Cutest hanging balls gay porn photos first time Naughty guy Kenny

Cutest hanging balls gay porn photos first time Naughty guy Kenny
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Driving along a dark road, the headlight beams reveal a pair of shapely legs perched on shiny red stelletos walking up ahead. The car slows to take in the sight. Upon further inspection, the legs continue upward for what seems like forever, then disappear under a short red skirt.

With each stride, a glimpse of flesh peeks out from beneath the hemline. "Whoa!" This is more than he can take!

He slows to a slow crawl and flips on the high beams, illuminating the rest of the beautiful form in front of him. He puts down the window as he draws up along-side her and asks if she needs a lift. She pauses briefly to check him out, wondering if she should get in his car or keep walking.

Her mind is filled with indecision, but she decides to take him up on his offer anyway - her feet are killing her and it's a long way back home. As she steps into the car, her skirt rides up, revealing a gorgeous, tanned thigh.

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He is intrigued by who she is and why she is walking alone on the road at night. When he asks her what happened, she tells him that her car had broken down and she is late for work. He offers to drive her where ever she needs to go, so she directs him to drop her off at a local club. Even more intrigued, he follows her inside and takes a seat at the bar and orders a drink. Before long the lights dim and the stage lights come up to reveal a stunning group of women strutting for the crowd. They begin to dance to the music while discarding clothes left and right.

All of the sudden he spots her, third from the left. There is no mistaking it.the legs.oh, yes, those incredible legs! He sits up straighter on the stool and practically drools at the female specimens displayed in front of him. Eventually the ladies descend the stairs on either side of the stage and make their way through the crowd, dancing and gyrating their bodies in every face.offering their tiny g-string straps for the bills the patrons offer.

He watches her from across the room and when he sees her ascend onto a table-top platform, he moves as quickly as he can to grab a seat. She spies him and with a tiny smile of recognition, approaches him first. She is dressed now only in her red heels and g-string.her full, round breasts proudly visible to all.

He is highly aware of the hard-on raging in his trousers, but knows that as much as he wants to, he can't reach out and squeeze those lovely mounds. He slips a 20 into her g-string after she finishes rubbing herself over him, leaving her sweet scent on his clothes along with the feel of her hands on his neck and arms.

He watches her move around the table, enticing all the gentlemen, and savors the sight of her body as she moves. When it's time for the dancers to change, he follows her with his eyes, intending to move with her to the next stage, but is disappointed when she disappears into the back. Though it's a bit difficult, he gets up from his seat and moves to a padded bench on the side of the room so he can have a clear view when she comes back.

His wait is short, for as soon as he settles in, she appears in front of him, drink in hand, and offers him a lap dance. "We meet again, but this time I'm not the one in distress! Looks like you might be, though." He accepts the drink from her and reaches for another bill to pay for the lap dance.but she refuses it, saying that this one is on her.

"You were so kind to offer me a ride earlier, this is the least I can do." Confined by the rules of the club, he cannot touch her, which almost drives him crazy. She lowers herself onto his lap, straddling his legs and pushes and grinds her pussy into his hard cock. As her naked globes bob tantalizingly close to his face and lightly brush across his chest, his cock grows harder and harder.

She whispers in his ear, "Oh, I see that you're really enjoying this. How would you like to continue this later at my place?" Shocked, he doesn't know if she's toying with him or not, but responds eagerly, "Sure. I'll wait 'til you get off work and drive you home." She continues to flounce herself over him, but all too soon, it's time to move on.

He is left with his thoughts of what has transpired so far, mixed with what will come in a short while.


He is so aroused at the thoughts of it, that he cannot get up, because his cock is absolutely rock hard and there is a growing spot of pre-cum soaking through his pants. He watches her for the remaining hours of her shift, never once growing tired of looking at her gorgeous body.

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Before she slips away to change, she gives him a discreet wink and nod that tells him she'll be right out. He manages to stand up when she re-joins him and together they walk out to his car. On the drive to her place, she explains that it isn't normal for her to ask guys to come home with her.

"I have never asked a customer back to my place, but are different. I have never felt such an instant attraction before. I wanted to reach over and do this (as she slips her hand between his thighs) from the moment I got in this car tonight. My pussy got so wet when I was dancing for you, that I thought I was going to lose it right then and there.

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Here, feel this." She takes his hand and opens her legs a bit. He takes it from there and feels the smooth flesh of her thigh on his way to explore her sopping crotch. The shock waves rock her as his fingers touch her skin. She parts her legs a bit more to allow him to touch her pussy. She wants it.needs him to put out her growing fire. His head spins as his finger glides over her hot, wet slit.

He has to be careful not to lose control.of himself and the car. His cock is throbbing to be free and with her hand slowly massaging it, the urgency is growing by the minute. She directs him to turn left and they arrive at her apartment - none too soon! They remain seated, arms crossed over the car, feeling the growing excitement within the other. He turns towards her and with his other hand fondles her breast as their mouths meet in a hungry tangle. She pulls away first and suggests they take this inside.

Within seconds, they are out of the car and racing for her door. Practically before the door closes, she flings her purse aside and presses the full length of her body against his.

His cock, harder than ever now, pushes back into her belly. There are no restrictions here.everything is fair game and she intends to let him touch it all. She takes him by the hand and leads him to her bedroom and begins to unbutton his shirt. His muscular chest was evident under the cloth, but when exposed to her full view, it's even better than she imagined.


She moves in and starts kissing his flesh, burning a path across his chest until she reaches the confining pants at his waist. She makes short work of the barrier and slides his pants down over his hips.

The top of his cock is poking out of the waistband of his shorts and she slurps up the pre-cum that has gathered there once again. "Hmmm," she murmurs. He helps remove the last of his clothing and begins to discard hers.

Quickly she is standing before him fully nude now and the best part is, he can touch her wherever he wants to. His hands instantly reach up and cup her breasts.just what he'd been wanting to do all evening. His mouth devours one then the other, biting and sucking until her nipples stand firm.

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They fall together, groping and squeezing and tasting and rubbing their bodies together, onto the bed. She rolls to the topside and lays her body fully stretched, along his and grinds her smooth pubic mound into his boner.

Her cunt is dripping before she sits up and impales herself on his shaft. It slides in smoothly, sending ripples of delight through her entire body. She rocks and bounces, her boobs bouncing to a rhythm of their own. She feels the familiar tremors start to peak and she lets out a gasping moan as she hits the top. Her muscles contract around him and her cum flows freely down his shaft and onto his balls, sending him over the edge and he shoots his load of hot, sizzling cream into her.

He holds her hips and continues to rock her up and down until he is drained. "I've been wanting to do that all evening!" he says breathlessly. She grins at him and rolls over to lay beside him. Before his cock can recover, she takes it in her mouth and sucks the cum-combo off.

She pulls at him and he rises up to sit straddling her and begins sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. She squeezes her tits together, creating an inviting tunnel for him to fuck.

The wetness from her mouth coats him, and he slides easily back and forth between her luscious flesh.


As his cockhead plunges through on the top side, she flicks her tongue over it, sending thrills of delight straight to his toes. It doesn't take much of this to have him hard again.

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He lays down over her and sinks his rod into her again. She wraps those legs of long and so beautiful, around him, digging her heals into his ass, pressing him deeper inside. She rises to meet his thrusts and he slams into her harder with each one. She pulls her legs back and digs her nails into his back until she can take no more.

Then with a roar, she screams out her pleasure and floods them with her juice. He joins her soon after and fills her once again. They spend the rest of the night and following days fucking wildly, dancing to their own rhythms, oblivious to the rest of the world around them.