Amateur beauty assfucked after sucking cock

Amateur beauty assfucked after sucking cock
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My wife and I had hired Kitten, the young girl who lives down the street, to baby-sit our kids on several occasions. She had always done a good job, and the kids really liked her. On top of that, she is a total hottie. Her long brown hair framed her cute face perfectly. Plus, her budding little breasts have filled out nicely over the past few months.

My wife was out of town visiting her mother, and I had to go to a last minute business dinner. I called Kitten who agreed to come over and watch the kids. I told her that I would probably not be back until after ten o'clock. Since school was nearly out for the summer, she had no homework and readily agreed to baby-sit. The dinner was a real bore. My sales manager droned on and on about the "bottom line." Since the company was picking up the tab, I had a few too many cocktails.

Luckily, the meeting broke up early, and I headed home. Entering my house, I looked forward to spending some time chatting with Kitten and admiring her tight, petite body. The house was quiet. I checked the kids' rooms to find that they were safely asleep in their beds. However, there was no sign of Kitten.

As I made my way up the stairs to my bedroom, I heard faint moans and murmurs. Stepping as lightly as I could, I approached the partly open door. I peered in to see Kitten lying on my king size bed wearing nothing but the dress shirt I had worn to work yesterday. Her tiny body seemed even smaller in my shirt on the huge bed.

Her slender legs were spread far apart, her eyes were closed, and her hands were working slowly and methodically on her pussy and clitoris. My cock began to tingle and enlarge as I watched Kitten pleasure herself.

Her breath rate increased with the speed of her finger movements. From the way her hips started to undulate, it was obvious she was approaching a climax. "Oh, yes, Mr. Gray," she whispered. "Fuck me just like that." Her mouth opened wide and she emitted a heavy sigh. "Oh, Mr. Gray, make me come," she moaned. My erection was straining the fabric of my pants.

I stepped closer to get a full view of her incredible performance. Unfortunately, the floor squeaked as I moved.

Before I could retreat from her view, her eyes flew open, and she glared at me with a look of embarrassed horror. "Oh, Mr.

Gray," she whimpered, pulling the shirt closed and clamping her legs together. "I'm so sorry! You're home early." She was still panting from her near-orgasmic experience. Suddenly feeling like a Peeping Tom, I was at a loss for words. Realizing that my pants were bulging, I turned sideways hoping that she wouldn't notice. However, I saw her ogling my crotch. "Please don't tell my parents, Mr. Gray," she pleaded.

"I won't, Kitten," I heard myself stutter. "Um, I'll go down stairs so that you can get dressed." "Mr. Gray, I'm so sorry," she said, tears welling in her eyes. She looked so beautiful and vulnerable. Her smooth skin was a light, glowing pink - most likely because of her waning arousal. I could see the tips of her hardened nipples poking at the thin material of my shirt. "Kitten," I said softly, "you're wearing my shirt." She lowered her eyes momentarily before glancing at me.


In the few seconds it took for her to respond, I could see a definite change in her demeanor. "I, um, `cuz I like the way it smells," she said coyly, spreading her legs slightly.

My mind was spinning. My cock was swollen.

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My eyes could do nothing but gaze at the young, virginal beauty lying nearly naked before me. "Mr. Gray, I've.," her voice trailed off and her eyelids fluttered. "I really like you. Sometimes, I dream about, like, being with you, you know?" "I'm old enough to be your father, Kitten. You should be dreaming about boys your own age," I managed to blurt out, trying to act the sensible adult. She tilted her head and looked at me from under her long eyelashes.

"They're just boys. I want a man." It felt like it was one hundred degrees in the room. My brain was foggy from alcohol, sexual tension, and the fear that I would ruin my life if I succumbed to her apparent invitation.

"Don't you like me, Mr. Gray?" she asked in a whisper. "The boys at school are so fumbly. I know you wouldn't be that way," she asserted confidently. Suddenly her eyes got big and she blurted excitedly, "And I know you've had a vasectomy. Mrs. Gray told me once when I asked her whether you would have more children." "Kitten, you should get dressed.

I'll wait down stairs and then take you." "Didn't you like what you saw when you came home?" she interrupted, spreading her gorgeous legs apart. She opened the shirt to display her entire body to me. "I'm really wet, Mr. Gray, and I need to come." I was amazed at her forthrightness. I would never have dreamed she would come on to me so blatantly. "Please" Kitten continued "I promise I won't tell. I just really need to come," she bit her lip and looked at me from behind her hair, making herself seem even more vulnerable and young.

She opened her lips about an inch and ran her moist tongue between them. I glanced between her legs to peer at her labia. They were swollen and open like the petals of a deep pink flower.

They glistened with her natural lubrication; begging for my attention. Out if the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of my trousers.

A dark, wet spot had formed where my seminal fluid had soaked through the fabric. My thoughts were racing. Child molesting, loss of job, prison, adultery, divorce, child support: the numerous repercussions of satisfying Kitten's desire kept me from thinking straight. I suddenly recalled that an attorney friend had once told me that the age of consent in our state is sixteen.

Although I had known Kitten for a few years, I had no true idea of her age. "How old are you?" I asked. Kitten spread her legs a bit more, giving me a complete view of her pussy. As a teasing contrast to this, she used her hands to pull down the shirt to cover a tiny bit of the view. "I turned sixteen last week," she said, biting her lower lip. The shirt she was wearing fell open a bit, exposing her young, firm breast and its bright, pink nipple to me. "Won't you help me, Mr.

Gray?" I sighed audibly at hearing her admit her age. At least the possibility of criminal prosecution was seemingly eliminated. Blood surged through the vessels in my penis when she pled for my assistance.

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She was so tiny, so delicate - surely no more than five feet tall and weighing less than one hundred pounds. Her lithe arms seemed to have been perfectly sculpted to meet her angular shoulders. Her lovely neck begged for my lips and tongue. I took a step toward her. My will power was giving in to my lust for this beautiful, young girl. For the first time I caught the sweet scent of her body.

I inhaled deeply to savor her essence and could also detect the unmistakable musky smell of her feminine lubrication.

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No man could create an aphrodisiac as compelling as the steamy aroma of a wet, virgin, cunt awaiting its first use. But, could I trust her? Would she expect me to be her "boyfriend?" And if she did, would any expression of rejection cause her to reveal what we did to her parents, or worse, to my wife?

I knew Kitten was level headed, but the doubt stopped me in my tracks. Was she mature enough to realize that my family life and her future are more important than our immediate carnal desires? "Kitten," I said somewhat forcefully, "if I touch you, you need to know that it is through sexual impulse, not a romantic desire.

If you are looking for a suitor, this must stop now. It's surely obvious to you that I want you right now as much as you want me. But, other than that primal need, we could not have a meaningful relationship." Kitten nodded; eyes large.

"Oh yes, I understand, Mr. Gray. I'd never tell anyone. And I know you can't be with my `cuz you have your family and stuff.but.," she let the oversized shirt fall down over her other shoulder, now exposing both her breasts, "you can still help me, just this once can't you?" Her plea was music to my ears.

I moved to the bed and sat beside her. She tossed the shirt off her arms and flung them around my neck. Our mouths met in a crushing, passionate kiss. From the way she attempted to shove her tongue down my throat, it was obvious that she had had practice in "making out." I wondered what other experiences she might have had in her few years on the earth.

I withdrew my mouth from hers and trailed my lips over her chin to her neck. Licking my lips, I kissed her throat. I could feel the sweet vibration of her moans as she became more aroused. I glanced at her right breast. Roughly the size of an orange, it was firm and pert. The nipple was taut and distended. I savored that view as I licked her lovely neck, then trailed my tongue across her chest and wrapped my wet lips around her lovely teat.

It was rock hard; perfect for sucking and nibbling. As if by instinct, my right hand slid up her inner thigh. When my fingers reached her engorged bud, she emitted a quick gasp. "All you alright, Kitten?" I inquired while I sucked eagerly on her nipple. "Oh, yes," she panted. "I just never dreamed it would feel that good." Kitten began to rock her hips in unison with the movements of my fingers. Lowering my hand, I traced my middle finger up and down the open slit that was the entry to the joys of her wonderful body.

"Hasn't anyone ever touched you there before?" "Sorta," she moaned, suddenly becoming more demure. "But only when I had jeans on." I felt a burst of machismo. She was indeed a virgin in the purest sense of the concept. My heart raced at the anticipation of deflowering this little vixen with my hands, mouth, and cock.

I was mesmerized by the feeling of her diminutive body pressed against me. My cock, unfortunately still encased in my pants, rested against the silky, smooth skin of her right thigh.

I alternated my mouth back and forth between her sweet nipples. As her moans and soft whimpers grew louder, I slowly slid my finger into her. The sensations of her warmth and tightness were exhilarating.

I couldn't wait to taste the essence of her beckoning teen pussy. "Kitten," I whispered with my lips still touching her left nipple, "you've never felt a mouth between your legs, have you?" Kitten had thrown her head back, savoring every movement of my fingers; every wet trace my kissing and sucking left on her breasts and nipples. She forced herself to lift her head and open her eyes. "No." she admitted softly, biting her lower lip, "But I'd like to." I arose to my knees, stripped the tie from around my neck, and shed my shirt as quickly as I could.

I peered at her naked body spread on the bed as I released my belt and tugged at the snap and zipper of my pants. In one rush of movement I removed my trousers and boxers; allowing my erection to be proudly exposed to my impending conquest. Kitten stared at my cock for several seconds. Her mouth fell open and her eyes glared in disbelief. "Oh, my God," she murmured slowly. "You alright?" I asked for the second time.

Her gaze left my cock and we made eye contact. "It's so," she paused. "It's…I didn't think it would be "that" big." "You haven't seen a man's cock before?" "Well, I've seen my brother's. But, it wasn't, like, big and stiff like yours." "Have you ever touched one?" She looked away from me momentarily, then focused on my organ again. "I, ah, like rubbed a couple boys' cocks. But, they had their pants on. I think they liked what I did though." "How so," I asked, tossing my remaining clothes to the side.

"Cuz they squirmed around and their jeans got wet spots on `em." She had a mischievous gleam in her eye. "Oh, then I'm sure they liked what you did. You made them come," I commented, hopeful that I would be feeling her touch in a matter of seconds. "Want to touch mine?" She raised her torso onto her elbows and took a closer look at my package.

"Duh?" she commented humorously. "I've wanted to see and touch your cock since the first time you took me home after baby-sitting. I kinda dreamed about what it would look and feel like, but I never…" As her statement trailed off, she swung her legs gracefully under her until she was kneeling on the bed in front of me. She reached toward it with her right hand and traced her slim fingers up and down the length of my shaft.

As she apparently felt more confident in her movements, she wrapped her tiny, adolescent hand around its girth. "Wow," she said with awe in her voice, "I can barely close my hand around it." She slid her hand up and down, softly at first, then began to apply more pressure.

It was obvious she had virtually no experience because she was soon gripping me too tightly. "Easy!" I scolded. "Remember, there are no clothes between us." As she eased her grip, my pleasure increased. She leaned closer to me and used both hands, one over the other.

I reveled in the velvety softness of her caress and the comparative size of her body and mine. She leaned her body closer and closer to me, seemingly drawn to my cock. I reached down and ran my hands through the silky strands of her long hair. "You want me to suck it?" She whispered, shifting her gaping eyes toward mine. I nearly came just hearing her question. "I'd love that, Kitten." She licked her lips. "You'll, like, hafta tell me if I don't do it right, Okay?" "Oh, I'm not too worried about that.

I think you'll catch on right away." I coaxed her head toward me with my hands. She dutifully opened her lovely mouth and lowered it over the head of my cock. The warm sensation was tremendous.

As soon had she taken the tip in her mouth, she lifted off me and cleared her throat. Licking her lips again, she tried to plunge further down on me. "That's sweet, Kitten," I said softly. "Hold it in your mouth and get used to the feeling." I was in heaven.

"Now, move your tongue around on it." She started swirling her tongue in circles against the underside of the head of my cock.

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It was barely in her mouth, but the contorted appearance on her face indicated that her jaws were opened to the limit. After a few seconds, she was miraculously able to lower her succulent lips up and down over the upper half of my shaft. I could feel a tingle behind my scrotum and realized that if I allowed her to continue, I would soon be spurting long before I wanted to.

With my hands, I signaled her to disengage. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs again. "Was that okay?" she asked hopefully. "For your first time, that was more than okay," I responded as I nestled over her between her legs. "Maybe some other time I can let you practice some more," I suggested. I could feel the heat from her pussy wafting up to my belly. She kissed me again, sliding her hot tongue into my mouth. "It was cool.

I could feel your veins and stuff kinda throbbing in my mouth." "You definitely made me throb, sweetie. Now, you still want to feel my mouth between your legs?" "Oh, yes, Mr.

Gray, I still do." Lowering myself down her little body I took position between her thighs. I thought of teasing her with kisses and nibbles, but decided that time was of the essence. Should one of the kids awaken and walk in on us, it would indeed be difficult to explain what Daddy was doing to the baby-sitter.

I got up quickly, went to the door, closed and locked it, and dived back between those sleek, virgin legs. I held her thighs in my hands and lifted them until they were perpendicular to her body. Lowering my face, I started just between her anus and vulva and licked up her sweet slit until I reached the soft wisp of pubic hair above it. "Oh, God," Kitten squealed. I covered her pussy with my mouth, allowing my upper lip to connect with her clitoris while my tongue probed the entrance to her vagina.

It was the sweetest tasting pussy I could remember. Her body tensed and began to tremble. Her breathing became short and raspy. "Oh, God, oh God," Kitten kept repeating softly, as if it were her cunnilingus-receiving mantra. From the short probings of my tongue, I could sense how tight and undisturbed her vagina was.

Her clitoris, which felt tiny when I first touched it, seemed to have grown twice as large.

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When she fell silent suddenly, I sensed that she was nearing the edge. I concentrated on her swollen bud, sucking it gently between my lips. For a moment, it appeared she had stopped breathing altogether. Then, she exhaled with a deep, low moan. I had hit pay dirt. She ground her pussy against my mouth as an orgasm swept through her petite body. I glanced up to see her throwing her head back and forth on the pillow; savoring her first non-self-induced climax. The expression on her face was one of celestial pleasure.

Knowing I had given her such pleasure, my cock pulsed with growing eagerness to experience the feeling of entering her divine depths. "God!" she cried, louder than I had wanted.

I hoped she had not stirred the children. "Oh, God, yes," she commented again more softly. Wiping my mouth of her juices and my saliva, I slowly slithered up her body until our mouths met again. Her kiss was a combination of passion and gratitude.

She sucked my tongue and lavished me with her appreciative lips. "Mr. Gray," she said after drawing away, "I can't…I mean, like…that was sooo cool." "Yes, it was," I agreed.

Suddenly she began to giggle. "Wow!" "Shhh," I cautioned her, "we don't want to awaken the little ones." "Oh, I'm sorry," she said again with a giggle in her voice. "It's just, like, that was the best." "You flatter me," I replied. I could feel the wetness of her opening against my stomach as I lay upon her, my weight supported on my elbows. I was dying to get inside her. "You want to feel something that might be even better than "the best?" "You mean…?" "What you were fantasizing about when I walked in on you," I stated flatly.

She looked at me with a worried, blank stare. "You mean, you fucking me?" "Only if you're sure you want that," I said, not knowing what I would do with my raging hard on if she declined. It didn't take long for her to respond.

"Yes," she said and kissed me tenderly. "I want you to fuck me." I moved deeper between her legs and pressed he head of my cock against the hot wetness of her open pussy lips. With a slight movement of my hips, the head slipped into her tight orifice. Suddenly, a serious thought flashed in my hedonism-soaked mind. Since she is a virgin, there might be the risk of blood. "Just a second," I said, jumping off the bed. "But," she protested. As I made my way to my dresser, I calmed her.

"Just a little precaution." I scrounged in a drawer until I found an old pair of sweat pants that my wife had wanted me to discard for months. Returning to the bed, I lifted her light frame and slipped the fabric under her tight little ass. "There," I said, "now we're ready to resume." Once again I placed myself between her gorgeous legs and pressed the head of my cock against her. She was so tight it seemed that it may be impossible to steal her modesty. Lunging forward, I felt the head slide into her deliciously wet and tight sheath.

"Oh," she yelped. "It hurts." "Let's take this as slowly as we can," I reassured her. Holding the inch or so of my cock in her, I caressed her breasts and nibbled on her left nipple.

"You let me know when it feels comfortable." "It's so big," she whispered. "I…I don't know…" I moved out a bit and pressed further into her. Her internal heat was unreal. "How's that?" "Better", she whimpered. I lunged forward until nearly half of my organ was buried inside her.

At that point, I felt a slight obstruction. Relaxing until her taut vagina nearly pushed me out, I shoved my cock further until the obstruction gave way. "Oh, God," she reacted violently. "No, no, no," she pleaded, "it hurts. It's too big." Her whole body was tense with apprehension and fear.

"Just give it a little time. Relax. Let your body adjust to the sensation." She was nearly panting. Her breasts heaved with every breath. Small beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. I was afraid that she had made the decision that she could not go through with satisfying her fantasy and my fantastic reality.

I stayed completely still, except for the involuntary twitching of my semi-enclosed cock. I continued to stroke her breasts and started nibbling on her neck. The urge to slide all the way inside her body was nearly overpowering. "Here," I said, "I'll take it out a little." I backed out an inch or so. "Now I'll go back in where I was before. How's that?" "It still hurts," she whined. "I'll do it again. There, out, and back in again. Look down at my cock, Kitten," I suggested. She complied by arising to her elbows and peering between her legs.

"See, I'm fucking you." "Yes," she hissed. An expression of marvel began to overtake her pretty face. "Yes, you're fucking me. God, I can't believe your big cock is inside me." I kept moving slowly. With every stroke I entered her a little more. "Has it stopped hurting?" "Yes, it feels much better," she whispered, still ogling my cock as it glided deeper and deeper with each stroke.

"Yes, Mr. Gray, you're fucking me." She was so tight I could feel every fold and small ridge of her internal duct.

I wasn't sure if I could remain in control of my urge to come much longer. "Does it feel good, Kitten?" She shifted her gaze to my eyes and reclined on the bed. "Yes," she panted. "God, yes. It feels good." Her body relaxed and she spread her legs even farther apart to allow me unfettered admission to her. I began to rotate my hips in small circles, continuing my incursion into her young, virgin pussy. Although I consciously tried not to, I involuntarily quickened my pace until I was pumping in and out of her.

Finally, I was all the way in; feeling our pubic mounds meet at the end of each stroke. "Oh, God," she cried, wrapping her arms around my neck.

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"Oh, God, you're fucking me!" "Shhh," I cautioned again. "Remember the kids." ""Yes," she cooed softly. "Oh, oh, oh…" I looked down at her and drank in the delight of the changing expressions on her face. The muscles in her brows were contorted and her mouth was opening wide.

It appeared that she was at once interpreting sensations that were unique to her and at the same time trying to cope with a rising sensation of arousal. She wore a mask of pain and pleasure. I continued a steady rhythm sliding in and out of her ever-expanding vagina. I was careful not to lose control and pummel her as hard as I truly wanted.

I could feel myself reaching the breaking point and hoped I wouldn't disappoint her by finishing before she had peaked. "Oh, God, oh, God," she began to chant again. "Make me come, Mr. Gray," she pleaded. "Oh, make me come!" Just as I felt the semen begin to pump through my prostate, she let loose.

Her narrow hips began rocking up and down and swaying in circles, adding to the immense pleasure of my orgasm. "I'm coming," she hissed through her teeth, then emitted another low moan of deep satisfaction. We writhed together in the ecstasy of sensual release for a few more seconds before I collapsed onto her sweat covered body.

She took my face in her hands and covered it with kisses of gratefulness, which I returned enthusiastically. "Kitten," I said, drawing a few inches from her face, "that was marvelous." She opened and closed her eyes slowly. "Oh, yeah," she cooed. "You were right, that was even better than your mouth." She giggled, then continued, "I can't believe it.


God…" I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was nearly eleven o'clock. Her parents may be getting concerned and call to see why she was so late. True reality snuck back into my head, and I again felt the pangs of horror at what I had just done.

"Kitten, this needs to be our secret.

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We can't tell anyone about this," I said somewhat more sternly than I had intended. "I know. I won't say anything about it." "Good," I congratulated her. "We'd better get cleaned up so I can take you home." "I know. But, I don't really want to go. It feels so good with you inside me." I couldn't agree with her more.

But, I had come back to reality. When I pulled out of her luscious pussy, I noticed a slight trickle of pink fluid had seeped from her and onto the sweat pants. I knew I would need to throw them away once she left. She went to the bathroom to clean up while I straightened the bed and got into my clothes.

I suggested she use one of my wife's panty liners to catch any additional liquid that might leak out of her on the way home. I checked to see if the kids were alright, then we exited the house for the short drive. When we arrived at her parents' house, she made sure nobody was looking out the windows.

She gave me another long kiss and hug while my car sat in the driveway. "Thank you, Mr. Gray," she whispered. "You know I'll never forget tonight." "I won't either, you can bet on that," I replied.

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said reaching for my wallet, "your payment for baby-sitting." I withdrew a twenty dollar bill and handed it to her. "Wow, that seems like a bonus," she giggled. "Call me if you need me to watch the kids again, okay?" A thought flashed through my mind. "Well, my wife will be gone until the day after tomorrow. I might need you again tomorrow night." "What time?" she blurted with a twinkle in her eye.