Deep lezzie snatch licking on the bed

Deep lezzie snatch licking on the bed
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Recap: Two weeks ago my little brother came out to visit and I ended up fucking him and also found out that I like to eat pussy, exposing myself, and to have sex in front of others. Tuesday My sister Mandy is flying in today for a visit.

I had just dropped off my husband off at the airport yesterday. He was called out of town unexpectedly for business and will be back Friday. I had called her last night and told her about Tom being away, so it will be a girls only week, at least till Friday. I am very excited to see her and I would love to have sex with her. I am hoping to talk her in to flashing or exposing herself, however my goal is to have sex with her in front of others. It really turns me on to be naked and have sex while others are watching.

I should mention that she is gorgeous, with blonde hair. My husband has always want to have her, maybe I can make his wish come true. I don't have anything planned and will have to make it up as I go along. It has been two years since we last hung out together and only talk occasionally about family and what is happening.

I have some ideas of how to start the conversation, of sex and flashing and will have to judge her reactions to see where to go from there. She flies in this afternoon so I have to figure out what to wear. I want something that she would like but I also need something that I can flash in should I feel the need or have the opportunity to do.

I finally chose a little summer dress. I can unbutton the front or pull it up or bend over, but it is also cute. I left some of the top buttons open to show some cleavage, just to see what her reaction will be. I got to the airport and I am waiting for her to come in to the terminal. I finally see her and start waving to her. God she is beautiful. The guys are turning their heads and watching her. We reached each other and we hugged, I kissed her cheek and told her she was gorgeous.

I checked out how she was dress. She had on a dress very similar to mine, button up front, mid-thigh, not nearly as short as mine. So far no red flags so it is looking good. We are the same size so that might help. We made some small talk while waiting for her luggage. It finally came in and we headed to the car.

As we were walking to the car I told her I like her dress. She said it is a little longer than I like but it is cute. Then she said I really like your dress. I asked her if she wanted to swap. Just to gauge her reaction I started to unbuttoned my dress as we walked.

She laughed and said now. I said yea why not. I had my top unbuttoned and she saw my tan and mentioned it. I told her about being nude all of the time at home and tanning by the pool.

I told her we can be nude all week by the pool and get her a good tan before she leaves. We were close to the car, I could see it and pointed it out to her, by this time I had my dress completely open. She saw me and said I see you are tan all over, you look good. We are at the car and she throws her bag in the back.

I walk to the drivers side and figure she is not going to swap dresses. I looked through the car to see if she is getting in and I don't see her. I turn around and she is standing next to me.

She starts opening her dress. I cannot believe it. She pulls it off and she is hot. She is wearing a bra and panties. She pulls off the dress and I take mine off and hand it to her, she says can you hold on to it for a minute. I say sure and I am wonder what she is going to do. She reaches back and unhooks her bra and takes it off, then pulls her panties down and steps out of them.

Oh my god, this might be easier than I thought. She hands me her bra and panties and steps to the front of the car. She opens up her legs and starts to pee. She smiled at me and said she forgot to go while inside, you don't mind do you.

I said no, not at all. I need to go myself and threw all of the clothes in the car and walk up beside her and open my legs and start to pee also. While we are peeing I ask her if she always does stuff like this. She tells me no.

She saws back home she says she is always the good girl. But here where I am the only person she knows, for this week she wants to let loose. I say ok I am up for it. Whatever you do I will do. Any limits? She says no. We can dare each other, if one person does it the other also has to, if they do not then they are the looser. She smiles at me and I say deal.

She than says are your ready for your first dare. I say yes what do you have in mind. We stay naked for the drive home. I said deal. By this time we finished peeing.

Just to see her reaction, I say dare you to wipe you pussy with your hand and then lick off the piss from it. She laughed. I reached to my pussy, and wiped it off. Then brought my hand up and licked it. Mandy said you are taking this seriously aren't you. I tell her I do have a competitive streak.

She then wiped her pussy and licked her hand and we both started laughing. We got in the car and headed home. We were near home and ask her if we should stop and get something to eat. She tells me I dare you to go through a drive-thru. I say ok what do you want. How about some fried chicken. I tell her there is a KFC close to the house, we can go there. We pulled up and ordered and pay for the food. There are girls working so they do not care if we are naked. So we get our food and head home.

She says that was not very exciting. Once there I just get out and walked around the car with out a care. Mandy is looking around so I tell her there are no neighbors so nobody will see her. She then hops out and we get everything out of the car and go inside. We drop our stuff at the door and I said lets eat by the pool.

I grabbed some drinks and head out the back door and pull up the chaise lounge and get one for her also so they are facing each other. I straddle mime and move back and put the food down on the end and she does the same. We are talking while we eat. We catch up on our lives and then I start asking her about what kind of fun she wants to have.

She say she wants to have some sexy fun. I asked her what she means by sexy fun. She goes on about how she is always the good girl back home and does not get to explore her wild side because people would talk and she would get a reputation.

So here she could do that with out any consequences when she gets back home. I tell her I just started to explore my own wild side and met another girl at a nude beach. She and I became friends and have been doing stuff together. She says sexually, and I nod my head yes. She looks at me intently, really she says.

I say yes again. I tell her I did not ever think about being with a girl but it just happen and I liked it. Once I licked her pussy, I was hooked, it tasted so good.

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She said that is so wild. I then told her that I really like to be nude in front of people also. That is why I went to the nude beach. She smiled and said that she guessed that at the airport today when I opened my dress.

I then said not only nude but have sex in front of other people. She laughed again and said well I thought this was going to be a boring trip, I may have more fun that I thought on this trip. We had finished eating and said she had to pee.

I smiled at her and she looked at me like what now. I want to tell you something else that I like. She said what is that. I like to be peed on. I then tell her dare. She says what is the dare, I dare you to pee on me. She says I don't know, I said are you going to lose already. You have only been her for a few hours. She looks at me and says deal. I got up and grabbed her hand and pull her to the grass and I laid down.

She says what do you want me to do. I tell her to squat down with you pussy at my mouth and start peeing. I help move her into position. She places her pussy on my mouth. I lick her a few times before she starts peeing and I open my mouth and start drinking as much as I can. When she finishes I lick her pussy a few more times before she stands up.

She is shaking and I ask her what is wrong. She tells me nothing is wrong, she just didn't think that she would get so worked up peeing. I tell her I know what you mean that is the same way I was the first time.

She looks at me like she is expecting me to say something and I finally say what. She mumbles out, do you have to pee? I said I almost forgot it was a dare. I tell her yes. She lays down and I squat over her she begins to lick my pussy.

I leave here go for a couple of minutes, I just want her to lick me for a while. She finally asks me if I am going to pee. I said I forgot about that, you are so beautiful laying there. I concentrate and soon begin to piss on her, at first she kept her mouth shut and then she opened it and starting drink my piss.

I finished and she started licking my pussy again and I let her go. She got me all cleaned up and I stood up and then helped her up. She stepped towards me and gave me a kiss. She said she would of never thought to try that, but she liked it.

I kissed her this time and let my hands roam over her breasts. She started do the same to me. I then reached down and rubbed her pussy, again she followed my lead and did the same to me. I asked her if she wanted a really wild sexy experience and she nodded yes. We broke apart and I grabbed her hand and said come with me. We ran to my room and got in the shower and got cleaned up. We dried off and put our make up on. I then grabbed the same out fits that Cindy and I used at the strip club with the bra and panties.

I asked her which one she wanted. She wanted the short skirt and blouse. I told her that we would swap the outfits later so we will be showing equal amount of skin. She looked in the mirror and was shaking, I asked if she way ok and she said yes, just excited. We headed to the mall, I did not tell her where we were going. Once there I said lets go. She was very nervous, but followed me. We entered the mall and it was not very busy as it was a Tuesday night. We walked to the one end and passed a few people but no one did more than give us a glance.

There was an empty store so I pulled her behind the wall. I told her it was time to take it up a notch. She could not believe what I was saying. I said I dare you to take it up a notch.

She shook her head yes. I removed my dress and took off the bra and panties and then put the dress back on. Most of my breasts were showing but I did not care. I felt the seams at my nipples. I then reach down under her dress and removed her panties. I rubbed my hand over her pussy and it was very wet.


I grabbed everything and stuffed them in my purse. She thought I was done. I then unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off of her. I gave her a kiss on the mouth and as I did I reached around her back and undid her bra and pulled it off. I sucked on her nipples quickly and the gave back her blouse. She went to button it up again but I stopped her. I tucked her blouse in and left a three inch gap of skin showing to the waistband, just as I had with Cindy the other day.

I then pulled up her skirt so it was even with her ass. She took in a big gulp. I asked if she was ready, and nodded yes. We started walking in the mall again. We did not pass anybody. I looked at my watch and it was 8:30, the mall closes at 9:00. I had an idea, we went up to the second level where the food court was.

I asked her if she wanted some something to drink. She nodded yes. I pulled her by the hand to a store and got both of us drinks. All of the employees were watching and it was mostly boys. They all came out to the counter to watch us.

As we walked out of the store I put my hand behind Mandy and raised up her skirt so they could see her ass. We walked out to the tables and sat down. As all of the stores were cleaning up and getting ready to close down for the night. With us being the only two in the food court everyone took notice.

We sat there drinking our sodas and making small talk. Mandy was very nervous, but very excited. Every once in a while I would reach over and pull Mandy's blouse open more. She did the same to me. We finished our drinks and then I said, it is time to swap outfits. She could not believe what I just said. I told her, you undress dress me, then I undress you. She smiled and said ok.

Then I said one other thing, once we are undressed, we take the last slip if our soda then walk it over to the trash can, come back, and then you dress me and I dress you in the other outfit. She said dare with a smile of her face, I said dare. We got up, by this time all of the guys and a few girls from the stores were watching. Mandy came over to me and opened up my dress and pulled it off and threw it on the table.

I stood there for a few seconds then then pulled off Mandy's blouse. I then got behind her and pulled her skirt down and she stepped out of it. I reached around her and rubbed her pussy, and she moaned out loud.

We both reach for our sodas and took the last sip as we walked to the trash can and threw them in. We turned around and slowly walked back to the table. Once there Mandy grabbed the blouse that I was to wear. I told her wait a minute. I went behind her and reach around with one hand and squeezed her breasts. With the other hand I reached to her pussy and started to rub it.

She was soaking wet. I then inserted an finger in her and she started to moan loudly. I started to finger fuck her and she had an orgasm. I took out my fingers and licked them clean, she tasted really good. She gathered herself together and came over to me and started to the the same thing to me. After about 5 minutes of fingering me she stopped. She licked her fingers. She then got the blouse off the table and put it on me.

The bottom of the blouse just barely covered my pussy. She pick up the skirt and I told her I did not need it. I said let me dress you. I put the dress on her and was ready to pull it together to tie the sash and she stopped me.

We got the rest of our stuff and started to walk away and all of the store employees starting clapping. We turned around and waved as we left.

Mandy had a big smile on her face and leaned over and kissed me. As we walked out the exit door, she took off her dress and said dare, we drive home naked, I took off the blouse and said dare. Once in the car Mandy leaned over and kissed me again, then said that was the most fun she ever had, that is what I call sexy fun. As we were driving home Mandy asked me to stop at the 7-Eleven coming up that she was thirsty. I pulled in and parked and she grabbed the blouse to put on and said she will be right back, do I want anything.

I said wait a second are you going to wear that blouse to go in the store and she said yes. I told her the dare was to drive home naked. If you want to go in then you have to be naked. Mandy smiled at me and said well we also said dare, so you have to go in also.

I just realized she was right and said ok. We both got out and walked in naked, we got a soda and paid, then return to the car. There were four men inside and we made their day. We sat in the car for a minute and Mandy looked at me and asked if I know where we can get fucked. I told her I might know of a place, she said good lets go. My pussy is on fire. Hold on let me call and see if they are around. I called Cindy and she answered.

I asked her if her dad and brother were around as my sister and I are looking for some fun. She said yea they are here come on over, they are just watching a game. She gave me their address and we were close by. I told her I would be there in about 5 minutes. Ok see you then. When I hung up Mandy said your friend's dad and brother are going to fuck us. What about your friend. So I told her the story on the way and she said that is way hot. We got to the house and Mandy looked at me and said, still naked.

I shook my head yes. We rang the door bell and Robby answered it. As we walked in there were 2 other men who I did not know and all had clothes on, which gave both Mandy and myself a bit of a shock. Robby then said this is my dad, my uncle Brad and my granddad.

I was so embarrassed. Then I heard foot steps and in came Cindy naked. Cindy said I should of told you what has happened. Well what is it. Well granddad caught me naked, so I fucked him, and Brad, well I tease Brad and got him to buy me some clothes and then walked around the mall in a see through dress similar to yours teasing him, then I fucked him in the parking lot.

I told her about what we just did at the mall. She could not believe it. Then she told us what she did with brad watching. Your show was better Cindy said, and I am going to have to top that some how.

Cindy then asked who wants fucked and Mandy raised her hand. How many people do you want to be fucked by. Mandy surprised everyone by saying I want all four of them. The guys got off the couch and Mandy sat down and opened her legs. She said first one undressed gets to fuck me first and so on.

All the guys took turns fucking Mandy. Cindy and I sat down and just watched. Robby would suck the cum out of her pussy after each man would cum. About an hour later the guys were finished, Brad, Robby and Cindy's dad fucked her twice. Mandy finally had her fill. We said good night to everyone and we went home. Mandy was very happy and satisfied. She looked at me said she never thought she would do anything like that. I asked her what she wanted to do tomorrow. She just smiled and said she will think of something.

We went up to my room and got a shower together. Mandy did not even unpack her bag and just got in bed with me. We kissed and said good night and fell asleep. Wednesday In the morning, I got awake to my pussy being licked. I looked down and Mandy had my legs spread wide open and was eating me. She looked so beautiful. I just smiled at her, laid my head back and closed my eyes.

She insert her fingers and fucked me. All of the sudden she stopped. I looked and she had got up to get the dildo off the night stand. I saw her sucking on it and then she pushed it in me and started fucking me with it. I was soaking wet and within about 5 minutes had an orgasm.

She lick me some more and then slid up my body and kissed me. Mandy said to me "I seen what you mean when you said, once you tasted pussy you were hooked" and them smiled at me. I turn her over and slid down to her pussy. I started to lick her when she asked me to only lick her that her pussy was tender from all of the fucking last night. I could still taste cum from last nights fucking.

After about ten minutes of licking my tongue was getting tired and I moved up her body and sucked on her nipples. After another ten minutes on her nipples I returned to her pussy and reached up and squeeze on her nipple and she moan loudly and had an orgasm.

I licked for a few more minutes and then moved up here body again and kissed her. We laid in bed for for a while just talking about what we can do today. I mention to her about the strip club and how we won the contest. She said she always wondered what it would be like to be a stripper. I told her there is a strip club close by that has an amateur night tonight, although this is stripping only no sex. She looks at me like this maybe fun.

I asked if she wanted to go and she smiles and shakes her head yes, then she said dare. I said dare. We finally got up and Mandy asked If I had a lingerie that she could wear to the strip club. I showed her where everything was and told her to help herself. I went down to make us some breakfast.

I finished with breakfast and call Mandy. She came down wearing a white garter belt holding on a pair of white thigh-high stockings, with matching white panties and bra and white heels and put some of my gold jewelry on. My mouth dropped open.

She turned around a few times and asked what I thought. I told her she looked like an angel, then said there is no point in me even dancing, you are going to win if you just stand there.

Smile smiled at me and came over and gave me a kiss. She went in and turned on the radio and them came back and started dancing while stripping. She asked how many songs we dance for and I told her I just looked up the rules for this place and it is three. For the next 3 songs she practiced dancing and taking off her clothes. At the end she asked what I thought. I said I just want to have sex with you right now.

She smiled at me and said that is what I am going for. We both started to laugh. We started eating our breakfast and Mandy said I can ask you something. I said you can ask me anything. She starts off, well since Steve got home from his visit with you, he has changed.

He is more confident and outgoing. He leaves his bedroom and bathroom door open when he is in there and he sleeps nude. He never did that before. I blushed and asked how does she knows he sleeps nude. She tells me that she want to borrow his camera and the door was open so she walked in and he was asleep on top of the covers and was nude.

Since this all started to happen after his visit with you and now what we have done in just a day, I can't help but think that you fucked him, am I right? I blush again and she says I knew it. So I told her the story of how I began to tease him and how it progressed from there and the things we did. Then Mandy asked, so now that you have fucked Steve and me, is there anyone else in the family you are eyeing up.

I blushed again and she says it is dad, isn't it. Mandy said that since Cindy is having sex with her brother and dad, you thoughts cannot be to far off.

So I tell her I would not mind if I had the chance, I would start to tease him and see what might happen. Mandy said you may get that chance. I asked her what she meant. I heard mom and dad talking the other day about a conference sometime next month that dad wants to attend for work. It is being held close to here and he was telling mom he could stay here if you wouldn't mind.

I said oh my god, my pussy just got so wet at the thought. I then began to think about how I can tease him. Mandy saw the gears turning in my head and just started to laugh. I said Mandy do you want to help me out a little. She looked at me and asked what do you mean.

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I said that I need dad to be hot and bothered when he comes here. I think that you can get him started. Now Mandy is starting to smile. She asks what can she do. We came up with a plan on how she can tease our father. So when he is here I can take over and hopefully fuck him. Then Mandy asks about Steve again. She tells me she wants to fuck him also. I say well since you are going to tease dad you might as well do the same thing to Steve.

Then one day just walk in and fuck him, he is not going to turn you down. Mandy asked why don't I just walk in and fuck him without teasing him, I say you could do that also.

However, if you start teasing him he might just fuck you. I did tell him I might try to have sex with you so he may figure it out pretty quickly if you start to tease him. I tell her you will enjoy teasing him, make it last a while before you fuck him. She smiles again and says ok I see what you mean.

I told her to call me and tell me everything, this is going to be so hot. I looked at the clock and we have been sitting here for about three hours just talking. I said lets go out to the pool and swim for a while then relax for a bit. We swan around till we both got tired and then laid out and we both fell asleep. I got awake and got Mandy up. We talked for a few minutes and Mandy said she need to use the bathroom. I said just piss on me, she said she also has to poo.

I got a little smile on my face and she saw it and asked me now what. I told her well when I first thought of someone peeing on me I thought it was a nasty idea.

Then I tried it and liked it. I have eaten ass, including Steve's, I have sucked a cock after I had been fuck in the ass with it and find it enjoyable. I wonder or have a curiosity if that might be the same with scat as it is usually called.

She smiled at me and said you are so kinky, but I will shit on you if that is what you want. I said do you want to make it a dare? Mandy thought for a few seconds and then said dare. I went over to the grass and Mandy squatted down so her asshole was over my mouth and I began to kick it. Then I saw her butt hole open up and some scat coming out. I licked it and it was nasty. I kept my mouth shut while she finished. She asked how I liked it and told her it was nasty.

I didn't mind eating her ass before she shit but I am never going to eat or lick scat again. Mandy then laid down and I squatted over her mouth. She began to lick my asshole.

I let her go for a few minutes and then I started to poo. I watched her between my legs. When I finished I stood up and helped her up. I asked here what she thought. She said you are right, when I was licking your ass before you shit I could do that, but after or eat scat is not something I am ever going to do again.

Lets get cleaned up. I looked at the clock and it was already after 2, I said lets order something to eat. I told her about the dare we had when Steve was her and after laughing she said ok lets have a dare.

I said ok what is it. We both go to the door naked, we ask them, do you want a tip or a blow job if a boy or pussy eaten if a girl and which one of us should do it. About and hour later our food has shown up. It is a boy and we both answer the door. After getting the food we asked him what he wants. Of course he wants a BJ and chooses Mandy. She walks out the door and sits on the landing, opens up his pants and his dick is hard already. She just gets it to her mouth and he explodes all over her face.

The boy says he is sorry and she licked around here face and tells him that it is ok. He pulls his pants up quickly. He is still watching so I pull Mandy towards me and lick the cum from her face. We close the door and start laughing as we hear him drive away.

We sit down and eat while talking some more. When we finish up and it is about 5:30 so we decide to get ready for the strip club competition as it starts at 9:00. We both shower together and do our hair and makeup. Mandy puts on her stockings and garter belt, then her heels.

I am wearing a tartan plaid stockings, and garter belt and put on a pair of black heels. We decide to wait till we were ready to leave before we finished dressing. As we were waiting the door bell rang. Immediately Mandy says dare you to go to the door like that, I say deal.

Come on lets go, again she forgot she had to come along and I reminded her. We open the door and it is two young men about our age carrying a bible.

Once they see us their mouths just drop open. We started to laugh as they did not know what to do. They finally said excuse us and turned around and walked quickly away. Mandy and I laughed a good bit at that, so much so that we had tears in our eyes. About 7 we finished dressing. We both covered up with a button up dress, not that we cared who saw us, it was so we did not get our outfits dirty and that we could surprise the audience with what we were wearing.

My outfit also has a matching bra and panties. We got to the club and I was surprised it was a huge building. We went in and the place was packed with guys, there were about 150-200 guys there. Mandy was looking nervous and I asked if she was ok. She said I thought is was going to be a little place with 20-30 guys. I smiled and said me too. We looked at the stage and it came to middle of the building and was surrounded by guys.

This was bigger than either of us expected. I looked at her and said, this is sexy fun, then smiled. Mandy then said for me to dance on the left side and she will dance on the right side. I started to laugh, and told her no that we are not dancing together tonight, you will be up there by yourself. Her mouth dropped open and covered it with her hand.

I tied to calm here down and she finally did a little. As we were standing there I noticed a poster on the wall and showed Mandy. They have a sex show at 11:00, however the girl was not very pretty.

I said to Mandy could you imagine having sex in front of all of these guys, it is making me wet just thinking about it. Mandy said she would be to nervous to do anything like that although it did turn her on thinking about it. We got some drinks and hung around in the back where the contestants were hanging out till the competition started. We looked over the competition to decided how we may fair. We thought are chances were good as long as we did not have a professional dancer or gymnast here.

There were 20 competitors and you draw you turn to dance out of a hat. They had a noise level meter that would determine the winner as you danced, whoever got the crowd the loudest. Ties would be brought up on stage and then then audience would vote again with the noise level deciding the winner.

When we pick, I got 5 and Mandy got 16. I told Mandy to lets watch and see what the other girls do that winds up the crowd. Other than spread their legs or get on all fours with your butt towards the crowd the girls did not do anything special. I was up next and gave Mandy a kiss and she wished me luck. Just walking out there in my little outfit had me wet and when I started to look around at the audience waiting to begin I felt my legs getting weak.

The music finally started and calmed down when I started dancing. The dancing help keep my mind off of the crowd. On the last song I had already removed my bra and panties. So I would dance around to different positions on the stage and squat down showing off my pussy and then bend over to show my ass.

The crowd get fairly noisy but could not tell how it compared to the others. The song finally ended and I grabbed my things and head off the stage nude smiling and waving to the crowd. When I got backstage I quickly went to Mandy and asked what she thought. She gave me a hug and a kiss and told me I did great. The crowd really liked you she said. I told her when she walks out to concentrate on dancing or you will get overwhelmed by the crowd.

She thanked me. I told her to feel my pussy, she reached down and pulled her hand over my pussy, I had a small orgasm when she did it and her hand was all wet. I told her that is was so exciting to be in front of that many people she will enjoy it.

I just stayed naked. It was finally Mandy's turn, I kissed her and wished her good luck. When she walked out the guy's mouths dropped open. Once the music began she began to dance and I could see she was smiling the crowd was really gone wild and she had not taken off any clothes yet.

On the second song she removed her top and the guys where really hoot-en and hollering. When she took off the panties and the guy had a clear view of her ass and pussy they were over the top.

I saw guys grabbing their crotches. On the last song she would bend over with her legs straight and her ass to the crowd and spread her leg really wide. I knew she had to be the winner. She was finished and made her way backstage. She hugged and kissed me and asked what I thought, I told her she was great. I think that she got the crowd to be the loudest from what I could tell. Mandy said feel my pussy, she was all wet and I rubbed it a few times and she started to squirt, she leaned against me and said oh that felt great.

I then asked her about squirting. She said it was her first time, maybe she need to be really worked up like she is now. I gave her my hand and we licked it off together. We got some paper towels and dried off. Then waited to the end. The last contestant finished and they called all of the participants on stage.

I got 3rd place and held Mandy's hand. Some girl got 2nd, there were ready to announce the winner and it was Mandy. We kissed and she went up to get the prize. She bent over showing her ass a few times and then we were finished and everyone walked off stage. I told her I knew she would win. We kissed and hugged each other and were jumping up and down with joy. The guy running the show was walking over to us so we settled down.

He said I noticed you two and was wondering if you might like to earn some extra money, and he immediately said no not that, let me start again. He tells us the girl that was doing the sex show got into an accident on the way here and was taken to the hospital to be checked over. So we are looking for someone to do the show for tonight, would either of your two be interested.

I asked what does it involve. It is a half hour show, usually for the first 3 songs she dances around and strips. Then we have a bed on stage, which is round and rotates, then she would get on and rub herself for a while finger herself, squeeze her nipples. For the last song she would use a dildo and fuck herself. You can really do whatever you want as long as you go for a half hour. Mandy and I look at each other and we both say to be out there for a half hour by yourself, I don't know.

I look at him and ask can we do it together, he said yes but you will not get any additional money. I asked how much, he said $2000 cash. I looked at Mandy and ask he what she thinks. She says two of us, out there for 30 minutes, having sex with each other. I say to Mandy, dare? She smiles and takes a big gulp of air and says dare.

He says ok it starts in about 45 minutes, do you need anything. I say I don't know let us talk over a little bit and see what we are going to do, can you come back in about 15 minutes. He says ok and leaves us. We talk it over a little and I remember I still have the double headed dildo in my purse. I pull it out and we made make a plan.

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The announcer starts telling the audience about the change of venue. Once everyone hears that it is going to be 2 girls tonight and that were are the 1st and 3rd place winners of the amateur contest the crowd starts going wild.

We walkout on stage holding hands as the music starts I see they have the bed ready for us. We give each other a deep passionate kiss and separate dancing around the stage.

We make our way back together and I stand behind Mandy and reach around and massage her breasts and then remove her top.

I throw it out into the crowd. I again reach around with both hands and massage her breasts and squeeze her nipple. Her nipples are rock hard. We change places. Mandy does exactly what I did to her and throws the top into the crowd. We re-position again and I suck on her nipples and hold it between my teeth.

The crowd is enjoying the show. We separate and dance off to each side, then meet on the other side of the stage. She stands behind me and reaches around and rubs my pussy. I am so wet my panties are soaked. She then removes her hand and grabs the panties and pulls them off.

She rubs them against my crotch a few times and brings them up over my nose. I can smell them and fell how wet they are. She moves them over to her nose and does the same. She then throws them in to the crowd. We again dance to the other side of the stage. Now I remove her panties like she did to me and throw them into the crowd, the guys almost start a fight while trying to catch hers. We are both naked now. We get back together and this time we stand close to each other and lean in and kiss while our hands roam over the others body.

Then Mandy slowly lowers herself and sucks on my nipples and then lower and opens her mouth and covers my pussy and sticks out her tongue and licks me so the crowd can see. She then stands up. We dance to the other side again and now I do the same to her. We have about 15 minutes to go. We grab each others hands and dance to the bed. She pushes me on to it so my legs are of the side. She leans in and starts to eat me.

I have my first orgasm. She pulls away and I move back fully on the bed at start it rotating. I call her to me and we get into a 69 position and starting eating each other. The crowd is going nuts with excitement.

As the bed turns everyone is getting a good view of both of our bodies. We change positions so that we are laying head to head and toe to toe. I reach over and grab the dildo and shove it into my pussy. I then get the other end and push it in Mandy's pussy. We just lay like that wanting for the bed to turn completely turn around so everyone can see.

I then pull it out of us and we each take an end and swallow it. We have a few minutes yet so I turn around into a 69 position again and take the dildo and start fucking Mandy with it. She is moaning, I hope I can get her to squirt again. She has an orgasm but did not squirt, I am still fucking her. I wait till the bed is positioned so Mandy's pussy is facing the crowd. While fucking her I pull up my pussy off her face and she looks at me. I say Mandy look into the crowd, there is Granddad, dad and Steve.

This does it, she starts squirting, she squirts 4 times and just falls back on to the bed. The music dies down and we are done. I get up and then help Mandy up and we kiss again, then walk off stage hand in hand. The crowd is chanting more, more. We walk out and wave to the crowd again, then return backstage. Everyone backstage is clapping. The manager comes over and ask if we would like to be the sex show permanently. We decline and tell him if we ever change our mind we will let him know.

We get our dresses and put them on and gather our purses and are escorted out the back to the car and head home. As we were driving home Mandy said to me that was a dirty trick tell me that granddad, dad and Steve were in the crowd.

I said yea I know but it worked.

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She started to smile and says you know I may have to tease granddad also. I started laughing and told her just to make sure she did not give him a heart attack. When we got home we jump in the shower and clean up then went to bed. We cuddled together and kiss each other and say good night. Mandy say thank you Jane, I really am enjoy being here with you. I kiss Mandy on the cheek again and tell her it is my pleasure.

Thursday I awoke about 10:00 this morning. Both of us were pretty worn out from last night. I went down stairs to make some coffee and started breakfast. Mandy was not up yet, so I took some coffee up and got her awake. She got up and we went outside to eat our breakfast. We then then started talking about what can we today. I asked Mandy if she had any ideas.

No, but there is not going to be anything like we did last night. I've really got to tell Cindy about what we did last night, she will freak out. Mandy asks if there are they any more amateur strip competitions, we could just earn some extra money. I tell her no, not on a Thursday.

I tell Mandy how about this, we can go shopping since we both got some money to spend. Then do a little show at the food court during lunch time, when it is crowed. But we need to start being more careful, we don't want to get arrested so we will go to a different mall somewhere we never been before. I told her we will try the "Town Center Mall". We just have to walk around it first to see if there is any security.

We can go look at shoes, lingerie, and bikinis and tease when we have the chance. To make things a little more interesting for us we can have butt plugs in. What do you think? Mandy said it sounds like a plan. Well we need to get moving if we want to be in the food court at lunch time. We ran up and get a shower and do our hair and makeup. I told Mandy it is time for the butt plugs. I got 2 of them out of the drawer that are the same. Mandy said they look like diamonds but are just cut glass on a metal shaft.

I ask her if she has ever had one in her butt before and shakes her head no. I told her to lay on the bed and spread your legs. I started eating her ass to get her slick. Then inserted a finger and worked it around. I asked her if she ever had anal before and she says no. I started teasing her about a virgin ass. After about ten minutes I had it in her. She started to walk funny and I had to laugh. I told her if you walk like that people are going to think you have something stuck up you ass.

I quickly put the plug in my ass and Mandy asked how come it was so much easier for me. I told here Tom likes to fuck my ass and so does Steve, it's not a virgin. We put the same dresses on that we had the other day at the airport with no underwear. We do not know what this place is like and need to scope it out first. We get to the mall and start walking around looking at what the deal is with security.

We have not seen any security personnel. We did find a bikini store, several shoe stores, and several woman's clothing stores. The bikini store is in the same area as the food court and has a big glass window in front, the smaller bikinis are in the front of the store. Anyone standing at the front of the store can be seen by everyone in the food court. Mandy and I look at each other and say this is the place.

It is just about noon. The food court is pretty busy. There are office buildings near by and it looks like a lot of people are coming here for their lunch.

I tell Mandy to go in the store near the window and bend over and pretend to look at a suit. I will call you. Mandy heads in and I can clearly see her, she turns her ass towards the window and bends over. I phone here. Mandy, your dress is too long stand up and hike up your dress and try again. I see a sales girl come over to Mandy and Mandy talks with her a minute and then the sales girl walks away. Mandy then pulls up her dress about 3 inches and bends over again.

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This time I can see everything, her butt plug is clearly visible. I tell her that is perfect and to stay like that for a couple of minutes. I can see a few people start to notice her and tell her to move around a little. I go in the store and over to Mandy and bend over like she is and talk a little. I notice that the store has string bikinis right by the front window. I pick out one and ask the sale girl if I can try them on and she shows me to the changing room.

I told Mandy to stay at the front on the store. I put the bikini on quickly and walk to the front of the store to show Mandy. I see several men looking into the store at me. I am positioned so my butt is facing the window, and my plug is clear visible along the side of the string as I lean over to look at another suit. I make my way around the rack and glance out the window.


I see more people watching us. I tell Mandy to pick out a suit and then come back here with it on. She finds one and says she will be back shortly. I see her coming I am thinking where did she find that suit. It was micro-bikini. She stopped in front of me but off to the side so she is facing the food court. She is pretending to talk to me and looking at me while adjusting the top and bottom.

All the while putting on a show. The sales girl (very cute brunette with a nice body) comes walking over to us and smiles.

She asks if there is anything I can help you with. We say no just looking and giggle a little. She then laughs and says I know what you are doing.

She smiles and says it is ok with me don't worry. I ask her what she thinks we are doing. You are teasing the guys in the food court. Like I said it is fine with me. She said that it happens more often than you think. I say really. Yea, that is why a lot of guys from the office buildings eat their lunch here. Girls will come in here and try on suits just so the guys can watch them.

I asked her name and she says Cathy. I asked Cathy if she ever did it. She said she has thought about it a lot but never had the nerve although she believes she would like it. My dad has suggested that I wear a suit while working here to help other girls become more comfortable.

I asked her if she would like to try we can help her. I tell her that we can make it a dare if you like. You dare us to do something and tell us what you would do if we did the dare. Cathy thought she had us and says I dare you to change to another suit right here with your back to the window, both of you and she picks out another suit for us which covers more than we are now.

I ask what is it you will do. Cathy points to my suit, I will put that suit on, although I will change in the back and return here and stand with you. I look at Mandy and said what do you think. Mandy winks at me as says ok. We both turn with our backs to the window and take off the top and pull down the bottoms and put on the suit she had for us. Cathy held her hand over her mouth and said I have told that to several girls and all have chickened out. I picked up my suit and handed it to Cathy.

She walked to the back, while she was gone I look out at the food court and there are plenty of guy watching us. In about 5 minutes Cathy is back with the suit on. She looks a little nervous but is smiling and has a great body. I asked Cathy how she felt. Cathy said this is so exciting and it feels great. I then asked Cathy if she would want to make another dare. She thinks about it for a minute and then says.

I had always thought what I would say next if anybody ever did the first dare. So yes, I dare you to remove the suit you have on now, both of you, facing the window and walk around the front of the store for 5 minutes naked, in that 5 minutes you can pick out another suit to put on when the time is up. I asked her what she will do.

I will change in to the suit that Mandy has on now, right here. Mandy and I talk it over like we may not do it just so we can egg on the game.

We then say deal. Cathy cannot believe it. Cathy she says not to worry about security, they were told to not stop any girls in the mall for having exposed body parts as it gets the guys here. I asked her how she knows that. Cathy explains to us that her dad owns and manages the mall and that girls help to get guys to come here. Guys then bring their girlfriends and wives. I tell her that is good to know. I said are you ready to start timing us. She said yes go ahead. We turned towards the window and quickly pulled off the suits.

Then walked around and bent over look for our next suit to try on. The 5 minutes went by quickly. Mandy pick up the suit and handed it to the Cathy. She got a little more nervous but did what she said. I said to Cathy so let me make sure I understand. If a girl came in the mall naked, nobody would do anything. Cathy says that is right. Cathy said a girl came in here topless one day. It was the talk of the mall.

I asked Cathy if she enjoyed changing the suit in the window. Cathy said it was the most exciting thing she ever did and had a big smile. I said ok, would you like to make another dare. She said no I think I am good. How about if we make one for you.

It depends what do you have in mind. Why don't you go out of the store naked and walk over to the food shop across the way and get something to drink, then come back. Cathy said no way. Then she said you two do that and then I will do in with these bottoms on but topless.

I said no how about this we all three go at the same time, you topless and we are naked. She thought for a second and said deal. I said let me get some money for the drinks. I went to the changing room and got some money and came back and asked her if she was ready.

She took in a deep breath and said yes. Mandy and I took off our suits and Cathy took off her top and we started walking across the food court. All the guys were watching us. Once we got back to the store several guys clapped and some whistled.

I said to Cathy that was not so bad was it and she shook her head no. Mandy and I remained naked. I looked at the Cathy and said anymore dares.

Cathy said now that we got drinks, how about we get food and sit down in the food court, this time. Mandy and I said no. How about, about you put on a peek-abo bikini and we are naked we all go wait in line and get food and go sit down and eat.

Then come back here when we are finished eating. But before for you sit down, you have to remove you bottoms while standing at the table. Cathy said she did not want to undress in front of everybody. She must of got some courage from somewhere and said I will go naked just like you, and pulled down her bottoms and threw them off to the side.

I looked at Mandy and she says ok. We all went out again and waited in line got our food and sat down and ate our lunch. When we were finished, we all walked back to the store. Cathy said she is so excited that she is wet. I asked her if she would like to play with us. She smile and said yes. She closed and locked the door and we went to the back. I pulled her to me and we kissed. I kept kissing her and moved my hand to her breasts and started to massage them.

I lowered my head and started to suck on her nipples. She started to moan. Mandy got behind her and started kissing her neck. Then moved down her back to her ass.

Mandy pull Cathy's legs apart and then put her hands on her ass, then leaned in and started eating her ass. I kept my hand on her breasts and lowered myself and kissed my way down to her pussy. I licked it and then started to eat her pussy. She was moaning loudly.

Then started to shake as she was having an orgasm. Her legs where we going weak. I stopped Mandy and had Cathy lay down. I got on her in a 69 position. She started to eat me and I ate her, then I started to finger her. She had another orgasm. I traded places with Mandy.

Cathy had several more orgasms. They finally pulled apart and I and helped up Mandy, then Cathy. We all kissed and could taste our selves and each other. Cathy thanked us and gave each of us a hug and had a huge smile on her face.

We all went to the front of the store and she opened the door. Cathy said she never thought she would be brave enough to do anything like that, but now that she did she cannot wait to do more, it was amazing.

She asked our names and then asked if we do this kind of thing often. We tell her our story and she says it is so exciting and that she would like to join us sometime, but works here 7 days a week.

I tell her I will stop in again and we can play. Cathy tells us her dad set this store up for her to run. I asked her if she every tease her dad and she said no. I told her that him setting you up in this shop with bikinis and asking you to wear one is very suspicious. Cathy then starts to think about it a little, then says that ever since her mother left them a few years ago, her dad has taken care of her and now that you mention it he does look like he is trying to see me whenever he can.

I know he loves me and I love him. I said she should tease him a little and see how he reacts. A smile again came to her face and I saw the wheels turning.

We put our dresses on but didn't bother to button then up. We each hugged and kissed Cathy and said goodbye, she was still naked. As we were walking out, to tease her I asked if she was every going to wear clothes again. She only them remembered she was naked and ran to the back. (See Chapter 4 for more about Cathy) Our next stop was the shoe store. There was a guy and a girl working there. The guy came right over and asked if we needed help. We told him we are just looking.

We looked around and I saw a pair of black stilettos that I liked, I motioned for the sale girl and asked for a pair of these in my size. I sat down in the chair and then realized that I had the butt plug in me, I had forgot all about it.

Mandy found a pair of white stilettos with rhinestone covering most of them and asked the guy for a pair, then sat down with a thud as the plug hit the plastic chair and she remembered the plug in her and looked at me and giggled.

Both of the sale people offered to put on the shoes for us. The guy was looking at our pussies, but so was the girl. Mandy and I walked around on them a bit. We asked how much and ended up buying them. We left the store with the new shoes on.

The next stop was a clothing store. I found a dress similar to the see through dress that I have and told Mandy about it. She pulled off her dress right there and tried it on. There was only one sales girl in the store and did not say anything to us about how we were dressed.

Mandy then spotted a little blue and white striped dress that buttons up the front. Again she tried it on right there. If you are a good girl it is the correct size for you I told Mandy. She looked through the rack and found one a size smaller and tried it on. I was just about an inch lower than her pussy and her breast pushed out the top nicely and told her she looked beautiful in it.

She looked at her self in the mirror and told the girl I will take it, I will wear it out. I then found a similar dress but a peach color, it really accentuated tan. I found one the right size and bought it. We both left the store wearing our new dress and shoes. We left the mall and were hungry so we stopped at restaurant. As we walked in the waiters were eyeing us up.

We sat at a table and started looking over the menu. The wait staff was looking us over. Mandy and I were facing each other and in back of both of us were a group of waiters watching. I told Mandy I had to use the restroom and had her stay here. I looked in the mirror for a while and then undid and extra button on the top and bottom of my dress. As I walked back to the table, all eyes were on me. They must of thought that I used the toilet and forgot to button up.

Mandy saw what I did and wanted to expose herself more but it would become to obvious if she did the exact same thing. She nonchalantly was talking with me and grabbed her glass to take a drink of water, she looked like she was not paying attention and accidentally poured it down the front of her dress. The white fabric turned transparent and clung to her breasts.

She stood up and patted herself down with her napkin. I gave her my napkin to help her out and she undid a button or two a the bottom so she could soak up the water and then sat down. She undid a few buttons on her top and padded her dress with some napkins. This left one button holding her dress closed. Of course all of the wait staff saw what happened and came over with more napkins.

She would take one pat herself down with it until it became damp and then get another. After she got as much water soaked up and exposed as should could, she stopped hamming it up and stayed that way.

Once all of the waiters walked away from the table, I had to smile at her and told her that was a first rate acting job, she started to laugh. We finally placed our order and our food came out fairly quickly.

Our waiter, a guy was the most attentive waiter in history. We had a nice meal without any further wardrobe malfunctions or accidents. We paid the check and were finally ready to leave. I had undone another few buttons when I thought no one was looking. We both got up but did not look at each other or we would have been forced to tell each other that we were exposed. The dresses had opened so our nipples were on display and as we walked you could see our pussies. The wait staff in anticipating our departure line up by the door and as we walked by all said good-bye and have a nice evening.

I was following Mandy and just before I went through the door I pretended to drop my purse and bent over to pick it up and kept my legs straight and open. I heard a snicker and went through the door. The staff had to have seen my ass with the butt plug sticking in it.

Once outside we checked each other out. We were dressed about the same, most of our breasts were out and our nipples were showing. As we walked the dress would fall open to show our pussies. We both unbuttoned the last button as we made our way to the car. Mandy took hers off before she got in as it was still wet from her planned accident.

As we pulled out of the parking lot we looked at each other and asked now what. As we were driving we saw a sex toy shop so we stopped. We made ourselves presentable, that is we buttoned up two buttons and went in. We were looking around for a while and found a few items to purchase, two tail plugs that would make us look like Pepe Le Pew and a strap-on. I kept on telling Mandy I am going to fuck her so hard with it.

We both wanted some more excitement but could not think of anything to do. Then Mandy said lets go back to the strip club and see if the girl who was doing the sex show is there. If not, we could do the show, and now we have some more toys. I said ok, but you know when we dance we do not have that much on to take off. Mandy says you keep on telling me you are going to fuck me so hard, so you can have plenty of time to do it.

We begin to laugh. We make it to the club and go in and ask for the manager. As we are waiting, I was looking around. I see there is not as many guys here tonight. He arrives and recognizes us. We asked him if the girl doing the sex show was able to make it tonight and he said she does not work tonight. On Thursday night, we do not have the show. We both were disappointed and it showed.

I told him we were looking for something exciting to do so we thought we would stop by. He smiles at us and says if we want to give a show you can, I just cannot pay you to do it and you would only have fifteen minutes. I look at Mandy and we both said ok we will do it.

He asks when we want to start and tells us if we want to dance a while we can, just don't pick up any of the tips, leave the regular dancers get them. We tell him that would be fun and if we could dance together and tease the audience a little before the show. He says that is a great idea. These guys might call their buddies down to watch. He says lets start the show at 8:00 that gives you about an hour and a half to dance and have some fun.

We say ok, sounds good. He asks if we need anything, we have some things in the car, we will go get them. He tells the door man to go out with us for security. We get out new toys and head back in. We go back stage and open up our dresses. I move behind Mandy and pull out the butt plug and start eating her ass.

She turns around and says wait for the show. I then insert the tail plug. She then does the same to me and we hear the announcement for the show and the guys cheer. We walk out on stage with our dresses open and these guys already start to make some noise.

The music starts again we dance around and have fun. Occasionally we turn around and lift up our dresses and bend over to show off our tail plugs the crowd. After about fifteen minutes of dancing we go back stage again. Mandy tells me she is already getting hot just thinking about getting fucked in front of these guys. I rubbed her pussy and she is soaking wet. She looks at me and says we only have fifteen minutes so lets just leave our dresses back stage and go out naked.

I tell her that is a great idea. Then she says also because we are so limited on time can you start warming me up before we go out. I see in her eyes how much she wants this. I get close to her and give her a long kiss and reach down and start rubbing her pussy and insert a finger. I hear her start to moan, then stop. She asked why I stopped. I said I warmed her up, you have to wait for the show. I waited a few minutes and then started teasing her.

I tell her I bet you wish that Steve, dad and granddad were her to watch you get fucked. Or maybe all three of them fucking you at the same time. Two of them in your pussy and one in your ass. Would you like that, I could see her blush at the thought. Maybe even have uncle Bill there helping out. Or would you like to just have them jerk-off over you and get covered in cum.

Maybe you just want to suck their cocks till they are dry. Is that what you want. Maybe we should tie you to a picnic table at the next family reunion and let everybody fuck you.

All of the cousins, Ted, Bob, Frank, Hunter, all of them one right after another. The women can come by and eat your pussy after you have fucked all of the guys, mom and Betty will be there too. I can see Mandy's face getting flush. She is really getting turned on. We have another fifteen minutes before we are on.

There are more guys here now. I leaned down and lick her pussy. She is dripping wet now. I pull her to the side of the stage and tell her. Look at all of those guys who are going to watch you get fucked. I ask Mandy to suck on my pussy a little.

Then I put on the strap-on, it has a dildo on my side for my enjoyment. I tell her to suck my cock, she gets on her knees and swallows it completely. I tell her Steve, dad and granddad are going to love that mouth of yours. Make it all wet and then I pull it away. The music is dying down, I kiss her hard and then say we are up and walk out.

A we are walking out I tell her look at all of those guys that are going to see you get fuck. The music starts and we start dancing close to the crowd and turn our asses towards them and bend over to show off our tails. We move to the font and center stage. I have her get down in the doggy position with her ass pointing at the crowd. The guys are so close they can almost touch us. I get down and start eating her pussy. I keep having to move her tail out of the way again and again.

It is starting to bother me. I get in front of her and have her such the cock. I pull away and go back behind her. I lean back so the crowd can see and the tail is again in my way. I reach up and pull it out and throw it on the stage and lean over and suck on her asshole while rubbing her pussy. I move back and push the cock all the way in her pussy. She starts to moan loudly.

I start to fuck her fast and hard. Our bodies are slapping together. I start rubbing her clit with my hand. She has her head down. I tell her to look at the audience and I see her turn her head.

She is starting to have an orgasm. She is shaking and then I see her cum just pouring out of her. The guys are loving it. We have about five minutes to go.

I see her asshole is open. I pull out of her pussy and position the dildo at her asshole and start to push it in. I start to fuck her ass, faster and faster. I rub her clit with my hand. She grunts again and the cum is still pouring out. My legs are soaked. I pull out of her ass and lick it all the way down to her pussy. I get up and walk up to her head and have her suck the cock clean. We have about a minute left. I quickly pull off the strap-on and drop it on the floor and scoot into a 69 position and lick her pussy.

As soon as my tongue touches her pussy she starts squirting again. It almost reaches the audience. She is eating me and the time is up. The audience is yelling more although we have not stopped yet. The music starts again and finally we stop and start to get up. My hair and back are all wet from cum. Once we are standing, we gather up our things and walk offstage. Mandy is dragging her legs and I hep her to a chair. She smiles at me and says, you really did fuck me hard didn't you.

I leaned down and asked if she was alright. She kissed me and said I am going to return the favor someday. After Mandy rested for a bit we left the club and drove home. We looked at each other as I pulled in to the driveway. Mandy smiled at me, then asked what are we going to do tomorrow for some excitement.

We both just started laughing. We went in the house and dropped all our things, stripped out of our clothes and when out to the pool and swam and relaxed before going to bed. Friday When I got awake this morning, Mandy was still sound asleep. I went downstairs and made some coffee. I called Cindy and told her all about our exploits. In particular the "Town Center Mall" where she could flash and Cathy at the bikini store.

She tells me she will have to go check it out and have some fun with Cathy. It was another hour before Mandy came downstairs. She came over and gave me a kiss and told me that getting fucked by her last night was the most excited she has ever been. I don't know how we can ever top that. I asked how her pussy and ass are doing. She gave each a rub and said they could take another round.

I told her Tom is coming home today and he is dying to fuck you. She smiled and said I know, ever since the first time we met I could see in his eyes that he wanted me, and today he will get me, you are going to join us aren't you. I said of course I am. We sat down and had some breakfast, then went out to the pool, swam some and just laid around and talked about what we should do today.

We decide to just go for a walk around the area to get some exercise. Mandy put on a shirt and shorts of mine and finally opened up her luggage to get her sneakers. We walked around and just talked about everything, we kept no secrets from each other. It is the closest that we've ever been. We were heading back to the house and Mandy suggested we run the rest of the way.

We both make it and Mandy says that was further than I thought. We are both out of breath and sweating. We strip and throw our close in the laundry room and head to the outside shower and wash up. We dry off and order some Chinese food for lunch. While we are waiting we comb our hair and fix our ourselves up. We hear a car out front and then door bell rings.

It is our food. When I open the door a beautiful Chinese woman is there in a nice looking dress. This is not your typical delivery girl. She is smiling at us as tells us we look gorgeous. I tell her she is very pretty, and ask are you the regular delivery person and she begins to laugh. She says her name is Nanjoi and her family owns the restaurant. Her sister delivered food here a couple weeks ago and she told me about her experience.

I said oh, that was Steve. She is looking us up and down. I ask if she would like to come in and starts stepping in the door. Once inside, she says I was hoping to have an experience also. She pulls her dress over her head and she is beautiful and nude. I tell her Steve is not here but we would sure like to help her out. She says yes and walks over to me and kisses me.

I tell her lets go outback and walk her out. I see Mandy go up the stairs. We get outback and I start kissing her and and squeezing her breast. Already she begins to moan. I reached down and rub her pussy and it is already wet. I see Mandy walking out and is wearing the strap-on. I lay on the ground and tell NanJoi to get on me in a 69 position.

As soon as she is down she starts eating me. I start eating her and then motion for Mandy to fuck her. Mandy pulls up on Nanjoi's ass and gets her in to position.

I sucked the dildo to get it wet and Mandy starts to push it in Nanjoi's pussy. After a few strokes Nanjoi is already having an orgasm. Mandy keeps fucking her. I reach down and feel her breasts and pinch her nipples.

She stops moving and starts to shake then lets out a moan/grunt. He body just falls against mine. I can hear her breathing hard. Mandy pulls out the dildo and Nanjoi is whimpering as she does it. NanJoi rolls off of me and lays on her back. As she is catching her breath, Mandy helps me up and takes off the strap-on. I reach over and pull Mandy to me and we kiss and hold each other. Nanjoi starts talking to us. She says that for a few weeks now she has been fantasizing about coming here and getting fucked.

She thought is would better to just fantasize than to actually have something happen, but today when the order came in she just had to find out. She was excited before she got here and then what just happen was beyond her wildest fantasy. She said it was the first time she felt sexually satisfied. We helped her up and went to the outside shower and Mandy and I washed her. Nanjoi kissed us several times and we helped her put on her dress.

She asked if she could come back every once in a while for some fun. I told her she could but Mandy will not be here, although I would and my husband would if that is ok with her. She said yes that will be fine. Then she said when you call in a order from now on to ask for her. We all kissed again and she said good-bye. I said oh, we did not pay you for the food and she just smile and told us that it is on the house and walked out and closed the door. Mandy and I heated up the food and ate by the pool.

After swimming for a bit we went in to get ready to go to the airport. We both wore our new dresses and shoes. I should say we took our dresses along with us as we drove to the airport nude. We decided to swap out fits at the last minute and since we both wore the same size, we swapped them while in the car and then got out and put on our dresses. We left the top open a bit, but had the all of the lower buttons done up.

We went in the airport and walked around fooling with each other. We would kiss when we saw a bunch of guys coming by us and they would watch. So the next time we kissed I ran my hand around the back of Mandy which pulled up her dress to show off her ass and pussy. The guys stopped walking and just watched when I did that so we moved on.

Then she did the same to me. I was starting to get turned on with all of the people walking by us. Mandy pulled me in and gave me a kiss then lowered her hand and undid the another bottom button, which was just above my pussy. I got a few looks but most people were to busy with themselves to notice.

I saw some escalators and thought that could be fun. So I told Mandy and we timed it so we got on just before a group of guys who were talking and kidding around with each other. We we not even half way up the escalator when they all suddenly stopped talking. When we were just about at the top I bent over to and pulled off my shoe and dumped it out like something was in it and put it back on. Once we go to the top we walked over to the side and let them pass.

They were all looking at us. I told Mandy the escalator is perfect, we can do the same thing over and over with a new group of people every time. We went back down and this time I told Mandy, you stay here and watch. I will go up again and you call me and tell me what is happening and what you can see. She called me and I had just left her.

Brincando com o meu cu

I get on and she says ok, I can start to see some ass, she tells me to open up my legs so I spread my feet apart. I can see ass and pussy. The guys are looking at you, they can see everything. I reach down and take off my shoe again. Mandy says I can see most of your ass, asshole and your pussy from end to end. That is amazing, I blush a little when see says that.

I put on my shoe again and walk off the up escalator and go over and get on the one going down. I meet up with Mandy, she says ok my turn. There are a group of boy scouts coming and Mandy says watch this. I am watching and they notice her because she is so hot even before she gets on the escalator. She gets on just before them and plants her feet wide apart.

They are already quiet. I start to see her butt and they are all looking. Some of them are hitting their friend beside them and then pointing at Mandy. Mandy is not even a quarter of the way up and she bends over and pretends to dump something out of her shoe and puts it back on, her ass and pussy are clearly visible and the boy scout mouths have dropped open.

She shifts her weight to other leg while still bent over and does the same with the other shoe. She is really putting on a show for them. She finally stands up just as she is to walk off. I see her move over to the side and stop. She tells me on the phone they are all just staring at her.

She says she is so turned on right now. I tell her I am too. I tell her to come downstairs and we go to the restroom and both get in the same stall. I sit on the toilet and pull Mandy's crotch towards me and lift up her dress and start eating her pussy. She has an orgasm immediately and I start to finger her, she places her hand over her mouth to stop her from moaning, and then she starts squirting all over me getting me and the dress wet.

I continue for a few more seconds and then lick her clean. She bends down and kisses me and motions for me to stand up and takes my place. She pulls up my dress and starts to eat me.

I can feel her tongue deep in my pussy, then I have an orgasm and another. She slows down and licks me clean and she stands up and we kiss and hug one another. We leave the stall and go look in the mirror.

We wash up and I try to dry off the dress as good as I can and leave the bathroom. I look at the time and Tom should be here shortly so we make our way to the arrival gates. While waiting Mandy is standing behind me with her arms around my waist.

I see Tom and break away from Mandy and run to him. I see people looking at me and reach Tom and give him a hug. I then feel him against my body and I look down and my dress is completely unbuttoned.

I give a sly look at Mandy and she is laughing. She secretly unbuttoned my dress. I stand back from Tom and do up the buttons but not very fast. I can see it had an effect on Tom and he has an erection. We start going to baggage claim and pass near the escalators, I tell Tom to stand here and watch this, I said go ahead Mandy. She knows what to do. Tom is watching and Mandy gives a show to a group of guys and then comes back downstairs.

I can feel Tom's cock he still has an erection and is very hard. Mandy walks over and reaches out and feels Tom's cock. Then leans in a whispers in his ear today is your lucky day and gives him a kiss. Tom cannot wait, he says lets get my luggage. His bags finally comes and we head out to the car. As we are walking both Mandy and I start unbuttoning our dresses as Tom watches. When we got the to car Tom threw his bag in the back and was about to jump in the front passenger seat and Mandy says no back here with me.

Both of us have removed our dresses. Mandy pull off Tom's clothes and shoes till he is nude. Then says, now you can get in and pushed him in the back seat and jumps in. As soon she has the door closed she is sucking his cock. I start driving home. It does not take long till he is cumming and she swallows it all. She keeps suck and his cock remains hard. She lays across the seat and opens her legs and dip her finger in her pussy and that puts in Tom's mouth. He sucks her finger and then turns and goes down on her.

He is eating her and she is moaning and has an orgasm. She lift his head and then tells Tom to get in the center on the seat. She then straddles and aims his cock in her pussy and lowers herself on to him.

She starts to ride him and he is playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples. She has another orgasm and he cums in her.

They stop and Mandy hugs and kisses him. They stay like that till we make it home. We get in the house and Tom says he is hungry how about we order some pizza. Mandy and I just look at each other and say dare. We waited for the pizza and it was a boy. Tom already knew the routine. So Mandy and I went to the door. The pizza boy has the same look as the others, I don't know that will ever change.

We ask him tip or BJ? He was so stunned that his says tip. We gave him the tip and started laughing, then closed the door.

We ate pretty quickly and Mandy said that she was thinking about getting another outfit that she saw at the mall the other day. I was a button up dress but all white and then a pair of red and gold heels at the shoe store. I asked which mall and she said the Town Center Mall. I said we have plenty of time so lets go. Tom was all for it as he wanted to see our show. I asked Mandy if we should put on something to go and she said yes and that she knows what and takes off running up stairs.

She came back with our new heels and two pairs of white cotton tiny bikini thong underwear and gave me a pair.

We put them on and our heels and asked if Tom was ready. We got to the mall and told Tom to just follow behind us about 20 feet or so. As were walking to the mall entrance we noticed there were not many people around or many cars in the parking lot.

Mandy want to go buy the clothes and then we would go see Cathy. When went to the shoe store and she found the shoes pretty quickly and got what she wanted and wore her new shoes out. We then went to store with the dress. She found it quickly and tried on a few to get the right length and said ok, I am ready. We went to checkout and clerk asked if she wanted to wear it out and she said no please put it in a bag for me.

We left the store and I saw Tom and asked him to carry Mandy's bags. We then went up to the bikini store to see Cathy. When she saw us at the door she came running over to us and gave each of us a hug and a kiss and was really happy to see us.

There was only a few people in the food court. I asked her where everyone was at. She told us on Friday night everyone leaves the city for the weekend so the store is always very slow. She saw how we were dress and asked if we came in like that and we said we did. She smiled and said how she really liked us both. Mandy said she came to the store and just bought these heels as she is leaving tomorrow. She asked if we were here for an bikini.

I said no we just came to see her. Cathy asked if we wanted to get something to drink and sit down and talk that she can keep an eye on the store for there. We said sure, is that what you are going to wear. She had on a bikini that covered everything. Cathy smiled and asked is that what you are going to wear? Just to see what should would say I asked her what she suggested. She said do you mind, I said no go ahead.

She knelled down and pull down my panties and I stepped out of them and then she did the same to Mandy. She stood up and pulled her top and bottom off and threw them over to the side, then looked at us and said that is better.

Lets go. I saw Tom at the food court watching us as we got our drinks and sat down. Cathy is squirming around in the seat and I finally ask her if she is ok. Cathy said yes, but being out here nude still has an effect on me and I also remember what happen the last time was so incredible that my pussy is on fire and I am just hoping that something like that happens again. Mandy and I start to laugh and then she got embarrassed.

We started talking again and as we did I reached down and started to rub her pussy a few times. She spread her legs and she was all wet. I saw a man standing over by the store and asked if she need to help him. She told us that was her father.

I asked what he has said about yesterday. Cathy said she I teased him and I ended up fucking him and is ok with everything. I asked her if he would be interested in playing with us.

She got up and walked over to him and they talked. She came back with him and introduced him to us. His name is Mike. Mike sat down and said yes but we cannot do anything sexual in the open. We would have to go in the store. I motioned for Tom to come over and everyone went in the store. Mike came in last and closed and locked the door. We walked to the back and I told Mike and Tom to get naked.

I laid Cathy down on a bench with her pussy just over the edge. Mandy squatted on her face and Cathy began to eat her. Mandy leaned down and started to eat Cathy. I had Mike come over to me and I sucked his cock for a few minutes and then did the same to Tom. I then positioned Mike to fuck Cathy and Tom to fuck Mandy.

Both Mandy and Cathy had several orgasms and once not long after Mike and Tom came in the girls things started to wind down. Mike and Tom got dressed and us girls stayed naked. We walked to the front of the store with our things and Cathy opened up the door. We were standing there talking with her and said to wait here she would be right back. She ran over and got two micro-bikinis and gave one to Mandy and I. She then gave each of us a hug and as kiss, and told us thank you and come back anytime, then we left the store and went to the car.

Went went home and sat and talked for a while. Mandy was sad that she needed to go home tomorrow. I kissed her and said she will get to tease dad, Steve, and granddad and that helped her perk up a little. I grabbed her hand and said come with me. We went up to my room and went through my lingerie drawer for items that she could wear to tease.

We packed several things in her suitcase and the two micro-bikinis that Cathy gave us so she was all packed and ready to go. We were all worn out so we all got in the shower and went to bed. Saturday We all slept together last night and I when I got awake, Tom was already awake and I leaned over and kissed him and we started to make out.

We then go in to a 69 position and he started to eat me while I sucked his cock. We must of made too much noise as we got Mandy awake. She move up and kissed Tom and then started to eat my ass. I stopped sucking Tom's cock. Having to tongues on me had me going and I had an orgasm.

I go off of Tom and started to fuck him in the cowgirl position and Mandy stood up and straddled Tom and squatted down and started to kiss him. I leaned forward and ate her ass and stuck one finger and then two and got her loosened up.

I could feel Tom was getting ready to cum to I stopped and got off of him. While he and Mandy were making out I put on the strap-on. I came back and laid down on the bed on my back. I told Mandy she was going to get double penetrated.

I am going to fuck your pussy with the dildo and Tom is going to fuck you ass. Mandy squatted over the dildo and lowered herself and leaned forward and we were making out. I felt the bed move and Tom was getting in to position.

As he was entering her ass, Mandy would moan in to my mouth as she kissed me. Tom said he is in and Mandy should start moving. She started slowly and began to get faster and faster. She stopped kissing me and just started grunting and moaning. She was having an orgasm and then my crotch was soaked. She must of squirted. She started to hump faster and get louder. Tom said he is about to cum and Mandy started to have another orgasm and I felt more liquid hit me and Tom said I am cumming.

Mandy took a last gasp and fell forward on me. She caught her breath and kissed me and said that was incredible. Tom pulled out of her and walked over to us at the side of the bed. We both sucked his cock and licked it clean.

Then Mandy rolled over on the bed I got up and started to eat her ass and sucked all of Tom's cum. We all three laid on the bed and cuddled for a few minutes before we all jumped in the shower and cleaned up. I went downstairs and made some breakfast and we ate. It was getting to be time to head to the airport and Mandy only put on her sandals and put her clothes and luggage in the car. I got my little dress and had Tom drive while Mandy and I sat in the back seat holding one another.

We got to the airport and Mandy and I got out and got dressed. Mandy dressed like a good girl. She smiled and said this is the most clothes she had on since she got her. We went in and got her checked in and she went to security where we said goodbye to each other.

I told her to look at the railing on the second floor for me as she went through security. I quickly ran upstairs and pulled up the dress some and stood against the railing. I say Mandy look and and she saw what I was doing and started laughing. She made it through security and wave to us before entering the departure passage.

Tom and I went home and hung out together for the rest of the day. I told Tom things are already boring here without Mandy. He smiled at me as said, think of it as a rest period before your next adventure in a couple of weeks.

I asked what happens then. He said he got an email from my dad and he is coming out for a conference for a week. I told him he could stay here. He said mean while you can visit Cathy and Cindy. I smiled and gave Tom a hug.