Cum all over my sweaty tits

Cum all over my sweaty tits
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Chapter 02 - Show at the Biker Bar "Permanent?" Kevin asked. Mark nodded. "So, no kids?" Mark shook his head. "No kids." Kerrie perked up at that. A lot of things had changed since he came back four weeks ago, but this was the first time the subject of kids had ever come up.

He couldn't make a decision like that unilaterally. "For now," she said softly. Mark turned and looked at her. "Did you say something?" "Mark, I'm loving what you're doing, but." "You do understand that you don't have a say in this?" She froze and stared at him. How could someone change so much in just a few months?

Everything he'd done since he came back - the piercings, the tattoos, parading her around in front of her friends in her underwear - all of it was erotic and amazing and she loved him being The Man, but this was different.

This was him laying out their future and telling her she had no part of the decision. "We'll talk about this later," he said, then turned back to Kevin. Kerrie's face burned red with anger and shame. She looked at the men at the table - they'd heard it all and were staring at her.

The man Mark had shut down was rubbing his shoulder. He gave her a big smile and waggled his tongue at her. His friends laughed. Kerrie tried to ignore the loud slurping noises he was making but couldn't.

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Mark nodded sideways at the table. "I want them to fuck her." Kevin shook his head. "No, fuck, no, man.

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Are you crazy? This is some quality pussy you have here. You need to think this through, bro." Mark shook his head. "She's mine, I can do what I want to with her." Kevin leaned in closer. "Don't be an asshole. You sound like a little kid showing off his new toy." Mark was quiet. "So tell me about her. Does she work?" Mark explained about Kerrie's job, how they'd gone to college together, how she was now somewhere between hostess and PR manager for one of the local big name hotels.

About him and his six-month stint in Thailand, where he'd changed his ideas about how husband and wife should live together. Kevin listened and nodded. "I see where you're at and where you're coming from." He took a drink of his beer and wiped his mouth. "I think I can help you." He looked around the bar then clapped Mark's shoulder. "You go with this, OK?" Mark smiled and nodded. Kevin stood up and clapped his hands.


The bar went silent quickly. Mark grinned, Kevin held some real power here. "Five bell girl here has something she wants to show you all," he yelled. He stepped around Mark and took Kerrie's hand. She looked at Mark, anxious and afraid. His face was frozen. She felt Kevin pulling her forward and she stumbled along following him. "She's starting to get tattoos!" the crowd cheered. "She wants to show them off. An ass slut who's getting inked! What do you think of that?" The crowd began cheering and chanting "five bells, five bells, five bells." She blushed red, remembering how the bartender had rang one of the bells five times after Mark told him that she took it exclusively up the ass.

Everyone in the place knew her and Mark's secret.

Her knees were weak as Kevin walked her down the line of barstools. The crowd was clapping and chanting louder now. Kevin stopped her in front of one of the old men, a skinny man in his sixties with a plaid flannel shirt and long, scraggly beard. He slid his hands up the insides of her thighs while everyone in the bar cheered him on. Kerrie squirmed, panicked now. If his fingers got to her crotch, he'd feel the plastic brush handle she'd put inside herself to relax her muscle.


The old man slid his hands from between her legs to the outsides of her thighs, then up over her ass cheeks. He shook his head rapidly, smiling and winking at her. She pursed her lips, hoping that would satisfy him. The crowd cheered as Kevin pressed her forward until her mouth was on his, his tongue pushing between her lips, his hand sliding up the front of her body to her chest.

She gagged as a glob of his spit drizzled into her mouth but he kept at it. He slid the tiny half top over her titties and they swung free, his fingers teasing her nipples erect. "Okay, Kenny, that's enough for now," Kevin laughed. He pulled her top down and walked her slowly down the bar.


Everyone she passed touched her, hands sliding over her thighs and ass, the women stopping her and French kissing her deep while they rubbed their crotches against her leg. She wondered if you could die from humiliation, the tears running down her cheeks, her mascara striping her cheeks. When they got to the end of the bar, Kevin leaned in and whispered to her, "have you ever seen a stripper?" She nodded nervously while he wiped her eyes with his thumbs.

"You see all those people?" He held her head and made her look around the room. She nodded, still trying to catch her breath and stop crying. "The men all want to fuck you and Mark told me he's ready for that." Kerrie's legs went weak but Kevin held her up. "They want to put you on the pool table and line up around the room and out the door and fuck you while you lick their girlfriend's pussies.

Mark said he saw that in a Thai bar. He said he wants to see you do it." Kerrie was shaking her head. "But, I don't want that. I don't like that idea at all." Kerrie looked up into his face.

It was calm and reassuring. "These guys will fuck you and not even remember it in the morning. I have bigger plans for you." Kerrie's head was swimming but she'd stopped crying and was listening. "If you do a nice striptease for them and show off your tattoos, everyone is going to go back to their drinking and their girlfriends and you and me and Mark are going to go home and talk about your future. Now, how does that sound to you?" Kerrie was already nodding anxiously.

Anything was better than this, she thought, anything. He was lying about Mark, Mark would never do that but it was a big crowd and it might get out of hand. She thought about her tattoos, where they were and what she was wearing and what she'd seen in movies and in the strip clubs Mark had dragged her to twice while they were dating. "That's yes?" Kevin asked.

"Yes," she said firmly. "Everyone!" Kevin stood on a chair and yelled. The clapping and chanting stopped and everyone stared at him. "I give you Thailand's newest star: Anal Soo Lee!" The crowd cheered as Kerrie climbed up onto a table.

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Someone turned up the juke box loud - Woman From Tokyo - and Kerrie began to move her hips slowly, doing her best to match her moves to the music. The way Mark had dressed her, she was nearly naked already, so she did what she could to make the best of her five tattoos. Two were exposed - the speaker on her left forearm and the wire around her left ankle.

She touched them, licked the speaker, looked for Mark. He was lost in the crowd. She slid the top of the skirt down over her right hip so they could get a peek at the rose-vagina. The crowd hooted and clapped.

Then, she slowly exposed part of the abstract cock on her left hipbone, just below the panty line. This time when she looked, she found Mark.


The look in his eyes was appreciation. He was proud of her! That turned her on and she felt herself getting lost in the drums and Ian Gillan's voice. She pulled off the little half-top and stood in front of them nearly naked, squatting with her knees wide, touching her nipples, eyes half-closed and tongue licking her lips.

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She felt it all between her legs now and wanted to masturbate. She squeezed her cunt and felt the brush handle in her ass move. She slid forward and her knees hit the table. She was scared now, afraid again that someone would see the thing just barely sticking out of her bottom. She knew they weren't going to let her get away without taking off her panty-skirt and besides, the fifth tattoo ran from the small of her back down into the top of her ass crack.

She couldn't show it off without pulling the panty-skirt down. She shot a pleading glance at Kevin. He could tell something was wrong but she didn't look injured, just panicky and embarrassed, which was exactly what he was after. He shook his head.

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She didn't even bother begging Mark. She wasn't even sure he knew she'd been using the handle to stretch herself to take his cock. The crowd was getting agitated now - yelling "show us your cooch!" and stomping hard on the ground. Kerrie stood up slowly, running her hands up the insides of her legs from ankle to crotch, then up her chest and finally pressing her hands together above her head, shaking her titties and hips, hoping they would keep their eyes on her chest.

She had a desperate idea. If she could push the handle out and grab hold of it when she slid off her panty-skirt, they might never see it. The idea repulsed her - it would be like taking a crap in front of seventy five people - but she couldn't think of anything else.

She tried pushing and felt the thing move. This might work but it would be so humiliating! Her eyes teared up and she blinked quickly, seeing the room now through a blurry film of water. She teased them, squatting down and opening and closing her knees once, twice, then with one quick motion, she stood up and slid her hands down her sides, pulling the panty-skirt over her bottom while she pushed.

She felt the handle between her fingers and grabbed it, covering it with the panty, turning sideways and back again while the crowd went wild. She did it! The thing was wadded in her hand, everyone's eyes focused on the smooth rise of her cunt and the tattoos just above and to the sides - one of a cock and one of a pussy. "Souvenir!" someone shouted, then everyone was shouting and clapping. "Souvenir!" "We want your panties!" "Over here!" They were going wild, stomping and crowding closer to her.

She knew it was hopeless, she'd be found out, they'd see it and then the fucking would start. Or they'd make her play with herself, shoving the brush handle in and out of her ass while she masturbated for them. She shivered and was starting to cry when she felt Kevin's arm around her. "You can bid for it on eBay!" he yelled, grabbing the panty-skirt from her.

She saw from his face that he felt the handle but he didn't say anything, just held the wad of fabric over his head and yelled, "show's over, folks!" END of CHAPTER 2

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