Gay mature on twins Check it out as Anthony Evans shoots his jizz

Gay mature on twins Check it out as Anthony Evans shoots his jizz
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Hi my name is Tammy and this is how I got revenge on my mom and became a slut for big black cock. First off let me describe myself for you. I am 14 years old and 5'4 weighing just over 95 pounds.My tits are now 34B and I love how my step dad looks at them. My hair is shoulder length and light brown like my eyes and I have some very light freckles across my nose. I decided to get even with my mom when she went to a party i was attending and found out it was a boy/girl party and that I was making out with my best friend who is a girl in front of all the guys for a coupe dollars.

She grabbed me by the arm and led me out infront of eevryone humilating me. I don't understand her promblem it was not like i was blowing a guy just kissing and playing with my girlfriend's tit. Once home she told me I was grounded the rest of the summer and that my sted dad would make sure I did not go anywhere.

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That was when i decided to seduce my step dad and let her catch him fucking me. I could not think of a meaner thing to do to her. It was about a week later and my mom was at work and my sted dad Mike was out in the garage working on his car.

I put on a bikini that was a couple years old, which barely covered my tits and ass.

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Over the bottoms i put on my tightest daisy dukes that barely covered my ass. Going to the bathroom I did my best whore makeup and for the final touches put my heels on.


Going out to the garage I went to the other sid eof the engine from Mike and leaned over it showing off my cleaveage "Hi daddy whats wrong with the car this time?" I asked him. When he looked up his eyes stopped at my tits. "When did you start calling me daddy? It has allways been Mike and i thought your mom said you were grounded so I wont be taking you to no pool today Tammy." He said the whole time looking straight at my bikini covered tits.

"Don't you want me to call you daddy, Mike? I am just wearing this cause it is so hot out." I replied while pushing my tits together with my upper arms. "You know I been wanting you to call me that since me and your mom got married, But ain't that a bit small for you Tammy?" he said finaially looking at my face.

Smiling at him. "Don't you like my bikini daddy? I thought you would since i seen you trying to look at my titties since I got a some?" I asked him making a pouty face. He made a little laugh noise and then told me to come over and give him a hug.


Whiling he was hugging me his hands was rubing my back up and down and I was wishing that my bikini would come untie and he could see my nipples. Pulling away from me he playfully slapped my ass. "Now i have to get back to work Tammy" he told me as he went back to the engine. "So whats wrong with the car and can I help daddy?" I asked him trying to keep his attention on me.

"Just doing a quick tune up and changing the spark plugs. If you wanna help why don't you go over to the cabnet and get my the plugs?" he asked me Going over to the cabnets I looked all over knowing he kept them in the bottom shelves. Bending and strechting to give my step daddy a good show till I bent over at the hips to get the spark plugs.

That is when i heard him give me a whistle. "you know your mom would kill you if she saw you in those shorts Tammy?" he told me. "I know but she ain't here.

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Do you like them daddy or would you change them any way you could daddy? I asked him while bring the plugs back to him. Taking the plugs from he he said "Well they are a little long if you are gonna wear daisy dukes they need to be alot shorter baby girl." Motioning me to turn around i did and that is when I felt him draw some lines on them, Turning around to afce him he drew some on the front of them too.

"If you are serious about letting me decide how short they nee dot be go inside and cut them where i drew the lines." he told me. Nodding my head I went inside and up to my room, After cutting them i removed my bikini bottoms too and put on the new shorts. He really made it so it left little to imagine.

Both of my ass checks were exposed and in front just a little covered my pussy. Back in the garage he made me a new top too.

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He handed me a little piece of white cloth. I found out latter it was a sleave to a white t-shirt. strecting it, it just covered my tits. Once dressed how he wanted i did a little fashion show for him.

"Do you like daddy?" I asked him "Yes i do baby girl. I wish your mom would let me dress her like that." he told me. Walking over to him I tod him"Daddy you can dress me how ever you want and have me do anythign you want." with that I took his finger and started to suck on it liek a cock.

Looking at him with my fuck me eyes. "No more teasign babygirl time for you to get on your knees." he said while he was pushing down on my shoulder with his free hand.

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Once on my knees I undid his jeans and freed his cock. It must of been atleast 11 inches long and very thick. First thing I did was to kiss and lick all over the shaft. After it was wet I took into my mouth.

bobbing my head back and forth and stoking his shaft with my right hand that was when he said. "Put your hand behind you back baby girl." When I did his hands went to either side of my face. "Now be a good girl Tammy and don't try to stop me." Knowing he wanted to thraot fuck me I did my best to relax my throat.

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His cock started to be rammed down my my mouth and throat. "Oh yes Tammy I been wanting to do this to you since you were 11 when I first maried your mother." The whole time he was fucking my face he was calling me his white bitch or hsi white trash whore.

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Slobbers started to run out of my mouth as he fucked it hard. He used my mouth like a pussy for a good 15 minutes before pulling out and cumming all over my face and into my hair.


Looking down at me he told me" man don't you look sexy as hell dressed like that on you knees with cumm all over your face. Too bad I can't keep you like that all the time." "I told you daddy I will dress however you want me to and do whatever you want me to." I replied with that I leaned foward and licked his cock clean.

Before he got hard again he told me to het up and get cleaned up before my mom got home. Being a litte dissapointed i did as he said knowing the next time it would be sex and we might get caught. let me know what you think thanks Tammy

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