Blonde Ftvgirl Using Two Vibrators

Blonde Ftvgirl Using Two Vibrators
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Jake was working at his local pool as a lifeguard during the summer holidays. He had done this for a couple of years now and sat assuredly up upon his chair gazing out at all of the swimmers.

Unlike his friends he didn't fancy working in a store, flipping burgers or folding clothes, he loved the great outdoors of the swimming pool. The pay that his boss gave him per hour wasn't the best but Jake didn't mind, the job came with other added "bonuses." Jake would often wear his favourite tight speedo shorts and the word "tight" was a bit of understatement. Swimming countless laps of the pool over the years had done Jake a ton of favours and the countless stares directed at his muscular figure bulging out of his speedo did not go unnoticed.

On this particular day he noticed a couple of seniors Hailey and Jennifer swimming on the far side of the pool. He remembered seeing them at a few school events as they were hard to look over, as it wasn't exactly the girls' personalities that made them the most popular girls in high school. Jake was surprised to meet their gaze, being only a freshman himself, but from the looks on their faces they seemed to be enjoying the view!

The girls soon began to practice their diving routines over on the diving boards next to Jake's chair. Their constant stretching and arching seem a little excessive but Jake would be the last to complain, he was in heaven. What seemed like moments later, he was stunned out of trance by the words of his boss screaming at him to clean up all the pool supplies and lock up the afterwards.

He looked around and noticed everyone had left except himself, sitting up there with the stupidest grin on his face!

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His boss was in a hurry to get to a dinner reservation so he escaped a big lecture about concentrating on the job and began to clean up. Once all the pool supplies were locked away in storage, Jake walked over to the locker rooms to lock them up before heading home for the day. As he reached the door and began fiddling for his keys he heard the shower running in the Women's change room.

Confused, he went inside, "Anyone in here?" shouted Jake hesitantly down the hallway. He was met only with silence, so he slowly ventured forward through into the main bathroom as the echoes of the water cascading down onto the floor intensified. Apprehensively he approached the showering area and peered in, and saw a shower running with no one underneath it.

Still standing in his revealing speedo shorts, he walked over and turned the water off.


As he did this he heard a shout and footsteps approaching, "Jennifer, are you already done in there!" exclaimed Hailey. Jake was stuck, he couldn't move a muscle so instead just stood there with his all too familar dumbfounded stare as Hailey's beautiful teenage body came into view. "Jake!" she screeched in surprise. One arm flashed across her perky breasts and the other plastered itself between her legs as she lunged forward, trying to hide her nakedness.

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She turned her face away but not so soon that he couldn't see her burning red cheeks. Stunned, he began breathing heavily until he remembered that he shouldn't be staring.

He turned on his heel and stared instead at the painted concrete wall. In a matter of seconds he heard the stall door slam shut once more. Panicked Jake ran out of the locker room, yelling behind him every apology he could think of! He ran outside and began pacing up and down the pool thinking about how Hailey must be telling Jennifer how he is such a massive perv.

He'd probably get reported and lose his job! Just as he was figuring out what to do he heard hush tones approaching behind him. He spun around and was met with the stern gaze of Hailey, now dressed in a tight green tank top and matching shorts. Jennifer looked just as hot, in tight running shorts and a singlet and as he met her gaze he swore he could so a sense of longing in her eyes. Nevertheless he snapped out of and focused on Hailey, "You shouldn't just walk into the female change rooms you idiot!

Do you know how embarrassing it is to caught walking around naked!" screamed Hailey. As soon as the words left her mouth a mischievous smile spread across her face. "As a matter of fact, I think you should learn just how embarrassing it is!" she cried. "You don't possibly mean.

please girls I'm sorry!" Jake begged, but to no avail. "Strip off those cute little shorts of yours and show us what you've been hiding from us all summer! Come on, I don't have all day!" He looked over to Jennifer for some kind of mercy, but she just winked at him and gestured for that he remove my shorts. Hesitantly, Jake removed his shorts and exposed his dick that began instantly hardening as it met the warm summer night air.

"Well looks like someone isn't shy!" Hailey squealed, as his member quickly grew to its full 8 inches. Embarrassed, Jake didn't know where to look, he glanced over at Jennifer to find her gaze transfixed to his crotch, as if mesmerized by his now erect penis. Hailey was the first to break the silence, "So Jennifer, you didn't have to leave that shower on did you?" "I.

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I. I think, maybe, I know that umm." was all could she could muster as pure lust took over her whole body. She could feel her whole body tensing up, every heartbeat rocking her ribcage as her panties became drenched with her horniness. Without another word Hailey led Jennifer, and Jake, back into the change room and into the shower area. She was in control, striding confidentially over to the nearest cubicle, but at this point Jake couldn't care less!

She began removing her gym clothes and instructed Jennifer to do the same. Jennifer followed along blindly, driven by lust and desperation as my eyes darted back and forth between these two seniors, not knowing where to look. As the girls finished stripping Jake took a moment to check out both of their beautifully toned bodies, Their daily gym routines had clearly payed off as both girls had the most firm and beautiful legs he had ever seen.

Slowly, he moved his gaze up, seeing Jennifer's beautiful pussy, cleanly shaven and glistening with her horniness. Jake's dick twitched at the sight of this as he hungrily examined Hailey's beautiful pussy, which unlike her friend, had a perfectly shaven landing strip that led down to her protruding clit.

Reluctantly, Jake continued his visual assault upwards gazing upon the girls beautiful and perky breasts. Jennifer was in fact more endowed than her friend however both of their tits could of left Jake mesmerised for days! Jennifer smirked as Jake finally finished his assessment, she was getting more confident as she knew her and friend were in for some fun with the handsome lifeguard that he has been checking out for weeks!


The water soon began to soothe the teenagers bodies as Jennifer and Hailey began to put on a little show for their new friend, kissing passionately and groping each other to their hearts content! Jake couldn't believe his eyes and, not for the first time today, stood mesmerised at the sight in front of him. He was soon awoken from his daydream as he felt a shocking wave of pleasure that nearly caused his legs to come out from underneath him.

He looked down to see both girls, lavishing at his cock, gripped with lust and desire. He soon repositioned the girls under the shower, he has Jennifer underneath him with her pussy pushing up into his face, tempting him as if he needed any encouragement!

Hailey continued her tongue lashing on Jake's cock, encircling the head with practised skill until he was groaning in ecstasy. Just as Jake began to think he was going explode Hailey stopped, looking up at him smirking. "I think our little friend needs a break" was all she said as she moved over and began to sixty-nine her beautiful friend. It was hardly a break, as Jake watched the hottest scene unfold right in front of his eyes. Soon after, both of the girls began heaving and panting, rising and falling in rhythm with each other until they exploded in unison with an intense orgasm.

Still bewildered Jake was soon dragged over to the side of the cubicle as Jennifer screamed "Fuck me now please!

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Please Jake, fuck me hard! I need your cock in me so bad!" Jake didn't need to be ask twice as be began to fuck Jennifer hard against the side of the stall, beginning with slow and long movements until finally speeding things up with great ferocity that left Jennifer screaming "Fuck, YESSSS, I'm cuming, fuck me harder, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUCK." as she collapsed down into the cascading stream of water, twitching in pleasure. Hailey, observing the scene from afar, was not going to be left out!

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"You're not done yet big boy!" as she laid Jake down and began to straddle his massive erection. Jake was in absolute heaven as he laid back and watch one of, if not the hottest girl in school, ride his cock intensely until she was crying out with pleasure. She began to speed up after a while, banging his hard cock furiously up against her g-spot sending waves of electricity coursing throughout her body until she clamped down hard on his cock, orgasming so strongly that Jake couldn't control himself as he filled her up with all of his cum.

All three of the teenagers lay in the cubicle, exhausted and satisfied. They knew there was plenty of fun in store for the rest of the holidays.