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Hot teen gives a sexy footjob in her nice pantyhose
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This took place, but I changed the names a bit, just in case on of the guys I work with is an xnxx member. This is only a fantasy though real up to the end, I would never act on it. Any following chapters will not have truth in them and will be a total fantasy from my imagination.

Though I had been the secretary for a little over a month, it was only my 6th day there. I was going to be working more once college let out for the summer, but at this point I was working one day a week.

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I had my own office and I loved the place. I was in the shop for only a few minutes when he walked in. I knew he couldn't see me enter the building, since I entered by the back and he worked on the other side of the shop, but it seemed he sensed my presence any time I was in the shop.

He wasn't anything spectacular, yet somehow he made me flustered. I could banter and joke with all the other guys in the shop and office, but Mike set me on edge. I couldn't talk to him without seeming like an idiot, and I know I blushed all the time around him. I was in the break-room of the shop, sitting at the computer getting payroll for the previous week, when the door opened and shut itself again. Most of the time when this happened it was the shop supervisor, Randy, so I rarely turned around.

Randy usually sat down at his computer and did his own thing, but the person that just walked in came all the way into the break-room and sat down in the chair behind me. I was curious since most of the guys didn't come in but for a few minutes I was there. It was almost as though they didn't like girls or something. I'm not hot, but I'm not hideous either and it threw me off that everyone was so professional around me. Well with the exception of Mike.

Curiousity got the better of me and I turned around. Though he could pass for 20 I knew he had to be older. For one he didn't dress in baggy t-shirts and baggy pants like the majority of younger guys. I know that isn't always a for sure sign of age, but I had noticed his pants the week before when he was talking to Randy about leaving early. His pants hugged his ass in all the right spots.

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I've never been an ass girl, I tend to notice a guys eyes and chest first, but damn Mike had a nice ass. And nice legs, and an over all nice body altogether.

I didn't mean to drop in on the conversation but he had asked Randy to be able to leave early so that he could attend his daughter's kindergarten graduation. I didn't listen to the whole conversation because I was caught up in the fact that he had a kid.and was probably married. He was staring at me. Any other guy and I would of freaked, but I felt flattered inside. We had talked a bit the week before, and like now, I couldn't stop looking at his lips and wondering what it would be like to kiss them.

He asked how payroll was coming. I knew that was a joke and then some. The week before I had spent two hours trying to figure out the program and fix some of its quirks, all without a manual.

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The good thing was that he kept finding a reason to be in the break room. Considering he was in here again with me, I was guessing he didn't get into any trouble for the previous week. I finished printing off payroll, drawing it out as long as possible, looking at Mike out of the corner of my eye while he talked on his cell phone. I gathered my stuff and headed back to the office.

I wasn't in my office for long before realizing the previous weeks payroll was all screwed up. The guys record their times on paper, just in case the time clock goes screwy, but half of them don't include their lunch hours or just plain don't right down their hours. The one that seemed to always be a problem every week was Terry. I had jokingly told him I couldn't read his chicken scratch and he had gotten better about it, but he still only wrote down some hours, and clocked in on the computer sometimes, so it was trying to piece a puzzle back together.

I knew I should of caught the problem beforehand but I was too caught up checking Mike out. He wasn't a super hot guy, mainly average, but he made me all quivery inside.

Take today for instance. I was wearing a knee-length spring dress that showed off a good amount of cleavage. I usually went braless, my tits were perky enough I didn't absolutely need the extra boost. But today I was wearing a bra, not to maximize my cleavage, but to hide my continual state of arousal. When it's 70 degrees outside and 10 degrees warmer in the shop, it's hard to explain nip-ons.

So I headed back out to the shop to see if I could fix the computer real quick. That was my excuse, though I knew darn well I could of stayed in my office and figured out the times. I was trying to figure out how Mike always seemed to know I was in the break-room since there weren't any windows on that side of the shop, which faced the office building.

I figured he must either be a slacker and just stop in the break-room all the time, which didn't seem like the answer, or the guys who were working in the shop alerted each other when I stepped in. That made more sense but I wasn't sure how I felt about the guys talking about me. I was a flirt and a bit of an exhibitionist but I kept it under wraps since I was the only female. Soon as I stepped in the break-room I noticed Mike in my seat.

Technically it wasn't my seat but there were four other chairs and I needed the one in front of the computer. I hadn't said too much to Mike because I always seemed to mix my words up which caused my chest, neck, and face to turn red, but at the moment I needed him to move. So I told him so, which came out more like "Mike you need to move or I can come back after your lunch break".

He got up and looked annoyed. Turning red I told him he didn't have to leave, but I needed the computer, that even though I loved his company I wasn't paid to hand out with him. Okay so I flirted a little. He laughed and sat down in the chair next to me.


Turning on the program I needed was hard enough with him less that a foot away, but trying to figure out its problem was impossible. I knew he was looking at me, not the computer, because I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

He even carried on a conversation with the new guy while glancing at me. I was breaking into a sweat just trying to imagine what he was thinking. My nipples were hard and rubbing against the inside of my lacy black bra. My pussy was throbbing and I my mind was filled with dirty thoughts that I knew I wouldn't act on. I was a married woman and too shy to even talk to Mike much less do any of the stuff filling my head.


I mentally willed the new guy to leave. Mike and I had been alone before, but I hadn't given him any real signals that I wanted him, and he was too nice to initiate anything. But damn I wanted to straddle him on that chair, wrap my arms around his neck, and grind on him while kissing him.

I wanted to feel his hands on my tits, his mouth circling my nipples and sucking, licking and nibbling. I wanted him to put his hand up my dress and rub my pussy.

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I could barely concentrate on the computer with him that close, it was driving me crazy. Then again they probably thought there was something wrong, since I kept shifting around, trying to get comfortable. I'm almost positive there was a damp spot from my wet pussy on that chair when I finally gave up and left the break-room.

My office is in the back of the building and most of the day I am left alone to do my own thing. Every couple hours someone from the front brings me a fax or something, or Randy comes in with a message.

I had the important things done for the day and was daydreaming about Mike again. The shop guys rarely showed up in the office, if something was needed Randy came over. But my mind kept putting visions of Mike coming into my office. Sitting in my desk chair I knew I'd be even with his zipper. I could rub his cock through his jeans, or even give him a blowjob, and from the door it would look like we were talking. Damn I wanted him bad. It was driving me nuts. I wasn't some old housewife that never got any and was looking for something to spice up my life.

I'm 23 and my husband was ready and willing whenever I wanted some. Sure my husband's a jerk, but I love my daughter and at the moment life is better for her if I stay with my husband than if I try to take the single mother route. And with my daughter in mind I turned down any guy that wanted to be more that friends, saying they could be a better father. I've had my share of assholes and I'd rather not drift from one jerk to another with my daughter having to grow up like that.

At least with my husband we were finacially set. And he didn't do drugs. He had a temper but the most he did was yell.yell and play video games all the time. I knew it could be worse so I stayed with him for the sake of my daughter.

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Then along comes this job with a guy who is nice to me without overtly oggling me or making sexual passes. And my dumb ass falls for him. I wasn't hearing wedding bells or anything, instead I was feeling the animal lust that I hadn't felt since high school.


I broke out of the daydreaming and wondered how I was going to make it through the day. I couldn't rub my clit and bring myself to orgasm in my office since at any given time someone could come back here. The fax machine was in the office across from mine. I couldn't go to the bathroom and rub myself off since the bathroom was up front and the walls were paper thin. Either way I knew even if I had the chance, I would just be hornier. And unlike other girls who could give themselves an orgasm and have no signs of it other than being flushed, I'm a squirter so if I gave myself an orgasm I'd have a wet dress to deal with.

My boss called me and told me to get the new guy's info so I could fax it into the lady that writes the payroll checks. No problem, it gave me an excuse to go back out into the shop. I gathered all the forms that the new guy, Martin, would need to fill out and headed along the little sidewalk leading from the office to the shop.

Martin wasn't in the break-room, or anybody else I could send out to get him, so I had to venture out myself. The break-room is set off the side so I don't have to walk around the shop. I could of paged him, but that's always iffy since there's so many loud machines they might not hear a page.

Thankfully I didn't have to walk far, I'm still not used to wearing high heels all the time so I stumble a lot. They guys were grouped around one of the huge machines. It was on, but I couldn't tell you what it was or what they were doing. They were the smart ones with the heavy duty goggles and earmuff things the block out the roar of the machine. I stood as far away as possible and pointed at Martin and beckoned him to follow me.

I'm sure that got some response from the other guys but I didn't stand around to see. I went back to the break room, hoping by some weird chance Mike would come back, too, if only by accident since he was next to Martin when I had pointed and beckoned. No such luck. In came Martin who is the complete opposite of Mike. Whereas Mike is about 6'0", I think Martin was maybe 5'5", just a few inches taller than me.

Mike had an athletic build, a farmer's tan, thick dark brown hair I wanted to run my hands through, and sensual lips I wanted to nibble on. Martin on the other hand was on the bigger side, dark complected naturally, and I didn't pay much attention to him sexually.

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Technically the only guy I had really looked at like that, other than Mike of course, was Terry. Terry an Mike were around the same age, mid 20's, but Terry was more of a teddy bear. He had adorable dark blonde hair and probably an extra 15 pounds on his frame. He was good natured when I picked on him about his bad handwriting, and had improved it.

He was a nice guy, someone who would be fun to hang out with, the kind to drink and fish with, but not the kind I wanted to ravage. I got Martin started on the paperwork, and since I had no distractions, I tried figuring out the computer program again.

I didn't hear him come in but I felt someone next to me. I turned and there he was, only a few feet away. The first thought that came to mind come out of my mouth, "Aren't you hot in jeans and a long sleeve shirt?, You're making me hot just looking at you." As soon as it popped out of my mouth I regretted it and turned red.

Cool as can be he responded with "I like being hot", and had a half-smile on his lips. Not only was I embarrassed for the way my words came out, but the fact was he did more than make me hot, and he probably knew it. Martin gave me the opportunity to turn away, by asking for help on one of the forms. I turned to help him, and bent over the table, showing off my nice ass to Mike. I know my dress came up a bit, and I could feel myself getting wet thinking that if Mike tilted his head to the right angle he could stare at my lacy thong without no one being wiser.

I shifted a few times, which brought the dress up higher, being sure to give him a good view if he was looking. I sat back down and glanced at Mike. He either didn't as good a view as I hoped or could care less, because he didn't look flustered, the way most men would be if they just had a nice view of young shaved pussy with the smallest black lace covering it. I don't know how we managed it, but we just looked at each other for probably ten minutes, and it wasn't awkward in any way. I was wishing I knew his thoughts, because for all I knew he was looking at something behind me.

I know my thoughts were lust filled.

Martin said he was done and handed me the paperwork. I stood to leave, and so did Mike. For someone that had already worked for hours and was sweaty, his smell didn't turn me off.

I came to the middle of his chest, and it was mere inches away. He stretched, and his body leaned towards me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, see if I could feel something poking me. I wanted to untuck that blue shirt of his, see if he had chest hair or not, and run my hands in it. I wanted to kiss my way down the happy trail.I was getting myself worked up again. He looked down at me, smiled, and left the break-room. I went back to my office.

I didn't call Martin's info into our accountant. I was trying to slow down my breathing, slow my heart. After a few minutes I was feeling a little more normal. I called the accountant. We made small talk, and I doubt she had any clue that my body was begging to stripped and lavished with kisses.

Afterwards I went to file some stuff away into the office across from mine. I looked at the table and next to the filing cabinet and thought that it was the right height for me to sit on and have Mike sink his cock into me.

My nipples were so hard they hurt. I wanted to be fucked so bad, that if he would of came into the office I might of actually jumped him. I eventually calmed down and by closing time, I felt normal again.

The guys in the shop worked 6-4, and my hours were 9-5 so I knew I had no chance of running into Mike. I could go home and relax for an hour before my husband came home with our daughter. As luck would have it, the guys were working a bit late. They filed out as I was leaving. Mike came up to me and almost shyly asked what I was doing the next day. My mind was screaming "anything you want", but I calmly told him I was in college all day.

All that came out of his mouth was "oh". Randy came up and intercepted. He said there was a BBQ at Mike's after work the next evening and since I was officially part of the company now I was invited.

I looked at Mike and told him if he gave me directions I could stop by for a bit between classes. He gave me directions, and to my surprise he was pretty close to the college. I said my goodbyes and left. I was all turned on again. I was trying not to read anything into the disappointed way Mike had said "oh", but I couldn't help and think that maybe he liked me.

I wasn't going to let myself be used, but we could be friends, maybe with a few benefits. As I rubbed my clit, driving home, I imagined all the ways things could go at the BBQ. Maybe I could get a few minutes alone with him and see if those lips of his tasted half as good as they looked. I got home with plenty of time to spare. I went straight to my room. Needing relief I took my bullet, which I call "little b", out.

I had him on the lowest setting and was rubbing him on my clit through my panties. After a few minutes I took my dress off and my panties. I turned my bullet up and rubbed him across my hard nipples, imagining they were Mike's fingers. I put the bullet against my clit, which was hard and extremely sensitive in my heightened arousal. Immediately I came.

I didn't stop, though, and ran the bullet over my clit again. I repeated this a few times, then got out my dildo. I rammed it in my pussy while attacking my clit with the bullet.

My whole body shook from the orgasms I was giving myself. Glancing at the clock, I hurriedly put away the toys, threw on some clothes and covered the wet spot on the bed, with a few minutes to spare before my husband came home. He said hi, and went straight to his computer to play his games. I kept myself busy with my daughter and thinking of the day to come.