Winsome babes are pairing up to enjoyment hunk

Winsome babes are pairing up to enjoyment hunk
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Misty and the Old Guy (Part 2) "So you don`t think I would be interested then?" Peter Hopkins lay naked on the bed, his large erection pointing skywards, towering above his old and emaciated body. "I wouldn't have thought so." Said an equally naked Misty. "She`s flat chested, skinny hipped and just a total frump." "But a virgin you say?" "Totally. She hasn't had a partner ever since I've known her, which is forever.

She`s even been to the doctor about her lack of a sex drive, but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong." Misty shrugged. "She is just the way she is I guess." Misty watched as the cock gave a little jerk, the head swelling obscenely and the foreskin peeling back a little further. Peter Hopkins really was the ultimate dirty old man. The thought of debauching a total innocent really got him off.

She recalled her own debauching only two short weeks ago.

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She had come a long way since then. "And she likes your flat?" "Loves it Mr Hopkins." Replied Misty. "Since I`m living here now it seems a shame to let it go to waste. She`s moving in tomorrow." After everything that had passed between them he still insisted that she call him Mr Hopkins. But he was right. The flat directly above was a little gold mine, and she could live with Mr Hopkins rent free. She just had to let him fuck her whenever he wanted. A small price to pay.

Peter Hopkins put his hands behind his head and sighed contentedly. Another lamb to the slaughter. Another tight pussy for his cock. "And you Misty, are you still drinking your milk?" "Yes Mr Hopkins." Said Misty. "Good girl." Hopkins replied. "There`s a new batch chilling in the fridge. Now be a love and suck my cock." Misty grinned and moved to comply, her tongue swirling around the fat knob, and sliding slowly down the quivering shaft, her shaven pussy a bare inch above his wizened face.

She hoped he would lick her but it really didn't matter. Sucking him to orgasm and swallowing his spunk was enough for her. Hopkins stared into the open pussy.

The fat hairless lips gaped open, swollen with lust and her already large clitoris had almost doubled in size over the last couple of weeks.

He gave it a hard lick and watched in delight as her cunt pulsed in response. Yes, the doctored milk was working a treat, and she was constantly wet.

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The perfect fuckslut. He couldn't wait to meet her friend. 2 Cara King was carrying the last of her meagre possessions into the flat when she literally bumped into Peter Hopkins. "I`m really sorry I couldn`t see you over the top of my box." She gushed. Hopkins smiled a predatory smile. "That`s quite alright. I`m your new neighbour. Misty will help you with the rest of your things." This must be the pervert Misty had told her about.

Horrible Hopkins. Cara couldn`t believe that Misty had moved in with the guy. What on earth was she thinking? "There`s really no need. There`s only a small box left." Said Cara pushing quickly passed him, and climbing the external staircase to her flat. Looking through the metal grating she saw Misty and her breath caught in her throat. Misty was her best friend, but she had never seen her looking like this. Tight leather mini skirt, topped by a white see-through blouse unbuttoned to the waist, her large D cup breasts unfettered and pushing through the sheer material, her large erect nipples on display.

"My God Misty- you`re like, almost- " "Naked?" Finished Misty. "Yes sorry about that. I was fucking Mr Hopkins. He was really randy this morning." Cara couldn't believe what she was hearing. What on earth was this pervert doing to her?

This was not the shy retiring Misty that she had come to know. Cara had noticed the change a while ago. She seemed absent-minded. Like her head was elsewhere. Then she announced that she was moving in with a man she totally despised. Still it benefitted herself, she thought. At last she had her own place. "Misty!" Called Hopkins. "Grab her box!" They both laughed at the euphemism, and it wasn't lost on Cara either, who looked away in disgust.

No ass or tits, thought Hopkins. I bet she`s got a thin lipped cunt with a tiny, barely visible slit. Still, it would make a nice contrast with Misty`s fat juicy cunt. He already had a plan to get into her pants. It was all in hand. 3 "I can`t believe you think you stand a chance with her." Said Misty when they were alone. "No one screws Cara, and I mean no one.

And I mean, why would you even want too?" Hopkins sighed patiently. "Don`t be bitchy Misty. Don`t you want to see your friend happy? I can give her everything she wants.

Tits, ass, a mind-blowing sex drive, she can have it all." "And your cock ploughing through her hymen." "Of course." Grinned Hopkins. "And now we need to prepare things." Misty masturbated him skilfully and quickly until his gushing sperm spattered wetly, and copiously into the bowl. It still amazed her how much sperm he could produce. The result of another spell he had learned while a Satanist many years ago. A weak mixture of herbs were added, and the incantation said.

Finally it was ready. The thick creamy mixture was scooped into a container and handed to Misty. "You know what to do." Said Hopkins. 4 Cara heard the gentle tap on the door, and was unsurprised to see Misty standing there. Cara sat silently on the sofa, with Misty sitting in the chair opposite.

Uncomfortable small talk followed, the elephant in the room being Hopkins. "You know Cara he isn't all bad. I mean he can be really kind.

I`ve got some milk for you. Peter thought you might need it." In the excitement of moving, Cara had completely forgotten to do a shop. She certainly need milk, as well as other things. But she did have teabags. "That`s nice. Fancy some tea Mist?" Misty hesitated.

Peter had prepared the spermy milk at the same time as the cream, and was intended solely for Cara. It would taste delicious to Cara, but undrinkable to everyone else. "No thanks I`m good. You should really drink it directly from the bottle it`s amazing." Cara did so. "Wow that`s incredible. Does he make it himself?" "In a fashion." Replied Misty truthfully. Misty smiled to herself as Cara busied in the kitchen.

The transformation had begun. In a few days she would be begging for cock. Just as she herself had done only a few weeks earlier. "What`s that?" Said Cara, popping her head around the kitchen door. She had seen the glass jar on Misty`s lap. "A moving in present. It`s a body cream laced with a powerful aphrodisiac. Peter makes it.

It really works Cara. You just rub it in to your tits and sex bits and watch them develop." Cara laughed in disbelief.

"Bloody hell Misty. I can`t believe that you still believe in that stuff. He really has got you wrapped around his little finger hasn`t he?" "It really works Cara." Said Misty mildly offended. "If you want tits and a sex drive you have to use this. You've gone without for far too long. You can`t stay a virgin all of your life." The words stung Cara.

Her sexuality had always been her Achilles heel. She desperately wanted a boyfriend, but she had never had any sexual desire at all. Nothing, zilch nada. She had tried masturbating but had had no physical response whatsoever. She was completely flat-chested and had never been troubled by puberty. She was willing to try anything. "Fine I`ll try it. But we both know that I`m wasting my time." Misty smiled and stood to leave.

"You won't regret it.

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And keep drinking the milk. That`s laced too." Now alone in her flat, Cara began to wonder what on earth she had stumbled upon. 5 "I`m really worried about her Mr Hopkins." Began Misty. "Its been almost a week now. She hasn't been to work and won't answer the door." "She`ll be okay. She`s had milk every day and another pot of cream left outside her door and she`s taken them.

Give her another few days and I`ll pay her a little visit.


She should be begging me to fuck the virgin out of her by then. But if you`re really worried you can let yourself in with the spare key." Misty didn't need telling twice. Taking the spare key off the cupboard she climbed the narrow staircase and after knocking for a while, let herself in. The room was in darkness with the curtains closed. "Don`t look at me!" Cried Cara, cringing away from the sudden brightness spilling in through the door.

She was naked and curled up on the sofa her face buried in a cushion. But even in the gloom Misty could see the heavy swell of her breasts, her turgid nipples jutting obscenely from the heaving mounds. With her knees drawn up, her pussy was on display, the fat swollen lips glistening wetly with her juices. "My God Cara." Said Misty slowly entering the room. "Are you okay?" "I`m changing Misty." She sobbed. "I`m changing so quickly. Nothing fits anymore." It was true.

As well as her huge breasts, her hips seemed wider and her waist narrower. Her ass was firmer and rounder, and she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. "I've nothing to wear. Even my shoes don`t fit anymore. And I`m so horny. I can`t stop coming. The slightest rub on my clit brings me off.

Look at it." Cara spread her legs. Her clit was large, thick and swollen. She watched as it throbbed and palpitated, reaching for her. Demanding attention. Misty knelt on the carpet and leant forward taking the clit into her mouth, licking it and rolling her tongue around it.

Cara moaned loudly pushing more of her liquid pussy into Misty`s mouth, rotating her hips and coating her face with her copious juices. Misty pushed a finger into the sopping hole and felt the tautness of her hymen, that springy web of skin that prevented further ingress into Cara`s needy cunt. She licked and sucked with abandon, driving Cara closer and closer to orgasm. Misty rubbed her thumb over the girl`s tightly closed anus and then she was coming.

Cara heaved and twisted, screamed and howled, through the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Misty was cast aside as Cara thrust her fingers into her quivering, spasming pussy, as she rubbed the last vestiges of orgasm from her gushing, pulsating cunt.

Eventually she lay quivering and shaking on the sofa sobbing quietly to herself. Even Misty was worried. "Cara, I think maybe you should leave off the milk for a while. And maybe the cream too. I`ll take you shopping tomorrow. Peter has an account at a fetish store." "A fetish store?" Whispered Cara. "What for?" "For your new life." Said Misty.

6 The shop was deserted when Misty and Cara pushed their way inside. Misty had Peter`s account details with permission to spend whatever was required. Peter was ecstatic when Misty had told him what had occurred, and mounted her immediately.

He rode her long and hard, his emaciated body driving his rock hard prick deep within her body.


Of course, Misty knew that it wasn't her he was fucking. In his head it was Cara. The thought of taking her purity and innocence appealed to the man's sickest tastes. And when he pushed the fat swollen knob into her ass, it was Cara`s ass he was fucking. But Misty knew that it was her that had drawn the spunk from his cock. It was her ass that he had spurted into.

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It was her ass that was even now, absorbing the huge wad of spunk through her thick muscular walls, into the very core of her being, and that for Misty, was enough. "They have some lovely things." Whispered Cara, perfectly aware of the furtive glances of the guy behind the counter.

She was wearing one of Misty`s bras which although large, was barely adequate for Cara`s voluminous tits. She was still on sexual overdrive and could think of nothing else.

She wondered about the shop assistant. Did he have a long thick cock? Were his balls full and heavy with creamy fuck juice? Since her tonguing at the hands of Misty the night before, her sexual desire had overcome all feelings of shame and embarrassment. Although still getting used to her new shape, she now felt more confident than she had in her entire life.

What use was her new body if she couldn't enjoy it? As Misty examined clothes on a rail, Cara approached the assistant. He was balding and middle-aged with a paunch and a sallow complexion, but he was male, and he had a cock. "Hi," smiled Cara. "Do you want to see my tits, they`re new." His initial shocked expression was quickly replaced by a grin.

"Sure. But it wont get you a discount." He licked his lips as Cara unbuttoned the front of her blouse. She unclipped her bra and allowed her tits to spill onto the counter. "Rub my nipples, feel how hard they are. Do you like stiff nipples&hellip.Max?" Said Cara, reading his name off his staff badge. "I`m here for bras. Big ones. You may need to measure me." She whispered, as his hands roamed freely across her breasts.

"Back room. Now." He said thickly, pulling her around the counter and ushering her into the storeroom.

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Her friend had her back to them. They had time. He stripped in seconds. His large swollen cock springing free of his briefs and staring straight at her. He advanced on her bow-legged, his grossly distended cock swaying before him. Cara momentarily cringed inside. It was the first real cock she had ever seen.

Even in her aroused state she wasn't totally sure that she could take it. "You can`t fuck me. My pussy is promised to Mr Hopkins." She said at last, and he laughed. "I`m not interested in your pussy bitch.

I`m a mouth and ass man. You decide." There was no choice to be made. She fell to her knees and opened her mouth. 7 Bloody hell Cara. For fuck`s sake. Thought Misty. Misty had looked everywhere but Cara was nowhere to be seen. She had selected several suitable outfits, but Cara had disappeared. I`ll just have to buy them and hope for the best, thought Misty approaching the counter.

The door to the storeroom was ajar, and peering inside Misty could see movement. There was whispering, and although she couldn't make out the words, she knew what sex sounded like.

"No!, no!, no!" She cried as realization kicked in. She raced around the counter and burst into the storeroom. Cara was bare-breasted and sucking slavishly on the thick cock that was pumping relentlessly between her lips.

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A hand caressed his heavy balls, while the other was wrapped tightly around his pulsating shaft. "Come to join the fun?" Max said grinning stupidly. "Your friend is an excellent cocksucker. Very enthusiastic." "Just finish." Said Misty coldly.

"I would, but I`m having a little trouble. Perhaps a feel of your tits?" For fucks sake, thought Misty as she lifted her T-shirt and freed her breasts. "Just hurry up." Max licked and sucked on her tits like a man possessed.

Misty watched as his knees sagged and his thighs began to tremble. Cara was about to get a very wet surprise. She watched as Cara`s eyes bugged as her mouth filled with sperm and then closed in ecstasy as she began to swallow. Jet after pulsing jet filled her mouth and she swallowed it all, and then moaning with pleasure, licked the cock clean. Misty was impressed.

Peter was in for one hell of a surprise. 8 Peter Hopkins sat naked and cross-legged on the floor, his balls drawn tight to his body and his long grossly erect cock, curving obscenely up his skinny belly. He stared hungrily at Cara, while his fingers stroked Misty`s bare, baby soft pussy.

"You`ve done well Misty. She looks beautiful. Absolutely perfect." Cara stood before the naked couple in a black transparent negligee with matching lace panties. The garment hung loosely from Cara`s mammoth tits, and her erect nipples pushed visibly into the sheer material.

"You know why you're here I take it?" Said Peter. Cara took a deep breath. "For you to take my virginity." "And you accept?" "Yes." Cara felt like she had just made a momentous decision. A life changing decision. It was as if she were being drawn to a veil that she had to pass through to get to some wondrous world beyond. She was ready. "Misty, strip her and lick her prettily. I want her sopping wet for my cock." Misty moved to obey, but Cara shook her head.

"I don`t need it Mr Hopkins. If she touches me I`ll come. I only want to orgasm on your cock. I want you to fuck me from behind like an animal. I want you to ride me like the horny bitch that I am. I want your cock full length inside me squirting your spunk directly into my womb.

I want you to knock me up Mr Hopkins. I want you to put a baby in me." Peter Hopkins looked quizzically at Misty. "Did you tell her to say this?" Misty shrugged, just as surprised as Peter. "No Mr Hopkins." Cara had removed her negligee and panties and was kneeling on the bed, legs spread wide and back arched.

Her pussy glistened wetly, and her hole seemed to pulse of its own accord. Peter could wait no longer. "This wasn`t what I had planned but it is perfectly acceptable. Misty, please guide me in." Peter Hopkins shuffled forward, and Misty aimed his long curving prick directly at Cara`s sopping wet hole.

That`s it Misty," gasped Peter. "Pull my foreskin back.

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I want that fat cockhead completely covered in her juices." He edged forward, his grossly swollen knob gently parting the rolled lips of her pussy and beginning to stretch her unused fuck tube. "Can you feel it Cara?" He panted. "Can you feel my cock pushing inside you?

Does it feel big?" Cara nodded eagerly. It really did feel big, and she marvelled at how her pussy was stretching to accommodate it. She felt him bump uncomfortably against her hymen and she lunged backwards desperate to impale herself on the throbbing shaft, only for Peter to pull back and ride her lunge.

"Not yet my sweet little virgin. Your hymen belongs to me, not you." He moved shallowly in his narrow purchase testing her hymen with each push. He contented himself with this for a while, until he could no longer restrain himself. He butted his cock firmly against her taut hymen. "It`s now time for you to become a woman, you degenerate little bitch." He growled, taking her by the hips and driving his thick cock straight through her hymen and deep into the hot swampy depths of her cunt.

Cara screamed and bucked, inadvertently driving even more of his cock into her pussy. The pain was indescribable. There was a white hot flash behind her eyes, and a sickening tearing sensation between her legs, and then she was full.

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Misty positioned herself on the bed and wrapped her legs around Cara`s head, pulling her face down onto the waiting pussy. Peter Hopkins nodded in delight as Cara`s lapping tongue found her throbbing clit and Misty groaned with pleasure.

Peter was moving now, alternating quick shallow thrusts with deeper penetrating ones, stretching and widening the slick velvety channel still further. The initial blast of pain was now easing into a dull ache, and Cara began to push back, her desire returning with a vengeance. She buried her face in Misty`s pussy, eliciting gasps of pleasure as she lapped and sucked at the sensitive fleshy folds.

Peter was coming.


Despite all of his best efforts, Cara`s clinging cunt was bringing him off. He seized her by the hips, pulling her back onto his immense prick as the hot spunk raced along his quivering shaft and exploded into her clasping pussy, coating the battered and bruised walls of her cunt with his thick viscous fluid. Cara was coming too. Brought to orgasm by the feeling of warm spunk spattering heavily into her needy, spasming cunt. As he emptied the last of his spunk into her, Peter Hopkins watched Cara`s asshole pulse and flex as she worked through her orgasm.

There was still a small pot of cream left from the last batch. He must get Misty to fetch it for him. The End