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Jeanette biedermann porno
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I had grown used to my wife and her strange famly.I understood that they had been involved in it from an early age and thought it normal to have sex with each other,and i couldn't see any harm in it. My wife margret is dark haired and plump,she has big tits the size of melons .She is 39 years old and the second oldest of her sisters and after two children her pussy was nice and big and her arse nice and large.

My two kids were carol who was 10 and jason who was 9 ,both were slim with carol having blond hair slim figure a set of budding tits just starting to develop.Her pussy was bauld but sat nicely with her long legs.Jason was slim build with brown hair and his little cock not bad for his age.

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We had not practised incest with our children and i didn't want to ,but i wasn't opposed to them having fun with the rest of the famly. But we hadn't and my wife had decided we should try it .The kids were always asking as they would hear stories from their cousins.

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Her mum was called jen and was 57 years old .She had a hard life bringing the girls up after their dad had died.You would never know to look at her, she looked around 40 with a slim build small but a good handful tits,slim legs and a good firm bum which looked great in a tight pair of jeans which she wore a lot .Last year she had wed john who was 58 average build, grey hair and according to my sister in laws a big cock.

The eldest daughter was sharron who was 40 and was divorced years back.She was tall and very prettyshoulder lengh brown hair slim body and small tits.She had lovely long legs and took after her mum when it came to her arse.She too had worked hard bringing up her two children charlie and vikky.

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Vikky was 14 years old tall with a perfect body ,long legs and very much like her mum except vikky had a much bigger set of tits and when she wore her lift up bras could give any man a hard on.Vikky was also shy and while she had gone to a few famly parties an on occation had her tits felt she didn't want to be fucked at that time.She was a very pretty girl with long brown hair and the kinda mouth you would want to put your cock in. Charlie was 16 and tall for his age ,he had short brown hair and the same looks as his sister.A quite boy he never said mutch although i had an idea he had kept his mum company on many a night.

Shara 33 was the next sister after my wife and by far the most flirty with me.With shoulder lengh brown hair ,slim body and small tits.Her and sharron were very alike except shara was a little heavyer.Again she had been divorced for a few years now and had brought up her son by herself.She was always the firty one you know ,always wearing very shot skirts,thin t-shirts with no bra etc etc.

Rob who was sharas son was 14 ,thin with a mop of black hair and a cheeky smile.Shara once when drunk told my wife of his large cock and how good it felt.


Mandy was the youngest sister at 32.she was the baby of the famly.With short blond hair and slightly overweight she had tits just like my wifes very big.She had her mums looks and was wed to mike who was chunky with black hair and was very quite .They had two kids kay and dave Kay was 10 and a good looking kid,she had longish blond hair, lovely face small body.She hadn't started to grow tits yet but she had the best bum you had ever seen on a small girl.She was always wearing tight tops and jeans to show of her body and when sat on your lap had a habit of grinding her bum into your cock.

Dave was 7 and a tipical lad into everything,always with a smile. As my wife explained we had to wear a kind of uniform,for me it was black boxer shorts and that was it .For my wife it was saucy underware and stockings.For girls under 12 it was white cotton pants and white knee length socks.For the young boys it was just underpants.Part of the rules were that girls under 12 could not have sex although anything else goes.

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My wife had picked black stockings and basque and was looking very sexy.The rest of us dressed in our gear headed for the car for the 15mins journey. Jen opened the door wide so we could all get a good view of her.And what a view it was,jen was dressed in a red lace bra her two large nipples clearly visable and very erect.Moving down i saw a matching set of pants,her black pubic hair visable above her panty line.Her legs were clad in the red nylon of her stockings.

Come in everybodys in the main room,you can change in her she said pointing to a door.We went in and quickly got ready. As we entered the main room i looked around a few had already started kissing and feeling. In the corner was charlie and shara. Shara was wearing a black silk bra and pants with hold up stockings.Not that her bra was much use charlie had already got her tits out and was giving them a good squeeze and suck.Seeing the bulge in his pants it wouldn't be long before his cock was out as well.For a moment her eyes met mine and she gave me a sly smile.

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I walked in to the kitchen to pour myself a drink.While pouring i heared a little voice behind me. Hi uncle john what are you doing.

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I turned around to see little kay standing there in her little white panties she looked divine. I want you to come and play with me and vikky.She took me by the hand and led me to the dining room.As she walked in she said to a startled vikky.

Hi vikky iv'e brought uncle john to play with us ok Vikky stood upno matter how good see looked when dressed she looked even better now.She was wearing a red lace bra with her small nipples visable through the lace.Her pants were the same her small bush showing through.She sat on the edge of the table,legs slightly open so i steped up between them Placing my hands on her thighs i slowly began to kiss her .After a few seconds she responded thrusting her toung in to my mouth.

I slowly ran my hands along her tummy and up to her tits,cupping them and slowly squeezing rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. As i was kissing i was aware that my cock was being took out .I looked down to see little kay looking with wide eyes' Wow uncle john your big she said.

She slowly placed her mouth over the tip and shoved in as much as she could into her mouth.Her eyes now closed and her two little hand gripping the base of my cock sucking slowly in and out savoring every little moment.Her little nipples hard like two little spots on her chest. I looked at vikky and said why dont we loose the panties I could see a flash of hesitation in her eyes then a little smile"ok then" As i hooked my thumbs over her waist band she lifted her bum.Her pants came down to reveil a beautiful young pussy with just enough hair covering it.

By now vikky had laid back her legs wide open,i pulled her crack open enough to get my toung in. Vikky tensed slighty then began to moan slowly her hand touching the top of my head.

Kay had stopped and was sat on the table watching while playing with vikkys tits a little damp patch on her panties. Vikky was now moaning more and grinding her fanny onto my tounge her breasts riseing with her heavy breathing small beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

I slowly inserted one finger in to her now wet fanny.She gave out a low moan. Yes,yes,more uncle john,more said vikky Come on uncle john make her moan some more said kay.

Well vikky its up to you do you want sex.

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Vikky looked up at me and thought for a minit .Then looked me in the eye and said "yes uncle john,fuck me,fuck me now". I stood up so my cock was level with her pussy the tip resting on her clit.As i pushed in she tensed up and gave out a little cry of pain,I carried on until i was fully in.

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Vikky was gasping"oh god oh god"as i started to pump in and out.Sweat was running of her brow ,her chest heaving her hands behind her head. Feeling left out kay took of her pants and straddled vikky faceing me with a smile on her lips.She leaned forward and kissed me,her tounge darting in my mouth.Icouldn't touch her as i was holding vikkys legs.Kay moved forward raiseing herself a little so her tits were face level.I licked them with my tounge slowly licking and sucking until they were rock hard little buds.

Vikky arched her back and shudderd clamping on my cock with her fanny as she came.Unable to hold it back i exploded my cum deep into her fanny.Slowly letting go of vikkys legs i turned my attention to kay. Drawing my hands up her legs i soon got to her hairless little fanny ,starting to rub with my fingers slightly inside her crack.Kay had thrown her head back ,giving out little wimpers.After a few minites she gave a large shudder and i had to catch her as she came all over my hand.

I gently laid kay down next t vikky and stood back to look.There they were ,vikky now looking at me and giggling,her tits jiggling as she laughed.My cum and hers dribbling from her cunt with alittle splashed on her stockings Kay still with eyes shut ,her own cum dibbling on to the table.


I was starting to enjoy this incest lark.