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Krjemelik Fickt Sexy Teen Lubava
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Caught Masturbating.Part 3 Bitch! John thought as he lay in bed. That fucking little bitch! How could she do this to me? Spoilt little slut. That's what you get for being too easy on your kids. He looked over at his sleeping wife.

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So what if she finds out? No big deal, he thought. She probably knows I jerk off all the time. It's not like this marriage is a happy one. Still don't want Zoe to tell her she sucked me off. But if she does? I can deny it, can't I? Yes I can. That's what I'll do. Deny it.

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I'll deny it and that's that. I'll just be more careful where I jerk off from now on. Dam, her mouth felt good around my cock. Stop! Stop it! Never again. Just a one-off. Forget it ever happened. Not my fault anyway. Slowly he began to feel drowsy. He felt a little more at ease and with his anger subsiding he dozed off. The next morning, as he sat on the toilet, he had a little chuckle to himself.

What made his daughter think sucking his cock would get her more allowance?

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Then came an impatient knock on the door. "Hurry up, Daddy," came Zoe's voice. "I don't have all day to wait for you to finish spanking the monkey." The cheeky slut, he thought as he heard her giggle. He quickly finished up and opened the door. "You know what?" he said, breathless. "I've been thinking.

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Tell her what you want. I'll just deny it. Who do you think she's gonna believe? Me or slutty little bitch daughter? No triple allowance for you." He went downstairs, leaving her standing, and got ready for work. He felt good on the drive to work. A potential disaster has been avoided, he thought.

Then he realised he had forgotten his briefcase and would have to go back for it. He turned the car round and headed back home. Once there, he went into the living room and found it on the table where he had left it. He picked it up but as he turned to leave he heard someone talking upstairs. It must be Susan, he thought, but who's she talking to? He left his briefcase and went upstairs.

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The door to Zoe's bedroom was ajar and he could hear soft moans coming from inside. He paused for a moment and then walked in. He couldn't believe his eyes. There in front of him was his wife, Susan, and his daughter, Zoe, on the bed, legs wide open, totally naked, eyes closed, rubbing each others pussies with their fingers. He had an instant erection. He stood there for a while, just watching. This was wrong but so dam hot.

He thought about leaving but he couldn't. Finally, unable to contain himself any longer, he said:- "Fucking unbelievable." Susan and Zoe opened their eyes, shocked to see him there. They stared at him and he stared back, not knowing what to say.

Then Susan and Zoe looked at each other and smiled. "Hey, Daddy," said Zoe. "What ya doin' home?" "What am I doing?" said John. "What the fuck are you doing?" "What does it look like, honey?" said Susan and both she and Zoe starting fingering each others pussies harder looking directly at him.

"Stop that," he said, half-heartedly. They ignored him and Zoe whispered something in her mothers ear. Susan giggled then both she and Zoe positioned themselves into a sixty-nine with Zoe on top. Susan dug her nails into Zoe's ass cheeks and pulled her down onto her face to lick at her pussy lips and Zoe was already lapping away at her mothers clitty, deliberately making loud slurping noises so John could hear.

He just stood there and watched, his cock aching in his trousers. After about a minute they rolled over so that Susan was on top now and she ground her pussy into Zoe's face as she had done before.

She looked up at John. "Come on, honey," she said. "Join in. We could use a cock, a real cock! Or we're gonna have to make do with that." She nodded at the vibrator next to them.

"Yeah, c'mon Dad," came Zoe's muffled voice. "Fuck her pussy!" He couldn't contain himself any longer. He pulled down his trousers and out sprang his hard cock. Taking off the rest of his clothes he climbed on the bed behind his wife. She raised her ass in the air and with one thrust he shoved his cock right into her pussy. Grabbing her waist he starting fucking her hard all the while Zoe was licking his balls from underneath.

Susan looked at him over her shoulder. "It's been so long," she said. "Fuck me! Fuck me like a bitch!" He grabbed her hair and shoved her head down into Zoe's pussy.

"That's it Daddy," said Zoe from underneath him. "Treat like a slut! That's how she likes it!" John was about to empty his balls. It was the fastest he had ever cum but he couldn't hold back. A few more violent thrusts and he shot his load into Susan who moaned loudly. A few seconds later he pulled out, sat back and watched as Zoe slurped out his cum juice from Susan's pussy.

She didn't swallow. Instead she tapped Susan's ass, motioning her to get off her. With Susan on her back Zoe brought her mouth close to her face and opened her lips letting John's cum drip all over Susan's face.

"See that," Zoe said to John as Susan giggled. "That's what she likes." She then began licking at Susan's face. They tongue-kissed, swapping the cum around each others mouths. "So this is what you get up to when I'm out?" asked John. "Does she know about last night?" "Know what?" said Susan, looking at him.

Zoe hadn't told her about how she had sucked her Dad off the night before. "About how she sucked my cock and then tried to blackmail me.

She didn't say anything?" Susan looked at Zoe who just shrugged. "You and your crazy plans," she said and kissed her again. She doesn't care, John thought about his wife. She just doesn't care. Well fuck this! When in Rome. He grabbed Zoe's legs, brought her towards him and starting slurping away at her pussy.


Susan smiled. A few minutes ago his son's cock was in that pussy, she thought. She got down beside him and both of them took turns lapping at Zoe's vagina who bucked wildly as her orgasm erupted inside her. John and Susan kissed each other, licking Zoe's pussy juices off each other's faces. John's cock was hard again. He stood up at the side of the bed. "Suck my cock," he ordered. "Both of you." They sat on the side of the bed and both of them started licking each side of his cock.

Susan starting sucking on it. It had been such a long time since she had had his cock in her mouth. "Not like that, Mom," said Zoe, taking it out of her mouth.

"Like this." She put her lips on the tip of it and slowly took the whole length of it into her. She made horrible guttural sounds as she deep-throated him. Susan was impressed at her daughters cock-sucking abilities. Zoe jerked her head back letting John's cock out of her mouth.

Wads of sticky spit fell from her chin and his cock onto her chest. "Your turn," she said to Susan, panting. Susan tried to swallow as much of his cock as she could trying to fight the gag reflex. John knew she was having trouble so, taking hold of the side of her head, he began face-fucking his wife.

Susan was loving it. She loved him being forceful like this. She loved the way his cock hit the back of her throat every time he thrust forward. She wanted his cock inside her again. "Fuck me!" she said, pushing him away.

"Fuck both of us, hard!" He pulled her up and practically threw her on the bed.

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Getting on top he lifted up both of her legs in the air and holding them by the ankles he started fucking her, grunting loudly. Meanwhile, Zoe was slapping him on his ass and whispering sweet, little nothings into his ear like:- "That's what she wants. Fuck her like a slut. Make the bitch scream." Zoe then sat on Susan's face facing John and started grinding her pussy into her face just as Susan had done to her.

John fucked his wife brutally while looking into Zoe's eyes thrusting his penis deep inside her with every thrust. A few moments later Susan let out a muffled yell as her orgasm rippled through her. "Don't cum yet," said Zoe to him as she got off her mothers face and got on her hands on knees, her ass in the air, presenting herself to him. "I want you to fuck me." He got behind his daughter and slid his cock into her moist pussy. He began fucking her just as hard as he did his wife.

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"Yeah!" yelled Zoe. "That's the way! Punish me!" Susan noticed he was looking at Zoe's asshole. Like father, like son, she thought and then had an idea. She picked up her vibrator and turned it on. She spat on Zoe's asshole just like before and shoved the vibrator straight in there. Zoe gave out a surprised yelp and then giggled. "Oh, you bad bitch," she said, looking over her shoulder at Susan.

The sight of a pink vibrator buzzing away inside Zoe's ass was too much for John and with a few more strokes he was ready to cum. He pulled out and jerked off his cock furiously as he shot his cum over Zoe ass and back.


Zoe whooped with delight as she felt his warm cum on her. After milking every last drop out John slumped back on the bed, exhausted. Susan then licked and slurped his cum off Zoe and the two started kissing each other, swishing the cum around their mouths, some of it seeping out from their lips.

After Zoe had taken out the still buzzing vibrator all three of them lay on the bed kissing and cuddling. "So," John said. "We're one happy family again. Right?" "Yeah," replied Susan and Zoe agreed. "Just don't tell Mike, okay?" said John. Mother and daughter looked at each other and laughed. "What's so funny?" John asked, confused.

Susan and Zoe just carried on laughing. Oh well, John thought. As long as we're happy. The End