That honey like to sit on his face squirting japanese

That honey like to sit on his face squirting japanese
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My Disastrous Night 3 - Grandma When Jim left his two boys in his mother's care, she decided to take really good care of them. Author's note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16.

But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old.

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Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older.

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Believe me. I know. I wrote the story. The story about Jim began with him getting a call from his wife Kate, asking that he return home. As you know he had a sad encounter with his wife and consoled himself in the arms of his client's wife Sandra. Here is what happened at his mother's house after he left there on his way home to his wife, from his mother's point of view.

"Mom, I have to go. Kate needs me," Jim told me. "I'll be back in time to take the kids fishing." "Is everything OK?" I asked. "Yes Mom. She is just not feeling well," he explained. He then went out and unhitched the camper from the truck. "You drive careful now," I called to him. "It's late and you're probably sleepy." "See you in the morning," he promised. Then he was gone. I shut and locked the door and turned around to go to bed.

That's when I noticed Charlie, my 17-year-old grandson. He was asleep on the couch, the blanket half off and apparently having an erotic dream. His pajamas were tented up with an erection. My curiosity got the better of me and I quietly went over to him. He was breathing heavy so I decided to chance moving his pajamas around a bit to see if I could get a better view.


With a little adjustment Charlie's shaft slid right out through the opening in his pajamas. It was glorious, firm, and slightly curved up towards his belly.

He was circumcised, but I already knew that. The head of his penis was pulsating as if he was in the middle of an erotic dream. I couldn't resist. I leaned down and with a lot of saliva, slid my mouth over the head of his penis.

I carefully slid my mouth down and back up a few times, making sure I had plenty of saliva to keep it wet and easy. I could feel his shaft throbbing in my mouth and I wanted him more than anything. My husband was dead and gone and now I lusted after my own grandson. After pulling my mouth off of his shaft I stared down at him and made my decision. Pulling my nightgown up I removed my panties and for some odd reason slipped them into the back pocket of his jeans, lying on the floor.

I then carefully lifted one leg up over his waist onto the couch on the other side of his body.


Balancing with my other leg standing on the floor I lowered myself down to his erection. Positioning the head of his penis at my opening I slowly and carefully lowered my body down onto his erection.

He slid inside of me. I just held him there for a few moments before pulling myself up and then back down once more. Again and again I did this, not fast or jerky but slow and smooth. His erection felt so good inside of me. As I continued this process I played with my clit until I was on the verge of cumming.

Then my body exploded and I couldn't be careful any longer. I started fucking him hard and he did what I knew he would. He woke up. "What the fuck, Grandma?" he exclaimed. "Yes honey, surprise," I responded.

"Should I stop?" I knew that if he wanted me to, I had at least gotten off once with him inside of me. It wasn't a total loss. "Oh God Grandma, that feels good," he said. "No, don't stop now, fuck no." I leaned back and rocked my hips fast and furious, well as fast and furious as I could at my age. "Oh yes, Grandma, that's it, fuck the hell out of me," he cried out. "Yes, almost there, just a little bit.oh shit.I mean.sorry Grandmas.fuck I'm cumming." Then I felt it, his cum shoot up inside of me, hard, hot, and a lot of it.

I gradually slowed down until I couldn't feel his cum any longer.


"We haven't done that in a little while," I reminded him. "I don't know why not," he said. "I always enjoy it when we fuck. Hey, where's Dad? He couldn't be here or you wouldn't be doing this." "Your mom called and he had to go home but he'll be back by morning," I explained, "so you can all go fishing." "Hell, I mean heck, I really don't want to go fishing," he confided in me.

"I'd rather go spend the night at my friend Paul's house." "How would you get there?" I asked him as I lifted myself off of him and walked into my bedroom for a fresh pair of panties. I could feel his cum start to ooze out of my pussy.

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"I couldn't take you as we have Tony here," I explained as I walked back into the living room. "Paul would pick me up if I called him," he informed me. "You could explain to Dad. Please Grandma?" After what he just gave me, how could I refuse him? "Sure, give Paul a call. If he'll come and get you then it's fine with me. I'll make excuses to your dad for you." "Thanks Grandma," he exclaimed and ran off to the kitchen to use the phone.

A few minutes later he was packing up, getting ready to leave. 45 minutes later Paul was there. I know he was speeding, as it takes a little longer than that from the city. After he left I thought about my relationship with Charlie. He was only 14 the first time we had sex together, the same age as Tony, asleep in the other room. I shouldn't, really I shouldn't. But how could I not? I took my new panties off and tossed them in on my bed.

I then carefully climbed into bed with Tony, being sure not to wake him. He had his back to me so I snuggled up to him. In his sleep he let me form my body to his. When I put an arm around him he took his own hand and held mine close to his chest. After about 20 minutes he began to roll onto his back and then to his other side.

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I rolled just ahead of him such that he was now spooning me, his right arm over my waist and his hand against my stomach. After I knew he was still sound asleep I slowly inched my nightgown upwards until it was up to my waist. I then slowly moved his hand downward towards my wet pussy.

When I got his right hand down there I positioned it such that all but two of his fingers were curled up, leaving those two fingers sticking out.

I moved those fingers into position and slid them into my pussy. Then I moved his hand back and forth so that he was finger fucking me.

I took my other hand and fingered my own clit until I gave myself, with the help of Tony's fingers, a full-blown orgasm.

Coming down from my high I carefully moved Tony's right hand under my nightgown and up to my breasts. I opened his hand and placed it on a breast, putting my open hand on top of his.

I then massaged my breast using his hand. Oddly after a while he began doing it on his own, as if I had trained him in his sleep. I let him play with me for a while, quietly moaning now and then when the mood struck me.

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Something else struck me too. I felt Tony's erection push slowly into my butt as it grew stiff. When it was fully erect I felt Tony push his body up against mine.

I knew now that he was awake. I reached around behind me and taking his shaft in my hand I stroked it up and down a few times. "Do you think we ought to put that where it belongs?" I asked him. "I'm sorry Grandma," he said as he pulled away from me. "Where do you think you're going? I meant don't you think you ought to put that thing in me?" "What?" he asked, not sure he heard right. I rolled over onto my back and told him, "Get up between my legs Tony and put that thing in my pussy where it belongs." Tony didn't argue.

He just did as I told him. Tony wasn't near as big as his brother Charlie but he felt good all the same. "Now fuck me Tony. Slide that thing in and out of me, and you don't have to be too gentle either." Tony began rocking his hips forwards and backwards, sliding his dick in and out like a pro. I was so hot for him that it didn't take me long to get near my climax.

But before I reached it Tony was there, shooting his cum inside of me. That was the little extra I needed to kick off my orgasm and send me once more tonight to heaven and back.

When Tony was empty he collapsed on top of me, thoroughly exhausted. "How was that Tony? Did you like it? Was it as good as girls your age?" I asked him. "I've never done that before Grandma," he confessed. "I'm a virgin. But it was incredible. I loved it." "You were a virgin baby, but I have to admit, it was pretty special for me too." "Can we do that again sometime Grandma," he asked. "We'll do it every chance we get darling, anytime, any place," I promised him.

"But only as long as you keep it a secret. I certainly don't want you getting into trouble over it.

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Let's just keep this to ourselves. Now we better get some sleep before tomorrow morning gets here and you go fishing." "Hey, where's Dad?" he asked me.

"Your dad had to run home for a while but will be back in the morning. Actually he should be home soon." "Grandma, I really don't want to go fishing. I don't even like fishing," he told me. "I just want to go home. Charlie can go fishing with Dad in the morning." "I let Charlie go over to a friend's house," I told Tony.

"That bum. Then I'm not going fishing either," he stated. "Could you take me home please?" "Now?" I asked. "Yes. Please," he begged. "Fine," I agreed. "Get your things and I'll drive you home. Your dad can go fishing by himself in the morning." "Thanks Grandma," he said. "I love you." Not 15 minutes later we were in my car heading to my son's house, taking Tony home. When we got there Tony jumped out and grabbing his bag, ran to the front door.

I didn't see my son Jim's truck anywhere and he always parked it out front. When Tony opened the door he waved and I drove off. I wondered what was going on with my son Jim and daughter-in-law Kate. If they were having a fight I just sent little Tony into the midst. But if Jim wasn't even there, well maybe Tony could console Kate. I wondered, now that I had introduced Tony to sex, to incest itself, what might happen in that house tonight.

Had I opened Pandora's box? It gave me plenty to think about for my drive home. The end (until the next point of view) Dear Readers, Coming next is Charlie's story. When we left Charlie, he had just fucked his grandmother and had then been picked up by his friend Paul, to spend the night. Charlie knew that Paul had a girlfriend and also knew that Paul was going to be home alone tonight, his parents gone somewhere.

Paul invited Jim over to introduce him to his girlfriend Samantha, who was only 14 years old. What if he liked the girl? Should he risk Paul's friendship by making a move on her? What if she liked him? Should Charlie just ignore Samantha? Jim's interesting night was about to get quite a bit more interesting. Coming soon is Tony's story. What happened when Tony got home?

What do you think should happen?

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