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Kayla Kayden Problem Music Video
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We made it through dinner without incident. I was caught up in all Amber had done in the last year; everything ranging from school to athletics to after school activities and everything in between. Then we went out for ice cream at Dairy Queen. Amber got a vanilla cone, her favorite, and I got a sundae. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the cool air and outdoors. Amber was an outdoor enthusiast. I had hoped that she would be interested in taking a camping trip this summer.

It was something I aimed to bring up.

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While we sat there we had minor chit chat, but mostly focused on eating our ice cream. I used a spoon for mine while Amber used her tongue. Many times we would lock eyes and she would lick the cone in such a way that my thoughts would fly to the dirty side of things.

My cock swelled hard in my pants as I imagined that luscious tongue wrapped around my shaft, slowly working up my head. The thought of so much pleasure from my daughter was obviously too much for me and I busted right there in my pants as I sat across from her. "Is everything all right daddy?" she asked as it was obviously clear on my face that something was amiss. "I'm fine, sweetheart," I answered through gritted teeth. My cock wasn't done with just one squirt.

I shuddered through two more before the pulsating subsided. She laughed and said, "It looks like you just had an orgasm." My face reddened and I fought to force the blood away from it. "Does your mother let you talk that way?" I chided her.

"Of course," she answered smiling. "You should hear the tales of her and Ron when they have sex." Ron David was Sarah's husband and seventeen years her senior. Whatever she saw in the man, besides his money was beyond me. He had been divorced for three years when they met. He had custody of his two children, Robert, the oldest at twelve and Sabrina who is ten. "She shares her sex life with you?" I asked totally in disbelief. "Of course." Amber giggled a little.

"But you should hear them when they go at it." "Alright, alright," I said holding up my hands to stop her from saying anymore. "I've heard enough." Just where did my innocent child go and who was this sitting in front of me? "I'm sorry daddy," she said looking at me with sad looking eyes.

"Did I embarrass you?" It was my turn to laugh. "No. I just am not interested in hearing about your mother's sex romps with her husband." Silence fell over us as we just stared at each other.

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Then we both broke out in laughter. When we finally settled down our ice creams were nearly melted and not worth finishing. "Well kiddo, are you ready to go get that movie?" I asked. "Sure," she said standing up. "Do I get to pick it this time?" "Yeah, why not," I said. "Just as long as it isn't some sappy love story with all that mushy stuff in it." "But those are the best," she said pretending to whine.

"We'll see," I said feeling the need to give in. I stood up feeling the sticky wetness of my cum pressing against my skin. I looked down and was thankful to not see a large spot from it. If this kept happening I would need to bring a change of underwear everywhere I went. We threw away what was left of our ice cream and headed for the car. Before we got in Amber gave me a huge hug.

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Her breasts pushed against my chest and her groin mashed with mine. I fought hard to keep my cock from getting hard, but it was no use. She held me there for an extra few seconds and when she pulled away she didn't say anything, only smiled. We got in the car and headed for Blockbuster. —— We browsed through Blockbuster moving from aisle to aisle.

I stayed behind Amber the whole time just watching her hips sway back in forth. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a tight white shirt that showed off all her teenage features.

I really wasn't concerned with looking for a movie as much as I was in watching her ass. I lost track of time and almost didn't hear her when she finally found a movie she liked. "Dad," she said probably for the third time. "I found the one I want to watch." She held it out for me and I took it.

The say the least I was shocked. In my hands I held 9 1/2 Weeks starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The movie had sex a whole lot of sex. I had watched the movie a few times with dates and it usually lead to our own sex before the movie was even finished.

There were scenes using food. The most memorable was when Kim Basinger's character is blindfolded and Mickey Rourke's character melts ice cubes on her naked body. I looked up from the movie to my daughter who just stood there with the biggest smile yet since she showed up.

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I shook my head, more in disbelief than anything. "Are you sure this is what you want?" "Of course silly. I wouldn't have picked it out otherwise." "Alright," I said.

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"But don't any ideas in your head." Her smile turned into a devious grin, then she said, "Don't worry daddy, you're safe with me." I nodded. I paid for the rental and we headed home. My mind raced in circles at everything that had happened since this morning. Never in my wildest dreams did I harbor feelings for my daughter like I had been nor did I think she was some kind of little freak. We drove the entire way home not saying a word. Amber had the music up loud playing one of my Rammstein albums so that pretty much hindered any conversation which was perfectly fine with me.

I needed some time to think. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn't even realize we were home until I was pulling into the drive way. I must have driven on pure instinct. Not something I would recommend someone doing on a regular basis. When we got inside Amber informed me she needed to change before we watched the movie so I said okay.

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I changed into a new pair of boxers and sweat pant then went and popped us some popcorn while I waited for her. When she finally came down all she was wearing was a nightgown. I was shocked to see what it was. I'm no expert in women's clothing but I have spent a fair share of my time in Victoria's Secret. Amber wore a pink Halter Babydoll. It was open in the back with a neck enclosure. It was seductive and totally see-though.

Covering her beautiful mound was a matching v-string. My jaw dropped. Her breasts fit perfectly and were absolutely stunning. I just starred wordlessly. Amber smiled knowing she hit the mark with it and did she ever.

I didn't need to look to see the tent that had formed in my pants. To make matters worse, she twirled around to let me see her entire body wrapped in that sexy piece of lingerie. "Do you like it daddy?" she asked in her innocent voice. My mind screamed that she wasn't innocent, but I dared to argue that. "Yes, you look very lovely." She smiled, satisfied I'm sure. "Well, I'm ready for the movie," she said and she turned and gracefully walked over to the couch. I grabbed the bowl of popcorn and joined her.


She waited until I sat down to get comfortable, laying her head on my chest. Her hand dropped innocently on my thigh just inches from my cock. I knew she did it on purpose. My cock, never once settled down. We watched the movie on my fifty-six inch LCD and tore through the popcorn like we were starving banshees. To her credit nothing happened during those intense sex scenes. No touching, brushing, nothing.

And I was ready, believe me. About three quarters into the movie Amber fell asleep. I had no interest in finishing the movie, especially since my hard on was still there and I was only hornier than before.

So I flipped off the movie and television and was about to slid out from underneath her when I stopped. I couldn't move, my mind had told me to freeze and was beginning to take over any logic I still had.

Amber's legs were spread open and looked very inviting. I couldn't help myself but to stare.

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I licked my lips imagining just how wonderful her teenage pussy tasted. Slowly I let my fingers slip down, pushing aside the v-string. I ran a finger across her lips and felt wetness.

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She moaned and I quickly withdrew my hand. My heart was racing a mile a minute but she didn't wake up. I looked at my finger and it glistened against the light showering through from the kitchen. I brought it to my nose and sniffed. An intoxicating aroma filtered in and I knew I needed more. I then licked my finger. The taste was something I could not explain. It was wonderful. Absolutely fucking wonderful.


I slid from beneath her and moved down between her still spread legs. I wanted so bad to stick my tongue between those lips but I resisted. My cock throbbed in my pants demanding a taste, but again I had to resist. So I did the next best and safest thing I could. I pushed aside the v-string and I slipped my middle finger in between those swollen lips. She was soft and pure inside. I could feel that her hymen was still intact.

My daughter was still a virgin. The thought of me taking that virginity only made my cock throb harder.

I started to finger fuck her slowly. She started to moan and I took my eyes off her pussy and looked at her eyes. She was still asleep as best as I could tell so I continued. She orgasmed right away and I felt my hand fill with her cum.

I kept going drawing two more orgasms from her until finally I couldn't take anymore. I pulled my swollen and pulsating cock from my pants and leaned close to her.

The head of my cock was just inches from her tight, virgin pussy. I fought hard against my mind not to just shove it in and started to stroke it. It only took three strokes before I was gushing all over her pussy and v-string. I shot four full streams of cum. Relief washed over me and I fell back against the couch feeling drained and exhausted.

I couldn't believe I had just came all over her pussy. Now I was scared. I thought to clean her up but was afraid to wake her, but at the same time I didn't want to just leave her there with my cum all over her. I sat there debating my dilemma in my head for a few minutes before deciding to just leave her the way she was. I figured if she said anything about it I could just pass it off as her getting off from watching the movie. I pushed my cock back into my pants and headed up stairs to my own bed.