Serene Siren is eating Natalies out while she fingers her pussy

Serene Siren is eating Natalies out while she fingers her pussy
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So after Kyle started back to school, I had more time on my hands. So, I was busy fixing people's cars in the driveway for some cash to help pay rent and of course, score some more tweak. It was something I could do that I knew well and I could be amp'ed yet still know what the hell I was doing. The old lady was glad I was getting more business, but little did she know that all summer I wasn't doing as much work because I had my hands full training young Kyle to be my little slut whore.


By now he was a full tweak like me and my old lady, so I'd give him a good hit before he went to school where he was just starting 10th grade. He handled himself well and was able to function only having one hit in the morning, but it still kept him horny and thinking about my cock.

About a month after he started back to school, he started bringing this friend of his over, named Steve, who was a skinny boy with pale skin, black hair, a few pimples on his face here and there and blue eyes. He wore heavy metal t-shirts every time I saw him and honestly, I thought he was really hot.

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Then one day, Kyle came to me out of his room, where Steve was sitting and told me he wanted to get Steve high. He said that Steve had done it before and now that he knew Kyle was doing it, he wanted to do it too.

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So I figured, what the fuck? Still a couple hours before the old lady got home from work. So, Kyle had Steve come into the living room and I handed him the pipe, but Steve waved a hand at me and said he only liked to do lines.

I had to laugh at his openness about it, so I got my sack out and put some onto the table, crushed it and chopped it up int o a fat line. Steve rolled up a dollar bill from his wallet and real fast snorted up the whole thing, then thrusting his head back.

"Oh shit, this is strong!" Steve said and I nodded and laughed. Then Kyle looked and Steve and said "Go on.remember what I said" and Steve looked at me, then at Kyle and I was wondering what the fuck was going on?

But I found out soon when Steve walked over to me, dropped to his knees and opened the fly of my jeans.

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I was shocked but at the same time figured, who was I to stop him? Steve pulled out my cock and took it into his mouth. It felt real good and I could tell this wasn't his first time sucking cock. I pushed down on his head and started working my hips forward and backward, pumping my hardening prick into the boy's hot, wet mouth.

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"I told Steve you'd want him to suck your cock so he could get high." Kyle told me. I laughed and said "Well shit, he didn't have to, but it looks like he wants to anyway." And Steve continued to work my cock with his mouth, stopping ever so often to hold my dick up and lick on my hairy nut sack. Fuck it felt good. "Lick his ass Steve" Kyle said and I looked over at him and he was stroking h is cock looking at Steve work me over.

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So, I turned around and leaned against the nearby table and Steve pulled my hairy ass cheeks apart and started to French kiss my asshole.

FUCK it felt so fucking good! I could feel my hole relaxing and tightening as Steve worked his young tongue around my anus. "Oh Fuck Yeah". I kept saying, pushing my ass into the boy's face.

Then Steve pulled his face away and said "Fuck me in the ass." I was even more shocked now at his directness and asked him "Where'd you learn to be so fuckin' nasty at your age, boy?" Steve grinned and said "My uncle Dave." Well that sent me into erection overdrive, that was so damn hot hearing that. Steve then pulled down his sweatpants and boxers and waited for me to stick my dick between his pale, white ass cheeks.

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Kyle was yanking on his dick and said "I'm next". So,I got down behind young Steve and spit on my cock, working the saliva around it and then I held onto the boys sides as I pushed my hard prick up the boy's hot ass.

I started pumping into him and Kyle got in front of him and pushed his cock into Steve's mouth. Fuck yeah, it was so hot seeing Steve getting face fucked by my whore boy at the same time I was fucking him up the ass. Before I knew it, I thrust into Steve hard and started bucking as I pumped my tweeked wad of jizz into his hot little asshole. Kyle then pulled his dick out of Steve's mouth with a "pop" and walked around in back of Steve.

As I pulled out and stood up, Kyle got down and stuck his cock into Steve's jizz filled asshole and started fucking the hell out of him, until he let out a moan real loud and emptied his young nuts into his young buddie's ass.

What was hotter, was that after Kyle pulled out, he got down and started licking and sucking both our jizz from Steve's gaping hole. Steve was moaning and stroking himself as Kyle at out the cum from his ass.


Steve then threw me for a loop when he continued to say to me "piss down my throat". "Fuck, you sure?" I asked him and he panted and nodded his head, sweating like crazy from being all tweaked out. So, I stood in front of Steve and he opened his mouth and I shot my hot stream of piss into his mouth, which he started to gulp down. I inched forward and worked my cock into his open mouth and he started sucking the rest of my piss down.

"Ooooooh Fuuuuuck" I said as my head went back and my eyes started to cross. It felt so hot and nasty and I'd never done that before. After we were done, Steve went home and not long after the old lady came home and I started making her something to eat as Kyle was in his room doing whatever he was doing.

The old lady asked how my day was and I replied "Great baby.couldn't have been better." Yeah, that was a reeeeal good day. And there's more, but I'll save that for later. Later!

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