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Teenies fuck lovers asshole with oversized strapons and squirt spunk
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Chapter 7 Monday night. I kicked the dirt under my feet as i paced back and forth. No idea what i was going to do now. I couldn't go home, not now anyway.

I had splashed water in my face in the restroom of the McDonalds across the road from were i was supposed to meet her. i had checked my phone a thousand times, and still nothing from ether Ali or Sara. This had all gotten out of hand. I dried my face and looked into the mirror again my face was still flushed from all the running.

I had to leave the dingy restroom though, it smelled like a few animals had died in there. i left and entered the brightly lit lobby. "Welcome to McDonalds." The guy behind the counter said as he eye'd me suspiciously. To his surprise i walked up to the counter and ordered a drink. The poor guy looked maybe my age but he shuffled around like a 90 year old. I guess this job would wear on you after a wile. I took my cup, filled it with sprite and started to drink. i don't even drink sprite, thats how fucked up i was feeling.

In all of this i had not tried texting Tracy yet. I didn't know if i should have or not. I opened a new message and after a few minutes of just staring at the blank screen I typed out "I don't hate you, and i am sorry too. for everything." It was the only thing that felt okay to say for now. So leaving it at that I sent it off. For the first time in the last hour i put my phone in my pocket and walked out the door. My eyes adjusted to the darkness outside and headed back to the empty lot across the street.

As i reached the curb a small black Honda Civic screeched to a halt right next to me. i jumped up onto the sidewalk and whipped my head to see past the head lights to who was driving. It was someone in a black hoodie. i walked over as the window was rolling down.

"i asked for a ride in the car not on the front of it." I said. An older girl with a light brown pony tail leaned her head out the window and flicked a cigaret to the pavement. Her green eyes peered through a puff of smoke. "Get in, smart ass." she scoffed. ****One day earlier. back at church.**** I stood frozen, staring into a corner that i had hoped to god was empty, but it wasn't.

A girl kneeled behind an unused desk. She had auburn-reddish hair that was long and wavy. She slowly stood up from her hiding place. She was tall too, probably the same hight as i was. "Oh my god Brianna, what. I don't even know. What you saw was." Ali stammered for words. "That was some intense shit. That's what that was." Brianna finished. Her eyes wide as if she had seen a horrific car accident.

"Brianna listen, we are sorry and we have to forget this happened." Ali said with an out stretched hand as if she were offering a hand shake. I then realized that she was holding out her hand for Brianna to place her phone into it. I had not even seen that Brianna not only had a phone in hand but the very large visible screen showed that she was currently recording a video.

"oh fuck." breathed out as the realization dawned on me. Ali suddenly stepped forward but Brianna skipped back holding her phone high above her head. "Back off! or this gets sent to who ever i want." Brianna threatened. " whoa whoa, lets not get ahead of ourselves." I reassured. "no. lets not." Brianna said as she lowered her phone and clicked off the video and saved it.

I could tell Ali was sizing her up to see if she could take her in a fight. Brianna stood at least a head taller than Ali. Brianna also had a lean frame but wasn't a stick that could be easily snapped.

I wasn't sure if that would deter Ali from tackling her to the ground. I judged by the way Ali's hands hand balled into fists that it was becoming more likely that she just might attack this girl. "Hang on. Just everyone chill out for a second." I said. "Brianna, is it?" She nodded still looking bewildered. "What were you even doing in here anyway?" i said to try and ease the situation. Brianna shifted never letting her eyes leave Ali. She stepped back and sat against the old desk in the corner.

"I come in here all the time to skip out on the Sunday sermon. I get enough of that at home. Until i can get on with my life i escape to this little room." She said. "Okay that sounds like there is a whole bunch of baggage there that im not going to touch.

So anyway, why did you not say anything when we came in?" I continued. Ali still had not moved a muscle. Brianna looked up to me with her hazel eyes, they finally came off Ali but looked no less relaxed. "I thought you might have been my parents or Mrs. Thomas wondering were i was. then i heard Ali and just thought i would hear Sara's voice after that but then i heard you." "Me?" i said. "Yes you, i didn't know who you are, so i waited then before i could do much besides admire your new boyfriend" she nodded to Ali.

"And then you guys went full sex scene right here. in a church." She looked at us both with raised eyebrows. "I have seen some shit but you guys fucked.

in a church." She repeated. The shock was wearing off and Brianna was starting to show more personality now. She shook her head and laughed to herself. "Okay, so why tape us?" Ali snapped. "Because it was way hotter than any of the dirty stuff iv ever seen. And i now have leverage." Brianna said. My heart dropped again. "What?" I stammered. "Leverage for what?" Brianna finally looked me dead in the eye. "Favors. I collect them and i enjoy having them." Brianna smiled.

"That's it I will tear off your head you stupid." "If you come at me i will scream." Brianna interrupted. "then people with come running and they will get to see the show i got to see." "I'm willing to bet i can get that out of your hands before you scream." Ali growled.

"Wait, Ali, just hang on. Lets not resort to that." I said, then i turned to Brianna and added a "yet." "You like making options, thats good. i will give you some. By the way what is your name?" Brianna asked sweetly.

"It's Zach." Ali turned and looked at me as if saying "why the hell are you talking to her?" then she looked back at Brianna. "What do I have to do to get you to erase the video?" Ali asked.

"We will get to that." Brianna said holding up a finger to Ali. "its nice to meet you Zach. Okay because i'm still in shock by what i just saw, you two will owe me a favor." She said as i could see the wheels turning in her head.

she began to pace and look up as if she had an imaginary canvas she was crating her plan onto. "Just a favor?" Ali asked. "One favor. each." Brianna said. "That's insane! We haven't done anything to you.

And Sara and i have always been nice to you." Ali said through clenched teeth. Before we could continue the door to the room jiggled. Everyone jumped. Someone was trying to get in but the door was locked. Brianna called out "just a second" and looked back at us mouthing silently "one favor each" to the two of us. She held her stare until i nodded yes.

Ali continued to stare with hate in her eyes. I put my hand on her shoulder. another knock on the door. I shook Ali's shoulder and she finally nodded to Brianna. She smiled and then said loudly "Amen!" as she hopped with her long legs over to the door. She opened it to stare Mrs. Thomas in the face. The older woman with a red face and stringy graying hair looked around the room with a similar movement as a bird watching for prey.

"What are you all doing in here?" Mrs. Thomas said in a raspy voice. "Sorry Mrs. Thomas, Ali and i were praying for our friend Zach. He is new to church and has done some. " Brianna turned to look back and me ". very bad things. So Ali and i were praying with him to find a new path, one that will please to the Lord." Brianna said with sincerity. Mrs. Thomas looked over at me.

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"Why are you so sweaty?" The older lady asked. ".uhh, it's the. conviction. of my past sins, they are just burning me up." I stuttered. Mrs. Thomas walked past Brianna and moved Ali to the side with one arm. She stopped dead in front of me. Her eyes seemed wise and also crazy at the same time. ". Good for you young man. Take this." She said. Her face never changing emotion beyond her strong brow slightly elevating.

She put paper in my hand. i looked down at a yellow pamphlet that read "So you are skipping Hell, now what?" with a confused cartoon man on the cover.

Mrs. Thomas quickly moved to the door and told us to go back out to the service or the other places we should be. We filed out of the room into the hallway. Mrs. Thomas was closing the door but stopped half way. she took a big sniff with her nose. Ali and i froze in panic. It was warm in there and the room smelled like sex. She must have known it. She turned and looked at us. "You smell that?" I closed my eyes and awaited the large fist of Mrs.

Thomas to be around my throat. "Thats the smell of conviction." She said with a smile (or what i assumed was a smile) and shut the door fully. Ali and i shared a look of relief as the old lady trudged down the hall. i turned and discovered that Brianna was nowhere to be found. "She's gone already." I said almost to myself. "So who is that? i have never seen her at school." Ali let out a deep breath.

"She is home schooled, but she plays on the soccer team at school. She has always been pretty nice to me. But i don't know her that well. obviously." Ali said sounding defeated. "Hey, it will be okay, we will work something out with her." I said. I smiled but Ali still looked sad. "or we kill her and get rid of the video." I joked.

"We should." Ali said deadpan. For a few seconds i was worried she might be serious but then she finally looked up at me and cracked a half smile. " I just hate being caught like that, unprepared." Ali said as she started walking back to the main sanctuary. I followed along and put my arm around her.


"I have the tournament to go to this week. Brianna is coming so i will try and solve this before we get back." Ali said. "yeah? you are going to take care of this all by your self?" I asked.

"Yup, i am. cuz I'm a badass like that." "hey! you are in a church, watch the language." I said as i swiftly gave Ali's tight butt as playful swat. Ali yelped but covered her mouth and started to laugh. We came back into the main service as the Pastor was finishing up his sermon. When the service was over,(which it actually wasn't as bad as i thought it might be) Tracy, Ali and I walked out into the warm day. "Alright, Zach so?" Tracy asked.

"So what?" i asked as i looked back at her. she had a sheepish smile. "what did you think?" She said as she slightly winced. "Oh right sorry! it actually was nice." "Yeah?" she beamed with an almost little girls enthusiasm. it was honestly adorable. Her smile reminded me of Ali's "Yeah." i affirmed back. "Yay." she joked as she gave me a tight side hug. she then passed Ali and i and unlocked the car before we piled in. The car was burning up inside. Which turned out to be a blessing because it was inside and way from prying eye (besides mine) Ali again took off her sweater to show off her bouncy breasts tightly wrapped in her dress.

Not only that but Tracy too unbuttoned her sweater as she blasted the AC in the car. she then rolled it off her tan shoulders. i was in the back behind the passenger seat to i could see Tracy's 38 C cups bouncing as she tugged and tugged to get the sweater off her glistening skin.

then i came up with an idea. I shoved the seatbelt clip down in between the seats. "Hey Tracy? i cant find the seatbelt thing." i lied. "oh Shoot, it gets stuck sometimes between the seats." She said as she turned around to throw her sweater to the seat next to me.

"Really? I cant find it though." I said as i faked struggling to find it. "Okay hang on." she said as she unclipped her seat belt and hopped her soft butt onto the center console so she could reach back to try and help.

her blue eyes looked with fierce concentration to find it, it seemed as if she has had this problem many times.

Which was okay with me because i got to watch her breasts struggle against her bra as she struggled to get the seatbelt fixed. After about a full minute of watching those wonderful feeders of children dance in front of me wile the AC blasted directly on them so her nipples eventually pressed out against her bra; i finally reached between the seats were her hand was and pulled out the belt clip from were i had tucked it.

Wile i reached i didn't pass up a chance to brush my hand against her's her warm and soft skin was oddly soothing to touch. "There we go. thanks, I'm so sorry i couldn't get it on my own." I laughed to myself.

"Zach, its not a problem. That thing is a pain. i don't know how many times iv had to do that." Tracy rolled her eyes as she hopped back into her seat. We stopped for smoothies before going back to my house. But as we turned down my street we got bad news. "Alison, honey, i am afraid we are going to have to reschedule you guys studying." Tracy said. "What? Why?" Ali said trying to hide her frustration.

"Hey don't jump down my throat, i wish you would show this much energy towards studying all the time, i mean think-" "Mom!" Ali cut Tracy off as she started to trail off into a lecture.

"Right, thats a whole other conversation. Your sister needs to get picked up her group got back earlier than expected and i don't feel like going home and then coming this way to get you and then back tracking to go get her later." Tracy said as she pulled into my driveway. "but mom we need to study." Ali said. "Can you just trade notes?" i promise i will let you come back and study another time, but you are still grounded.

so your ass is mine still. and your test is not until Friday so you will have time when you get back from soccer. and you are lucky i am letting you still go by the way." Tracy said as she took another casual drink of her smoothie.

maybe it was the dream i had or something else but Tracy was just turning me on this morning. She was giving Ali those playful "you know i am right" that Ali and Sara often used on me. and her lips bending around that little straw made me wish it was my finger she was sucking on. I snapped myself out of my daydream.

i had to keep it together if i was ever going to try and have a successful relationship with Ali. Which was still far off anyway. "I am not arguing but i would like it to be known that Sara does a bunch of stupid things and we BOTH get grounded, and SHE gets to go on a weekend retreat wile I DONT get to go STUDY when thats what i WANT to do." Ali said stressing specific points.

"Alison, your sister is at a prayer retreat so she can sort some things out." Tracy said. "Sorry Zach." She added. She must have felt bad for bringing up Sara. "IT"S AT THE BEACH!" Ali said as she through her hands into the air. "Ali. Enough." Tracy snapped back. "It's alright Tracy, can Ali come in for a just a few minutes so we can trade notes." I said trying to be a peace maker. Tracy and Ali both let out a frustrated sigh, in almost perfect unison.

They were practically mirrors of each other, or even seeming like almost the same person just at different times like a crazy time travel movie. Ali being perky young, sexy like they girl you could have as a best friend but is the girl you dream of having in the bed, grey blue eyes, pouty little mouth with full lips and a natural smooth tan that blends into paler as she reveals more skin that she doesn't show anyone.

her mom is like a well aged version of her only with dark brown hair that is cut to hang midway down her neck just above her shoulders.

with larger mature breasts and a body that is curvy, with natural wide hips. Tracy relented to let us go into the house. Ali followed me to my door with her book bag over her shoulder. she looked disappointed. "Damn it Zach today has turned into a shit day." She said. I opened the door and no one was home. Ali stepped in and closed the door behind her. As she turned around i pounced and wrapped her in my arms.

I lifted her off her feet and kissed her sweet lips.


"We only have 5 mins tops." I said. Ali laughed and smiled "Well take me to your room right now boy." She giggled before swiping her tongue across mine.

I swept her off her feet and took her down the hall into my room. i kicked the door shut as i playfully dropped Ali on to the bed. I flung my pants off with lightning speed and i jumped on top of her. "Weird. we have had sex twice but never in a bed." i said. "Zach? Five minutes remember get your head in the game." Ali said as she grabbed my growing dick and started to stroke it.

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I slid my hands up Ali's dress. My fingers ran up her soft legs. i lightly gripped them as they gave way to the round soft mounds of her butt. She laughed as it tickled her, hair in her face and smile beaming. i squeezed her cheeks in my hands pulling them open and closed. ali put a hand on my neck and pulled me in for deep kiss. it was long and tender, her lips pecking at mine but never breaking connection once.

she took her dress with the other hand and hiked it up all the way past her perfect little belly button. i kept playing with her ass as i pressed my lips into her neck.

I moved my hands up her soft body to her breasts and i pinched on her nipples from outside her bra. My cock being stroked the entire time was ready and waiting. She pulled her panties farther to the side and whispered "Have sex with me right now." I did not need to be told twice. my cock was so hard it hurt. I got onto my knees and put my dick between her legs but outside of her opening i teased the head of my dick across the outside over and over again, every once in a wile quickly pressing the head into her button then into the opening.

But ali had had enough teasing and started to reach for my cock.

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I didn't wait any longer then I entered her, she practically screamed. i bit down on her shoulder playfully and started to hump myself into her over and over. Ali wrapped her legs around my waist to hold me tighter to her. her sopping wet pussy was still tight enough to be squeezing my dick as it slid in and out of her.

Ali was panting like she was sprinting. our foreheads pressed together as i stared into her beautiful eyes. she kept giving me small kissed between whimpers of pleasure. my cock was entering her and pressing her juices out onto my legs and sheets. it was so warm and so soft. I sat up and pulled her dress up over her head Ali flipped her bra down. i grabbed her hips as i started pumping faster.

Her mouth was open as she sucked in air almost silently. My hands grasped soft handfuls of her flesh as i thrust. She writhed like a belly dancer on her back. she Grabbed her own nipples and pulled on them. her eyes shut in bliss.

"we have to hurry." she whispered out. "or my mom will wonder." she said but was cut off by a moan. " just imagine her walking in to find us like this." i said through labored breath. the thought of Tracy coming in to find me balls deep in her daughter was absolutely thrilling. and it must have been for Ali too by the sounds of her moans and the increased rhythm of her grinding against me. "I. cant. last. long" I muttered between grunts. "it's . uh. uuh. fuck, just do it.

again. uh! come in me again." she begged. Ali reached up and pulled me by the hair down to her. i latched my lips onto her breast and flicked it with my tongue. Ali wrapped one leg around my back and thrust against me as she cried out. I couldn't contain myself. it was going to be a quicky after all. I grabbed a her face and kissed her deeply as the first wave of heat surged from me.

As the cum started to flow my cock swelled and Ali melted in my arms. She just repeated "yes." over and over into my lips. As i poured seed into her. I collapsed onto her. i wanted to stay like that forever. But Tracy honked the horn reminding us that we were on a small time limit. Ali got up as cum leaked out of her again. she wiped herself off with a towel. and then got dressed with lightning speed. "I wish i didn't have to go!" Ali said. she bent down and kissed me. "ugh! that was so good!" she kissed me again.

"and i got two doses of your come in one day." she kissed me a final time. "god its so hot. Okay i gotta go, shit, sorry to run, i love you." Ali stopped with some panic on her face.

it was maybe an accident. and i think she was worried saying i love you would freak me out. I jumped up and kissed her. "i love you too." I said with a smile. Ali was beaming. she was sweating and flushed and she was beautiful. Then another honk from the car. Nether of us said anything else. she just gathered her self and left my house. Both of us genuinely happy. The rest of the afternoon came and went. Dusk had begun to settle in. Mom was gone the whole day, you would have thought she had moved out besides the subtle signs she had been home.

it almost made me more worried when i would go days with out seeing her. Later on that night as I was cleaning the kitchen, the front door opened and my mom came in. She had her usual work attire on, dark denim jeans, hair pulled back in a low ponytail, tight black v-neck and her little name tag, her name "Eva" was written in cursive in stark contrast to the red blocky "Applebee's" logo.

She threw her keys and purse on the counter as she said a small "hey" to me, I was scrubbing a stain off the tile floor on all fours when I looked up at her. I decided to smile and respond with a genuine sounding "hi mom" this got her to smile back releasing some tension from the room.

The last I saw of her was in the bathroom Friday night, the first real time we had sex. The time in the bedroom with the fight I considered rape. It was forced, and I didn't want it. And I hated it. But what I hated more was that I didn't consider it rape in the bathtub. Maybe because she was sober, and she was different. It honestly felt like it was a different person than the woman she was when she drank. I hated that I thought back on the tub now as I looked at her and felt a heat, I felt desire for her somewhere in my soul, or whatever it is that I had.

I told her thanks for the food yesterday, I decided to leave out going to church when she asked me to tell her about my day. When I asked her how her day was, she did something i had not seen her do in a long time.

She lit up with a big smile. "i might have a job opportunity!" she beamed "What? your kidding? where is it?" "Some office, a few business guys came in and were the usual drunk and stupid, normally i would milk them for tips like crazy but I didn't, well I did a little, anyway i decided i would treat them professionally and it went well, but what i didn't notice was that one of the men, probably the DD, was just observing the situation the whole time.

after they all were about to leave he approached me and said that i did the best job he has seen handling his drunk business partners and friends and that if i was that good with them and if i ever wanted to get out of the bartending business i could call him for a position! he is looking for an assistant." She said with a girlish enthusiasm showing me his card. "thats great mom, but are you sure he wasn't just hitting on you?

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you are beautiful." i said, i was surprised the words came out of my mouth and i think she was too because her eyes got wide for a second, and then she smiled. "ha thats very sweet, but don't worry he was very gay, he hooked up with one of the other guys in the bathroom, so he actually wanted me to interview." she laughed. "thats amazing, I'm happy for you." i genuinely was happy for her. maybe things were going to change for her, i hoped it would.

"so i left him a voicemail when i got off and said that i could come in tomorrow, then i thought that might sound desperate but who the hell cares anymore." she said. With that she went down the hall probably to change for bed. i finished up in the kitchen and cleaned up myself. i decided i wasn't tired yet and i could go for watching a movie.

I went down to the small shelf with all of our dvd's and started filing through them looking for something that i was in the mood for. not much jumped out at me. i ended up landing on the first season of Game of Thrones. my mom was a fan but i (to my shame) had yet to start watching it. i figured now would be as good of time as ever to start.

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i grabbed season 1 and started to walk back to my room when my mom came down the hall wrapped in a blanket. "What are you up too tonight?" she said looking down at my hands. "Oh are you going to finally start watching Game of thrones? you have been missing out." she jokingly nudged me. "yeah i figured id give it a shot, just let me know if it is too loud." i said as i started to walk.

"well you can watch it out here! besides i want to see your face after the first episode." she laughed. Part of me wanted the privacy and just to continue my nice quiet day alone but she looked excited and we really had not done anything positive together in a long time.

So i relented and told her i was going to change and grab a blanket if she wanted to set up the blu-ray. "we can share this blanket if you want? its huge." she offered. It was huge, it was a kingsize blanket she like to use even though she only had a full size mattress.

"thats okay i have one i like to use anyway." i said as i walked to my room. I got in my room and began to change into some sweat-shorts and a clean t-shirt. but then a funny thing happened i looked at my blanket and just didn't want it. i kept thinking about the bathtub, and her humping me, and her soaked body as we had sex in the water.

and i thought that maybe i should share a blanket, it would be warmer. i began to feel compelled to not use my blanket. it was like every time i thought i should put up a boundary physically between her and i to be safe, the thought got pushed down.

until i just thought "screw it, it will be fine." i came back into the living room and it seemed like it had gotten a little colder in the house, but no windows were open and the AC wasn't on.

I went to the couch and wrapped myself in half the blanket. Mom was in the kitchen probably getting a snack. i watched as the Blu-ray menu showed a montage of footage and got a bit excited about finally seeing this show. "Dont start it with out me." she called from the kitchen. "I wont, dont worry, hey you have seen this before does it matter that much?" i called back. I glanced over the the couch and the space next to me where she would probably sit and i had a sudden bit of reservation about my decision maybe space was good.

i didn't want her to get any ideas. i just wanted her to get better. It was as if the want to share a blanket and shred of desire had lost all its steam. "Of course it matters sweetie." She said with a fake dramatic tone.

Then those thoughts that had lost power, came back full steam. She rounded the corner to the living room holding two glasses of milk and a bag of oreo's under her arm. more importantly she was wearing a loose royal blue long sleeve pajama top that was wide around the neck showing off lots of her pale neck and shoulder. Her black hair was down and a little messy.

the biggest problem was her tiny grey soffe shorts and matching knee high socks. "What is it? Oh sorry i just assumed you wanted milk. i should have asked." She said with a smile.

As she came and set the glasses down the cookies slipped out from her arm and fell to the ground. she swore, and was about to bend down to pick them up but i sprang to action and picked them up, set them on the table and was back under the blanket in less than a second.

I had to do it, i couldn't let her do the bending over and being sexy thing, i don't know if she was doing it on purpose but i wasn't going to find out. "wow kiddo, i haven't seen you move that fast in a long time." she giggled. "i just didnt want the package to spill open or anything." I lied. Mom settled in, but gave me a look. i asked what was wrong. "When you said you were going to use your own blanket i didnt think you meant stealing mine.

because that is not going to fly." she said. I had not realized that i had wrapped myself in it and left none for her. "i'm sorry, i actually do want to share with you." I smiled. I wasn't sure where the smile came from or the fact that when i said it i was genuine. my emotions were betraying me, or more likely my sex drive was beginning to fight for control. i stood up and spread the blanket wide over us and sat back down.

Before doing that there was about a foot between us, now that i sat back down we were side by side, i wasn't sure if she closed the gap or if i did. It didn't matter now, there was contact, and her cent was lifting up to my nose.

it was so strangely alluring. Suddenly she turned to me as i looked at her smooth neck, her eyes green and piercing, her face less than a foot from mine. "Shall we?" she said. Then she flicked the first episode on. It had me hooked pretty quickly. i reached forward and grabbed the oreo's. i munched on one and soon my mom asked for one also, i tried to hand her a few of them but she insisted she only wanted one.

So i just dropped one in her hand, she sheepishly said thank you, and i just kept staring at her face, her pale skin seemed almost illuminated in the glow of just the tv. "Zach?" "yeah?" "Watch the show baby." ". right sorry." "ha dont say sorry to me, you will only be mad at yourself if you miss it." she laughed as she bit down on her oreo.

My heart was pounding, i turned to the tv and reached for my milk. when i leaned back my leg rubbed gently against her's, it was warm skin to skin. I swallowed my cookie and took a drink. i set the bag of oreo's on my lap. After maybe a second Mom reached over and grabbed another cookie. "i lied to myself i want more than one" she said. The downward pressure on her hand pushed the bag into my crotch and woke up my penis.

i was going downhill very quickly. It didnt help that there was a gorgeous naked woman on the screen every few seconds. the show continued on and after several more cookie grabs and my mom refusing to hold her milk but instead reach for it every time she wanted a drink causing a lot of rubbing of our legs, i had a solid boner. I panicked when she lifted her legs and asked if she could put them up on me so she could lay sideways. To my relief she only placed them over the front of my lap near my knees, avoiding the danger zone.

"Oh honey, here." she said as she sat up but before i could ask what she put my face in her hands. my heart jumped but she only took her thumb and wiped cookie crumb off the corner of my mouth. then she simply lay back down. i swallowed again trying to calm myself down.

"thanks." i muttered. "shh this is important." she said as she pointed to the tv. Just then as a little boy climbed a tower, he looked in to see a prince giving it to some chick from behind, then the chick turned out to be his sister. i almost spilled the last few gulps of milk out of my glass.

then the dude threw the kid off the tower. and my mouth was left wide open. the episode ended and i looked over to my mom who was laughing at me. "Oh my god your face was priceless!" she laughed. "that was worth it. your hooked now right?" "That was crazy.

that was one shock after another." I said sitting back. Mom shifted and faced me laying on her back propped up by a bunch of pillows, her legs now dangerously close to my boner.

Then one of my last hopes went away as she took the cookies off my lap and sat back with them as she took one more out and bit it in half "You did not see the incest thing coming did you?

thats crazy?" she said with a mouth full of oreo. "no i did not see that coming at all. but i guess its not that crazy." i said. "It's not? i thought that was shocking." Then at that moment i said something pretty stupid. "Well was it shocking, i mean its not that crazy of a concept around here." i laughed to myself. Then i realized that was one of those jokes you make inside your head, not out loud.

I froze and didnt want to look over at her but the silence begged me to look. Mom wouldn't look at me she just looked down at the blanket ".point taken." she nervously said as she sat up. "Im sorry, that was stupid." i said shaking my head.

"no, im sorry." She said without looking up. "Im out of milk." she said looking at her empty glass. suddenly before i could do anything she shifted to get up, the problem was that as she lifted one leg to set on the floor the other leg went back and the back of her leg landed square on my still hard penis.

"oh! sorry!" she said as she quickly swung her legs off of me and dropped the last of the oreo's all over the floor along with the blanket. her legs were exposed as her shorts had ridden up only covering as much as panties might, and my tent in my pants stood up for the world to see.

Mom avoided looking though. I didnt understand why now she was so shy about this. she seemed like she was flirting all night. maybe it was in my head? she rubbed her temples. And went to stand but i stopped her. i had to say something. "Don't worry, that was from the show. its okay. and im sorry for the incest comment. that was not smart." She shook her head. "i have fucked things up so bad. what the fuck am i doing?" "No, mom stop, its fine.

here lets just get it out. We had sex, it happened. Lets just acknowledge that." "Zach please d." "Hang on, you are not you when you are drunk. all that shit, the shit that happened when you were drunk? fuck it. it wasn't you, lets forget about it." "But Zach." "No let me finish." I said and i took a deep breath. i wasn't thinking, things were just falling out of my mouth.

"I don't count any of that shit before the other night, in the tub. we had sex." I let the words hang in the air. She still wouldn't look at me. she just sat frozen and afraid, afraid of what was happening. ".we had sex." i said again. ".and unfortunately, just like that scene with the brother and sister, it was hot as shit." Her eyes shot up at me.

She was dumbfounded. i was dumbfounded. i had no idea what possessed me. "what?" she almost stuttered out with a small smile. I looked at the table in front of us. "you said you needed some milk?" i asked. She nodded slowly totally confused. "well here we go." i said as i took the last of the milk in my cup and dumped it on her chest, it splashed down her shirt and onto her lap. She gasped, and then i pounced on her. I dont know what came over me. i pinned her down and pulled up her shirt so i could give her belly a long went lick from bottom to the underside of her breasts.

My mom sucked in short breaths and then she attacked my mouth with hers, her tongue played with mine as she pulled me tight and moaned. my hands wandered down to her ass as i grabbed handfuls of it. i squeezed in until it hurt and she gasped and pulled my head back by a fistful of hair.

i winced and jerked my head toward her arm and bit her wrist, light enough to not leave a big mark but hard enough to get her to let go. "ouch." she said as she let go of my head. "You are playing rough baby." then she grabbed my dick with lightning speed and then gave my cheek a firm yet playful slap with the other hand. "i play rough AND dirty." she said as she gave my dick a squeeze.

She used my dick like a joystick and directed my off of her until we both stood in the living room. her green eyes locked on mine as she rubbed her soaked stomach and covered her hand in milk and stuck it down my pants trading off her other hand she began to stroke as she pushed me back to the wall.

She started to jack me off as she bit my ear and flicked it with her tongue. she pressed herself against me, her tits poked into my chest as my hands explored her body. Her hands were doing wonders on my cock, she was tugging on me in perfect rhythm to the pulse she could feel in my dick.

She kissed my neck and was clearly enjoying herself. i reached up and let her suck on my finger until it was soaked. she then let it out and kissed me more.

I then quickly pulled down her shorts and plunged my wet finger into her ass. she yelped in surprise and tugged on my member harder. i then took my other hand and stuck it down the front of her pants placing two fingers into her pussy. she moaned out and her mouth stayed agape with her eyes shut looking at the ceiling.

"fuck baby, thats it." i spun her so her back was against the wall, it was a little aggressive because the painting that was hanging there fell off the wall. My mom yelped in pleasure and pain as i flexed my fingers in unison in and out of her pussy and ass. She was feeling such pleasure she went from jerking me off to just squeezing my cock in her hand over and over. She started to slightly buck her hips in motion to my handy work. she let go of my cock and stripped off her shorts and shirt then wrapped her arms around my neck.

she was totally naked besides her knee high socks, her hair swayed and stuck to her pale lips as she smiled. Her creamy body, fit but showed some age in the most motherly sexy way was writhing like a dancer as i rubbed her pussy and pumped a finger into her ass.

I then took my thumb and massaged her clit as i stuck a second finger to her ass. My mom grabbed my hair and imbedded her fingers in my back as her legs started to buckle. i lifted her against myself but we both fell back to the couch, she lay there still bucking her hips, as her moaning increased, then i crouched next to the couch as she lay, giving me the angle to lick her hard light nipples.

"oh fuck!" she grasped at my flesh anywhere she could as she started to cum. She grit her teeth, i began to alternate sucking on her nipple and licking it with blowing on them as little goosebumps rose up. "Are you going to come mommy?

i want you to come." "Oh my fucking god yes!!" she whimpered and she clenched her teeth and aggressively humped the air. I then suddenly pulled my hands away and flung her legs wide as i buried my tongue into her pussy, lashing it as much as i could. Holy fuck did she come. she tightened her legs around my head like a vice grip. we fell off the couch as she rolled on top of me humping my face.

i quickly grabbed her ass and pulled it down as i sucked on her clit. She cried out like a banshee and began to squirt while she thrust her hips down hard enough to give whiplash. For a few seconds it was like trying to french kiss a moving faucet. I slowly stopped and let her roll off of me as i tried to put a hand on her she shuddered and pushed it away just saying "oh fuck" over and over until she caught her breath. i pulled my soaked shirt off, then wiped my face off.

Mom sat up her hair was a mess in her face. then she slid to me and shoved the coffee table over with one hand and me to the floor with the other. then before i knew it my pants and boxers were off of my body. Mom flipped her hair out of her face and then engulfed my cock in her warm mouth. What then happened was up until then the most intense blow job i had ever had. she lathered my cock with her tongue as she bobbed her head up and down. she growled as she then impaled her own throat with my cock.

three times my head pressed up to the back of her throat as she gagged but kept going. I grasped her head in my hands as i bucked my hips in rhythm with her bobbing until she stopped and just let me control. she placed her tongue along the bottom of my dick and let me use her face as i began to fuck it. i was fucking my moms face and she dug her fingers into my hips. she moaned as precum slipped out of me. every time i felt the urge to cum i slowed down and just let the little bits of cum leak out.

giving her tastes but not the whole thing. Suddenly she pulled her head up. "Baby stop teasing i want you to cum in my mouth. and down my throat." then she sucked down on my cock again before bobbing back up.

" fuck my face my baby boy, its so good, i want drink your cum and then suck you more until you can fuck me, then cum in my pussy." said as she sucked back down on my cock. that was pushing me over the edge. I sat up and pressed her back to the base of the couch and i kneeled against the edge of the seat trapping her face between my legs and i then relentlessly humped her face. My legs grew weak as she pulled my hips forward eagerly wanting my to cum and so finally i blasted.

the heat surged forward and i cried out as ropes of my cum spurt out into her mouth and down her throat, she coughed and spit a large amount onto her chin, the velocity caught her off guard. Another rope landed under eye and the final one she caught in her mouth.

She licked and wiped her face clean eating as much cum as she could. I fell back down on my butt and caught my breath. ".fuck." i laughed to myself. Then my mom stood up, jiggling in all the right places and took my hand.

she helped me stand. "Zach baby, i wasnt kidding, you are not done yet mister." she said with an evil laugh. then she lead me down the hallway into her room. I came to, it was dark, the middle of the night, it was hot, i was sweating, and moving, then i realized i was slamming my cock into my mom's pussy from behind, her face was buried in a pillow as she screamed and growled.

i was pounding into her hard, i was pulling on her hips trying to get as deep as i could. i slapped her ass and pulled her hair as i leaned down and bit her back, we were like animals. i sounded like an animal. i flipped her over and spread her legs wide as i entered her again, she wrapped her arms around me and i fell forward. She tried to kiss me but i held her face with my hands. her green eyes filled with pleasure and wanting as she flicked her tongue out, trying to reach my lips desperately.

Instead of kissing her I just licked the edges of her tongue wile she held it still for me. Suddenly she whimpered and shook as she came, her pussy squeezed and oozed out her cum. she screamed out my name in so much pleasure it almost sounded like she was afraid. i still held her face and she tried again to flick her tongue out but only just flicked my lips. she chuckled to herself and said "come here my baby." and then her tongue flicked out again this time it was black and impossibly long.

it entered my mouth with ease and wrapped around my tongue. i jerked away in terror but i couldn't break her grasp, her mouth covered mine as we flipped over. she rode me with rolling thrusts. She growled inhumanly and i tried to push her off of me but she pressed her hips down and suddenly her pussy felt as if it had shrunk down and had impossible muscles.

it felt like my dick was squished in-between four tongues all slithering in unison for my pleasure. it was the most pleasurable sensation mixed with total fear for the nightmare on top of me.

Then i started to cum, hard and fast, i pumped as i grunted out in pleasure and horror. She laughed into my mouth and i looked into her eyes. that were now yellow. i tried to scream but i began to choke. Then i woke up sucking in a panicked breath. A fucking nightmare. Hadn't had one of those in a long time. i jerked awake looking frantically around me.

i was in my mom's room. It was warm but i had broken into a cold sweat. i sat up and pulled the covers off of myself. "Zach sweetie, are you okay? you were dreaming." my mom said as she sat up next to me. her voice had startled me.

but the fear vanished after i looked into her eyes and saw nothing but the deep green i was use to. "yeah. im okay, just a nightmare." i said looking down. "Awe baby. Come here." she said as she reached up from under the covers the blanket fell revealing her perky naked breasts. she reached over and gave me a tender kiss. Then i realized i was naked as well. My mom pulled me down to lay face to face with her as she kept kissing my lips. she pulled away only to smile.

"Better?" i just nodded to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. She drifted off back to sleep, but i was to shaken up, and as i started to sober up i went back to my room to try and relax and sleep the rest of the night alone but i couldn't shake the feeling that i was anything but alone until i passed out from fatigue. Monday morning. The day once again was uneventful. As i walked down the hall towards the cafeteria i saw our school message board.

"Root for our Varsity Girls Soccer team! Go Falcons!" it said. I remembered where Ali was right now and that she was with Brianna. Who we both owed a favor to. I was also a little afraid of what Ali might do to her with how angry she was.

In all the time i knew Ali she never liked being caught off guard. She had hated it when Sara had anything she could use over her. I took the time to text Ali.

"Good luck today baby, you are amazing at what you do ;)" the message said. I rounded the doorway into the cafeteria and got in line. I started to wonder who would win in a fight, Ali or Brianna? Ali was small but fit, she could run forever and she was stronger than she looked. I didn't know Brianna well but i had sized her up the other day. She was just a little shorter than me, she was lean, she had small boobs but long legs and from her tight jeans i could tell she had a great ass.

She had a cute face too big puffy lips, brown eyes, high cheekbones. I had safely drifted away from evaluating her hypothetical fighting ability and was now just mentally ogling her. i hadn't realized that it was time to pay from my food.

the large lunch lady just looked at me in a daze holding her hand out awaiting payment. i fumbled around for my wallet, found it and passed my debt card to her. With out even looking down she slid the card but no receipt came out. "Card is declined." she mumbled. "what?" i stammered. i had always made sure i had money on my card.

and when i didnt my mom always put some money on. for all of her faults she was pretty good at making sure i had food, or at least the money to get food. "i said the card has been declined.

Insufficient funds it says." she mumbled a little louder this time. "You didnt even look down at the machine?" i questioned. "dont need to, i know my machine." she said as she patted it on the side.

"now if you don't have cash then i gotta take the food back." she continued. She was annoyed and hated her job. Maybe she was trying to get me to leave with an extra bit of shame. It worked. Embarrassed i handed the lady my tray of food and got my card back, walking away as my stomach growled. I walked outside as fast as i could.

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maybe i could bum some food off of a friend or something, maybe i should just head home and eat, screw the rest of today's classes. I went outside and saw Martin, the little freshman, eating with two freshman girls on a patch of grass by the parking lot.

He glanced up at me and smiled then waved me over. i was relieved. it was nice to see a friendly face. i walked over and sat. "whats up man?" i smiled and gave Martin a fist bump.

"hey Zach." he smiled. " no lunch?" "No, not today, ill eat later." i shrugged. "Do you want an orange?" one of the girls asked. her face was a little red. maybe she was nervous. "Oh thats very nice of you." i smiled as she handed me the fruit. fingers touched for a second and she flinched and apologized. she was actually nervous. I guess i had not thought about the fact that i had heard from many sources that i was attractive, and that i was an upperclassman. "Oh yeah this is Brynn." Martin said pointing to the girl who gave me the orange.

"And this is Amanda." He pointed to the girl next to her. Brynn had long brown hair that couldn't hide her big features, big blue eyes, big ears and a big smile, it was cute, she had a round butt and a little pudge to her. She was the kind of girl next door who was awkwardly filling into her body and parts seemed like they belonged on a 20 year old and some parts still looked preteen.

Amanda had black hair and was ethnically hispanic of some kind, she had cute brown eyes with dark tan skin and a full chest for her age.

They were nice and said their hellos and kept giving me food they didn't want. They were nice girls and once they got going they were very talkative. Eventually they got up to use the rest room and i used the opportunity to get information, Martin had been a little quiet, even for him. I leaned over to him. "So they are cute, which one are you into?" Martin practically coughed up his soda at my question.

"How do you know? do they know? Oh crap man." "whoa whoa slow down dude. i was just figuring you would be into one of the at least. how long have you known them?" I asked. Martin mulled over it for a bit. "Okay, i like Amanda, They have lived near me since i was 6, we have always been friends, they just now have been growing up and i haven't so its only a matter of time before they go for older guys like you." Martin said defeated.

"Once again, slow down man, you don't know that, besides they are still hanging around you now, and all you can really do is be they best guy you can be, and if Amanda see that then she is smart, and if she doesn't, then she is shallow and you will want a different girl anyway." I said trying to channel my inner PSA monologue. "I guess so, I just need a way to impress them, get them to see that i can attract some girls, ya know? get my rep up." Martin said as he stared off into the distance, im sure envisioning it as we spoke.

"Well just relax a little and don't worry about it to much, life is crazy." "yeah. Well i need to get to my locker before the bell rings, see you after school?" Suddenly my phone rang.

i check and saw my mom was calling. "Yeah man, see you after school." I replied as my heart was trembling. Phone calls were never good when it was my mom. When i was nice and secluded i answered. "Hello?" "Hey baby, did you make it to school okay?" "yeah i did hey I." "I was calling to say im so sorry i forgot to put money in your account today!

I am completely distracted. I am so sorry!" "Mom, mom its fine, i got some food from a friend." "Oh thank god, i feel bad Zach." "It's fine. really, it is. So how did the interview go?" "I GOT THE JOB!!" "Really?

thats awesome, congratulations." "Yeah i start next week, and i get my own desk! we have to celebrate tonight, deal?" "yeah. sure." "Oh, are you busy? i should have asked first." "no im free tonight, i was." before i finished i looked around and tucked behind a corner facing an empty field.

". i just wasn't sure celebrating was such a good idea. Like i just dont know if it is good to do that again." "Oh *ahem* i was just thinking food and some icecream sweetie." "Oh shit, im sorry." "No its fine, i honestly am just a little surprised, you were the one to start that last night. Not that I am blaming you, I am just surprised is all." "Surprised that i dont want to do that again?

i thought you said you only wanted icecream?" "I did, but i was just planning on eating cold cold icecream, in the comfort of my favorite white shirt that havent worn since before i got a boob job, and maybe some shorts, maybe not, and maybe we could share a bowl, nothing has to happen, and you could wear some shorts you dont like in case one of us is clumsy and drops some on your lap, and maybe i could get it off for you.

with out hands. and you know just see were the night takes us." "Totally innocent, sure." I said sarcastically. "Totally innocent. Zack?" "Yeah?" "You are hard arent you?" "Yeah." "Good. " She giggled to herself. "I'm fucked arent I?" "Oh you will be.

Last night we made it to five times, and i believe that we could make it to six if we put our minds to it." I just sighed and laughed along with her but she could see through it. "Look Zach, being serious, lets just see were tonight goes, and if you dont want to do anything i wont force you and if you dont want to do anything again after i understand and i will stop. Deal?" "Deal." "Okay, get back to class, i love you." "Love you too." I hung up and walked back to class tucking myself in between my legs.

It's an extremely warm day and I was sweating now for two reasons, the heat and the arousal. I decided to worry about later tonight, after school. the more these days had progressed the more i felt i was abel to compartmentalize my feelings. I my attempts to not feel guilty about things that weren't my fault i started to not feel guilty about anything.

i was changing. Life was changing, and i was okay with it. I had finally reached my last class of the day Journalism. Only problem was i shared this class with Sara.

I had not seen her since sneaking around her house catching her with Hal. Thankfully i had not seen Hal at all that day.

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I walked into the classroom and saw Sara, she looked beautiful, and more tan than i last saw her. She wore a lack tank top and dark red shorts and had her hair down to her shoulders cut in an A line.

The beach trip must have been good for her because she looked relaxed. That is, until i sat down in my assigned seat next to her. She immediately tensed and wouldn't look up from her computer. I decided that i should say something but had no idea what to say. I felt, more than anything, like comforting her. Telling her it was okay and that i was over everything. It sounded stupid but i just felt numb to it, it was like my emotions asked to be felt but i kept telling them no.

About half way through class when the teacher turned us over to a free work time, i finally figured out what i was going to do. earlier i had caught sara sniffling and thought maybe she had been trying not to cry. she gathered some of her things and was poised to get up but instead i reached over and hugged her tight.

She quietly gasped and i just whispered that it was okay. Eased up a little and then hugged my back. she pulled away and said she couldn't talk unless she was going to cry. I just nodded and then leaned back to my computer. She then looked me in the eye and i sighed at the sadness and beauty she showed through her baby blues. She stammered for words but i interrupted her. "What are you covering for your assignment?" i said with a small smile.

"The girl's Soccer team. I'm going to interview them when they get back." she said regaining her composure. This let us talk about other things and was my way of showing her we would be okay. we actually got to laughing and joking, i got her water when she was thirsty and began to be as sweet as i could be to her. Finally the bell rang and school was out for the day. The class room bustled as everyone, teacher included, gathered their things to leave.

"It's hot out." Sara commented. "Yeah, I should not have warn jeans today." I mused to myself. Sara fumbled around with her bags. " .so you want a ride? I have AC." I considered what i might be getting myself into if i said yes.

would this be a tearful horrible experience? Or could we have a nice casual ride home. I hoped for that casual ride. "Sure, i'd rather not sweat to death on the way home." I smiled. We gathered our things. and headed to the parking lot. In the hallways we did get some odd looks. word had traveled that we broke up and that i beat Hal up. Rumors had started from everything to me being on drugs to Sara and i being swingers.

As we got closer to the car. A small voice caught my attention. "Hey Zach." Martin said as he stood by the edge of the road. I had forgotten that i would walk him home. The look in his eyes told me he had expected me to bail on him because i was with Sara. He was looking at her and back at me, then he did his best to smile and nod in understanding. "Hey Sara? Could you do me a favor?" I asked. Martin stood at the edge of the neighborhood next to Brynn and Amanda.

He had reached the edge of the school and felt like he was failing at impressing either of these girls. Then suddenly a car pulled up and stopped right in front of him.

A beautiful blonde girl, with big blue eyes and a cute round face smiled at him and called his name. "Hey, Martin, get in I'll give you a ride home." She winked at him. His heart was ponding out of his chest. before he realized this was the girl Zach left with earlier. "Well?" She asked. Martin then glanced back and saw Brynn and Amanda standing a few yards away with a look of shock on their faces.

Martin quickly turned back to Sara. "Oh hell yeah!" He said as he jumped in the car. Brynn and Amanda were dumbfounded, and yet impressed.

Martin settled in to the seat as they speed off down the road. He leaned out the window and gave the thumbs up to the girls as he passed by, Sara couldn't help but laugh. "Thanks Zach." Martin said to the back seat were I was hiding from view.

"No problem man. " i said as i sat back up. Sara dropped Martin off first and started to loop back down the street. Then she took the wrong way to get to my house. I asked if she was getting read to kill me but she just laughed and said no, and asked me to wait. We eventually got to the edge of town and she pulled off on a familiar country road. The car parked in the dust and Sara wordlessly got out and started walking down a small hidden trail.

I got out and followed her down, the sun beating down on us as we walked. We turned down a tree covered area were we finally arrived at a small privet clearing by a bend in the river. "Sara? What are we doing here?" i said. "This is were we ended our first date." She said. "I remember. I mean why did you bring me here?" "Because we need to talk. I need to explain things." "No you really don't." I said.

i actually meant it, i use to be mad but in the last few days since we broke up i had slept with two other women, and had my world changed over and over. i was changing.

I felt like i was always lustful, angry and happy at the same time and i had no idea how. Sara kicked off her flip-flops and brushed the water using her tight little legs.

Her shorts looked painted on and her new tan was radiant in the sunlight. She then pulled a small blanket out of her bag and tossed it on the edge of the shore and sat then pat the spot next to her. "I need you to listen to me Zach." Finally i sat down kicking off my slip on shoes as well. Then Sara pulled her hair up in a ponytail and told me all about Hal, and the blackmail.

and the cheating. I told her i believed her. "Thank you Zach, but how did you find out about everything?" Sara asked. "I assume my sister?" Sara said, rolling her eyes as she mentioned Ali. "Not on purpose. She mentioned a few things and i put it together.

I didnt want to get her involved but then she insisted on helping me." "Helping you? What do you mean?" Sara looked confused. I came up with a lie. "She thought i was home with you that day, but found out it wasn't me so she called me and thats how i caught Hal leaving your place and thats when." "thats when you beat the hell out of him." Sara finished for me.

"yeah, i did. " "Thanks for doing that. I know you didn't do it for me, but, thank you, he needed that." "i did do it for you. Sara, despite anything that happened I still care." I said. Sara smiled "Yeah?" as tears welled up and then she hugged me tight. I squeezed her to me and enjoyed the familiar feeling of her body and her sent.

Apart of me missed it already. She pulled back and looked concerned. "Zach i know that Ali likes you." "You do?" "Yeah Zach she always has liked you, but i want you to be careful.

She is a crazy bitch." Sara said. "She has been obsessed with you ever since we met you. She even had a box dedicated to you in her room, it said "Z Files on it." She might even still have it." Suddenly my brain flashed back to the box i saw on her top self in her closet.

Sara was telling the truth about that one. But i couldn't exactly tell her i had seen it before. "That's weird. Are you sure it was about me?" I said. "No it totally was, she had pictures of us but my face was cut out of them, she had notes she had written to you but never gave you, she had things you had given me. hell it even went back before we dated." Sara said completely frustrated.

"My mom put her on meds for most of her life. Just stay way from her, okay? Now that we broke up i am just afraid she wont leave you alone." Normally i would have chalked that up to Sara's paranoia but the box was strange, and especially now that i knew it was about me?

That just left me with questions i wanted to ask but couldnt with out giving things away. Iwas curious about the strange mask i saw in her closet too.

I decided that i needed to find out about it from Ali, but i would have to be careful because i doubt Ali would like the idea of Sara and i hanging out here, having this conversation.

Shit I was starting to weave a tangled web now. i had to be careful. "Alright, ill be careful." I said reassuring her. "But you have to tell me something." "What?" Sara asked nervously. "I want to hear it from you're mouth that you masturbate. And don't bother denying it, i know you do, and no I am not angry about it i just want to her you say it." I said as she tried to interrupt but i wouldn't let her.

Tears rolled down Sara's face. "Okay, yeah, I do, I touch myself. Happy?" Sara said. "Yes actually, i killed myself trying not to only to figure out you did it and that pissed me off pretty bad, but then i realized i didnt care anymore.

I had done it behind your back too. I figured we call it even." I said. "Wait you did it behi." "Nope, no getting mad, when i said we were even i meant i consider us even and I am not going to listen to anything else about it." I said interrupting her.

Sara was stunned but to my surprise, she just nodded and looked down. This was all hard on her. I had to be firm and take charge of this situation, I had to lie to her, i couldnt imagine the damage it would do to her if she knew i had slept with Ali already. "I fucked this up. You were such a sweet guy, i can't believe what happened. i was an idiot." she said as she started to cry. "Sara, things happen.

Everything will be okay, we just need to give it time. and put all of this behind us." I said as i wrapped my arms around her. She cried into my shoulder for a little wile before i said anything to her. She looked up at me. "im sorry, i should be consoling you, or really you should not ever want to see me again." She said as she wiped tears from her face. "And since when did you get so take charge?" She laughed and broke the tension a little. "Your out kicking as and telling me what to do." I laughed myself.

"Things change." We just sat in the quiet of the river as she cuddled up to me. I instinctively kissed the top of her head. "So you wanna know what tho?" "What?" she asked.

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"I thought of you when i did it." I lied. "You did?" Sara said. "Yep." I looked at her and just kissed her lightly on the lips. Sara's eyes were wide then she smiled and gave me a quick kiss back. "I even did this morning." I winked. "Oh really? I did not expect that." Sara said.

"Well you are gorgeous." I laughed. "Yeah?" Sara said with a raised eyebrow. "Well do you want to swim a little bit before i take you home?" "I dont have any shorts with me." I said, cursing my luck in my head. "Just go in your boxers. No one can see this little cove anyway." Sara said. "I guess, i just am not sure that I." Before i could finish Sara stood up, smiled at me and pulled off her tank top teasingly slow.

She was tan, her breasts nicely tucked in a sky-blue bikini top. Then she tilted her head and unbuttoned her shorts before kicking them off toward me, her ass jiggled and was wrapped in a matching bikini bottom.

And there she was, an angelic face on top of a Katie Cummings body. Tight and squishy in the right places. I don't remember taking of my pants or shirt, it happened so fast it could be possible it happened with out using my hands. Sara waded into the water teasing me with a view of her plump butt. I followed her into the water util we were waist deep. I hugged her from behind and slithered my hands across her belly, then curved one hand up to her breast and the other down to her bikini bottoms.

I kissed her neck and she grabbed my hair so gently as she moaned her approval. Sara backed her ass up into my member that was now standing at attention, then she started grinding against me. by that time my fingers had found there was into her bottoms to her wet opening. I gently started to feel for her button through her pubic hair. She took in a deep breath once i found it.

She pulled my face down and kissed me. her soft bubblegum lips caressing mine as she turned to face me. Our hands then explored each other gently as we sank deeper into the water. our bodies pressed against each other, grinding like we were desperate for warmth.

We drifted in the water to a large smooth rock that i pressed her back against. I took that chance to pull down her top letting free her medium but bouncy breasts Sara giggled at first when i took her large smooth nipple into my mouth, but as soon as i began to massage it with my tongue her posture changed to wanting lust, her body writhed against mine with desperation.

My cock was sticking out of my boxers and was pined between out pelvises. I held her torso up tight as i took in her other breath in my mouth. She took her cute legs and squeezed my hips with them, then she leaned down and bit my ear along with as whisper. "Put it in." I looked up and saw her face, it was full of desire.

I pulled the tie on the side of her bikini bottoms. The tight string slid free off her sexy hip leaving her pussy exposed to me. Wordlessly we lined up and i put the tip in. Sara gasped and held me tight, she greedily humped me thrusting my member into her harder and faster than i had planned, even though we were under that water i could feel that her tunnel was wet and ready.

She bit her bottom lip as her bikini barely hung on the her jiggling tan body wile she thrust to meet mine. I passionately kissed her. "You. uh. jacked off. thinking. about me?" Sara panted. "Yeah. i . cum. saying your name." Another lie. "Now i want you to . cum saying mine" As i said it i squeezed her tight and thrust and jerked my hips quickly tapping her clit as my cock rubbed along her velvet rings as they squeezed back, i could feel her pulse quickening. Her eyes went wide as she screamed silently.

She rocked herself on me as she whined finally audibly. her orgasm finally taking over her whole being. "Oh my god, Oh my GOD! Oh MY GOOOD! UHHHHHHH!!" Her belly sucked in and her tits bounced she gyrated against me. She wouldn't stop humping and cumming. "Oh Shit. Sara, I . am going to . cum soon." I grunted out. Sara panted and stopped wile she slipped off my member.

"Quick, back by the blanket, i have a condom!" She said as she took my hand and the bottoms of her bikini and pulled me back up to shore. Before i knew it i was tossed on my back and Sara pounced on me. She lowered her naked body onto my cock with a satisfied "mmmm".

She gently rocked back and forth as she pulled a condom out of her bag and quickly unwrapped it. Her sudden rocking jumpstarted my growing orgasm again. Her wet skin glistened in the sun. I lay their still trying to prolong the experience. Sara suddenly kneeled and pulled my out and started to roll the condom down my rigged shaft all wile we looked each other in the eyes. "I wanna hear you cum." She said as she smiled. She then slid herself down and once again i was enveloped in her warmth.

I was a little more numb to her feeling but it still felt incredible. Sara leaned down putting her arms on ether side of my head, staring me in the eyes. Then she started to vigorously hump me, impaling herself over and over. Her ass slapping against my legs over and over.

her face suddenly turned from a smile to a pained look to holding her mouth agape and eyes shut. "uh, uhuh god im cumming again!" she wheezed and she slapped her hips down harder. the friction and her second orgasm sent me over the edge. i grabbed her and hugged her tight bucking as hard as i could.

She moaned as i pumped blast after blast into her, my cock swelled as i came making her grind on me all the more, until finally she slowed down as she peaked. She collapsed on top of me. Our bodies soaked in sweat and water. Sara panted and smiled at me. Were both dirty from the ground and the blanket so she got up and i slid out of her.

She turned to give me a view of her voluptuous ass as it bounced wile she walked away. My eyes followed her butt down to her thick thighs as i say my cum dripping down her leg. Then cold shock hit me. I was wearing a condom. There shouldn't be cum, dripping out of her at all. Then to my fear i looked down and saw that the condom i was wearing had a large tear across the top.

"Sara. " "Yeah?" "The condom broke." Panic filled her eyes. **Later that night, not long after getting into the car. "So your telling me you got a girl pregnant?" Trisha said as she lit another cigerette and took a long drag. She blow the smoke out the window, then the light turned green. The Honda took off and I was jerked back into my seat. "No, I didnt, well, im not sure actually. and when the hell did you start smoking again?" I said as i rolled down my window. "I smoke when I'm stressed, and when my little brother texts me an S.O.S.

message. I figured mom was trying to kill you." My sister said as she changed lanes suddenly to pass a car. "She might as well do that too. hell she might still after tonight. actually she will probably have to wait in line to kill me." I muttered. ".This story gets worse, doesn't it?" Trisha said with a tone of disappointment. I gave a deep exhale. "Oh yeah, way worse."