Thief stripsearched and fucked real deep

Thief stripsearched and fucked real deep
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First of all, I love eating and fucking hot pussy and ass, but I would soon come across the most mind blowing sex that I have ever had that made come back for more still to this day. I was about 25 years of age when I moved away from my small hometown to an apartment complex that was closer to my place of work, where I met my two neighbors 27 year old Breanna, and her roommate and close friend, 23 year old Roxie.

Both Breanna and Roxie in my opinion were the hottest black females my eyes have ever seen. Breanna was fairly tall with very sexy legs and voluptuous ass,along with a very nice set of tits, and beautiful shoulder length black hair.

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Roxie was about 5 ft with a very petite body, carrying an almost baby doll cute race with braided hair that simply made her adorable! As the time went by, we would have small talk from time to time, but this particular weekend I had off from work would become a time I will never forget! During the hot summer afternoon, I went swimming at the complex pool.

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After I got done swimming I went home and was going to fix a Tombstone pizza and I heard a knock on my door. When I answered the door in my shorts and tank top, it was Breanna, she told me that her and Roxie were cooking a chicken dinner and she wanted to invite me over. Well I said, Sure, why not? A chicken dinner sure as hell sounds better than some frozen pizza any day!

So I sat down and had some of the best cooking I have had in a long time! As we finished supper, Breanna told Roxie that she was going to take a shower and asked her if she could load the dishwasher.

So as a small-town gentleman, I helped Roxie load the dishwasher, and when we were done, Roxie invited me into the living room to watch TV.


I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa as she turned on the TV with the remote. As we were watching TV, Roxie and I talked about our jobs and where we were from and so on. Than Roxie sat down next to me, and turned off the TV, than put her slender hand in my inner thigh, sliding it over my shorts, staring at me eye to eye, with her stunning brown eyes asking me if I have had sex with a black girl before.

With my heart pounding, I nervously said n--noo, why? Than Breanna in a white bathrobe letting came up to me face to face, taking her hands around my waist and up my tank top raking her finger nails over my chest, whispering in my ear, because we are going to fuck your brains out!

Breanna took off my tank top and threw it on the floor. Than she stripped off the white robe, revealing her beautiful black naked body, telling me please me, worship my body. With pleasure I took Breanna's tits and her hot black body into my mouth. While I was pleasing Breanna, I felt Roxie removing my shorts, telling me you won't be needing your clothes baby!

Roxie took my 8.5 inch in her tiny mouth and sucked it until I was in total seduction.

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Breanna could clearly see that I was completely under their spell and she pushed me down on my back on the sofatelling me that she wants me to eat her ass and pussy and than after you eat me you are also going to eat Roxie's ass and pussy! Than Breanna straddled her sexy black legs over my face positioning her velvety pussy over my mouth.

I began to lick her outer part of her clit and she took her two fingers and parted it open to reveal the most beautiful pink pussy I have ever seen. I plunged my tongue deep in her snatch eating her savory juices as I went back and forth to her ass and pussy.

As I was enjoying Breanna's pussy, Breanna took my cock into her mouth as Roxie was licking my ass and balls Than Roxie switched places with Breanna, setting her tiny petite ass and bald pussy right over my mouth. As I was eating our Roxie, she was fucking my face wildly telling me how good my tongue was making her feel.

Than both Breanna and Roxie escorted me to their bedroom, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor with both of them commanding me to get on the bed. I got on the bed on my back as Roxie got back on my face with her hot body and pussy over my mouth.

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Than Roxie took my cock in her mouth, with Breanna licking my balls, as she shoved her slender finger into my virgin hole, which drove me crazy. Than Roxie got off me, and Breanna laid down next to me and said Fuck me John, fuck me now!

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I plunged my 8.5 in cock into Breanna's hot box, pumping her harder and harder as she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles, as she was eating out Roxie's pussy as Roxie was on Breanna's face. The intensity was explosive as I was about to cum, Breanna goes Oh Yes baby give me your juices into me, fill me up with that cum!


My cock exploded inside Breanna, and I rolled off of her thinking I was finished. Than I saw Roxie go down on Breanna's pussy, eating out jizz I just shot into Breanna's pussy. Roxie continued to eat our Breanna's pussy with her tiny ass in my face wiggling it back and forth at me. Roxie than stared back at me saying, you're not done, just because you shot your wad doesn't mean we are done with you, now do something!

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I took Roxie's sweet little ass into my hands and spread her petite cheeks open and devoured her rosebud, and back down to her sweet pussy. As I was eating her love hole, she grabbed my hand and guided it into her crack of her ass telling me to finger fuck her ass! I took my finger into her ass, as I was eating her hot pussy to the point I was rock hard again!

Roxie looked back at me, seeing that I was hard, saying, fuck me from behind, come on I know, you want it! So I gently started to slide my cock into her, as I was afraid as small was I would hurt her, and as I was trying to be gentle to her, Roxie slammed back against me taking my cock deep into her saying don't be a wimp FUCK ME!

FUCK ME HARD! So Started to fuck the living hell out of Roxie, and the harder I fucked her, the wilder Roxie got, where I gushed cum into her pink hole. I pulled out of Roxie's pussy, thinking I was done, wrong again!

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As I was still on my knees, Roxie turned around facing my back taking her tongue down my spine to my ass, she started to finger and tongue fuck my ass. Than Breanna slid under me between my legs, taking my cock her mouth making me hard again.

Than both Breanne and Roxie got on their hands and knees, telling me they want my cock in their ass! So with pleasure I took turns fucking their hot asses. As I was fucking Roxie's cute little ass, I could feel myself was about to cum. I said oh gawd damn Roxie I am going to cum in your sweet ass! Both Breanne and Roxie said don't cum pull it out. As I pulled out of Roxie, she played with my balls as Breanna stroked my cock until I cummed all over Breanna's mouth and Roxie's tongue as they devoured my seed.

As we ended that amazing of those girls fucking my brains out, they let me rest for awhile and than they guided me into the shower where they both washed me down, and as they got down to my ass and cock they both took turns licking my ass and balls and sucking my cock but Breanna wanted my cock all to herself taking it down her throat swallowing my cum.

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Than we went back in the bedroom, and as I was going to the living room to get my clothes both Roxie and Breanna grabbed me and pushed me on the bed both telling me that I wasn't going anywhere. Breanna that's right, you are going to stay here all weekend, and you are to remain naked and we are going to spend the whole weekend fucking your brains out.


Say the least I love ass and pussy,but without a doubt Brianna and Roxie gave me an experience in having black pussy and ass that I will never soon forget.