Busty Beauty Kira Queen gets that Big Dick Balls Deep

Busty Beauty Kira Queen gets that Big Dick Balls Deep
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This is my first story, I hope it's to your liking. Tony and I have been friends since starting school together aged 5, we had hard times but came out the other side stronger and wiser, mom and dad owned a general store and worked long hours, Tony's mom was a factory girl, she got caught with Tony when she was 16, her boyfriend at the time was her first and did a runner when she told him he was going to be a father. We lived at each others house, as much as our own, when there and out, his mom was like the brother we never had, we would go down the park and she would kick a football and play cricket with us and do all the things brothers and fathers would do, she didn't do it because she had to, she did it because she wanted to, and she had as much fun and enjoyment as we had.

We would have holidays together, my parents taking us both for a week, and Tony's mom would take us for a week end, at the seaside she would be the one buried in the sand.

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All threw our junior school we had no interest in girls, they were silly giggly little pests, reaching 11 and 12 we started seeing girls in a different light and started seeing someone, these didn't last long, this seemed the thing back then. When we were 14 we had a steady girl friend each, the four of us went every where together, it helped with the girls being best friends as Tony and I were.

Heather, Tony's mom was having a night out, it was a friends Hen night, we got a few films in, popcorn and soft drinks, unknown to his mom we had asked the girls over, tonight was the night we were going to become men, or that's what we hoped.

When Heather came down dressed for the night, she gave us a twirl, both Tony and I said she looked great, at 30 she could still turn heads. The taxi came and she was off, twenty minutes later our girlfriends arrived, we sat and watched a film having a kiss and a cuddle, then with the second film on I started getting bolder, I was feeling Diane up over her clothes, glancing to Tony he was doing the same with Julie, getting bolder I managed to get my hand under her t shirt, but her bra stayed firmly in place.

The time was ticking on and around half ten the girls said they had to go home, walking them up the road to the top of their street we kissed them 'good night' then went back to Tony's, we didn't compare how far we got, some how we knew it was the one personal thing to keep to ourselves. We finished watching the film then put in a 'James Bond' film.

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With this nearing the end there was a knock at the door, we went to see who was there, it turned out to be a female taxi driver, "I've your mother in the car and she a little drunk" Tony and I went out to help her in, as we got her out of the car she started heaving, sitting her on the wall we stood back as she chucked up, the cab had been paid for so the driver wished us well and drove off.

Talking to his mother, not that she could hear or understand, "Oh dear mom what have you done with yourself, come on lets get you in the house" with us each side of his mom we half carried and walked her into the house, in the light of the hall we could see she was covered down her front in vomit, I looked at Tony, I asked "What are we going to do with her"?

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"Put her to bed I suppose" "We can't leave her in this state" "What should we do then"? Why he was asking me I don't know, I know I was older by two months, but this didn't make me wiser, "We could phone my mom and ask her to come over" "No we can't let anyone see her like this, she'll never forgive herself, our us" "Well the only thing is for us to put her to bed" we got her up into her bedroom, she had on a nice blouse bought for this night, a boob tube under this and a long flowing skirt.

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Sitting her up on her bed we unfastened her blouse and took it off, she was trying to speak, but only gibberish came out, all the time Tony was talking to her telling her what we were doing, Tony lifted her arms up and started pulling her boob tube up, we then froze, she wasn't wearing a bra, I looked at Tony, he looked at me and we both looked at his mom's tits, "What now I asked" "We've come this far, so why stop" with her top off we could now see her tits clearly, we had seen pictures, but these were the first real tits we had seen, she was a 36c, we knew this from getting the washing in one day when it started to rain and a few of her bras were amongst it, what we didn't know was the look of them, she didn't really need to wear a bra as they stood up on their own, they were pointed with her moderate nipples and aureoles capping them like snow would a mountain top.

We could now see she had vomit down her front, "Looks like we'll have to get her in the shower" Tony looked shocked, "Do you think that's a good idea"? "We have to wash her, she won't be too happy if we left her like this" "I know, but what will she say, when she knows we washed her and saw her naked" we sat there for a few minutes, not knowing what to do, then Tony said, "We've come this far, and we can leave her knickers on" lifting her we unfastened her skirt and let it fall to her feet, she had a underskirt on, leaving this for now we got her into the bathroom, then sat her on the toilet, Tony said "We will have to strip to our underwear and get in with her" as I held his mom he stripped, then he held her as I stripped, getting her to her feet we moved to the shower, "Better take her slip off", I reminded Tony, "Hold her up then and I'll take it off" I stood behind her and held her, Tony started taking her slip down, then I heard "Fucking hell" "What's wrong"?

I ask, "Mom's not wearing any knickers" "You're joking" "NO, I'm looking right at mom's pussy". I didn't know about Tony, but since seeing his mom's tit's I was rather aroused, now hearing she was naked in my arms, my cock was trying to break out of my underwear.

"Come off it, your mom would go out with out any knickers on" "I'm not joking, she's not wearing any" he stood up and looked quite red in the face. We managed to wash his mom down, it was hard as we washed her tits, seeing her nipples get hard was a surprise and we didn't really know why this happened, when it came to washing her between her legs, Tony wouldn't go near and I had to do this, I used a wash cloth and it took me seconds, we got her to the bedroom and started drying her off, I could see Tony was as aroused as I was, our cocks pushing our underwear right out, Tony was drying her upper body as I dried her lower body, I lifted a leg up to dry her feet and this opened her legs right up and her pussy was also as open to me, I paused looking at her, I meant to say to myself, "If you wasn't Tony's mom, I'd do you" but I said it out load enough for Tony to hear, "I dare you" "What"?

"I dare you" "Dare me what"?

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"I dare you to put your cock in mom's pussy" "You must be joking, I cant do that, she'll go ballistic" "What's up, you a chicken" he made clucking noise's and kept calling me a chicken. If there was one thing Tony knew, was I was no chicken and hated being called one, over the years I had got into trouble doing things I shouldn't have, after he called me a chicken, he was the same if I said he was scared to do something. Sitting on the bed with his naked mom leaning back against him he flapped his arms at his side singing "Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken.


Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken" the rage was building p in me, any rational thinking I had was quickly vanishing, I was no longer seeing his mother laying their, I was seeing a means of loosing my virginity. With one hand I pushed my soaking wet underwear down, my cock shot up, I had never been as big before, I could brag and say I was huge, but in truth a mere 6 ½ was my length, I moved his mom round a little and pressed my cock against her pussy, I had no idea of foreplay, fortunately she was still wet from the shower we had given her and this assisted my penetration.

I slipped in with ease, "OH God, I'm in a pussy, it feels so wonderful, seconds after I felt her muscles tighten around me, despite the state she was in her sexual urges were still working and she knew she had a cock in her, a soft groan escaped her lips, I pulled back then pushed forwards, her muscles tightened again, "What's happen, What's mom doing"?

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"Her pussy it gripping my cock" I moved back and forth a few more times, intending to stop then, this was skuppered as Heather closed her legs around my hips and locked them together at her ankle's.

her hips pushed down towards me and her muscles contracted again, then it happened, I shot my load, I arched my back and jerked as my balls emptied.

Tony sat there not believing what he was seeing, "You've not, have you"? "I have, I couldn't help it, she squeezed my cock and I couldn't stop myself" "Wow, you've fucked my mom and cum in her" Heather then dropped back, passed out, we lay her back and covered her and went to bed ourselves.

When I woke up in the morning I could hear the shower running, I looked over and saw Tony was still sound asleep, so it was his mother taking a shower, I needed a pee, but I made myself wait until Heather had finished showering, the water was turned off, I gave her a few minutes then headed to the bathroom, as I reached for the handle, the door opened, Heather was coming out, "Morning Andy, did you sleep well"?


"Yes thanks Heather" I wasn't going to say anything about last night and hoped she didn't know anything about it either, but she brought the subject up asking "So I was a little drunk last night then"? I nod" "The taxi brought you home and you were ill" she cut in finishing off what I was tying to find the right way to say it "so I needed a shower and Tony didn't want anyone to see me in the state I was in, so you both stripped me and showered me" I nodded again, "So who was it then"?

"What"? "Which one of you had sex with me"? my head dropped, I was expecting her to give me a right telling off, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" I was surprised when she lifted my head, "Don't worry about it, if you hadn't took advantage of me, I would have been worried" she moved forwards and gave me a kiss on my forehead. She turned and headed to her room, I dashed into the bathroom and had a pee, I wanted to get back to tell Tony his mom know what I had done, when I went into the bedroom I was surprised to see Heather sitting on Tony's bed, how she was sat I could see her hand was under the sheet and she was saying "Poor baby, got a hard on and had no where to put it" she was also naked, Tony was waking up, "Mom, what you doing"?

she leaned down and kissed him, "MOM" pulling the sheet back she moved over him and sat over him, I could see he was hard, with one hand Heather opened herself up and with her other she slipped Tony's cock into her "MOM" Tony said again and tried to move away, but all he could do was push up against the head board, "Don't fight it love, I'm just evening things up" "What"?

"Andy's done it, so I'm just giving you the same", I sat on my bed watching as Heather bounced on her son's cock, "OH God mom" seconds later I saw his face scrunch up and guessed he was coming, how Heather was holding herself I guessed she was too.

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She sat on Tony for a second or two then got off, she walked out and Tony lay there trying to believe what had just happened. For ten minutes we just sat there not talking, then with a shake of his head, he got up and started to dress, I was seconds behind him, then we heard his mom calling us, she asked if we wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast, "Please mom" "Ok" "we went down and sat in the lounge until it was done, when we went into the kitchen, Heather was dressed and was acting like she had always done.


We didn't speak about what had happened the night before or that morning. I went home that afternoon and wondered if Tony was spending the night pounding his mom into the mattress. More to come.