Choletas de polleras ceja el alto

Choletas de polleras ceja el alto
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All the time I thought I was being cool. All the time I thought I had set up the perfect plan, when in fact I took her exactly where she wanted to go. Jen was short for Jeanette. She was my niece. As I lay there beside her, I thought back on the plan and what she had just said. She was house sitting for me.

The concept of the plan had actually materialized several years earlier. I am a computer consultant and travel around making the big bucks. This is great, except as I neared retirement I had no way to start preparing for it, being out of state most of the year.

I had tried to get local work, but I was too specialized and there was no market for my skills locally. I had watched as both of my parents took on a mortgage at retirement and I was bound and determined not to make that mistake and to have my homestead paid for by the time I reached retirement. I didn't intend to retire until I was 70, so I started to prepare at 35.

That gave me 5 years to enter into a 30-year mortgage and have it paid off by retirement. So I put a plan to get what I wanted together. I paid cash for 65 acres of land and had a home built on it. I made 6-figures, year in and year out, and might should have just counted on paying cash for the home rather than all that mortgage interest, but mortgage interest is the last good tax deduction and I knew me well enough to know I couldn't save the amount of money I would need to pay cash for the home.

It had taken every bit of discipline I had to save enough for the land. So after I had my home built, I needed to continue working, so I asked my niece to be a house sitter for me. The ulterior motives, I had, materialized almost as quickly as the idea to ask her to house sit. I put together a plan she couldn't refuse. Free room and board as I gave her an amount each week to buy groceries, use of a car and a small tax-free stipend each week, the only rule was no parties and no overnight houseguests.

I even told her I would increase her stipend when I added livestock she would need to feed. She readily agreed. I mean it was basically a free ride and she could seek outside employment if she wanted to. I came home every other weekend and this weekend was my third such foray. Jen was really a rare beauty. She was about 5'6" 125, with dishwater blond hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts were 34B (I saw a bra in the laundry room) and her hips and waist formed an hourglass with those perky tits.

When I came home this weekend, I had a plan. I had watched myself around her the first two trips and this was it. I always did the cooking when I was in town, and when I arrived home late on Friday night, I told her we were doing Mexican on Saturday. Saturday morning, I asked her with a conspirators twinkle in my eyes if she wanted to make dinner a full-blown Mexican fiesta. She caught my festive mood right away and excitedly replied, "That would probably be fun" So early in the afternoon, I took her to her room and I handed her a box, and told her it was her authentic attire for the evening, and that I was going to put mine on and she should dress too.

I went to my room and put on the campasinos attire I had gotten for myself. I went to the kitchen and prepared a pitcher of Top Shelf Margarita's, which are 50% alcohol. They packed a huge punch. The harsh taste of the tequila was smoothed out by the Gran Marnier called for in the recipe. I also put together a Salsa and some tortilla chips. I wanted her thirsty from the tang of the Salsa and the salt of the chips.

She came into the kitchen just as I was finishing the preparations. She was wearing what I had gotten for her. A white peasant style blouse, and a full flowing, floor length skirt in festive Mexican greens and reds.

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I assumed the petticoats that went with the dress and the bloomers were on under the skirt. I poured her a Margarita and we both stood there drinking and eating chips and salsa. I spoke to her as I poured her a second potent Margarita. "If we are going to be authentic, you need to make some adjustments to your attire. A peasant wouldn't have a bra on under her blouse, so you need to go remove the bra, and if you have panties on under the bloomers, you need to remove them too.

I am not wearing underwear, because campasinos wouldn't have any." Jen blushed slightly and said Ok as she was leaving the room.

She returned a few minutes later, her nipples erect and pressing against the almost sheer fabric of her blouse. We continued with Margarita's and chips and Salsa while the dish I was preparing finished cooking then sat at the table and ate our meal. Jen was beginning to get a bit tipsy from the half-dozen potent drinks she had had by the time supper was over.

I had slowed my consumption and was slowly sipping mine to prevent getting drunk. After dinner, I loaded the dishwasher and we retired to the den. Jen stat on the sofa and after retrieving a Tupperware bowl from the antique roll top desk I had, I sat beside her. I opened the dish and removed a marijuana joint and lit it toking deeply.

I passed it to her and she too took a deep draw of its' intoxicating smoke. I knew she had smoked in the past but wasn't sure if she still did or not. I had gambled the alcohol before hand would remove any inhibitions she might have, or that she was still a smoker when the opportunity presented itself.

We consumed a couple more Margaritas and a couple of joints before I made my next move. I had Jen stand, then I guided her over to the roll top desk. I had her bend over and place her hands on the desktop, like a cop preparing to frisk her. I squatted behind her and told her I needed to see if she was dressed properly and grasping her ankles moved her legs until they were shoulder length apart.

I lifted the hew of her skirt, taking the petticoats with it, and placed her skirt on her back. The bloomers, with the open crotch were the only thing remaining between me and my target. I parted the two sides of the garment and her pussy was right before my eyes.

As I had hoped, her outer lips were flushed with lust and bloated with the blood of her arousal and her pussy looked as inviting as one possibly could. The pot had served to make her horny as I had figured it would, since getting horny was typical with women when they got stoned. I leaned forward and blew gently against the lips of her pussy.

Jen jumped at first, but regained her composure and resumed the position she had been in before my overt move on her pussy.

This move told me she perhaps had a submissive side to her that would serve my agenda, perfectly. This time though, she spread her legs a little further and pushed her ass back a little more opening her crotch to my attentions even more. Like a little cock, my tongue dived into her cunt and began to tongue fuck her. I withdrew my tongue and traced the lips of her pussy to her clit and was pleased to find the bud stiffening nicely.

I began to lave it with my tongue and was rewarded with a lusty moan from Jen's lips. I teased the stiffening bud until Jen began to grind her hips back into my face, and then I stood. I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her to face me. She looked into my eyes, the lust fog clouding her half-lidded gaze. I applied pressure to her shoulders, and without having to explain, she dropped to her knees. Lifting the tail of my festively colored shirt, Jen quickly located the tie rope that held my pantaloons in place.

Releasing the knot, the trousers fell to my ankles, and my partially erect cock stuck out from the patch of hair at my crotch. Taking it in her dainty hands Jen spoke before engulfing its tumescence into her mouth, "You have a beautiful cock, Uncle Freddy, and it is so big." She tried valiantly for several minutes to take all of me into her mouth and throat. When her attempts proved futile beyond the first 1/3 of my quickly stiffening man tool, she contented herself with bobbing her head along that portion she could take into her eagerly sucking mouth, and occasionally taking it out and licking the other two-thirds her mouth could not contain.

I savored in the fine feeling of a good blowjob for several minutes. Not to take anything away from the fine job Jen was doing with her 22-year old mouth, but the taboo experience of the incestual quality to the event no doubt heightened the experience and it was exquisite. Jen sucked loudly for about 10 minutes. Then I stopped her. The surprise in her eyes was evident, her past experiences likely being she sucked her lovers to completion.

Besides the fact she probably couldn't suck me to orgasm, for few women could, I had a plan to pursue.

I led her to the sofa. I laid down on my back and told her to assume a 69 position above me. She lifted the tails of her skirt and petticoats and tied a knot in front of her to hold the garments at waist level. Then she undid the drawstring that held the bloomers in place and let them drop to the floor. As she took her position above me I was treated to the most exquisite view of her lust engorged pussy.

Her pubes were untrimmed and the triangular bush was only slightly darker than the dirty blond hair on her head. I loved eating pussy and I dove right in once she was in place. I laved her crotch and alternately teased her clit and tongue fucked her cunt. She returned to sucking lovingly on my cock, the heightened stimulation of my working her pussy, adding intensity to her blowjob as I had figured it would.

The sofa was barely wide enough to hold both of us and Jen's outside knee kept slipping from the edge. After several such slips, I stopped her again. I told her to get up. I got up too, and took her by the hand. I led her to my bedroom, telling her 'lets go somewhere where we can be comfortable and enjoy each other better'. Once in the room, I pulled the peasant blouse over her head and turned her around to undo the button at the waist of the skirt.

She untied the knot and stepped out of the festive skirt and pushed the petticoats to the floor around her ankles. I removed the shirt I wore and we both stood naked before each other.

Jen blushed as my eyes soaked in her lovely body. I steered her toward the bed and had her lay down. As I came down on top of her, her arms came around my body and she spoke, "We can lick and suck each other, but we shouldn't fuck, because that would be incest." I didn't reply to her comment and moved down her body, leaving a trail of wet kisses as I moved steadily toward her awaiting pussy.

Her hands came to either side of my head as I worked her young cunt and clit with my experienced tongue. She began to moan and her hips involuntarily worked in a circle, humping my face.

After I ate her to two successive orgasms, I came back up her body. Kneeling between her splayed legs, I took her by the ankles and placed her feet on my shoulders. I traced the head of my cock through the spit and girl juice slickened lips of her bloated pussy. She looked at my face as I worked the exterior area between her legs.

After several minutes, I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her cunt. Her cunt opened up like a flower blossoming and I swear she was trying to draw me inside. Looking at her face as the head of my cock disappeared inside her womanhood, I saw her eyes go wide, then close.

Her lips started to move and I am not sure if she was about to protest, or to moan, but I gave her no opportunity to do either. Doubling her over with her legs on my shoulders, I drove the length of my cock into her slickened glove, as I collapsed on top of her, my cock stretching her more than she had ever experienced and reaching virgin depths no man could claim.

Jen gasped and her arms gripped me more tightly as she held me in a lovers embrace. Her hips began to vibrate with a rhythm, but with a tear in her voice, her eyes opened to stare deeply into mine, she spoke. "We shouldn't fuck Uncle Freddy, it is incest." I was prepared and my reply though gentle was quick and matter-of-fact. "Incest laws are designed to protect young girls from the lecherous assaults of relatives and the inbreeding that can occur.

You are not a young girl and I am sterile, so neither of those protections are valid or necessary. There is no reason therefore why we can't enjoy each other as any other man and woman might. Though discretion is still necessary as it is illegal." I guess my logic, coupled with her lust did the trick, for her arms tightened around me further and she drew me into her, and replied, "Then fuck me." As my hips began to thrust into her, she drew my face to hers and kissed me long and hard.

Then as her orgasm began to build again, she began to babble her lust. "Fuck me. "Fuck me Uncle Freddy." Then I began to speak in her ear. "You are a good fuck Jeanette.

I want to treat you like a slut and make you my whore, but it will be our secret. In public, I will always treat you as my niece and a lady, but in private you will be expected to act like a slut and to be used like a whore." My words had an affect of her. "Make me your whore. "Make me act like a slut and use me like your personal whore." Then the revelation came. "I have dreamed of fucking you Uncle Freddy, every since I was a little girl and you would rub my pussy through my panties as you held me.

Remember Uncle Freddy?" I was astounded, for she couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 at the time. At the time I thought it safe to play with her pussy, as she didn't talk well, because of a hearing deficiency that took surgically implanted tubes to correct, and at her age, I didn't figure the effect would be dramatic enough for her to remember at such a young age. I just 'ughed' my response. Jen continued. "When Tommy Johnson took my virginity, I fantasized it was you.

The few times I have let boys fuck me I always closed my eyes and imagined it was you. I have only let three fuck me to keep myself tight for you. My husband wanted to have a baby, but I said no, because I was afraid it would stretch me out and you wouldn't want to fuck me." Jen had been married briefly at 18.

Everyone had assumed the marriage had ended because the guy was such a loser. When it was revealed Jen had refused to have his baby, everyone just gave her credit for being a smart woman. Now I knew her refusal had been not because he was a loser, because she was saving herself for me. "Oh fuck me, Uncle Freddy. "Make me your personal whore. "Make me act like a slut for you, and do nasty slutty things. "I will be the best slut anyone could ever have for you. I will never tell you 'no' to anything you tell me to do, if you will just fuck me everyday." I fucked her to three screaming orgasms, before I blew my load.

I had no illusions as to my stamina. I knew she was getting off easier than normal probably, because of the intense lust in the incestuous nature of our activity and because of her finally getting to live her fantasy of fucking me. I made her clean my cock after we fucked. I told her she must always suck my cock or any cock that fucked her, clean, after fucking.

She looked at me strangely when I said 'any' cock, and though the word registered in her mind, I'm not sure the meaning had impact. As she sucked, I explained to her the basic tenets of a D/s lifestyle and told her that was how we would proceed.

I told her she didn't have to call me Master or Sir, but she needed to understand the concepts and uses of safe words, to protect herself as we explored her sexuality. She agreed to the terms.

She slept in my bed that night, though sleep was the only thing missing. We fucked 5 more times. When we weren't fucking, she was sucking me getting me to rise again to fuck her some more. About sun up, she was exhausted enough to fall asleep with my limp war-weary cock in her mouth.

She appeared insatiable. She must have had twenty or more orgasms in the last several hours, yet seemed unable to get her fill. I awoke around noon, to the slurping sound and the wonderful sensation of her mouth working on my morning woody.

I fucked her to three quick orgasms, then rolled her over and took her ass cherry. After a few utterances of the pain of entry, She settled into the pleasure as my pre-cum and the cunt juice on my cock slickened the walls of her rear door.


Soon she was on her hands and knees slamming back to meet my thrusts as she experienced her first anal orgasm. Or was it a pain-induced climax. We would have to explore that possibility. After I emptied my load in her bowels, I reminded her of the requirement to clean my cock.

She didn't hesitate as she took my shit-stained rod in her mouth and sucked it squeaky clean.

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She was certainly on her way to being a world-class slut and my mind was working overtime on the possibilities. I couldn't bring myself to force her submission in a harsh way.

Perhaps it was because she was my brother's daughter. She and I just became lovers and my trips home became every weekend, rather than every other weekend. When I was home the sex was non-stop. We were like a couple of rabbits. I always took the same flight from my contract city, so Jen knew when I would walk in the door.

She always had something sexy and revealing on, and I rarely got my suitcase set down before she would be on her knees in front of me, my cock in her mouth. I had gotten in the habit of purchasing an extended play Lottery ticket when I was home, that would cover all the games while I was away.

At first that had been two-weeks worth, but now, It was just a two game ticket. I knew the odds laws said I would eventually win the big pot. Whether that big pot was a low-end start over game of only 4 million or higher didn't matter to me. I had calculated a $4 mil win on a 25 year payout was still over $98,000/yr and that was enough to retire. Sure enough, I finally hit it. A $12,000,000 win that paid $288,000/yr after taxes.

So I retired. Jen said that though we couldn't get married, she wanted to stay with me as my wife for life.

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I had no problem with that, even if the root reason might possibly be my money. I thoroughly loved parading her around in short skirts and tight Tees or cleavage revealing blouses, and she was a bit of an exhibitionist, so she enjoyed it too.

I had a couple of barns built and bought some horses with my first years check. It is amazing how much a bank that won't even cast a glance in your direction when you are poor will fall all over themselves to loan you money when you are rich. I had no problem getting the mortgages on my barns, with a sizeable down payment of course, and a smart tax attorney, helped me devise strategies that were perfectly legal yet the barns ended up costing me next to nothing after tax write-off.

I also indulged myself and had a pool built in. My nephew and I had joked often about his taking over the champion position, in progeny development.

I had 5 children, He had 5 children, and Jen's dad, my older brother had 5 children, but one was adopted so actually only 4. The difference was I had 4 boys and a girl from two marriages, and my nephew, had 4 girls and a boy from 3 marriages. At Christmas, and other family get-to-gathers, I was the hit among his girls, especially the older three. There was Tina 12, Carla 10, and Barbara 6. Barbara was all giggles most the time.

My nephew's third wife was African-American, so Barbara was half Caucasian and half black. She looked Black of course, but her hair was soft and hung in ringlets, like a black haired Shirley Temple. Tina and Carla were 100% Caucasian from two different mothers.

Both little Blondes, Carla a toothpick and Tina average. Carla had become my hip pocket at about 8 in these family soirees. She would sit in my lap at Christmas as the gifts were handed out at my younger brother's home, her grandfather Popi. I grew bolder and bolder with her each year, figuring I had taken certain liberties with my nieces, why not my grand nieces. The girls always wore jeans to these events. My touching was limited to freely fondling an ass when I hugged the girls.

This didn't bother them, or was tolerated, because I was a favorite Uncle. The year I got bold enough to ask Carla to wear a dress the following year, another important fact was revealed.


I had thought to get Carla to wear a dress, and I would try to fondle her under her dress where my hand wasn't visible. If that went well, the following year, I would put my hand in her panties, and progress each year a little further, until I guided things toward some consummating event.

That year though, I found out her stepfather had molested her. There hadn't been intercourse, but there had been activity of a sexual nature. This warned me that untoward sexual attempts on my part would likely be reported to my nephew, her father. That year Tina had turned into a very sexy young lady, as well. She had also taken a stronger interest in me. It was almost like she was pushing herself on me.

I had put my arm around her more than once and my hand would casually rest above her breast, though not really make contact. At one point she had put her hand on mine, and whether intentional or not and brought my hand down on her breast. At one point I was teasing her about the little belly she had. When she said 'yeah, I'm a fatty." I sought to reassure her by telling her she would get a growth spurt soon and shoot up in height and when that happened the weight would redistribute all over her body.

The gesture I made in my explanation made it appear as if I was indicating it would all go to her breasts. She fawned over that idea for a moment and I clarified by indicating I meant it would redistribute over her entire upper torso. Yet, once again it felt like she was throwing herself at me in a sexual way, and calling attention to her budding breasts, causing me to recall the contact of earlier in the day.

I feel it was unintentional contact though, because whether it was contact with her breast or the boundless energy of youth, the contact was momentary at best. She was off in an instant. Either way, she didn't see the contact as egregious, for she was back several other times that afternoon putting my hand around her shoulders. Her tight jeans had it look like she wasn't wearing any panties. Later in the afternoon, she did a backhand stand without really going up on to her hands.

This had raised the hem of her shirt to her belly button and revealed the button fly on her jeans was only fastened at the bottom, and secured at the top with her belt. Bent over backwards as she was, this not only pushed her little girl pussy against the crotch of her jeans, but forced her jeans to open to just above her pubes.

If she were older, only a shaved pussy would have prevented my seeing her thatch, which was how far her jeans were open. One thing was certain, she wasn't wearing panties, or they were so skimpy, they were virtually non-existent. I had thought to ask her discretely about it, and when she confirmed she wasn't wearing any, to ask why, figuring the answer would be she liked the feel of the jeans on her pussy, in little girl terms of course.

That would have been my opening to pursue rubbing her little pussy for her. I would say something cute like 'I was envious of the jeans getting to rub her pussy.' Or that 'I wished I was her jeans'. Then I got another warning sign. In casual conversation she was discussing her relationship with her father and said she could tell him anything. That was the same as saying 'I tell him everything'. I promptly decided pursuing my grand nieces was more foolhardy than pursuing my nieces had been.

Jen had come around to my pursuit, but her cousin had been a serious problem in the whole matter. So I decided to leave my sexual interest in my grand nieces to observation and that occasional free feel. That summer I built my pool, my nephew inquired about hunting deer on my place that fall. I agreed that would be OK, then invited him down to look around.

I told him to bring his family and his wife and kids could enjoy the country and the pool on a nice leisurely weekend. I planned a big BBQ out by the pool. I had just butchered a steer and really needed to get some of the meat out of my overloaded freezer.

They arrived on Friday night with a plan to stay all weekend. I had plenty of bedrooms, etc, and soon the whole family was bedded down all over the house. I had installed a voyeur spy camera set up, and was treated to my nieces in various stages of undress as they prepared for bed, when I reviewed the videos after everyone was asleep. I was treated to a nice eye full at bedtime as the girls came to hug their dad and me good night, too.

He and I were sitting in the den drinking homebrewed ale in the semi darkness. The TV and one small lamp were the only light sources in the room. The lamp was behind us. As the girls drew close, the translucence of their cotton gowns revealed the little girl panties each of them wore underneath.

Tina's little breasts were clearly defined against the garment, as well. Her dark nipples and aureoles stood out in stark relief against the garment. Her Dad fortunately was already a little tipsy from the beer.

My homebrew was always fortified to 8-10% alcohol, by adding additional corn sugar for the yeast to ferment to alcohol. It was very tasty if you enjoyed beer, the ale enhancing the beer flavor of it.

He had eaten before leaving his home 4 hours earlier, so he basically had an empty stomach. The large glasses of alcohol-fortified beer I was pouring soon started to take their toll.

So when the girls came down he either didn't think anything of their asset visibility or failed to even notice. Carla was still all girl her chest flat like a boys, and her little bubble butt just that, the ass of a young girl, but Tina had A-sized breasts and her butt was more the dimensions and shape of a young woman rather than a girl. Tina was also wearing older girl's bikini panties, while her younger sisters wore little girl briefs.

I couldn't resist fondling her ass and looking down the front of her gown when she bent to hug me good night, gestures that were probably noted by her. When she stood back to allow her sister access to her dad, and me she was backlit by the TV, and might as well not have had the gown on, for the view I was awarded.

They went to bed, and I shared a joint with my nephew and his wife, Keri, and his cousin Jeanette, my lover. Her and I of course were acting very coy because of the company, and she slept in the room that was ostensibly hers, though she usually shared my bed with me.

The next morning I prepared a large country breakfast of pork sausage and French toast. To delay use of the pool, I hyper chlorinated it the day before, and advised my niece-in-law, not to let the kids go swimming until I gauged the chlorine content of the water. Though I knew that overnight my diatomaceous earth filtering system and natural evaporation would have removed enough of the chlorine to make the water safe, it was just that if the girls were going to be running around in skimpy swimsuits, I didn't want to miss a moment.

I set up the DVD player with several children's videos, and my nephew and I went for a horseback ride around the farm to show him possible locations for a deer stand. We selected two sites I had already identified and I agreed to put stands and deer feeders in this summer to start drawing the deer in, in anticipation of deer season.

We rode back to the barn, fed and put the horses away and returned to the house. Jen had helped Keri prepare a snack lunch for the children, because the plan was to have BBQ around 3ish that afternoon. I did a chemical test on the pool and gave the all clear for the kids to swim, and you would have thought it was Christmas in July.


I guess the boredom of morning video and the pent up energy. They were all dressed in their suits and outside in less than 5 minutes. I had instructed Keri they would need suits, because cutoffs shed and clogged my filter system, and all the children were sporting new swimwear.

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Carla's was a two- piece, tasteful and tight on her pre-pubescent body. Even after it got wet. It was obvious she was still a girl.

Tina's though was a different story. It was an extremely skimpy bikini, that considering what her father had said about guarding his girl's virtue zealously surprised me she would be allowed to possess and wear, even to a private gathering of family only. I learned later in casual conversation she had thrown quite a fit to get that suit. She made certain I saw her in it too. She paraded by the BBQ pit where I was preparing several racks of baby back ribs to determine I caught a sight of her.

Then when she got wet, I was glad I was wearing an apron, for the sight of her created an instant hard on. The suit wasn't lined and clung to her developing body. The top clung to the point it was almost as if she were topless, the bottom also unlined clung to her pubs and the presence of the sparse hair on her pussy was clearly apparent. The way her lips were split by the suit, she looked as if she was sexually aroused. And considering the effort she was going to in letting me see her, she might well have been.

I vividly lived sexual fantasies in my mind that weekend though I watched my Ps and Qs because of the warning signs the prior Christmas. When they departed to go home on Sunday evening, I was so revved up I fucked Jen for the next several hours. Being a niece in sexual love with her Uncle, she made an observation. "That little Tina wants to fuck you Uncle Freddy. She reminds me of me before I actually made it into your bed." I discounted what she said and told her so, but she insisted she knew what she was talking about.

The following Christmas, I laid the seeds for Tina and Carla to spend some time at my place the following summer. In late Spring, I got a call from my nephew inquiring of the possibilities.

I informed him Jen was still living here and though I didn't know how long that was going to continue, since I didn't need a house sitter any longer, a true statement.

I added the fact she had a boyfriend and appeared to be in love, a lie, that if she was still here in the summer they could come stay for a few weeks. I had wanted it to appear my relationship with Jen was on the up and up. The rudiments of a plan with my nephew were in place. Now we merely needed for the calendar to do its' thing. Spring passed and summer loomed on the horizon, and shazam, Jen was still living in my home. So my nephew agreed they would bring the older two girls to my farm on Memorial day for a family get-to-gather I had planned then return on July 4th for another, and take them home then.

So they would be there the entire month of June.

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By mid June, I was dying. Jen and I had only been able to sneak two quickies in the prior two weeks and we were used to fucking three or four times a day. That coupled with two young pussies running around in either bikinis or nightgowns.

Carla had grown some so the bikini Tina had worn the year before was hers now and Tina had a new one, just as reveling, if not more revealing than the one of the prior year. I think what it was, was that Tina's breasts had easily doubled in size and she was pushing a 'C' cup now.

Any way I was dying, and relying on Rosy Palm for relief.

So mid way through their visit on a Saturday morning, I was standing in the kitchen, at the sink watching Jen and Carla frolic in the pool. It hadn't even occurred to me Tina was no longer with them. I had laid out in the sun reading and drinking coffee, and it was all I could do to hide my erection, so I came inside, ostensibly to get more coffee.

I was standing there by the kitchen sink, looking out the window at my nieces, clearly the finest cluster of pussy in three counties at least. I was loping the mule, for relief. I was starting to really get into it, my orgasm was only moments away, when I felt a cold hand grasp my cock, and Tina's sweet little voice say, "Let me do that for you Uncle Freddy." I about jumped out of my skin, but by the time I recovered my aplomb, she was stroking me like a pro.

Regaining my composure, I asked, "How long have you been standing there?" Her reply was sweet and sexy, "I came in right behind you. You really have a beautiful big cock, Uncle Freddy." Then she knelt in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth. She bobbed her little head up and down the shaft as much as she could, then I unloaded in her mouth and she never missed a bob, swallowing every drop of what was confirmed a few minutes later to be her first blowjob.

"I saw Keri doing this to Daddy once and I have always wanted to do it myself, but with a man not with the boys at school or nothing." I stood her up, hugged her to me and gave her a deep French kiss. She responded to the kiss as any woman would, and melted into my arms. I pulled the string ties on the sides of her bikini bottoms and they fell to the floor. Then I lifted her up on to the cabinet top.

I spread her legs onto either side of my body and pulled her close to the edge of the counter. "Are you going to fuck me now, Uncle Freddy?" To be continued