LatinChili Nice and Round Mature Butt Striptease

LatinChili Nice and Round Mature Butt Striptease
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Jenny now was 12 years old.

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She was a slender young girl, with just the beginning of developing boobs and just a few public hair, her periods had started a few months ago. Although her body was still very childish her thoughts wheren't anymore. She was fascinated by the discovery of sexual feelings on her body.

She had been rubbing herself since she was 10 or so but the last few months the feelings became much more intense when she did it. She had orgasms many times. She lived with her parents but her father was a pilot being many days from home often.

She and her mother Ann where like friends to each other and her mother had thought her not to have secrets. But she found it too difficult to talk about her sexual feelings to her mother, because she really thought she was a bit weird. Some way her fantasies during masturbation always included some wetting.


Peeing in pants or bed, that idea made her really horny. A few times she had expierenced a bit with wetting her panties when her mother was not at home. That was very easy although is was difficult to dry her panties unseen. She discovered that he easiest way was to pee her panties wearing a skirt and keep them on until they where dried.

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When she peed outside on the lawn or so she did not leave a trace either. But she wanted to pee and masturbate in the safety of her own room. Once she took a plastic garbage bag to put underneath her sitting on her own bed with her jeans on. It went fantastic, she let the pee flow and watched the growing wet spot on her crotch.

When she was finished she took her jeans and panties of and fingered herself vigorously having a fantastic orgasm. But it was difficult to hide the wet trousers so she put them a bit under the other laundry in the laundry bag, hoping it was dried up when her mother would pick it out.


Her hope was in vane however. Although Jenny did not know yet Ann had discovered the peed pants. She also smelt a faint smell of pee coming into Jenny's room and looking further she saw some small stains on the mattress. It was clear to her that Jenny was peeing her pants secretly.

She observed her little girl a bit closer a few days. She saw her taking a plastic garbage bag and going to her room. An hour later she came downstairs in a skirt instead of the jeans she was wearing before and in the evening she discovered the jeans soaked with pee hanging to dry in a hidden corner of the garage.

It was clear to Ann that she had to help her little daughter. Happily that moment came soon. One evening, when they where in the living together reading magazines. Jenny started to talk about sexual fetishes clearly because of an article she was reading. "Do you think many people do these fetishes?" she asked. "O yes" Ann tried to comfort her daughter.

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"Do you have one?" Jenny asked with the innocence of a preteen. "Do you really need to know?" Ann asked hesitatingly "Actually I have noticed that you have a fetish yourself".

Jenny sighed and blushed "yes mom, that is true" "Really honey I do not mind at all. Actually I dare to say I am a bit jealous that you seem to enjoy yourself so much. But honey you should change a few things, your room is starting to smell you know". "Oh mom, I'm so glad you are not angry" Jenny said relieved. "well lets talk about the practical aspects. I want you to clean your own mess.

If you pee your pants you will have to wash them out with water then put them in a special laundry basket. Further I'll buy something to protect your mattress. But take care you do not wet your blankets".

From that day Jenny was the happiest girl in the world. She liked wetting herself and masturbating upon it and her mom just lets her do it! She now had a vinyl covered mattress. When she came from school horny she first drank a few glasses of water or something else. Then she went to her room starting her home work. But she could not concentrate until she felt the real strong urge to pee. Then she placed herself on a chair or even on her bed and started to rub between her legs. Soon a strong hot flow starts to run and in her crotch a wet spot is growing fast.


When her jeans are totally soaked she pulls them down to rub her clit to a delicious orgasm. Then she usually walkes with soaked jeans to the shower there she undresses and takes a shower and also flushes her pee soaked jeans. Then she redresses to continue her homework.

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Sometimes she does a really naughty pee play. When she wakes up and she does not have to go to school immediately because it is weekend or so, she starts to rub her little clit under her nighty. At the same time she feels the strong urge of her morning pee.

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Getting more and more exited she lets her pee flow in the bed. Because of the vinyl cover the mattress becomes not wet.

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But she herself gets wet the more. With only the sheet and her nighty to absorb she produces an enormous puddle in which she is laying moaning.

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Often she turns around on her belly so also the front of her nighty gets wet and she rubs her little nipples in the pee soaked fabric of her bed fingering herself to a screaming orgasm. She is a happy girl than.