Put it in the butt what

Put it in the butt what
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Having been in the funeral business for almost 30 years; I had prepared quite a few good looking women for burial. But few of them could compare to the exquisitely lovely young woman that lay on the prep table before me. I had just retrieved her corpse from the local hospital morgue earlier today following an accident where the bicycle she was riding was struck by a speeding car and she thrown off on her head breaking her neck.

Abigail Elizabeth Miller was 21yrs old, approx. 5ft 10 in tall and 125 lbs. Her blonde locks with a little turned out curl stopped just below her shoulders. Her nude dead body had a nice Coppertone tan with a bikini tan line.

She had no visible injuries other than the broken neck and some cuts/abrasions to the top and back of her scalp. My cock stirred in my pants as I cupped her firm magnificent cool titties in my hands and gave them a gentle squeeze. Walking around to the end of the table, I spread her shapely tanned thighs apart and stared at the patch of light brown hair above and beside her delicious looking pussy hole.

Crawling onto the table between her long legs; my tongue began to lick the outside of her cold, dead vaginal lips before entering her smelly young crevice.

No matter how beautiful and clean they were in life; after death, their pussy seemed to be the first thing to have the smell of death. Abigail was no exception but the smell turned me on that much more as my tongue went deep inside her cunt. As I licked, sucked and ate lovely Abigail's dead meat, I wondered what her last thoughts were before she had died earlier today.

I'm sure she had no idea that a horny mortician old enough to be her father would be licking her sexy dead cunthole before the day was over. Hell, I'd eat the peanuts out of her shit as my uncle used to say.

But that was just the beginning. My hands glided over her shapely, somewhat muscular thighs. That sent a tingle down my spine and I knew that nothing would satisfy me short of fucking her until I bathed her love canal with my hot sticky cum. I got down off the table, shed my clothes, scooped lovely Abigail up to carry her to the casket room and laid her in one of my favorite caskets.

It was always so much more comfortable fucking my "clients" in a casket instead of the hard table. Grasping Abigail's feet, I spread them as wide apart as possible and then did the same with her knees to open her up as wide as possible. I placed a thick towel underneath her crotch so as not to soil the casket and crawled on top of the lovely cool dead body that had been so alive earlier today.

I opened her eyelids and gazed at the lovely light blue eyes staring but not seeing. My lips planted a long passionate kiss on the cool lips beneath me as I caressed her soft, smooth left cheek with my right hand. My fully erect cock found it's target and I inserted it slowly into the cold, young pussy. She wasn't a virgin and her pussy wasn't all that tight. As usual, I started pumping her slowly but steadily and then built up to a faster tempo after a few minutes.

As my tempo increased, I could see the delicious tanned breasts of my necrolover jiggling on each stroke. Each time my rod hit bottom; I could see my brown pubic hair mesh with hers. "Oh Abigail, you delight me so my darling" were my thoughts as I thrust my long hard cock deep against her cervix and felt it erupt violently bathing the love canal of this exquisitely lovely specimen of female flesh.

I shuddered with pleasure as I ground my hot meat hard against the delectable cunt of the corpse beneath me and felt my semen continue to be released.

My wave of ecstasy soon over, I slowly withdrew from the luscious corpse and climbed out of the casket. My lust with Abigail Miller's corpse had been satisfied for the moment.

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Very satisfying she was but she had several other orifices I wanted to explore later. But I also wanted a few pictures of the freshly fucked corpse in the casket. I went to the office and picked up my digital camera and began to get some pictures of my lovely young client from all possible angles. I took several from my favorite position, looking at her cummy pussy with the camera between her feet.

I snapped several dozen with her nude in the casket. I would get some more of her later. I walked back to the prep room and dressed and obtained a washcloth that I moistened before I returned to the casket. My load of sticky cum was leaking from Abigail's gooey pussy into the crack of her curvaceous ass and onto the towel beneath. Washing as much of the sticky goo from her now gaping hole as possible; I rolled her over on her side and cleaned what had leaked between her lovely ass cheeks.

Her asshole had lost its pucker of course and I couldn't resist finger fucking it with my middle finger a few times before stuffing as much of the washcloth as possible into the leaky pussy to prevent any more leakage.

Again, scooping the lovely remains into my arms, I carried the lovely corpse back to the prep room and placed it onto the prep table. I proceeded to clean out the remaining cum that I had deposited in the young lady's pussy with the hose set to a warm spray; then dried her and covered her with a sheet.

I needed to talk with her next of kin before doing any preparations. I telephoned the Miller home to make an appointment to discuss Miss Miller's arrangements with her father. I had met Dr. Miller a couple of times in the past but never had the pleasure of meeting his daughter when she was alive. He indicated that he would like to see his daughter's body and he would come to the funeral home to discuss her arrangements.

He volunteered to go ahead and bring her clothes and a picture of her. Arriving there in about an hour and a half; I greeted Dr. Miller and again told him how sorry I was about Abigail.

He was taking Abigail's death very hard and kept telling me how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. I took the bag of clothes and the picture. After consoling him again, I took him into the embalming room to the table where his daughter lay.

I uncovered her face and her shoulders to the top of her breasts. His comment when he saw her was; "Oh Abbie; you are so beautiful". He then asked me if he could have some time alone with his daughter.

I told him I had some phone calls to make and I would return in a little while and we could discuss the arrangements then. I somehow had a strange feeling about Dr. Miller and so I went straight to the office; locked the door and opened the case near my desk and selected the hidden camera in the embalming room and turned up the sound and started taping just as Dr.

Miller leaned over and kissed his daughter's corpse on the lips. His hands slid the sheet down to below her knees before one hand caressed the inside of her shapely thigh while the other cupped one of her firm young breasts. I could hear him say "Abbie you're so sexy. You look just like your mother when we were first married.

God rest her soul." I knew from the way he was rubbing and caressing young Abigail that he was really getting turned on. I found out how turned on when he shed his pants and undershorts and his large hard cock was released. Spreading Abbie's legs apart he leaned over and buried his face between her legs. As he ate her clammy young cunt, he began to refer to her as Carol who I assumed was his dead wife.

My cock was leaking precum as I pulled it out and began to stroke it as Dr. Miller mounted his sexy daughter's corpse and began to screw her. He was pounding his big rod into her like there would be no tomorrow. I guess for him that probably was his last chance to fuck his daughter. It made me wonder how many times he had done this when she was alive? He kept calling her his lovely Carol as he kissed her lips and continued to hunch his meat into her until at last I saw his buttocks tighten and heard his sigh as he shot his load of hot sticky cum into his 21-year-old daughter's pussy.

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I let him lie on top of her for a minute before I entered the room and coughed. It took Dr. Miller another minute to come to his senses or as close as he could get. He told me he just couldn't help himself. He began to tell me the whole story and I stood there and listened. Abbie looked so much like her mother Carol. It was like Carol's dead body was there, beckoning him to love her one last time.

Carol had died of breast thirteen years ago after several years of declining health as cancer ravaged her body. He had used a competitor (Janson's Mortuary) who was closer by than I was but old Mr. Janson threatened to have him arrested when he caught him inappropriately touching Carol's corpse. No amount of bribe would change his mind. Now I knew why he had chosen me. Dr. Miller went on to say that he was very lonely and deeply depressed after his wife's death. He began to dress in his wife' underwear, stockings, and heels and masturbate while looking at some nude photos of his lovely Carol he had scanned on the computer.

He imagined fucking her dead body. That helped to release the tension inside him, but one day his daughter Abbie (who had just turned 18) walked in unannounced and caught him, she was obviously shocked and concerned but she explained to her at length what he was feeling.

She tried to understand but he was afraid he had lost her love when she left the room that night. He worried about the situation all the next day and still had it on his mind after bed the next evening. But suddenly there was a knock on the door and his daughter's voice softly said "Daddy can I come in." He answered yes and she entered the dimly lit room and slid into bed with him. She told him she knew how hard it had been since her mom had died and how lonely he was. Then she said she wanted to help.

She hugged him and he felt her warm hand slide down his stomach and gently take hold of his penis. One part of him wanted to stop her but the other part liked the way it felt as his young Abbie stroked the foreskin of his hardening cock. He managed to get out a "We shouldn't be doing this" before she put her finger over his mouth and said I want to make you feel good Daddy.

You deserve it. With that said she pulled the sheet down to the middle of his thighs and began to suck his hard cock. She then jacked his cock until he came.

After that Abbie slept in his bed every night. He used a condom until she got on birth control so she wouldn't get pregnant. He had intercourse with her on a regular basis. Carol had been the love of his life and the only part of her he had left had just been taken away from him too. He knew he shouldn't be doing this and begged me not to report him to the authorities. While I appeared to ponder his response, he crawled from the table and put on his undershorts and pants.


He told me that he would make it well worth my while if I forgot about what had just happened. At this point, I told Dr. Miller that I somewhat understood.

I would keep quiet on the condition that he never, ever mention this to anyone. If he did I would deny I saw anything and there would be no way to prove it had happened. He agreed and we moved to the casket room and I left him to select a casket while I returned to the office, stopped the tape and closed the cabinet. When I returned; he had selected a very expensive blue silver casket for Abbie. I told him it was a good choice. Dr. Miller then began to talk about his daughter's life.

He indicated that she was known as Abbie to all her friends and relatives. She was his only child. Abbie was a senior at the local State University majoring in Psychology and was only 2 months away from graduation. He went on to say that she excelled in basketball and track in high school and college and maintained a 4.0 academic average. She enjoyed riding the bike to school instead of the BMW sports car he had bought her. She wanted the exercise.

He showed me several pictures of her and when I commented again on how lovely she had been; I also retrieved the picture of her he had brought.

He wanted it used to get her hair and makeup like he wanted. Tearfully, Dr. Miller picked up the framed 12 by 15 full-length photo taken recently of Abbie in a black v-necked mini-dress, white pearl necklace, black sheer stockings and black sandaled heels.

He indicated that this was his favorite outfit and this was how he wanted her to be buried and those clothes and accessories were in the bag. Dr. Miller wrote a check for my fee and included a healthy bonus for what he wanted to be my silence. Actually, he never had to worry but he didn't know that.


I told him before he left that he could come by at 2 pm tomorrow to see Abbie after she was fully prepared. We said good evening and I walked him out the back door.

I took the picture and clothes with me to the embalming room. With her father's cum leaking from her luscious cunt, Abbie's delicious corpse with her legs spread was such a turn-on.

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But I had to get down to business for the moment. I again cleaned the cum from Abbie's pussy before I made the incisions in her lovely neck and commenced the pump and drain. Just seeing her and touching her made me want her again. I would finish the rest of the preparations of Miss Miller's body early tomorrow and would take her to bed with me tonight. When her arteries were filled with the proper pressure and the equipment had been secured; I took a look at my work so far.

The color of the fluid I had chosen was perfect based on the picture of her. I transferred her to a gurney and rolled it to the elevator and took it to my residence on the third floor. Transferring Abbie's nude corpse to my bed; I opened a small drawer where I kept some items to dress my "clients" in when they spent the night with me. After seeing the picture of Abbie in black, I decided she would look very sexy in black stockings and classic pump black heels.

Rolling the sheer black thigh-high's up her delicious young legs was making my already erect cock super excited. Sliding the heels onto her feet: she looked so fuckable.

I lay beside of her and marveled at her beauty for a few minutes. I was always a little sad when I had a client this beautiful. It was such a shame for this exquisite young lady's body to never pleasure a husband and be pleasured by him on her wedding night.

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I began to explore every inch of this luscious female specimen. I opened her eyes and kissed them. Her dark red lips beckoned mine and I kissed them before opening her mouth and exploring it with my tongue. I slid Abbie's corpse down on the bed and straddled her face and slid my cock into her open mouth and against the back of her throat.

I lay down in the sixty-nine positions and kissed her soft pubic hair. I pumped my cock in and out of Abbie's mouth and with every thrust, it went further down her throat.

My eyes marveled at her perfect thighs as I fucked her mouth. It felt so good like her throat was grabbing me with each thrust. My balls were getting that tight feeling as my cock erupted into lovely Abigail's mouth filling it full.

When I withdrew; my hot sticky white goo was running down the left corner of her mouth. My 48-year-old body spent; I lay beside Abbie and held her tight and drifted rather quickly into a very good night's sleep. I awoke with my head on her left shoulder and my eyes focused on her lovely breasts. Rested from my night's sleep; I had one more hole I wanted to sample. I put the pillows on top of each other in the middle of the bed and rolled my necrolover over on them with her lovely ass up in the air.

Like the rest of her, it was perfect. So firm and so tan as my hands grasped her buttocks and gave them a squeeze. I licked through her crack and stuck my tongue into her open asshole and lubed it a little before positioning my cock at her opening and thrusting it in.

I banged her bunghole as I squeezed her tits from behind until I shot some more of my semen into Abbie's sexy corpse. Finally satisfied; I withdrew from her ass and put on my clothes. I picked up Abbie and placed her on the gurney and took it back to the embalming room on the elevator. I transferred her back to the embalming table and continued the preparations. I rolled the leggy corpse over on her stomach and inserted a length of clear plastic tubing open on both ends up her rectum until it barely protruded from her stretched anus.

I placed a plug in the outer end and then glue around the anal opening to seal it. I rolled the lovely corpse over onto her back and spread her shapely legs apart on the table.

I located her urethral opening and sealed her "pee hole" forever with a few drops of glue. Inserting a super absorbent tampon in her vagina up against her cervix; I stuffed a wad of gauze inside her pussy to prevent any leakage from her female organs. The lower half of Miss Miller was properly prepared so I went the head of the table. I inserted a pair of eyecups into her blue eyes and carefully glued her eyelids shut.

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I cleaned my dried cum from her face and the inside of her mouth. I packed her nostrils with cotton balls soaked in insect spray. I forced a cotton plug soaked with the same spray down into her lovely throat and closed her lovely mouth and placed adhesive on the inside of her sexy lips and carefully positioned them.

I removed the burial clothes from the bag and looked them over picking up the lacy black boy short panties and sliding them on over her lovely feet and up her legs into place. I placed my arm under her and lifted her up to place the matching strapless black bra on her firm young titties.

I rolled the lace top black ultra sheer thigh hi stockings up her legs and into place. Placing the black sandaled heels on her feet; I fastened the straps.

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Sitting Abbie back up; I placed the dress over her head; inserted her arms in the short sleeves and slid it down to her waist before lying her down and lifting her lovely rear and slid it on down to where it ended at mid-thigh. Grabbing my makeup kit and the makeup that her father had brought; I looked closely at the photograph of her that her father brought and applied a little eyeliner and then some dark color to her eyebrows and lashes.

I used her dark red lipstick to accentuate her sexy lips and a little blush on her cheeks. I applied a little makeup to the place on her neck where the embalming incisions were made and closed.

Damn, she looks good enough to eat and I already have several times. I rolled the blue silver casket in and opened both lids and carefully positioned Abbie's beautiful young body inside with her head on the pillow.

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Lifting her head and shoulders I fastened the clasp on the low plunging back of her dress and placed the pearl choker around her neck and fastened it before lying her back down. Small diamond studded pierced earrings completed her burial outfit. Taking a styling brush and comb; I styled her lovely dark blonde locks into place as close as possible to the photograph and stood back to admire my work.

Mighty fine! She looked like she could sit up in the casket at any moment and that was always the look I strived for with my attractive female clients. I closed both lids of the casket and rolled her to her viewing room and then returned to put the supplies away. I went upstairs, shaved and showered and dressed before having a bite of lunch.

Before 2 pm I came back down and opened the upper lid of Abbie's casket. Her father came a few minutes later with a digital camera in his hand. He looked his daughter's corpse over carefully and said well done but then asked if the lower lid could be opened. I complied and stepped back as he took photograph after photograph of his daughter.

I left the room and went to the office and turned on my hidden camera and started the tape. I saw him caress Abbie's titties thru her dress and then slide the short dress to her waist, pat her pantied crotch and rub her stocking clad thighs and snap several photos of her pantied crotch before sliding it back down into place. I could tell he wanted to fuck her so badly he could hardly stand it but he didn't go any farther. I returned to the viewing room and then saw him out.

Later that evening, close friends and family gathered for the viewing of Abigail Elizabeth Miller's exquisitely beautiful corpse. Quite a few people commented on how beautiful she looked. Lots of tears were shed. One young man of about 18 kept standing where he had a good view of Abbie in her casket. I gathered he was a cousin from the family conversation.

I could tell he was lusting after Abbie's dead body. I couldn't blame him. After everyone else had left, Dr.

Miller was still there looking at his daughter's body. He kissed her on the lips and then left. The next day the closed casket funeral was held in the funeral home chapel. Miss Abigail Elizabeth Miller was laid to rest afterward in a crypt beside her mother in the Memorial Park mausoleum.