she was to my asshole during my punishment, and retrieved the black butt plug we had just bought. I lubed it up and showed it to her face. She simply widened her eyes and shook her head, mumbling "mm-mmm" throuh her gag. I whipped her a few more times and then quickly shoved the plug up her tight little asshole.

She moaned in discomfort loudly through the gag and wiggled her whole body to try to get away from the unwanted penetration. I shoved it all the way in and held it there while I whipped her clamped tits hard. Then I backed off a little and brough the whip down directly on her clit, proceeding to whip on and around her pussy for a good two minutes.

About halfway through, the butt plug slipped out. I made it obvious that I wasn't using any more lube and fucked her ass in and out with the plug a few rough times before placing it back in place: "You don't want to let that fall out again," I said.

But she immediately let go and it slipped out. I violently re-inserted it in her ass while simultaneously attaching a binder clip to her clit. When I let go of the metal and the clip dug into her soft, exposed flesh, she really screamed. I made her continue screaming and struggling by rotating the now almost dry butt plug inside her multiple times. When I stopped this, she did not let it slip out again.

I asked her one more time to confess and she shook her head. I told her this was a huge mistake. I made her watch with wide, frightened eyes as I heated a pair of metal tweezers over our candle (she probably thought I would simply drip wax on her; but she was not that lucky after what she had done to me).

She was shaking her head and making noises that sounded through the gag like begs for mercy; these were ignored. I took the hot metal and pinched the bottom of her outstretched arm, just below the armpit. The metal was hot enough to cause extreme discomfort, but not leave serious burns. "MMMMMM!" she shouted in pain. I let the metal sit over the flame once again and beat her tits for a few more minutes with the whip as she just stared at the heating metal.

I then paused, pretending to decide where to burn her next, and pressed the metal to the bottom of her breast. This was the first time I was worried that she would have me stop (We have a safeword and a "safe-gesture" for gagged victims), but she just put her head back and took the pain.

I heated the tweezers one more time and removed the gag.

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I got on top of her and put my cock to her mouth. "Confess, and pleasure me, and there will be no more pain." She started to suck, but promptly bit down and said, "Never. Fuck you." I slapped her again, hard, twisted the butt plug a few more times while she squirmed, and removed the metal from the flame (this was the longest it had had to heat up so far).

I then told her she would be very sorry. I pinched her already-tortured nipple, just poking out of the tight clamp, with the hot tweezers as I loosened the clamp to let her blood flow in. I've never heard her scream so loud. Her body shook and she was almost immediately crying, "I confess!

Please stop sir!!!

I confessss!!!" This was all mingled with unintelligible screams as I brutally twisted her sensitive nipple flesh with the hot tweezers. To her confession, I said, "Good. It's about time you little cunt." Then I re-tightened the nipple clamps, removed the clip on her clit, and fucked her hard. When I was about to cum, I ordered her to open her mouth wide. She did so (there was no defiance left in her). So I came in her mouth and all over her face, then removed her butt plug and made her lick it clean.

I whipped her a few more times for good measure and then released her. Part III: A Lesson in Submission After the lady and I had taken some time to recover from what were really both of our first hard BDSM experiences, we both agreed that we were ready for another round each.

After all, what fun is Switching without both parties having the chance for that sweet feeling of revenge? I think both of our appetites had been teased by the satisfaction of gaining complete submission out of the other, only after we moaned and screamed while trying our best to show each other we could endure serious punishment. We were, and are to this day, both very stubborn people. This can be an asset or a dangerous quality during Bondage RP.

I was about to find this out first hand.

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As she was tying my arms tightly to the top of the bed, mixed images ran through my head. First, I pictured some of the things I had just done to punish her. Then as I was remembering how she writhed and screamed as I tortured her nipples (which still bore the bright red marks and light bruises of that session), my vision switched to our first session, when she was treating my balls to a little whipping session. Then as the rope pulled my arms tight, I wondered with not a little fear what methods she would devise to torment my most tender areas this time.

But if I was having second thoughts, it was too late now.


As these pictures rapidly streamed through my head and certain parts of my body cringed with anticipation of what was surely to come, she shoved our new ball gag into my mouth and tied it tight. "Gee I hope you don't need to use the safeword any time soon," was the first word she spoke to me during my second session as a Sub. This was guaranteed to be unpleasant, I thought, but that fact excited me as well. She then grabbed my right ankle and pulled hard, ensuring that my arms were absolutely immobile, tied fast to the bed above.

Then she pondered for a couple seconds, and smiled. "Too easy," she said wickedly. I didn't understand exactly what she meant by this until she lifted my outstretched leg up far into the air. "I want you to have a close-up, firsthand view of what's going to happen to you," she said, and made quick work of tying both of my legs, spread absolutely as wide as they could be, to the corners of the bed. My position was now unbelievably helpless; I was on my back with all four of my limbs tied way behind and above my head.

I could barely even turn my neck because of the way I was bound, so that I really did have little choice but to look at my helpless penis and testicles as they awaited certain torment. The way my legs were stretched up and back, I could even see my still freshly (and humiliatingly) shaved asshole, still sore deep inside from a couple hours ago.

Only now did she tell me the scenario she had in mind. In fact, I had almost forgotten about our decision to make it interesting with anecdotal stories to go along with our attempts to make each other submit. "You are my complete slave, you piece of shit.and as my slave it is your duty to perform whatever role I assign you. Your role today will to be my will voluntarily lay on the floor while I piss on you; your mouth will stay open wide the whole time. Then you will thoroughly clean me.

I am going to torture you, make you scream so loud, until you beg me for my sweet urine." I shook my head hard and mumbled something inaudible, to which she replied, "Of course, begging will do you no good with a gag in.

I can't even understand what you are pathetically trying to communicate.So I suppose you'll just have to endure what I have in store for you until I decide it's time to ungag you and see if you're thirsty yet." Then she went over to the table of goodies to pick out who knows what.

Oh shit, I thought in that few moments.I love the bondage but what have I gotten myself in to? Knowing from the look in her eyes that she was dead serious, I tried to become comfortable with the fact that I would eventually be degraded by receiving my girlfriend's piss (with my mouth open?!?) all over me.

So I was dually motivated to endure as much torture as she could dish out; I wanted to delay or perhaps find a way to prevent submitting to a golden shower, and at the same time I remembered she hadn't used the safeword during her last torment, and the last thing I wanted to do was be the first to quit. Her slow, deliberate approach quickly brought me back to reality. I realized again that she had put me in possibly the most vulnerable position I could imagine; with my legs tied tight above my head leaving all things blatantly exposed to her pleasure and my pain.

She positioned herself in front of me and looked me in the eyes, "Unfortunately for you, I'm going to get right down to teasing this time around, slave.

I already have to piss, and I don't want to waste any time." And with that, she shoved the thick, black butt plug as far as it could go up my ass. In the split second in which I realized what was coming, I simultaneously noticed that she had put no lube at all on the plug and also how sore my ass already really was.

I had hoped that the first session would make me a little more accustomed to this sensation, but instead it had already left me torn and sore. The plug hurt more this time than even the bigger dildo the first time. "MMMMMM!!!!" I screamed, gagged and muffled. "MMMHHMM!" again. I was instantly out of breath and trying involuntarily to push the painful intrusion out of my ass. She must have noticed, because she just shook her head and said matter-of-factly, "You don't want to do that." And she twisted the plug around a couple times while I writhed.

Somehow it was also worse to watch her do this to me no more than a foot or two from my face; seeing my body tormented right in front of my eyes with no way to make it stop just amplified the already intense sensations. I could feel everything, and it was all pain. "Now hold it in there!!" she shouted as she slapped me hard across the face. I did as I was told, despite how much it hurt, as she quickly implemented her next piece of cruelty.

She grabbed my rock-hard penis roughly and immediately applied a small clamp neither of us had used yet. It was a ring with two rings of small, sharp spikes around the inside, and an adjustable crank. It didn't look like much, but I was already quivering when she fitted it over my head. She moved it only slightly down, so that one of each of the two spiked rings rested just on either side of where the shaft meets the head, and tightened it just enough so that the metal touched my skin.

The muffled "nnnmm" sound I was mumbling through my gag amplified exponentially as she suddenly tightened the clamp twice in succession. It felt as if my dick had suddenly been bitten by the sharpest of teeth. I was wriggling uncontrollably, desperately trying to escape, when she tightened it again.and again.

"AAAHAHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed, and I kept screaming. I didn't even notice that she had moved until I felt the sharp sting of the flogger slam into my right ass cheek.

She laid into my ass, legs, and chest over and over with the flogger. With every hit I let out a painful yelp through the gag. She paused for just a second, and again grabbed penis, now throbbing in pain, and started to slowly jerk me off below the clamp.

As I felt the last bit of blood fill my cock to capacity, the searing pain was as if she had tightened the spiked clamp two or three more times in a single second. She then flogged my ass hard, at least a dozen more times, and at least half of these carefully aimed to land directly on the plug invading my asshole. When this happened, a jolt of pain and pressure went all the way up my spine. Now she paused again only to harshly shove my balls through the heavy metal ring she had used on them last time.

She took a second or two to examine her work thus far, and then hit my balls hard with the flogger. At this I jumped in shock, painfully pulling at the tight restraints digging into my wrists and ankles.

The position I was in made the metal ring stretch my balls far enough down so that whenever she hit them with the flogger, they in turn were crushed against the butt plug, simultaneously rending my asshole just a little more and giving my balls something solid to hit against.

I lost count of the number of times she slowly, methodically flogged my balls, sometimes one at a time, sometimes both. At random points every few strokes, she would aim high, swatting my abused penis in every direction. My loudest muffled screams may have been when the crop landed directly on the spiky ring, digging that metal every deeper into the most tender flesh on my body. When she stopped, I was so out of breath I could barely breathe with the gag in my mouth.

My throat was also sore and dry from the dozens of inhibited shrieks I had let out. She must have been able to tell, because she ripped the gag out of my mouth, inquiring if I was ready to relish her sweet piss. "I can make this much worse, you know," she smugly muttered as she squeezed my throbbing balls roughly in her hand.

After cringing I was able to regain my composure just enough to realize that I hadn't withstood enough as yet to clearly be the last to give in. So I managed a weak, yet somehow defiant, "Never." Without so much as a word, she smacked my balls and walked off to find further implements. She returned first with only a piece of twine, which she promptly tied to the ring hanging from my balls. She then pulled the twine all the way to the foot of the bed, wrapping the other end around the metal bar.

She pulled so tight I let out what was the first real ungagged scream of this session as my balls extended to a painful extreme. Now not only were all four of my limbs tied above my head, but my balls were securely fastened in the complete opposite direction. I was paralyzed for a time with the sensation that if I moved even an inch from the base of the bed my genitals would not be coming with me. As I was quivering, awaiting my fate, mistress sat down on the bed with a wooden spoon in one hand.

With her other hand, she casually spun the butt plug, now as deep as it could possibly be up my asshole, at various speeds. This made me jump uncomfortably and irregularly.

I screamed loud every time these motions tormented my stretched balls all the more. "Slave," she said. "I'm going to do a rare thing.and that is give you a choice in punishment. I only do this because I do believe either of the two ideas I have in mind will torture you to the brink, and very soon you will be begging for my piss all over you.

Do you understand?" I managed a weak affirmative answer.


At least I would have this small bit of decision, which meant a lot to someone in my position. I became more worried when she smiled and quickly removed the plug from my ass, making me moan with sudden relief, though my ass throbbed like it had been totally torn apart. She threw the butt plug aside and smacked my ass a few times, hard, with the crop. Then she put that aside as well and positioned herself right in front of me, a presence that reminded me just how exposed all of my sensitive (and sore) areas were for her enjoyment.

She picked up my half-hard penis, still enclosed in the spiked ring and throbbing, and slowly turned the crank.

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I screamed and thrashed about, trying to move away, until another instantly sharp pain in my balls reminded me that I couldn't so much as move. I had to endure what was coming to me.

Now she spoke: "Slave, if you are still not ready to beg for my piss, then you will now choose between." she paused as she tightened the clamp even further. The pain was unbelievable; it felt like the head of my penis was literally enclosed in grinding steel. Mercifully, she stopped, and with a cruel smile, said: "You will choose between." she spoke slowly, her hand drifting toward my tightly bound balls, now swollen and aching; suddenly she smacked them hard, "having these poor balls smashed with a wooden spoon.and." now her hand closed in upon my asshole, and she quickly shoved two fingers in deep as I cringed, "an entire fist up your asshole.I really don't think it's loose enough yet anyway." And with that she withdrew her fingers roughly and went right back to agonizingly tightening the metal clamp digging into my cock.


I could see all of this right in front of my face as my position exponentially increased both the humiliation and the shock value of my torment. "You better choose quickly.I think you might start bleeding soon," she warned, still tightening. I was screaming over and over, but was able to pull my thoughts together enough to muster a response.really anything had to be better than my penis being crushed and pierced by so many brutal metal teeth, right? "Fist me! Please please!" I yelped in between screams.

"Do whatever you want to my asshole, by cock and balls can't take any more!!!" She smiled and made eye contact with me for at least 15 seconds. "Remember what you did to me.yes just a few minutes ago, with the hot tweezers? That hurt so.fucking bad.I might have scars. Fuck you and what you want. You'd better be drinking my piss in the next few minutes!" She yelled as she picked up the wooden spoon.

I had only time enough to start yelling: "Nooaaaaahhh!!! Ahhhhh!" rhythmically as she sat right in front of me, paddling my tightly wound balls with increasing intensity.

Whack! "Ahhhhrh!!!" Whack! Whack! "Ahhhh.ahrhhhh!!!" My screams melded together as my balls felt like they were being violently crushed. When I managed to open my eyes for a glance, I noted how still she was sitting, still making eye contact as she mercilessly slammed the hard wooden spoon into my balls.

Finally I couldn't take any more, and in between screams, I sobbed: "Please piss all over me, Mistress." "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" She yelled as she smashed by balls yet again. "Couldn't hear you!" "Ahhhh!!!! Mistress please soak me in your piss. I can't take any more.please!!! Aaaaoooo!" I wailed as she landed her final blow, the concave side of the spoon perfectly smacking both of my swollen testicles.

The pain was unbearable; I was literally begging her to untie me and use me as a toilet. She did so quickly, and I flopped onto the bed, unable to move. She grabbed the twine still tied to my balls and jerked it hard.

I managed to crawl after her into the bathroom, where she promptly kicked me onto my back and bent over, her face just beyond the top of my head. Immediately, her warm, potent urine was cascading down her legs and beginning to squirt onto my chest. She quickly moved up so that the main stream was going strong directly onto my face. As I squirmed and sputtered, she pulled the twine, sending shock waves of pain through my balls and all the way up into my abdomen.

"Open your fucking mouth, slave!!" she yelled as she squatted down, now pissing into my mouth from maybe six inches above my face. I couldn't stop the liquid from flowing down my throat; if I did, the foul excrement would fill my mouth. I knew if I spit it out I wouldn't be able to bear my punishment. She had already been unbelievably cruel. When Mistress's stream of urine slowed, and finally stopped, I gulped down the last of it and managed not to gag.

At least I had some dignity left. Or so I thought, until she grabbed me by the hair and mashed her dripping wet pussy all over my face, telling me I better lick it clean or she would make me howl in agony all night.

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I obeyed. I licked her shaved pussy until she came, spreading even more of her liquid all over my face. Then she let go of my hair and my head settled into the puddle of piss surrounding me.

Without a word, she left the bathroom. I'm not sure how long I spent just laying there, in the middle of a puddle of piss, quickly cooling. I was shivering, but unable to move. Literally all of me hurt. I wondered if I could ever take such torture again. And I wondered even more how quickly I would get the safeword, which I still hadn't used, out of my girlfriend next time. Now I wanted her to scream that word more than anything.